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NOT TO B 1 ^ C !C? ATED 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 



Wake Forest College, 


1834-5- -1891-2. 

Prepared toy C. E TAYLOR. 

Edwards & Broughton, Power Printers and Binders. 




The roll of students matriculated at Wake Forest College from 
1834-5 to 1 891-2, as given in this Catalogue, is believed to be 
full and accurate. That no errors or omissions have been made 
in the record of occupations, removals, dates, &c. , would be too 
much to hope. After many names there are blanks which the 
compiler would gladly have filled had he been able to secure the 
facts. An honest effort has been made to do so in every case. All 
who can furnish any corrections or additions are earnestly requested 
to do so. In this way a future edition may be made more com- 
plete than it is possible for this to be. 

Those who have never undertaken a similar task can have no 

adequate conception of the difficulties involved in the preparation 

of a general college catalogue. Had the compiler of this little 

volume foreseen the labor required, he would surely have shrunk 

back from undertaking so arduous a task in the hours redeemed 

from a busy life. But if this labor of love shall renew the loyalty 

of the widely scattered Alumni to their Alma Mater, and bring 

them into closer fellowship with one another, it will not have been 

in vain. 

C. E. T. 
Wake Forest, N. C, May, 1S92. 

\^/ I ¥ ^_/ 

'5 1 


[Extract from the Catalogue of 90-1.] 

The development of a great institution of learning, like the 
growth of many other healthful organisms which are destined for 
a long life, is, in many cases, slow and gradual. This is illustra- 
ted in the earlier history of Wake Forest College. It has passed 
through several distinct stages of growth. Each has been char- 
acterized by peculiar features. None have been lacking in abound- 
ing usefulness. 

Modest and comparatively humble were the beginnings of the 
College. The germ was tender. Those who nurtured it with 
loving care and sacrifice were few. But the roots struck deep. 
The inherent vitality manifested at the close of a desolating war, 
and the ampler fruitage of its later years, are not independent of 
its sturdv struggle for existence. 

The Baptist State Convention was organized in 1830. Promi- 
nent among the purposes of its founders was the determination to 
provide better educational facilities for their own people. In 
August, 1832, Rev. William Hooper, D. D., — clarum et z'cnera- 
bilc nomen, — presented to the Convention a report recommending 
" the establishment of a Baptist Literary Institution in this State." 
Before the end of the month a farm of 615 acres in " The Forest " 
of magnificent oaks of original growth in Wake county was pur- 
chased as a site. It was only by a single vote, and that the casting 
vote of the Speaker, that a meagre charter was grudgingly bestowed 
by the State Legislature in 1833. 

Rev. Samuel Wait, I). I)., who, more than any other one man, 
may be regarded as the founder of the College, was elected Presi- 
dent in 1832, and the institution was opened in 1834. In June, 
1846, after toils and sacrifices which were ceaseless and heroic, he 
resigned. . 

Rev. William Hooper, I >. D., one of the ripest scholars the State 
has ever prod uced ; became President in 1846, and resigned in 1848. 

Rev. John P. White, I). D., was elected President in 1849 and 

Wake fo rest Un/ 



4 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

held the position until June, 1852. After his resignation, Prof. 
W. H. Owen was President /r# tern, for two years. 

Rev. W. M. Wingate, D. D. , was President of the College from 
1854 until his death in 1879. His purity of heart, his spotlessness 
of life, his sweetness of disposition, as well as his vigor of intellect, 
are still held in loving remembrance by thousands who knew him. 

Rev. T. H. Pritchard, D. D. , became President in June, 1879. 
His eloquent appeals in behalf of higher education were heard in 
every part of North Carolina, and during his administration there 
was a noticeable increase in the number of students. He resigned 
in June, 18S2. 

Rev. W. B. Royall, D. D. , was the faithful and efficient Chair- 
man of the Faculty from June, 1S82, until November, 1883, when 
the present incumbent was elected President. 

The earlier years of the College were clouded with ceaseless 
financial embarrassment. Debts contracted in the erection of the 
large dormitory building proved harassing and discouraging until 
they were at last paid in 1S49. This result was mainly due to the 
hopefulness and energy and liberality of Rev. J. S. Purefoy, who, 
in the same year, collected the first money ever given for the 
Endowment of the College. Little was done, however, toward the 
enlargement of this fund until 1856, when, at a meeting of the 
Baptist State Convention in Raleigh, under the inspiring leader- 
ship of Rev. T. E. Skinner, D. D., and P.ev. A. M. Poindexter, 
D. D., $25,000 were pledged in a single hour. During the four 
years that followed, President Wingate and others canvassed every 
part of the State, and, at the beginning of the Civil War in 1861, 
a fund of $46,000 had been secured. At the close of the war about 
$11,700 remained. But between the years 1866 and 1883 about 
$40,000 were secured for the Endowment through the arduous 
labors of Rev. R. B. Jones, Rev. R. R. Overby, D. D., Rev. John 
Mitchell, D. D., Rev. J. D. Hufham, D. D., Rev. J. S. Pure- 
foy, and others. On December, 31, 1883, the Endowment for the 
first time reached the sum of $100,000. It was in this year that 
Mr. J. A. Bostwick, of New York, whose name will forever be 
associated with the history of the College and will be held in grate- 
ful remembrance by the people of the South, made his first gift — 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 5 

$10,000 — to the College. Two years after, as an aid to indigent 
young men, hundreds of whom are longing and struggling for 
collegiate education, he inaugurated the Bostwick Loan Fund. 
In December, 1S86, he made a princely gift of $50,000 to the 
Endowment Fund. 

In July, 1890, with the desire of helping the College to do its 
growing work and, at the same time, of stimulating our people to 
self-help, Mr. Bostwick offered to add one-half to whatever amount, 
up to $50,000, might be raised for the Endowment by March 1st, 
1891. In response to this proposition the Board of Trustees at 
once inaugurated a canvass of the State. This was conducted by 
the President of the College, and when the offer expired about 
$26,000 had been secured. It may be doubted whether as many 
individuals ever gave in any one movement for an educational 
purpose in North Carolina as contributed during this canvass. 
Nearly $40,000 were added to the Endowment, which now amounts 
to $194,000. The income of the College will now almost meet 
current liabilities on the present scale of expenditure, but will not 
warrant the enlargement which is so earnestly desired by friends 
of the College. Within a few years the College must have, if 
possible, an Endowment fund of at least $300,000. 

For forty-one years a single building was made to serve for dor- 
mitories, lecture-rooms, and library. There are now within the 
Campus four large and commodious buildings. The " Old Build- 
ing " contains dormitories for a hundred students, two lecture- 
rooms, and the Gymnasium. 

Through the munificence of Col. J. M. Heck and Mr. John G. 
Williams, public-spirited citizens of Raleigh, the " Heck-and- 
Williams Building" was erected in 1878. This serves an admi- 
rable purpose for the Library, the Reading Room, the Society 
Halls, and for lecture-rooms for the Schools of Pure Mathematics 
and Physics. 

In 1880, by the contributions of a number of the friends of the 
College, the " Wingate Memorial Building " was erected. This 
contains the Public Hall, Chapel, and lecture-rooms for the Schools 
of Latin, Greek, English, and Modern Languages. 

The " Lea Laboratory," whose erection was mainly secured by 

6 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

the generosity of Mr. Sidney S. Lea, of Caswell county, was com- 
pleted in 1888. This is the home of the School of Chemistry and, 
temporarily, until other buildings can be provided, for the Schools 
of Natural History, Moral Philosophy, and Political Science. This 
building is, in adaptation to its specific ends, one of the best col- 
lege laboratories in the country. 

Rev. J. S. Purefoy, the life-long friend and supporter of the 
College, provided in his will for a gift of $1,000 toward the erec- 
tion of a brick building to be used as a retreat for sick students. 

The College Campus, of twenty-two acres, has received much 
attention. Several thousand flowering plants and evergreens and 
deciduous trees have been planted. As soon as the latter shall 
have had time to make larger growth it is believed that the Col- 
lege grounds will be one of the most attractive parks in the State. 

The several courses of study have from time to time been modi- 
fied and enlarged in order to secure the best results in extent 
and thoroughness of scholarship. The system of independent 
" Schools " has proved to be advantageous in very many respects. 
A careful inspection of the six different courses leading to the 
degree of Bachelor of Arts will show that, while candidates are 
allowed some range of choice, thev are in no case allowed to omit 
the more disciplinary studies. It is believed that the present sys- 
tem embraces the most valuable features of both the old curriculum 
and the new elective system. Solid attainments and true scholar- 
ship, rather than showy and superficial accomplishments, are the 
aims of the Faculty throughout the whole course of instruction. 

It is deemed necessary to retain for the present three sub- colle- 
giate classes, one each in Latin, Greek, and Mathematics. These 
are intended mainly to meet the needs of two classes of young 
men, — those who are well prepared to enter one or two Schools of 
the College, and those who are somewhat advanced in years and 
who, during the limited period which they can give to school-life, 
wish to avail themselves of the incidental advantages of the College. 
Some of those who become convinced of their duty to preach when 
the period usually allotted to education in the schools has passed 
by, will do well to come at once to the college, provided they can 
advantageously enter any of its classes. The Literary and Theo- 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 7 

logical Societies, the Library, the associations and general atmos- 
phere of college life will prove of great value to them. And it is 
very largely for the sake of this class of young men that the three 
sub-collegiate classes are retained at Wake Forest, as, in some form 
and under some name, they are still retained in the great majority 
of colleges. There is no Preparatory Department in the College. 
Those students who take work in one or more of the sub-collegiate 
classes and those who are members of only college classes sustain 
the same relation to the general discipline of the College. The 
Faculty has no desire to hasten young men to enter College, but 
urge all who can do so to take a thorough academic course, and 
not to come to College until they are well prepared to enter its 

The discipline of the College is intended, not for hoys, but for 
young men who have sufficient maturity to have acquired self- 
control. All students are expected to be faithful in work, regular 
in attendance, and, in their relations with their instructors and 
fellow-students, to cultivate those amenities which are universally 
recognized among gentlemen. Every effort is made to develop in 
students principles of true manliness and sentiments of self-respect. 

The location o r the College, sixteen miles from Raleigh, in a 
high, gently rolling, and healthy country district, is most fortu- 
nate. The proximity of the College to the Capital of the State 
affords many of the advantages without the moral dangers of city 

Wake Forest College belongs to the Baptists of North Carolina, 
and is intended to meet their actual needs for the education of 
their sons. Those who control it will continue to adant it, as far 
as the means are at their disposal, to the immediate needs of the 
young men of North Carolina. All new departures in educational 
methods and the systems in vogue elsewhere will be closely scru- 
tinized. All that has proved to be valuable in them and is adapted 
for our use will be appropriated, but none of them will be slavishly 

The Trustees and Faculty of the College, as they review the 
constant elevation of the standard both of entrance and graduation, 
the enlargement of the corps of instructors, the improvement in 

8 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

equipment, the increase of Endowment, and the successful careers 
of large numbers of the sons of the College, cannot but regard with 
some degree of satisfaction the position which Wake Forest has 
won among her sister institutions. And in what has been already 
achieved they find encouragement and stimulus to press steadily 
on toward larger and wider and better work. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 


May, 34. 
Dec, 34. 
Dec, 38. 
June, 41. 
June, 45. 
May, 66. 
Oct., 67. 
June, 70. 
June, 80. 
June, 86. 
June, 90. 

May, 34 
Nov., 35 
June, 39 
June, 49 
June, 52 
June, 54 
May, 61 
June, 70 
June, 71 
June, 75 
June, 77 
June, 88 
June, 91 

May, 34. 
Dec, 38. 


William Hooper Orange Co Dec, 34 

Joseph B. Outlaw Bertie Co Dec, 38 

Thomas Meredith Wake Co June, 41 

William Hill Jordan Bertie Co June, 45 

Samuel Wait W r ake Co May, 66 

John Haymes Mills Wake Co Oct., 67 

Benjamin Wesley Justice— Wake Co June, 70 

William Tell Brooks Wake Co June, 80 

Thomas Edward Skinner— Wake Co June, 86 

Charles M. Cooke Franklin Co— June, 90 

Robert H. Marsh Granville Co- 
secretaries OF THE BOARD. 

George W. Thompson Wake Co Nov., 35 

William Roles Wake Co June, 39 

John B. White Wake Co June, 49 

James Simpson Purefoy W T ake Co June, 52 

Peyton Alexander Dunn __ Wake Co June, 54 

Samuel S. Biddle Craven Co May, 61 

William Tell Brooks Wake Co June, 70 

John Lemuel Carroll Wake Co June, 71 

William Bailey Royall Wake Co June, 75 

James Dunn Hufham Wake Co June, 77 

William Hartwell Pace Wake Co June, 88 

William Columbus Powell— Wake Co June, 91 

Robert Edward Royall Wake Co 


William Crenshaw Wake Co — -Dec, 3S 

John B. White Wake Co June, 52 


General Catalogue, of Wake Forest College. 



Oct. , 








Nov. , 




John Merchant Brewer Wake Co 

William Thomas Walters.^ Wake Co 

James Simpson Purefoy Wake Co 

William Thomas Walters .-Wake Co 
William Gaston Simmons --Wake Co 
William Columbus Powell --Wake Co 
Thomas Henry Briggs Wake Co 

— Oct., 52 
—June, 53 

-__Nov., 72 
.-June, 77 
.--Nov., 87 
.--June, 88 

June, 54. 

May, 61. 

June, 70. 

June, 74. 

Ma\\ 6' 


Archibald McDowell Hertford Co__May, 61 

William Tell Brooks Wake Co June, 70 

William H. Ayera Johnston Co__June, 74 

Alexander Russia Vann Wake Co 


/ / 


William Gaston Simmons --Wake Co 
Luther Rice Mills Wake Co 


.Jan., j j 

May, 34, John Armstrong. Dec, 34, William Hill Jordan. 
Nov., 35, Amos J. Battle. Dec, 38, Samuel Wait. June, 
39, John B. White. Nov., 42, William Hill Jordan. Oct., 
45, William Jones, Robert McNabb. Nov., 45, Abram M. 
Poindexter, George W. Thompson, Joshua John James. 
June, 47, William Hill Jordan, James Simpson Purefoy. 
June, 49, George W. Thompson, Nat. J. Palmer, James Simp- 
son Purefoy. Nov., 49, Jonathan Merriam. Oct., 52, Wash- 
ington Manly Wingate. June, 54, Nat. J. Palmer, John 
Mitchell, Thomas Henderson Pritchard. June, 57, Robert 
Brewer Jones. June, 59, James S. Purefoy. Nov., 59, Wil- 
liam M. Faulkner. Nov., 62, William Royall. Oct., 66, 
William Thomas Walters. May, 67, Robert Brewer Jones. 
July, 69, Washington Manly Wingate, Thomas Butler 
Justice. Jan., 70, W. H. Ayera. Feb., 78, Elias Dodson. 
March, 70, Richard R. Oyerby. June, 70, James A. Delke. 
Nov., 70, Abram M. Poindexter. June, 71, John Mitchell. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. n 

Nov., 72, Fitz Henry Ivey. Nov., 75, Charles Elisha Tay- 
lor. Jan., yj^ James Dunn Hufham. Jan., 77, Needham 
Bryan Cobb. June, 88, Richard R. Overby. Aug., 78, John 
Lemuel Carroll. April, 79, (Wingate Memorial B'ld'g), James 
Simpson Purefoy. Nov., 79, Robert H. Marsh. Nov., 80, 
James Alexander Speight. Nov., 82, Charles E. Taylor, 
James Simpson Purefoy. Aug., 87, John Mitchell. July, 90, 
Charles E. Taylor. 

12 Ge7ieral Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 


Those named in the charter of 1833, were: 

John Armstrong Craven Co. 

Henry Austin Edgecombe Co. 

Amos J. Battle Nash Co. 

Isaac Beeson Guilford Co. 

. William P. Biddle Craven Co. 

Alfred Birt Wake Co. 

Daniel Boone Johnston Co. 

Allen Bowden Franklin Co. 

Thomas Boyd Mecklenburg Co 

Turner Carter Bertie Co. 

William Crenshaw Wake Co. 

Thomas Crocker Person Co. 

John Culpepper, Sr Montgomery Co. 

Alfred Dockery Richmond Co. 70 

Stephen Graham Duplin Co. 

Joseph Halsey Tyrrell Co. 

William Hooper Orange Co. 

George W. Hufham Duplin Co. 

Simon J. Jeffers Franklin Co. 

James King Person Co. 

Charles McAllister Cumberland Co. 

John McDaniel Cumberland Co. 

Alexander Moseley Lenoir Co. 

Joseph B. Outlaw Bertie Co. 

Paul Phifer - Rowan Co. 

John Portevant Brunswick Co. 

John Purify Wake Co. 55 

Hugh Ouin Lincoln Co. 

William Roles Wake Co. 

William Sanders 1 Craven Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 13 

Charles W. Skinner Perquimans Co. 68 

Aaron J. Spivey Bertie Co. 

Thomas Stradley Buncombe Co. 

David Thompson Johnston Co. 

George W. Thompson _ Pasquotank Co. 

George W. Thompson Wake Co. 

James Watkins Anson Co. 

David S. Williams Sampson Co. 

Josiah Wiseman Davidson Co. 

Allen S. Wynne Wake Co. 

The following Trustees have been appointed to fill vacancies: 

July, 35. James Weathers 

J. A. Penney 

J. Spurgeon 

Peter P. Lawrence Edgecombe Co. 

Archibald H. Davis 

David Justice Wake Co. 

John Forshee . 

William Jordan 

Thomas Graves 

Reuben T. Sanders 

Nov., 38. Thomas Meredith Raleigh. 

James McDaniel Fayetteville. 

James C. Stevenson Newbern. 

Thomas B. Barnett Granville Co. 

Godwin C. Moore Hertford Co. 60 

Samuel J. Wheeler Murfreesboro. 60 

George W. Thompson Wake Forest. 

Foster Fort Wake Forest. 

Samuel Wait Wake Forest. 6S 

William M. Crenshaw Wake Forest. 

Oct., 41. James Dennis Wake Co. 

Ransom Sanders Johnston Co. 

Josiah J. Finch Newbern. 

Nat. J. Palmer Milton. 

G. W. Thompson Chatham Co. 

14 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

E. Hester Granville Co. 

G. W.Jones Orange Co. 60 

John C. Gorham Pitt Co. 

A. Chambers 

George W. Purefoy .Orange Co. 78 

June, 44. Thomas Settle Rockingham Co. 

John Kerr Yanceyville. 56 

Joshua John James Yanceyville. 70 

William Jones Chapel Hill. 52 

N. E. Canady Granville Co. 

Calvin Graves Caswell Co. 

J. J. Biggs Raleigh. 55 

Thomas C. Garrison Goldsboro. 

Albert G. Hinton Chatham Co. 

George R. French Wilmington. 89 

James S. Purefoy Wake Co. 89 

William P. Biddle Newbern. 

Samuel S. Biddle Newbern. 

Lewis Bond Windsor. 51 

Jonathan S. Tayloe Bertie Co. 

Thomas Meredith Raleigh. 

Robert D. Bumpass Person Co. 

John C. Rogers 

Ouinton H. Trotman Gates Co. 

June, 47. William Hooper Wake Co. J2> 

William Royali Caswell Co. 

Robert W. Lawson Rockingham Co. 67 

Sidney S. Lea Caswell Co. 

H. E. Royall Sampson Co. 

Hamilton Hester Granville Co. 

S. B. Carraway Lenoir Co. 

June, 49. William A. Graham Hilisboro. 54 

Thomas Settle Rockingham Co. 52 

J. F. Jordan Raleigh. 

Eli as Dodson Caswell Co. 69 

Council Wooten Lenoir Co. 

R. N. Herndon Granville Co. 60 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

J 5 

T. Armstrong Yadkin Co. 

Henry F. Bond Lenoir Co. 

June, 50. John Berry Hillsboro. 

Nov., 50. Allen C. Perry Franklin Co. 

Thomas J. Pitch ford Warren Co. 

James M. Patterson Orange Co. 

James F. Martin Davie Co. 

Aaron Emerson Chatham Co. 

Oct., 51. Archibald McDowell Caswell Co. 

June, 52. John B. White Wake Co. 

A. G. Jones 

Peyton Alexander DuNN__W T ake Co. 

William Worrill Vass Raleigh. 

Edwin G. Reade Person Co. 

S. S. Satchwell New Hanover Co. 

Augustus M. Lewis Raleigh. 

Oct., 52. William Hill Jordan W T ake Co. 

Thomas W. Tobey Raleigh. 

June, 54. Thomas Settle Rockingham Co. 

George W. Thompson Milton. 

Oct., 54. Haynes Lennon Robeson Co. 

John C. Averitt Cumberland Co. 

June, 55. George W.Johnson Raleigh. 

Samuel H. Canada Granville Co. 

June, 56. Calvin Graves Caswell Co. 

R. M. McRacken Columbus Co. 

June, 58. Thomas Edward Skinner. --Raleigh. 

John Lamb Prichard Wilmington. 

June, 59. John Mitchell Hillsboro. 

June, 60. Richard Felton Perquimans Co. 

Job Carver Camden Co. 

John Haymes Mills Oxford. 

Charles D. Ellis Wilmington. 

William Tell Brooks Wake Forest. 

Samuel G. Mason Caswell Co. 

Thomas R. Owen Tarboro. 

Josiah Bridges Solomon Warreuton. 


















General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Nov., 65. Nat. j. Palmer Caswell Co. 

John McGee Heck Raleigh. 

Peyton Alexander Dunn __ Wake Co. 

John G. Williams Raleigh. 

Robert Guilford Lewis Raleigh. 

Benjamin Wesley Justice --Wake Co. 
Oct., 66. James Dunn Hufham Raleigh. 

Andrew Jackson Emerson .-Chatham Co. 

James Poteat Yancey ville. 

T. B. Kingsbury Warrenton. 

May, 67. Francis Marion Jordan Orange Co. 

Richard R. Overby Camden Co. 

William Thomas WALTERS__Wake Co. 

James Henry Foote Warrenton. 

N. W. Wilson Chapel Hill. 

June, 68. Thos. Henderson Pritchard Raleigh. 

John Lemuel Carroll Oxford. 

James A. Graham Hillsboro. 

Peterson Dunn W T ake Co. 

Samuel Owen Tatum .Davie Co. 

Alexandeb. Russia Vann Wake Co. 


"William Robert GwALTNEY-Alexander Co. 

James C. Hiden Wilmington. 

William Henry Mitchell --Franklinton. 
June, 70. John Kerr Caswell Co. 

William H. Avera Johnston Co. 

George W. Blount Wilson. 

Robert H. Marsh Oxford. 

Benjamin G. Covington Duplin Co. 

June, 71. Menalcus Lankford Franklin Co. 

William Turner Salem. 

William Royall Raleigh. 

Charles M. Cooke Louisburg. 

Charles Cauthen Clarke --Newbern. 

C. J. Nelson Goldsboro. 

James L. Stewart Clinton. 





7 1 





7 1 

7 1 

7 1 






General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Robert D. Graham Charlotte. 

June, 73. James B. Richardson High Point. 

MiLES L. Eure Gates Co. 

William W. Holden Raleigh. 

John Catre Scarborough __ Wake Co. 
June, 74. Robert Risop Savage Hertford Co. 

William D. Watson 

. Jesse Jenkins Shelby. 

June, yy. Edward S. Moore Johnston Co. 

William Hartwell Pace Raleigh. 

Christopher Thomas Bailey Raleigh. 
June, 78. Leonidas E. Polk Raleigh. 

Frederick Marion PuREFOY_Wake Forest. 

Peyton Alexander DuNN__Wake Co. 

Jacob S. Allen Raleigh. 

Jesse Bynum Boone Statesville. 

William Worrill Vass Pvaleigh. 

Columbus Durham Durham. 

Noah Biggs Halifax Co. 

June, 79. Franklin P. H Osgood Oxford. 

Thomas Deans Boone Hertford. 

Needham Bryan Cobb Anson Co. 

June, 80. Thomas Edward SKiNNER--Raleigh. 

J. W. F. PvOGEPvS Apex. 

June, 81. James A. Mundy Warrenton. 

Sidney S. Eea Caswell Co. 

June, 83. George W. Sanderlin Goldsboro. 

Henry C. Dockery Rockingham. 

June, 84. Thomas H. Pritchard Wilmington. 

June, 85. Henry Alfred Brown Winston. 

John Bruce Brewer Murfreesboro. 

June, 87. William Columbus PowELL-Wake Forest. 

June, 88. J. PI. Tucker Greenville. 

June, 89. George W. Greene Wilkes Co. 

Rueus McBrayer Shelby. 

Walter Eugene Daniel — Weldon. 

July, 90. William G. Upchurch Raleigh. 




9 1 




9 1 


18 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

June, 91. Robert Edward Royall Wake Forest. 

William T. Faircloth, Goldsboro. 


May, 34. Samuel Wait June, 45 

June, 45. William Hooper June, 49 

June, 49. John B. White June, 54 

June, 54. Washington Manly Wing ate Feb., 79 

July, 79. Thomas Henderson Pritchard June, 82 

Nov., 84. Charles Elisha Taylor 


Mar., 79. William Gaston Simmons July, 79. 

June, 82. William Bailey Royall June, 84. 

June, 84. Charles Elisha Taylor Nov., 84. 


May, 34. Samuel Wait, Prof. Philos. and Literature. Oct., 45. 

Thomas Meredith, Prof. Math, and Nat. 

Philos Nov., 2>7- 

John Armstrong, Prof. Anc. Lang's _____ Nov., 37. 

Charles R. Merriam, Tutor of Husbandry 

Nov., 35. Graves, Tutor 

Nov., 36. Wilcox, Tutor 

Nov., 37- John B. White, Prof, of Math, and Nat. 

Philos Nov., 49. 

D. F. Richardson, Prof, of Anc. Lang's June, 39. 

Nov., 38. Stephen Moore, Adjunct Prof, of Lang's-. June, 39. 

Dec, 3S. George W t . Thompson, Tutor 

June, 39. Daniel F. Richardson, Prof, of Hebrew 

and Rhet June, 43 

Stephen Morse, Prof, of Greek and Latin— June, 43 

June, 41. E. W. West, Tutor Oct., 42 

June, 43. William Hays Owen, Prof. Anc. Lang's.— June, 58 

William Tell Brooks, Tutor Oct., 46 

Oct., 45. William Hooper, Prof. Philos. and Lit June, 49 

Jan., 46. Samuel S. Satchwell, Tutor Jan., 47 

Oct., 46. Wm. Tell Brooks, Asst. Prof. Anc. Lang's-June, 5S 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 19 

Oct., 47. Archibald McDowell, Tutor 

Nov., 49. John B. White, Prof. Philos. and Lit 

William Thomas Walters, Tutor June, 52 

Jan., 49. Willie Person Mangum, Jr., Tutor Jan., 50 

June, 50. Benjamin Wesley Justice, Tutor Jan., 52 

Jan., 52. John Mitchell, Tutor June, 52 

June, 52. William Thomas Walters, Prof. Math June, 68 

June, 53. James Henry Foote, Tutor 

Oct., 53. Thomas Henderson - Pritchard, Tutor 

June, 54. Washington Manly Wingate, Prof. Philos. 

and Rhetoric Feb., 79. 

William Cummings, Prof. Chem., Min., Geol 
June, 55. William Gaston Simmons, Prof. Chem. and 

Nat. Hist June, 88. 

June, 56. Benson Field Cole, Tutor Dec, 56. 

Robert H. Marsh, Tutor Anc. Lang's 

June, 59. Samuel P. Smith, Tutor 

James Henry Foote, Prof. Anc. Lang's Oct., 66. 

Nov., 59. William Royall, Prof, of Language June, 70. 

May, 66. William Bailey Royall, Tutor June, 68. 

Jan., 67. Luther Rice Mills, Adjunct Prof. Math June, 71. 

June, 68. William Bailey Royall, Ass't Prof. Laug'sjune, 71. 

Aug., 69. John Catre Scarborough, Tutor June, 71. 

June, 70. Charles Meredith Seawell, Tutor 

Aug., 70. Charles Elisha Taylor, Ass't Prof. Lat. 

and German June, 71. 

June, 71. Luther Rice Mills, Prof. Math 

Wm. Bailey Royall, Prof. Greek and French 

Chas. Elisha Taylor, Prof. Lat. andGermanNov., 84. 

Jan., yy. Leroy W. Bagley, Tutor 

June, 78. William Louis Poteat, Tutor June, 80. 

Neill Dockery Johnson, Tutor 

July, 79. Thomas Henderson Pritchard, Prof. Philos. 

and Lit June, 82. 

July, 79. Charles Wesley Scarborough, Tutor Jan., 82 

June, 80. William Royall, Prof. Mod. Lang 

William Louis Poteat, Ass't Prof. Nat. Hist Nov., 83. 

20 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Jan., 82. Charles Henry Martin, Tutor 

Sept.,S2. Eli E. Hilliard, Tutor Jan., 83. 

Jan., 83. Exum Green Beckwith, Tutor 

William Furney Marshall, Tutor 

Nov., S3. William Louis Poteat, Prof. Nat. Plist June, 88. 

Nov. , 84. Chas. Elisha Taylor, Prof. Philos. and Hist 
Nov., 85. Edwin McNeill Poteat, Ass't Prof. Lat_ — 
July, 86. James Reynolds Duggan, Prof. Cliem Jan., 88. 

George W t . Manly, Prof. Lat June, 90. 

Walter H. Michael, Ass't Prof. Lat. and 

Math June, 88. 

Jan., 88. Charles E. Reese, Prof. Chem June, 88. 

June, 88. Walter H. Michael, Prof. Phys. and App. 

Math June, 90. 

June, 88. Exum Green Beckwith, Ass't Prof. Math — 

July, 88. John Bethune Carlyle, Ass't Prof. Lang's-Juue, 91. 

Aaron E. Purinton, Prof. Chem June, 89. 

Aug., 88. Benjamin Franklin Sledd, Prof. Mod. Lang 
June, 89. Charles Edward Brewer, Prof. Chem 

Thos. Sanford Sprinkle, Director of Phys. 

Cult _ June, 91. 

June, 90. George Washington Greene, Prof. Lat— June, 91. 
July, 90. John F. Lanneau, Prof. Phys. and Ap. Math 
June, 91. John Bethune Carlyle, Prof. Latin 

Jas. Constantine MaskE; Ass't Prof. Lang's 

Enoch Walter Sikes, Director Phys. Cult- 


June, 88. William Gaston Simmons Mar., 89. 


July, 87. Richard Tilman Vann June, 89. 

Sept., 90. William Robert Gwaltney 


1843. Alexander Argo Connella Marlboro Dist, S. C. 

1844. Oscar Fitz Allen Baxter Currituck Co. 

William Tell Brooks Chatham Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 21 

John Lamb Prichard. Camden Co. 

John Cave Rogers Wake Co. 

Matthew Turner Waddill Montgomery Co. 

1846. Wii.eisWhitakerChii.ders Camden, S. C. 

1851. J. Lewis Shuck China. 

James McDaniee -- Fayetteville. 

C. R. Hendrickson 

1852. Wieeiam H. Bennett Carroll Co., Miss. 

John H. Lacy Caswell Co. 

Aebert H. DowELL Greene Co. 

Daniee S. Richardson Franklin Co. 

Thomas W. Tobey Raleigh. 

1854. John Crumpeer Averitt Cumberland Co. 

David Richard Waelace Pitt Co. 

Washington Manly Wtngate-- Darlington Dis. ,S.C. 

1855. Wieeiam Edward Poole Hertford Co. 

William Gaston Simmons Wake Co. 

1856. John Mitchell Bertie Co. 

James Henry Foote Iredell Co. 

1857. John Haymes Mills Halifax Co., Va. 

1858. Philip Washington Johnson Surry Co. 

Benjamin Wesley Justice Wake Co. 

1859. John Calhoun Pitchford Warren Co. 

Lewis H. Shuck China. 

i860. James Dunn Hufham Duplin Co. 

Benjamin Franklin Marable --Halifax Co., Va. 

1866. Fitz Henry Ivey Cumberland Co. 

William Bailey Royall Wake Co. 

Robert Risop Savage Nansemond Co., Va. 

1867. J. Thomas Deans Hertford Co. 

T.J. Holmes 

James King Howell Granville Co. 

Theodore B. Kingsbury Warrenton. 

J. B. F. Mays Tennessee. 

Geo. Washington Sanderlin_- Elizabeth City. 

Josiaii Bridges Solomon Franklin Co. 

1869. Thomas Deans Boone Northampton Co. 

22 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

1870. William A. Brunt* Davie Co. 

Julian Henry Picot Hertford Co. 

1871. John Bruce Brewer Wake Co. 

Franklin P. Hobgood Granville Co, 

J 875. John Edwin Ray W r ake Co'. 

Hugh Reid Scott Rockingham Co. 

1877. Edgar Estes Folk _ Brownsville, Tenn. 

1878. Walter Eugene Daniel Halifax Co. 

1879. Edwin Ferebee Aydlett Camden Co. 

John Thomas Johnson BATTLE-Wake Co. 

Needham Y. Gulley Johnston Co. 

Robert Perleyman Johnson Chatham Co. 

George Taylor Prichard Richmond, Va. 

Charles Spurgeon Vann Hertford Co. 

1880. Jesse Newton Holding Wake Co. 

HiERONYMUS Montague Wake Co. 

1881. Roger A. Pryor Cooley Franklin Co. 

Dabney Belvin Reinhart Thornasville. 

1882. Henry Graham Holding Wake Co. 

1883. Thomas Dixon, Jr Cleveland Co. 

Henry Bate Folk, Jr Brownsville, Tenn. 

Hugh Paris Markham Durham. 

William Henry Osborne Asheville. 

Thomas Jackson Simmons Wake Co. 

1884. Exum Green Beckwith Wake Co. 

J. Caldwell Calhoun DuNFORD_Marlboro Co., S. C. 
Wade Hampton S. Kornegay__ Duplin Co. 

1885. William Willis Holding Wake Co. 

Archibald Thomas Robertson. Iredell Co. 

1886. Charles Edward Brewer W T ake Co. 

Thomas Cotton Britton .__ Northampton Co. 

Henry Arthur Chappeli Wake Co. 

E. H. McCullers Johnston Co. 

James William Watson Chatham Co. 

Jacob EeeW t hite Cleveland Co. 

1887. John Bethune CarlylE Robeson Co. 

Frederick Haughton MANNiNG-Gates Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 23 

Walter Jesse Matthews Gates Co. 

Walter Preston Stradley Oxford. 

1888. James William Lynch Rockingham Co. 

George Clarence Thompson Wake Co. 

1889. Dallas Aristides Davis Yadkin Co. 

William Wallace Early Bertie Co. 

Howard Alexander FousheE-- Person Co. 

Joseph Rufus Hunter Wake Co. 

^Frederick Lee Merritt Wake Co. 

William Louis Poteat Wake Co. 

Henry Marchand Shaw Edenton. 

James Henry Simmons Wake Co. 

Chauncy Graham Wells Duplin Co. 

Robert Edward Lee Yates Wake Co. 

1890. James Oscar Atkinson Durham. 

George Washington Ward Perquimans Co. 

1891. Richard Green Kendrick, jR__Mecklenburg Co. 

James H. Pridgen Lenoir Co. 

Enoch Walter Sikes Monroe. 

Robert Bruce White Wake Co. 


June, 39. Josiah Hawkins Brooks Chatham Co. 

William Tell Brooks Chatham Co. 

Willis W t hitaker Childers Camden, S. C. 

William Jones Wake Co. 

June, 40. Oscar Fitz Allen Baxter Currituck Co. 

Alexander Argo Connella Marlboro Dist., S. C. 

John Lamb Prichard Camden, Co. 

John Cave Rogers Wake Co. 

Matthew Turner Waddill Montgomery Co. 

June, 41. Burwell Micajah Baxter Currituck Co. 

Joseph McClees Tyrrell Co. 

June, 43. John Robert Eborn Pitt Co. 

Thomas PIenry Williams New Hanover Co. 

June, 45. George W. LaFayette Collins- Warren Co. 

Matthew Tyson Yates Wake Co. 

Honoris causa. 

24 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

1847. Frederick Campbell Bryan Jones Co. 

Archibald McDowell Kershaw Disk, S. C. 

Jonathan Merriam Fremont, Illinois. 

1848. William Edward Poole Hertford Co. 

Frederick Beasley Ryan Wake Co. 

William Thomas Walters Pittsylvania Co., Va. 

1849. Henry Bate Folk Bertie Co. 

Rufus Charles Meachtjm Anson Co. 

Solomon Green O' Bryan Warren Co. 

Washington Manly Wingate— Darlington Disk, SC. 

1850. John Calhoun Carlyle Robeson Co. 

Benjamin Wesley Justice.-- Wake Co. 

David Richard Wallace , Pitt Co. 

1851. John Crumpler Averitt Cumberland Co. 

Thomas Cottrell Collins Warren Co. 

Priestly Hinton Mangum Hillsboro. 

William Hayes Owen Summerville, Tenn. 

1S52. Benjamin Franklin Biddle Craven Co. 

James Bond _ Bertie Co. 

Bedford Brown Person Co. 

James Henry Poote Iredell Co. 

Joseph John Freeman Bertie Co. 

Gerard James Hinton Wake Co. 

Benjamin James Lea Caswell Co. 

John Mitchell Bertie Co. 

William Gaston Simmons Montgomery Co. 

Samuel Owen Tatum Davie Co. 

1853. Nicholas Dixon Fennell New Hanover Co. 

William Caswell Finch Franklin Co. 

Andrew Jackson Rogers Granville Co. 

Thomas Slade Rockingham Co. 

1854. Rufus Pinckney Jones W T ake Co. 

John Haymes Mills Halifax Co., Va. 

John Cave Patterson Orange Co. 

Thomas Henderson PRiTCHARD_Davie Co. 
Joseph John Williams Pitt Co. 

1855. Robert Hayne Burn Chesterfield Disk, SC 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 25 

Andrew Jackson Emerson Chatham Co. 

Philip Washington Johnson Surry Co. 

Benjamin Franklin MarablE— Halifax Co., Va. 

James A. Pitch ford Warren Co. 

John Calhoun Pitchford Warren Co. 

Robert T. Pitchford Warren Co. 

William Robert Trawick Wake Co. 

1856. Moses Baldwin Randolph Co. 

Elijah Forbes Beachum Camden Co. 

Benson Field Cole Chatham Co. 

Charles Wilmot Egerton Franklin Co. 

Thomas Jackson Foote Warren Co. 

Henry Hamilton Harris Wake Co. 

James Dunn Hufham Duplin Co. 

Frederick Marion Purefoy Wake Co. 

Lewis H. Shuck China. 

Benjamin Franklin Simmons -..Montgomery Co. 

1857. Joseph Dozier Boushall Camden Co. 

John Clayton Devin Henry Co., Va. 

Charles Stephen Ellis New Hanover Co. 

Hardiman Dunn Fowler Wake Co. 

William Hill Jordan, Jr Bertie Co. 

Addison Foster Purifoy Wake Co. 

1858. John Berry Orange Co. 

William Junius Bishop Bertie Co. 

Benjamin Franklin Hester Granville Co. 

James Kelba Lassiter Sampson Co. 

James Washington Mitchell --Bertie Co. 

Thomas J. Pitchford , Warren Co. 

William B. Watford Bertie Co. 

1859. Thomas Deans Boone Northampton Co. 

George A. Graves Caswell Co. 

William G. Graves Caswell Co. 

John H. C. Jones Pickens Co., Ala. 

Peter P. Parker Hertford Co. 

William Carey Parker Hertford Co. 

N. V. B. Powell Caswell Co. 

26 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Anthony Edmund Rhodes Jones Co. 

James Matchet Taylor Gates Co. 

James McDaniel White Chatham Co. 

i860. Fitz Henry Iyey Cumberland Co. 

Griffin Stevens Jones Pasquotank Co. 

John Ronald Kelly Columbus Co. 

William R. Larkins New Hanover Co. 

Abram Wimbish Poindexter Halifax Co., Va. 

Robert Risop Savage Nansemond Co., Va. 

1861. Francis Adolphus Belcher Columbus Co. 

J. Thomas Deans Hertford Co. 

William Raleigh Lindsay Rockingham Co. 

Dougald C. McMillan Robeson Co. 

Luther Rice Mills Halifax Co., Va. 

James B. Richardson Moore Co. 

William Bailey Royall Wake Co. 

Thomas Fentress Toon Columbus Co. 

Council Simmons Wooten Lenoir Co. 

1862. William A. Brunt Davie Co. 

Lansing Burrows Richmond, Va. 

Alonzo Harris Dunn Wake Co. 

Junius H. Dunn Wake Co. 

David Dowd Gill Wake Co. 

James King Howell Granville Co. 

John G.Jones Person Co. 

Thomas Tinsley Lawson Rockingham Co. 

Edwin Smith Moore Johnston Co. 

Geo. Washington Sanderlin -..Pasquotank Co. 

1868. John Bruce Brewer Wake Co. 

Henry McNabb Cates Orange Co. 

Henry Alexander Foote Warren Co. 

William Robert Gwaltney Alexander Co. 

Franklin P. Hobgood Granville Co. 

Samuel Emmett Oyerby Camden Co. 

1869. Albert Hines Hicks Nashville, Tenu. 

William Hartwell Pace Wake Co. 

Robert Samuel Prichard Richmond, Va. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 27 

John Catre Scarborough Wake Co. 

Roscius Pope Thomas Bertie Co. 

1870. William Bland New Hanover Co. 

Samuel Wait Brewer Wake Co. 

Martin Luther Fowler Wake Co. 

George Washington Greene.-- Caldwell Co, 

Robert Edward Roy all Wake Co. 

Charles Meredith Seawell Moore Co. 

1873. Wm. Hayes Owen McDowell- --Hertford Co. 

Jesse John Vann Hertford Co. 

Richard Tilman Vann Hertford Co. 

1874. Amzi Clarence Dixon Cleveland Co. 

Franklin Royal Underwood -.Johnston Co. 

1875. Leroy W. Bagley Johnston Co. 

William Carey Brewer W 7 ake Co. 

Thomas Carrick Davidson Co. 

John Yerval Phillips Stokes Co. 

1876. John Thomas Bland New Hanover Co. 

John Lewis Brett Wayne Co. 

John Benjamin Powers New Hanover Co. 

1877. James W. Denmark Wilmington. 

William Louis Poteat Caswell Co. 

Charles Wesley Scarboro Wake Co. 

1878. J. G. Bunch Kdenton. 

John Caddell Caddell Moore Co. 

W. J. PvUfus Ford Marion Co., S. C. 

Arthur Edwin Walters Wake Co. 

1879. George Pinckney Hamrick Cleveland Co. 

Wesley N. Jones Raleigh. 

John Fairley McMillan Robeson Co. 

Cornelius Augustus Rominger- Forsyth Co. 

W t illiam Jonathan Wingate Wake Co. 

William Lineberry W 7 right Montgomery Co. 

1880. John Thomas Alderman Sampson Co. 

John Moore Davis Henderson Co. 

Charles S. Farriss Raleigh. 

Wiley Grandy Ferebee Camden Co. 

28 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Manassus Arnon Jones Wake Co. 

Barney Hamilton Phillips Johnston Co. 

William H. Ragsdale Granville Co. 

William Benbury Waff Gates Co. 

1 88 1. Leroy Norcross Chappell Wake Co. 

Edwin McNeill Poteat Caswell Co. 

David L. Ward Wilson Co. 

1882. Exum Green Beckwith Wake Co. 

William Jasper Ferrell Wake Co. 

J. W. Fleetwood Northampton Co. 

David Wells Herring Pender Co. 

Eli E. Hilliard Harnett Co. 

William T. Eewellen Surry Co. 

Charles Aurelius Smith Gates Co. 

1883. Edward Sinclair Alderman Wilmington. 

George Pleasant Bostick Rutherford Co. 

Gaither Columbia Briggs Madison Co. 

Wyatt Rufus Walters Granville Co. 

18S4. Henry Arthur Chappell Wake Co. 

William Walton Kitchen Halifax Co. 

Ivey Goodman Riddick Wake Co. 

William Samuel Royall Berkeley Co., S. C. 

William Vann Savage Hertford Co. 

1885. William Cicero Allen Halifax Co. 

John Alexander Beam Cleveland Co. 

Edgar F. Eddins Wake Co. 

James Blount Harrell Gates Co. 

Albert Thomas Hood Cleveland Co. 

Joseph Rufus Hunter — - Wake Co. 

1886. B. D. Barker Wake Co. 

Joseph Dozier Boushall Camden Co. 

John W. Tayloe Hertford Co. 

O. F. Thompson Lincoln Co. 

John ElEY Vann _ Hertford Co. 

Richard Henry Whitehead — Salisbury. 

1887. B. Ray Browning Warren Co. 

Henry Ellis Copple Davidson Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 29 

Donus O'Conner McCuLLERS Johnston Co. 

Henry Sanders Pickett Durham. 

Lennoia Rowland Pruett Cleveland Co. 

Luther Lee Vann Wake Co. 

William Franklin Watson Moore Co. 

1888. Thomas Clingman Buchanan --Swain Co. 

Dallas Aristides Davis Yadkin Co. 

Thomas Elford Holding Wake Co. 

A. T. Howell Gates Co. 

Martin Luther Kesler Iredell Co. 

Rufus Baxter Lineberry Chatham Co. 

James Henry Simmons Wake Co. 

1889. Matthew Lawrence Carr Greene Co. 

William Carey Dowd Charlotte. 

Edwin Lee Middleton Duplin Co. 

Solomon Davis Swaim Yadkin Co. 

Harvey Clinton Upchurch Raleigh. 

George Thomas Watkins Granville Co. 

1890. Thomas Walter Bickett Union Co. 

Luther S. Cannon Burke Co. 

Edgar Stewart Coffey Watauga Co. 

Thomas Richard Crocker Franklin Co. 

William Elwyn Crocker Spartanburg, S. C. 

Edward Francis Early Bertie Co. 

Carl Lee Felt Emporium, Penn. 

James G. Gregory Camden Co. 

James Robert Hankins Danville, Va. 

William Furney Marshall Gaston Co. 

James Constantine Maske Richmond Co. 

John Franklin Mitchell Franklin Co. 

Hight C. Moore Caldwell Co. 

Joseph Henry NowELL Bertie Co. 

William Oscar Riddick Gates Co. 

Miss Evabelle Simmons Wake Co. 

John Ellington White Wake Co. 

1891. Junius Calvin Beckwith Moore Co. 

Samuel Mitchell Brinson Newbern. 

Robert Lee Burns Moore Co. 


30 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Walter Murchison Gilmore Moore Co. 

Charles Lewis Haywood Jones Co. 

William Oscar Howard Tarboro. 

James Isaac Kendrick Mecklenburg'Co. 

John Louis Kesler Statesville. 

Braxton Kelly Mason Davie Co. 

Wayland Mitchell Bertie Co. 

William Augustus Osborne Halifax Co., Va. 

Robert E. Paschal Chatham Co. 

Hubert Ashley Royster Raleigh. 

Charles Bray Williams Camden Co. 

1871. Henry Alfred Brown Rockingham Co. 

Columbus Durham Cleveland Co. 

Michael Napoleon Sikes Norfolk, Co., Va. 

William Dunlap Trantham Kershaw Co., S. C. 

1872. James Henry Gar vey Ashe Co. 

Charles Henry Martin Franklin Co. 

James S. Mitchell Hertford Co. 

1873. Nathaniel Boardman CANADY.Granville Co. 

Allen Rogers Jones Wake Co. 

Edwin Walter Timberlake Wake Co. 

Henry Truesdale Trantham .-Kershaw Co., S. C. 

William David Gulledge Anson Co. 

George Washington Purefoy__ Orange Co. 

Richard Caswell Sandling Granville Co. 

Benjamin Franklin Montague -Wake Co. 


James Redden Jones Franklin Co. 

Fleet Rose Cooper Sampson Co. 

Neill Dockery Johnson Robeson Co. 

William Thomas Jordan Orange Co. 

1 88 1. Laban Thomas Carroll Columbus Co. 

William Thomas Jones Wilmington. 

Marshall V. McDuffie Fayetteville. 

Nathan P^owland Pittman Robeson Co. 

1882. Thomas Bonner Wilder Franklin Co. 







General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 31 

1883. Calvin Graves Jones, Jr Leaksville. 

William Furney Marshall Franklin Co. 

1884. Daniel Monroe Austin Anson Co. 

Wilson Bunyan Morton Anson Co. 

William Boardman Pope Lumberton. 

Walter Scott Splawn Polk Co. 

1885. John Jabez Hendren Alexander Co. 

James William Hendren Alexander Co. 

John Bunyan Pruett Franklin Co. 

Everett Ward Robeson Co. 

1886. Eli Puryear Ellington 

Jacob Stewart Davie Co. 

1887. James McCabe Brinson Newbern. 

Thomas Edgar Cheek Durham. 

William Sidney Olive Wake Co. 

Ezra Francis Tatum Davie Co. 

1S88. Jasper Newton Booth Wake Co. 

Frank Bynum Hendren Wilkes Co. 

Claude Kitchen Halifax Co. 

Jesse Romulus Pendergrass McDowell Co. 

William Joseph Ward Bladen Co. 

1889. A. L. Betts Wake Co. 

J. A. Bridges Cleveland Co. 

Thomas McDowell Hufham Halifax Co. 

George Lindsay Merrell Davie Co. 

Miles Lee Rickman Macon Co. 

LEE Royall Berkeley Co., S. C. 

Charles Judson Thompson Wake Co. 

Roger Wriglit Watson Warren Co. 

1890. Charles Franklin Hopper Cleveland Co. 

1891. Francis Marion Royall Sampson Co. 


1875. William W. Jenkins Gaston Co. 

1877. Erastus Beverly Jones .- Forsyth Co. 

1 881. Carey Johnson Hunter Wake Co. 

18S2. Oliver Larkin Stringfield New Hanover Co. 

32 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 


1884. Robert Smith Green Davie Co. 

Alexander May Redfearn Anson Co. 

Charles LEE Smith Durham. 

William Edward Wooten Lenoir Co. 

1885. Henry Beauregard Conrad Forsyth Co. 

James M. Lucas Marlboro Co., S. C. 

1887. Edwin J. Justice Rutherford Co. 

James Julius Lane Marlboro Co., S. C. 

Drury Allen Pittard Granville Co. 

188S. Edwin Holt Bowling Durham Co. 

William Lee Carmichael Franklin Co. 

Benjamin F. Hassell, Jr Tyrrell Co. 

David Turner Winston Granville Co. 

Samuel Sidney Woody Wilmington. 

Frank T. Wooten Columbus Co. 

1889. Christopher T. Bailey, Jr Raleigh. 

James L. Fleming Pitt Co. 

George Pinckney Harrill Rutherford Co. 

Thomas Sanford Sprinkle Forsyth Co. 

John Edward Tucker Pitt Co. 

1890. Thomas Leaston Blalock Granville Co. 

Charles Percy Crudup Franklin Co. 

Josiah Crudup Franklin Co. 

James Arthur Holloman Hertford Co. 

Benjamin Sidney Mitchell Franklin Co. 

D. B. Oliver Johnston Co. 

John Barham Spilman __. Halifax Co. 

1891. Bernard Washington Spilman. Halifax Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Fo7-est College. 33 



1849. Samuel Wait Oxford. 

1867. Archibald McDowell Murfreesboro. 

1868. James H. Cuthbert Augusta, Ga. 

T. B. Kingsbury Warrenton. 

James McDaniel Fayette ville. 

1869. Matthew Tyson Yates Shanghai, China. 

1870. William Tell Brooks -Wake Co. 

Crawford H. Toy Greenville, S. C. 

1871. William Thomas Walters Wake Co. 

1872. N.W.Wilson Richmond, Va. 

1875. George L. Hunt Mystic River, Conn. 

Lewis H. Shuck Charleston, S. C. 

1878. James Dunn Hufham Scotland Neck. 

J. L. Lodge Jersey City, N. J. 

Theodore Whitfield Charlotte. 

1882. Andrew Jackson Emerson Win. Jewel Col. , Mo. 

Fitz Henry Ivey Goldsboro. 

James A. Mundy Warrenton. 

1884. C. T. Bailey Raleigh. . 

R. R. Overby Camden Co. 

1886. R. H. Marsh Oxford. 

H. M. Tupper Raleigh. 

1890. Columbus Durham Raleigh. 


1 §55- Judge John B. O'Neal South Carolina. 

1867. Rev. John A. Broadus Greenville, S. C. 

1871. Hon. Thomas Bragg Raleigh. 

34 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

1874. Hon. William N. H. Smith Hertford Co. 

1884. Prof. Wm. Gaston Simmons Wake Co. 

1886. Prof. E. H. Murfee Industrial Uni., Ark. 

1887. Prof. Woodrow Wilson Bryn Mawr, Penn. 

1889. Prof. St. George T. Brooke- — Univ. of W. Va. 

1890. Rev. Thomas Hume Chapel Hill, N. C. 

1891. A. Marshall Elliott West Virginia. 

William D. Pruden Edenton. 

Geo. Washington Sanderlin_- Raleigh. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 35 


Abernathy, Albert P. Wake County. 88-9. 

Planter, Warren County, Ridgeway. 

Adams, Claudius Alvis. Wake County. 87-90. 

M. D., April, 92, Col. Phys. and Surg., Baltimore, Md. Physician, Gary. 

Adams, David Thomas. T Raleigh. 75-7. 

Merchant, Raleigh. 

Adams, James Henry. Y Raleigh. 75-7. 

Book-keeper, Raleigh. 

Adams, John Leonard. Raleigh. 87-9. 

Merchant, Raleigh. 

Adams, Junius J. Wake County. 87-9. 

Agt. Un. Cent. Life Ins. Co., Holly Springs. 

Adams, Malicus Addison. T Wilson County. 85-6, 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Albrittgn, John Thomas. Goldsboro. 56-7. 

Ord. Feb. 18, 59, Goldsboro. Bap. Min. Teacher, Alabama, S. Carolina, 
Mount Olive. 

Alderman, Amariah Biggs. , Duplin County. 45-6. 

Ord. Nov. 47, Well's Chap. Ch. Min. 46-54 Duplin Co. 54-S9 Sampson Co. 
Died July 8, 89. 

Alderman, Edward Sinclair. Wilmington. 79-83. 

Orator 83. A. B., S3, W. F. Col. 83-6 Stud. S. B. Theo. Sem., Louisville, 
Ky., "full graduate." Ord. July 4, 86, Wilmington, Pastor. Chapel 
Hill, Paris, Ky., Woodlake, Ky. 

Alderman, Jacob Oliver. Sampson County. 82-4. 

A. B. 86, Richm'd Col., Va. Teacher 86-7 Kinston, 87-8 Lexington, 88-9 
Hendersonville, 90, Sampson Co. Ord. Oct. 30, 90, Kinston. Min. 90-1, 
Bayboro. 91-Stud. S. B. Theo. Sem., Louisville, Ky. 

Alderman, James Edward. Sampson County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Alderman, John Thomas. Sampson County. 72-3, 76-80. 

A. B. 80 W. F. Col. Teacher 80-2, Sampson Co., 82-91, Fork Church, Davie 
Co., 90, Reidsville. 

2,6 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Alexander, Bushrod Washington. Y Tyrrell County. 54-5. 

Planter, Tyrrell Co. Dead. 

Alford, Francis Marion. Y Currituck County. 40-42. 
Allen, E. E. Granville County. 71-2. 
Allen, H. B. Y Wadesboro. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Allen, Hal. Y., Jr. Granville County. 75-S. 

Teacher, Texas. 

Allen, Jacob Stiner. Y Richmond, Va. 91-2. . 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

AllEn, John Garland. Y Richmond, Va. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Allen, Junius Eeroy. Y Wake County. 85-90. 

Merchant. Agt. Southern Exp., Raleigh. Agt. R. & G. R. R. Forestville. 

Allen, Reuben Q. 34-5. 

Allen, Robert. <I> Richmond County. 38-9. 

Allen, Robert Traywick. Y Wake County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Allen, Thomas H. Y Craven County. 53-4. 

Civil Engineer, Newberne. Adjutant roth N. C. Art., C. S. A. Dead. 

Allen, Thomas Henry. Y Orange County, 52-3. 
Allen, Walter Norman. Halifax County. 52-3. 

Lawyer. Meriden, Jefferson County, Kansas. 

Allen, William Anderson. <I> Wake County. 46-9. 

Lawyer. Eastern N. C. Died ab. 89. 

Allen, William Cicero. 1' Halifax County. 80-5. 

Debater 85. A. B. 85, W. F. Col. Teacher. S5-7 Pantego. 87-SJamesville. 
SS-9 Hamilton. SS-9 Prin. Scotland Neck Mil. Acad., Scotland Neck. 

Allen, William Henry. (P Wilmington. 38-9. 
Allen., William Oscar. Y Wake County. 66-7. 

Planter. Merchant. 67-9 Wilton. 69-77 W. Forest. 77-S Asheville, 7S 
W. Forest and Falls of Neuse. Mannfac'r. Falls. 

Alsobrooks, Edwin Jesse. Marlboro County, S. C. 18-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. t>7 

Alsobrooks, Franklin L,. Y Chesterfield C. H., S. C. 48-9. 
Alsobrooks, Stephen Miller. <I> Anson County. 35-6. 
Alsobrooks, Wieeiam M. Y Chesterfield C. *H., S. C. 48-9. 
Aeston, Joseph John. }" Halifax County. 34-6. 

Moved to Petersburg, Va. Died ab. 66. 

Alston, W. M. )' Tipton County, Tenn. 58-9. 

Alston, William Richard David. Y Halifax County. 34-6. 

Anders, W. P. <P Bladen County. 68-9. 

Anderson, C. J. Pittsylvania Co., Va. 88-9. 

Anderson, Lawrence Richard. Pitt County. 42-3. 

Planter, Pitt Co. Capt. 44th N. C. Inf. Killed May 64, Cold Harbor, Va., 
while in command of bis regiment. 

Anderson, Melville. Y Wake County. 48-9. 

Commer. Trav. Philadelphia. Dead. 

Andrews, James Edward. Elizabeth City. 83-8S. S9-90. 

90-1 Teacher, Pasquotank Co. 91 Merchant, Creswell, Washington Ce. 

Anderson, R. M. Y Rutherford County. 89-90. 

Planter. Spartanburg Co., S. C. Cowpens, S. C. 

Andrews, Thomas Swain. Chatham County. S5-91. 

Min. Pastor and Teacher. Mount Vernon Springs. 

Angier, Jonathan Cicero. <I> Orange County. 74-6. 

Stud. Merchant. Planter. Orange Co, Jan. 91. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Anthony, Penn A. )' Bedford County, Va. 90-1. 

Min. Pastor, Cave Springs, Va. 

Anthony, Stanpiope Richard. Y Cleveland County. 87-8. 

Teacher. Planter. Shelby. 

Arrington, William W. 34-5. 

Ashcraft, John E. Y Union County. 82-4. 

M. D. 87 Univ. Med. Col. of N. York City. Physician. Monroe. 
Ashton, Eawramore. Y Pasquotank County. 55-6. 

Askew, . 36-7. 

Askew, George Beauregard. Bertie County. 79-80. 

Planter. Commer. Trav. Winton. 

38 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Askew, J. D. $ Wake County. 80-1. 

Engineer and Machinist. 84-8 St. Augustine, Fla. SS Raleigh and Falls. 

Askew, Lewis Thompson. T Bertie County. 79-81. 84-5. 

Commis. Mer., Norfolk, Va. Moved to Texas. 

Askew, R. H. Manteo, Dare County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Askew, T. S. $ Wake County. 80-1. 

Pharmacist. 82-9 Bait., Md. 89-92 Wilmington, Del. 92 Bait., Md. 

Askew, William G. Y Bertie County. 79-83. 

Planter. Windsor. 

Atkins, Benjamin Franklin. Cumberland County. 34-5. 
A. B. in Univ. of N. C. Lawyer. Dead. 

Atkinson, Elijah Thomas. Y Goldsboro. 82-3. 

Stud. Vanderb. Univ., Tenn. Teacher, Kenansville, Duplin Co. 

Atkinson, James Oscar. Y Durham. 86-90. 

Debater, 90. A. M. 90 W. F. Col. Prof, of An. Lang's Elon Col. Licensed 
to preach June 3d, 91, Elon College. 

Atkinson, James W. Wake County. 78-81. 

Bap. Min. Pastor in Wake and Granville Counties. Hutchinson's' Store. 

Atkinson, Wiley A. <l> Darlington Dist., S. C. 34-6. 

Bap. Min. Wake County. Died 71. 

Austin Daniel Monroe. Y Anson County. 78-84. 

Debater, 83. Orator, 84. B. L. 84, W. F. Col. Ord. 84, W. F. Col. Pastor 
S4-9 Monroe. 90 Evangelist. 91 Pastor, Charlotte, 409 N. Tryon St. 

Austin, Edward Harry. Y Anson County. 86-8. 

Planter. Monroe. 

Austin, James Elbert. <i> Clayton. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Avera, Harlowe D. Y Johnston Count}-. 68-73. 

Commer. Trav. Selma. Richmond, Va. 

AvERETT, John Crumpler. Cumberland County. 46-51. 

A. B. 51. A. M. 55, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Teacher. Moved to Tennessee 
in 56. To Texas in 57. Coleman, Texas. 

Averett, Stephen H. <l> Wake Count}-. 87-9. 

Teacher. Planter. Wakefield. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 39 

Averett, Thomas Henry. Y Bertie Comity. 39-41. 

Planter. 41-S Bertie County. 48 Florida. 

Aycock, James Mack. <l> Wilson County. 87-8. 

Planter. Black Creek, Wilson County. 

Aydlett, Abner Lamb. Y Camden County. 84-6. 

Salesman. Camden. Pasquotank. Elizabeth City. 

Aydlett, Edwin Ferebee. Y Camden County. 74-9. 

Debater 79. A. M. 79, W. F. Col. Lawyer. Elizabeth City. 

Aydlett, Herbert Taylor. Y Camden County. 87-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. Teacher. Belcross, Camden Co. 

Aydlett, Isaac Taylor. Y Currituck County. 35-6. 

Planter. Currituck Co. Died 87. 

Aydlett. Samuel Adolphus. Y Camden County. 77-80. 

Died ab. 85. 

Ayers, Pendleton G. <P Marion County, S. C. 77-82. 

Teacher. Planter. Nichols, Marion Co., S. C. 

Baber, Joseph Hill. Wilmington. 38-9. 
Bachelor, James. Edgecombe County. 34-5. 
Bagley, Leroy W. $ Johnston County. 69-75. 

Debater 74. A. B. 75, W. F. Col. Teacher. 75-7 Tutor in W. F. Col. 77-81 
and S2-4 Scotland Neck. 81-2 Murfreesboro. 84-5 W. Forest. 85 Lit- 

Bagwell, Jahazy Jackson. <P Wake County. 80-2. 

Planter. Garners. 

Bagwell, John Rials. </> Wake County. 80-2. 

Teacher. Garners. Died Jan. 9, 86. 

Bagwell, Wiley Bryant. <P Raleigh. 78-80. 

Ord. Oct. 84, Mt. Moriah ch., Wake Co. Bap. Min. Teacher. S1-3 Holly 
Springs. 83-6 Cary. Died Nov., S6. 

Bagwell, William Henry. Raleigh. 78-80. 

M. D. S3, Bait. Med. Col. Physician. 84 Pactolus, Pitt Co. 

Bailey, Christopher Thomas, Jr. )' Raleigh. 86-9. 

B. S. 89, W. F. Col. Bus. Mangr of Bib. Recorder, Raleigh. 

Bailey, George Howell. Y Greensville County, Va. 71-2. 

72-3 Stud. Rich. Col., Va. 74 Planter. Emporia, Va. 

40 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Bailey, Joseph Walter. Wilson County. 88-9. 

Lumber Manufact'r, Ocala, Florida. Spring Hope, Nash Co. 

Bailey, Josiah William. T Raleigh. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Baker, Frank. Y Elizabeth City. 86-7. 

Real Est. Broker, 6227 Penn. Av., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Baker, Joseph McRobert. Y Norfolk, Va. 38-9. 
Baker, Luther Samuel. <P Franklin County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Baker, Thomas James. ( P Bladen County. 78-81. 

Ord. 83 Green Springs ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. Missionary. 83-5 Robeson 
Co. 85-6 Duplin Co. 86-9 Onslow Co. S9-91 Craven Co. 9iTison, Ga. 

Baldwin, Moses. <D Randolph County. 50-6. 

A. B. 56, W. F. Col. Ord. August 31, 56, W. Forest. Bap. Min. Pastor, 
Teacher. 57 Hillsboro. 58-61 Oxford. 71-84 Forsyth and Yadkin 
Counties. S4-9 Pittsboro. 89 Winston. 

Baldwin, William Gaston. Y Columbus County. 56-8. 

5S-60 Stud. Univ. of N. C. Capt. Co. K., 20th N. C. Inf., C. S. A. Planter. 

Ball, Charles Thomas. ( I> Vance County. 86-7. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Ball, James H. Y Franklin County. 88-9. 

Meth. Min. Stud. Trin. Col. 

Ballance, John W. ( I> Bertie Co. 76-7. 

Merchant. 77-88 Roxobel. 88-91 Lewiston. Died 91. 

Ballance, Joshua. Hyde County. 35-6. 
Ballard, W. S. Y Anson County. 79-84. 

Ord. June, 84, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. S4-5 Hamlet. 85-6 S. B. Theo. Sem. 
87-9 Franklin. S9-92 Southport. S2 Halifax Co. 

Banks, Everett T. <I> Wake County. 79-80. 

Planter. Banks, Wake Co. 

Banks, G. W. Y Wake County. 70-1. 
Banks, James. <P Fayetteville. 40-1. 

Lawyer. Fayetteville. Moved to Florida after the war. Dead. 

Banks, Thomas Leach. Y Wake County. 48-51. 

M. D. 54, Univ. of Pa., Phila. Physician. Wake Co. Examining Surg. C. 
S. A. 88 Mem. N. C. Senate. Banks, Wake Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 41 

Banks, William T. Y Wake County. 54-5. 

Planter. Clayton. 75 — Banks, Wake Co. 

Barbrey, A. G. Sampson County. 76-7. 

Teacher. Planter, Hobtou, Sampson Co. 

Bardin, Hazard Fremont. Y Wilson County. 76-8. 
Barker, B. D. Wake County. 81-6. 

A. B. S6, W- F. Col. Teacher. S6-7 Carta. 87-8 Marshall. 88-91 Williams' 
Mills. 91— Apex. 

Barnes, Edwin Tartt. Wilson. S9-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Barnes, Joseph Darden. Hertford County. 54-6. 

A. B. 58, Columbian Col., D. C. 59-60 Teacher, Franklin, Va. Arkansas. 
19th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Captured Aug. 29, 6r, at Hatteras. Prisoner 
at Governor's Is., N. Y. Died July 30, 70. 

Barnes, L,uther James. Hertford County. 54-6. 

A. B. 57, Columbian Col., D. C. 58-9 Teacher, Franklin, Va. 61-2 Florida. 
Cuba. Died June 6, 64. 

Barnett, Benjamin Burrows. Y Granville County. 44-7. 

Moved to Mississippi. Dead. 

Barnett, Samuel Currie. Y Person County. 49-50. 

Lawyer. Roxboro. 24th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died ab. Sd. 

Barrett, Claudius Imllion. Pitt County. 80-2. 

Planter. Pitt Co. Farmville. 

Barrett, Ell Anson County. 35-6. 

Planter. White's Store, Anson Co. Died Aug. 6, S3. 

Barrett, Eli Barrygrove. Y Anson County. 71-3. 

S6-7 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. Sept., 88, Ansonville. Pastor Min. Spring and 
Pleas. Grove ch's. White's Store. 

Barrett, Joseph Benjamin. Pitt County. 53-4. 

Merchant. Marlboro. Cooke's Brigade, C. S. Ar. Killed in battle of Sharps- 
burg, Sept. 17, 62. 

Barrett, J. H. Y Anson County. 69-71. 

Teacher. Anson Co. 

Barrett, Manly Thomas. Y Anson County, 81-3. 

Planter. Merchant. 91— Peachland. 

42 Geneiral Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Barrett, William Ashley. Y Moore County. 66-7. 

Ord. 65, Fayetteville. Pastor Wake, Franklin, Granville, Chatham Counties. 

Barrett, William Augustus. Pitt County. 48-9. 

Planter. Pitt Co. Farmville. 

Barrett, William Charles. Moore County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Baskerville, George Sumner. Y Mecklenburg Co., Va. 70-j. 

Teacher in New York. A. B. Harnp. Sid. Col., Va. A. M. Yale Col., Conn. 
Presbyter. Min. Fargo, Dacotah. Prest. of Jamestown Col., James- 
town, N. Dacotah. 

Baskerville, John Gordon. Y Mecklenburg Co., Va. 68-9. 

Train Dispatcher, C. C. Railroad, Charlotte. 

Bass, Richard Holland. Y Madison County, Miss. 42-3. 
Bass, Robert L. Halifax County, Va. 85-9. 

Licensed Bap. Min. Died in Senior year, Oct., 89. 

Battle, Adolphus James. Wake County. 66-72. 

M. D., Si, Col. Phys. and Surg., Bait, Md. Physician. Earpsboro. 

Battle, John Thomas Johnson. Wake County. 72-9. 

A. M., 79, W. F. Col. 79-S2 Med. Stud., Earpsboro. M. D. 84, Col. of Phys. 
and Surg., Bait, Md. Stud. N. York Post Grad. Med. Col. Physician. 
84 Wadesboro. 

Battle, Lee H. Durham. 87-90. 

Cashier People's Nat. Bank, Roxboro. 92 — with Duke & Co., Durham. 
Baum, J. C. Y Princess Anne County, Va. 68-9. 
Baxter, Enoch Baxter. Princess Anne Co., Va. 57-61. 

Merchant. Memphis, Tenn. Died ab. 85. 

Baxter, Burwell Micajah. Y Currituck County. 35-41. 

A. B. 41, W. F. Col. Lawyer.- Planter. Currituck Co. Died 81.. 

' Baxter, Oscar Fitz Allen. Currituck County. 35-41. 

A. B. 40, A. M. 42, W. F. Col. M. D. Univ. of Pa., Phila. Asst Surg, and 
Passed Asst Surg. U. S. Navy. Surg. 49th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Physi- 
cian. Planter. Elizabeth City. 

Beacham, Elijah Forbes. Y Camden Count)-. 50-6. 

A. B. 56, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor Chatham, Granville, Franklin Coun- 
ties. Died Sept. 13, 91. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 43 

Beam, Edward. Y Rutherford County. 78-81. 

Planter. Logan's Store, Rutherford County. 

Beam, John Alexander. Y Cleveland County. 80-5. 

A. B. 85, W. F. Col. S5-6 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. May, 86, New Bethel ch., 
Cleveland Co. Pastor. Person and Granville Counties. Priu. Bethel 
Hill Acad., Person Co. Bethel Hill. 

Beaman, William Taylor. Sampson County. 37-8. 

Planter. Merchant. Clinton. McCoy's Regt, C. S. Ar. Died Aug. 7, 83. 

Beaman, William T. Pitt County. 66-8. 
Beamer, Peter Robert. Surry County. 83-4. 


Beasley, Benjamin Franklin. V Fayetteville. 76-8. 

Merchant. Fayetteville. 

Beasley, Rowland Fowler. Y Monroe. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Beattie, William James. Marlboro Disk, S. C. 50-1. 

M. D. Univ. of Pa., Phila. Physician. Marlboro Dist, S. C. Moved to 
Alabama. Died ab. 63. 

Beckham, C. H. Raleigh. 83-4. 

Engineer. Raleigh. 

BeckwiTh, Daniel Green. Chatham County. 84-7. 

Med. Stud., Bait., Md. Ascend. Chatham Co. 

Beckwith, Exum Green. <I> Wake County. 77-82. 

Debater, 82. A. B. 82. A. M. 84, W. F. Col. S3-4 Tutor W. F. Col. S4-5 
Stud. Johns Hopkins Univ., Bait., Md. Ord. Dec. 16, 88, Mt. Moriah Ch. 
Pastor. Teacher. 85-7 Clayton. S7— Asst Prof, of Math., W. F. Col. 

Beckwith, Junius Calvin. Moore County. 86-91. 

A. B. 91, W. F. Col. Lumber Manufac'r. Sparks, Ga. 

Beddingfield, WILLIAM H. Franklin County. 84-7. 

Planter. Franklin Co. Youngsville. 

Beebe, Charles N. Memphis, New York. 91-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Beeson, Jonathan Williams. Y Guilford County. 35-6. 
Belcher, Francis Adolphus. Columbus County. 55-61. 

A. B. 61, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Teacher. Pastor. Cerro Gordo. Prin. of 
Young Ladies Seminary, Newberry, S. C. Died ab. 65. 

44 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Bell, Alexander Wright. Camden County. 51-2. 

Planter. Sheriff of Camden Co. Norfolk, Va. 

BELL, Frederick Jesse. T Currituck County. 55-6. 

Planter. Currituck Co. Dead. 

BELL, John. <I> Chatham County. S3 -4. 

84-7 Planter. Alabama. 87 — Merchant. Moncure. 

Bell, John Frank. T Franklin County. 79-81. 

81-2 Stud. Bait., Md. Farmers' Alliance Bureau. Raleigh. 

Bell, John H. 1' Mississippi. 36-7. 
BELL, Joseph; P. y Chatham County. 46-7. 

Planter. Merchant. 47-65 Chatham Co. 65-77 Perry Co., Alabama. Died 
April, 77. 

BELL, K. S. Choctaw Agency, Miss. 56-7. 
Bell, Luther Rice. ( P Oxford. 57-8. 

A. B. 61, Univ. of N. C. C. S. Army. Killed, 62, battle of Malvern Hill, Va. 

Belt, Benjamin Williams. Iredell County. 35-6. 

Planter. Iredell County. Died 40. 

BELT, Daniel LEE. $ Iredell County. 35-6. 

Planter. Iredell Co. Died 48. 

Bennett, John Monroe. $ Richmond County. 80-2. 

Ord. ab. So, Laurel Hill Ch. Bap. Min. Montgomery, Anson, Stanly Co's. 

Bennett, John Nelson. Brunswick County. , 56-7. 

Teacher. Surveyor. Planter. Co. G, 36th N. C. Inf., C. S.'Ar. 74-5 Mem. 
N. C. House of Rep. 76-7 and 8S-9 Mem. N. C. Senate. Winnabow. 

Bennett, William Gaston. <P Alexander County. 70-2. 

Merchant. Alexander Co. Died ab. S3. 

Bernard, Claude M. <I> Pitt County. 75-6. 

Lawyer. Greenville. 

Bernard, Germain. <P Pitt County. 39-42. 

Law Stud. Yale Col., Conn., Lawyer. Solicitor of Pitt Co. Registrar for Pitt 
Co. 79-S0 Mem. N. C. Ho. of Rep. Si Mem. N. C. Senate. Greenville. 

Bernard, Jesse. T Currituck Co. 34-5. 

Bernard, William Augustus. d> Pitt County. 39-42. 

M. D., Univ. of New York. Physician. Greenville. Died 75. 

Berry, Jesse A. 2' Hertford Co. 54-5. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 45 

Berry, John, Jr. Hillsboro. 55-8. 

Orator 5S. A. B. 58, W. F. Col. Med. Stud. Jeff. Med. Col., Phila. M. D. 
64, Virginia Med. Col., Richmond. Physician. Asst Surg. 42d Miss. 
Inf., C. S. Ar. Hillsboro. 

Berry, Robert Harrison. Y Camden County. 51-2. 

Teacher. Planter. Camden and Pasquotank Counties. Died 90. 

Best, William Redden. T Duplin County. 71-2. 

Teacher. Planter. Warsaw. 

Bethea, Robert Cochrane. Marion Dist. , S. C. 51-2. 

Physician. Summit, Mississippi. 

BETTS, A. L. Wake County. 85-9. 

B. L. S9, W. F. Col. Ord. Nov., SS, Neil's Cr. Ch., Harnett Co. Minister. 
Teacher. Journalist. 89 — Leaksville. 

Bickett, Thomas Walter. T Monroe. 86-90. 

Debater 90. A. B. 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. Law Stud. Winston. 

Biddle, Benjamin Franklin. Craven County. 45-52. 

A. B. 52, W. F. Col. Planter. Egypt, Craven Co. Died 63. 

Biddle, Henry Harvey. Craven County. 51-3. 

Planter. Hermitage Farm, Craven Co. Died 55. 

Biddle, James William. Craven County. 55-60. 

Orator 60. Planter. Fort Barnwell. Georgia. Co. H, 1st N. C. Cav., C. S. 
Ar. Probate Judge. Newbern. 

Biddle, Samuel Simpson. Craven County. 55-61. 

Planter. Fort Barnwell. Capt. 1st N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Died Nov. 9, 68. 

Biggs, Richard J. T Norfolk, Va. 67-70. 

Commission Merchant. Baltimore, Md. 

Billings, Charles M. T Pittsylvania County, Va. 90-2. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Bird, Francis Wilder. Bertie County. 47-8. 

Law Stud. Brown Univ., R. I. Lawyer. Lieut. Col. nth N. C. Inf. Killed 
in battle of Reams' Station, Va. 

Bishop, E. L. T Northampton County. 82-4. 

Planter. Northampton Co. Rich Square. 

Bishop, William Junius. T Bertie County. 54-S. 

Orator 58. A. B. 58, W. F. Col. Planter. Roxobel. C. S. Ar. Died 89. 

Bitting, Joseph Horatio. Stokes County. 66-7. 

46 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Bivens, John Wilson. T Union County. 80-3. 

Planter. Registrar for Union Co. Monroe. 

Bizzell, Frank Bright. Wayne County. 79-80. 

So-8 Planter. Wayne Co. SS— Merchant. Goldsboro. 

Bizzell, John Shade. Lenoir County. 77-81. 

D. D. S., Balto. Dental Col. Valedictorian. Medalist. Dental Surgeon. 
81-91 LaGrange. 91 — Goldsboro. 

Blackburn, Thomas J. Sampson County. 70-1. 

Planter. Ingold, Sampson County. 

Blackburn, Oliver. Sampson County. 68-70. 

Teacher. Planter. Ingold. 

Blackman, Cullen Andrew. T DeSoto, Miss. 50-1. 
Blackwell, George R. Durham. 79-81. 

Dealer in leaf tobacco. Durham. 


Blackwell, James Washington. Person County. 73-5. 

76-7 Stud. Univ. of N. C. Tobacconist. Real Est. Broker. Manufac'r of 
builders' materials. Durham. 

Blackwood, Alexander Doughan. Orange Co. 50-1. 

Ord. 48, Alabama. Bap. Miu. Teacher. 51-S Montgomery Co. 58-78 Cary. 
78-9 W. Forest. 79-83 Raleigh. S3-6 Asheville. S6-S Chapel Hill. 
Died Mar. 2, SS. 

Blackwood, Joseph Thomas. Wake County. 78-81. 

S1-3 Raleigh. Died Sept. 6, S3. 

Blair, J. N. Y Caswell County. 61-2. 

Blalock, Thomas Leaston. Granville County. 85-90. 

B. S. 90, W. F. Col. 90-1 Stud. Johns Hopkins Univ., Bait., Md. 91— Asst 
Chemist N. Car. Agricul. Sta., Raleigh. 

Blalock, Thomas LEE. Y Spruce Pine, Mitchell Co. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Blalock, Joseph Gooch. Granville County. S7-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Blanchard, Charles Wayland Wake County. 88-91. 

Ord. S7, Pleasant Grove Ch. Teacher. Bap. Min. Varina. 91 — Morrisville. 

Bland, John Thomas. New Hanover County. 70-6. 

Debater 75. Orator 76. A. B. 76, W. F. Col. Law Stud. Judge Strong's 
School, Raleigh. June 78 Licensed by Sup. Court. Lawyer. 7S — Bur- 
gaw, Pender Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 47 

Bland, William. <1> New Hanover County. 66-70. 

A. B. 70, W. F. Col. Teacher. Colporter. Bap. Min. 71-2 Maysville, S. C. 
73 Cerro Gordo. 74-5 Cumberland Co. Ord. 74, Wells' Chapel Ch. 76 
Bishopsville, S. C. 76-9 Harrell's Store. 79 — Hawley's Store, Sampson 

Blaxtox, Absalom. Y McDowell County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Blaxtox, George W. Y Shelby. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Blouxt, Benjamix James. Nash County. 54-5. 

55-7 vStud. Univ. of X. C. Lieut. Co. H, 55th X. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Captured 
at Gettysburg. Died Dec. 20, 63, while prisoner of war, at Johnson's Isl. 

Blouxt, Evander Ellis. Robeson County. 84-6. 

86-90 Teacher, Alfordsville. 90 Teacher. Bap. Min. Haywood Co. 92 — 
Middleburgh, Casey Co., Ky. 

Blouxt, George Washington. Nash County. 53-6. 

Lawyer. Nashville. Capt. and 0. M. 55th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 61— Wilson. 

Blount, Heritage. Craven County. 35-6. 

Physician. Planter. Newberne. Lenoir Co. Dead. 

Blount, James Franklin. Y Pitt County. 85-6. 

Died 86. 

Blount, Richard Henry Leigh. Y Perquimans Co. 48-9. 

vStud. Univ. of N. C. M. D. Univ. of Pa. Physician. Planter. Perquimans 
Co. Wardville. 

Blount, William Carr. ( P Pitt County. 44-6. 

Lawyer. Pitt Co. Died since the war. 

Bobbitt, Abner E. Y Warren County. 80-3. 

Merchant. Littleton. 

Bobbitt, Edward Clinton. Y Franklinton. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Bobbitt, William Stephen. Y Halifax County. 73-5. 

Merchant. Littleton. 
Boddie, N. J. W. Y Nash County. 72-3. 

Planter. Nashville. 

Boddie, Nicholas Williams. Y Nash County. 41-5. 

Planter. Mem. of N. C. Legislature. Nashville. 

Boddie, Van Renselaer. Nash County. 35-6. 

Planter. Nash Co. 


48 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Boddie, William Perry. Y Nash County. 40-1. 

Planter. Moved to Mississippi in 44. Died in Kentucky ab. 70. 

Bolton, Mayland. }* Northampton County. 81-2. 

M. D. 84, Bait. Med. Col., Md. Physician. Northampton Co. Rich Square. 

Bond, Francis Wayland. Y Chowan County. 34-5. 

Planter. istN. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Edenton. Died 85. 

Bond, James. Bertie County. 49-52. 

A. B. 52, W. F. Col. Planter. Windsor. 

Bond, John Cox. & Chowan County. 66-70. 

70-7 Pharmacist, Edenton. 77-S5 Lumber Manufac'r, Lake Phelps. S5-91 
Clerk Superior Court, Chowan Co. 91 — Hardware Merchant, Edenton. 

Bond, John Thomas. Y Bertie County. 35-6. 

Planter. Merchant. Bertie Co. Died 75. 

Bond, Lewis. Y Bertie County. 38-9. 

Bond, William Edmund. Y Chowan County. 35-7. 

Stud. R. M. Col. and Univ. of Va. Planter. Merchant. 66-79 Collector U. 
S. Inter. Revenue. 79-82 P. Master, Edenton. Collector U. S. Customs 
Albemarle Dept. Edenton. 

Bonner, John Jackson. Hyde County. 35-6. 
Bonner, Thomas H. Y Edenton. 76-80. 

Ord. So, Yeoppim Ch. Bap. Min. Perquimans and Tyrrell Counties. Died 
Sept. iS, 80. 

Boon, Joseph Simon Boykin. Y Johnston County. 36-40. 

Planter. Moved ab. 50 to Mississippi. Dead. 

Boon, William John Abner. Y Johnston County. 36-41. 

Planter. Moved about 50 to Mississippi. Dead. 

Boone, C. E. Y Northampton County. 72-3. 

73-5 Teacher, Anson Co. 75-6 Teacher, Stockdale, Texas. 76 — Merchant. 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Boone, JESSE Bynum. Y Northampton County. 60-1. 

Ord. Feb. 9, 6S, Galatia Ch., Northampton Co. Pastor. Northampton Co. 
69-71 S. B. Theo. Sem. 71-3 Pastor, Charlotte. 73-S1 Indep. Hill. 75-82 
Statesville. 76-S3 Salisbury. 86-7 Hendersonville. 89-91 Moberly, 
Missouri. 83-9 Prest. Judson College. S5-7 Prest. W. N. Car. Bap. St. 
Conven. 91 — Agent Bap. Fern. Univ., Raleigh. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 49 

Boone, Thomas Deans. Northampton Comity. 55-9. 

Orator 59. A. B. 59, A. M. 69, W. F. Col. Teacher. 59-60 Warren Co. 60-1 
Mississippi. 61-5 Capt. Co. F, 1st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Teacher. 65-72 
Hertford Co. 73 Norfolk Co., Va. 86— Clerk of Sup. Court, Hertford Co. 

Booth, James Hilliard. <I> Wake County. 72-4. 

Ord. Johnston Lib. Ch. Bap. Min. Adventist Minister. Journalist. Cool 
Spring. Dallas. Catawba. 

Booth, Jasper Newton. Wake County. 83-0. 

B. L. 88, W. F. Col. Ord. 85, Shady Grove Ch., Wake Co. Bap. Min. 89 
Apex. 90-1 2d Bap. Ch., Durham. July, 91— Edgefield, S. C. 

Borden, James C. T Wayne County. 40-4. 

Stud. Yale Col., Conn. Sheriff of Wayne Co. Capt. ist N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. 
Died Aug., 85. 

Boroughs, Matthew. Moore County. 35-6. 

Planter. Island Ford, Moore Co. Dead. 

Bostick, Eugene Stansill. <P Rockingham. 88-91. 
Planter. Mf'r Naval Stores. Geneva, Alabama. 

Bostick., George Pleasant. T Rutherford County. 79-S3. 

A. B. 83, W. F. Col. S3-6 S. B. Theo. Sem. Full Grad. Orel. New Hope 
Ch., Wake Co. Pastor. New Hope. Harrod's Cr., Ky. Powell's Val- 
ley, Ky. Concord. Durham. Feb., 89 — Missionary. Tung Chow, China. 

Bostick, J. T. Conclave, Richmond County. 86-7. 

Bostick, Richard Samuel. T Beaufort Disk, S. C. 47-8. 

Bostick, William Lee. Rockingham County. S3-92. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Boushall, Joseph Dozier. T Camden County. 53-7. 

A. B. 57, W. F. Col. 57-61 Prin. Reyuoldsou Acad., Gates Co. Lieut. Co. 
E, 43d N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Killed 63, battle of Chancellorsville. 

Boushall, Joseph Dozier. T Camden County. 79-S6. 

Debater 86. A. B. 86, W. F. Col. 86 Teacher, Stanly Co. Dec, 86- Chief 
Clerk State Auditor's Dep't. Lawyer. Raleigh. 

Boushall, Thomas Boushall. T Camden County. 55-8. 

Planter. Col. of N. C. State troops. Belcross. 
Bowden, D. T. Y Patterson, New Jersey. 84-7. 

M. D. 89, Univ. of Md., Bait. Physician. 923 Main St., Patterson, N. Jersey. 

Bowers, Thaddeus Ray. T Halifax County. 66-71. 

Planter. Brinklevville. 

50 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Bowling, Bernard Philip. Durham County. 84-7. 

Planter. Luster, Durham Co. , 

Bowling, Edwin Holt. Durham County. 83-7. 

E. S. 88, W. F. Col. S7-9 Prin. of Bowling Acad. M. D. 91— Col. of Phys. 
Surg., Bait., Md. Physician. Luster. 

Boyer, G. M. Franklin County. 69-72. 

Moved to Mississippi. Died 75. 

Boykin, Bias. <I> Sampson County. 39-40. 

Physician. Clinton. Died ab. 54. 

Boykin, B. F. Sampson County. 67-9. 

Planter. Llotel Prop. Clinton. 

Boykin, Howard Nelson. Baltimore, Md. 79-S0. 

Orange Culture. Oriole, Fla. Ocala, Fla. Panasoffgee, Fla. Died Aug. 2, 85. 

Boykin, Robinson. Sampson County. 39-40. 

Planter. Clinton. 

Boykin, Thomas Jackson. Sampson County. 47-8. 

Physician. 48-70 Sampson Co. Surg. 26th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 70— Whole- 
sale Druggist (Boykin, Carmer & Co.), Baltimore, Md. 

Boykin, Thomas Wright. Sampson County. 47-S. 

Planter. Clinton. Died ab. 85. 

Boyles, Isaac Sebert. Stokes County. SS-92. 

Stud. Yv T . F. Col. 

Boyles, Silas Franklin. Pilot Mountain. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Bradshaw, William Rufus. T Morganton. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Bradsher, D. W. Person County. 69-72. 

Planter. Clerk Sup. Court of Person Co. Roxboro. 

Branch, E. h. ¥ Halifax County. 89-91. 
Brandon, Nathaniel Comer. Caswell County. 88-6. 

Pharmacist. 89 Yanceyville. 90 Raudleman. 91 — Newton. 

Brassfield, D. Sidney. Greene County, Ala. 57-0. 

Planter. Forklaud, Alabama. 

Braswell, David H. Y Anson County. 80-2. 

Planter. Ansouville. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 51 

Braswell, Mark Russell. Y Nash County. 82-3. 

Stud. Univ. of N. C. M. D. 85, Univ. of Md., Bait. 86— Physician, Rocky 

Bray, G. N. <P Camden Comity. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Breece, Luther R. Y Fayetteville. 57-8. 

Teachei. Planter. Cumberland Co. Co. E, 8th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 83— 

Brewer, Charles Edward. <P Wake Forest. 81-6. 

Debater 85. Orator 86. A. M. 86, W. F. Col. 86-S Post Grad. Stud. W. F. 
Col. 8S-90 Stud. Johns Hop. Univ., Bait, Md. June, 90— Prof, of Chem., 
W. F. Col. 

Brewer, Jesse. Suffolk, Va. 61-2. 

Planter. Mississippi. 

BREWER, JESSE B. Granville County. 66-7. 
Planter. Suffolk, Va. 

Brewer, John Bruce. Y Wake Forest. 66-3. 

A. B. 6S. A. M. 71, W. F. Col. Teacher. 68-70 Maple Spring, Franklin 
Co. 70-5 Prin. Wilson Col. Inst. 75-81 Prin. Seminary for Young Ladies. 
Wilson. Si — Pres't Chowan Bap. Fein. Inst., Murfreesboro. 

Brewer, John Merchant. Nansemond Co., Va. 38-40. 

46 — Merchant. Planter. W T ake Forest. 

Brewer, Richard Lewis. ( I> Nansemond Co., Va. 45-7. 

Teacher. Merchant. Suffolk, Va. 

Brewer, Richard Lewis. Y Wake Forest. 76-S. 

Merchant. Planter. W. Forest. 

Brewer, Samuel Wait. Y Wake Forest. 66-70. 

A. B. 70, W. F. Col. 70 Clerk, Goldsboro. 71-3 Teacher, Granville Co. 
Merchant. 73-S5 Raleigh. 85-91 W. Forest. 91 — Raleigh. 

Brewer, William Carey. }' Wake Forest. 66-7. 70-5. 

A. B. 75, W. F. Col. Planter. Merchant. Mayor. W. Forest. 

Brewer, William Henry. Nansemond Co., Va. 40-1. 

Planter. Nansemond Co., Va. Died 67. 

Brickhouse, Lewis Cass. Y Tyrrell County. 78-81. 

Ord. 73, Jackson Co., Fla. Pastor. 83 Smithfield. S4-6 Princess Anne Co., 
Va. 87-8 Cumberland, Md. 89-90 Matthews Co., Va. 91— Sandy Bottom, 
Middlesex Co., Va. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest Colle. 


Bridgers, Isaac Hutchins. Franklin County. 

Died ab. 52. 


Bridgers, James Harvey. T Northampton County. 83-3. 

Lawyer. S3-5 Warrentou. 85-8 Birmingham, Ala. SS — Henderson. 

Bridgers, Ransom. T Smithfield. 36-7. 

Planter. Johnston Co. Died ab. 77. 

Bridgers, Samuel H. J. Y Granville County. 56-9. 


Bridges, Daniel Alfred. Denison, Texas. 79-84. 90-2. 

Debater 92. Stud. W. F. Col. 

Bridges, J. A. Y Cleveland County. 85-9. 

B. L. 89, W. F. Col. Teacher. 

Bridges, Joseph B. Wake County. 46-7. 

Moved South. 

Bridges, Thomas Brazell. Y Wake County. 50-1. 

Planter. Wake Co. Ramseur's Artil., C. S. Ar. Raleigh. 

Briggs, Gaither C. Y Madison County. 7S-S3. 

A. B. 83, W. F. Col. S3-S Prof, in Judson College. 88-91 Prin. of Academy, 

Salisbury, Mo. 91 — Prin. North Missouri Inst., Salisbury, Missouri. 

Briggs, Thomas Henry. }* Raleigh. 6S-70. 

Hardware Merchant. Treas. of W. F. Col. Raleigh. 

Bright, Richard Franklin. . Lenoir County. 45-6. 

Planter. Lenoir Co. Greene Co. Glenfield. 

Bright, Simon William. Lenoir County. 5C-1. 

Lawyer. Planter. Mem. N. C. Gen. Assem. Kinston. 

Brinkley, Joseph. Halifax County. 54-5. 

-Planter. Halifax Co. Died Nov., 58. 

Brinkley, William, Jr. Halifax County. 51-3. 

Law Student. Judge Pearson's School. Died Dec. 16, 55. 

Brinson, James McCabe. Newberne. 83-7. 

B. L. 87, W. F. Col. S7-9 Law Stud., Newberne. Licensed by Supr. Court, 

Jan., S9. Lawyer. Aug., S9 — Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Brinson, Samuel Mitchell. Newberne. 88-91. 

A. B. 91, W. F. Col. 91 — Teacher. Law Stud-. Newberne. 

Bristow, S. F. Y Northampton County. 86-S. 

Ord. Aug. 26, 8S, Roanoke Ch. Bap. Min. 90 Lewiston. 91 — Coleraiue. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 53 

Britt, John Lewis. Y Wayne County. 71-6. 

Debater 75. A. B. 76, W. F. Col. Ord. Sept. 11, 76, Warsaw. Pastor. Turkey. 
Sampson Co. 

Britt, J. M. Goldsboro. 87-8. 

U. S. Postal Service. Goldsboro. 

Britt, Marshall Howard. T Wayne County. 83-4. 

Died April 9, 84. 

Britt, William Gaston. Y Wayne County. 74-7. 

77-S3 Teacher. S3 — Merchant. Goldsboro. 

Britt, W. Henry. Y Wake County. 73-5. 

Planter. Garner's. 

Britton, D. R. Y Bertie County. 90-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Britton, Noah W. Y Northampton County. 83-6. 

Planter. Woodland. 

Britton, Stephen N. Petersburg, Va. 57-S. 

Stud. Harvard Col., Mass. Merchant. R. R. Officer. Petersburg, Va. New 
Orleans, La. Officer in New Orl. Washington Artil., C. S. Ar. 36 Caron- 
delet St., New Orleans, La. 

Britton, Thomas Cotton. Y Northampton County. 81-6. 

A. M. 86, W. F. Col. S6-8 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. Potecasi Ch. Missionary. 
Nov., 8S, sailed for China. Soochow, China. 

Broadwell, Pinckney. Y ^ Wake County. 4S-50. 
Brockett, Gideon Lamb. 2' Currituck County. 48-9. 

Planter. Currituck Co. C. S. Ar. Died during the war. 

Brooks, Charles Vance. Moore County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. Licensed Min. 

Brooks, Christopher William. Caswell County. 44-6. 

Lawyer. Caswell Co. Died ab. 48. 

Brooks, Josiah Hawkins. Y Chatham County. 34-9. 

A. B. 39. A. M. 44, W. F. Col. Teacher. Licensed Bap. Min. Chatham 
and Davidson Counties. Died ab. 65. 

Brooks, Nathaniel Greene. Y Chatham County. 43-4. 

Printer. Chatham Co. Moved to Texas. Died during the war. 

Brooks, Robert Hall. Y Wake County. 54-60. 

Manly 's Artil., C. S. Ar. Co. A, ioth N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Mer- 
chant. Dep. Shff Wake Co. Raleigh. 

54 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Brooks, William Tell. Y Chatham County. 34-9. 

A. B. 39. A. M. 44. D. D. 70, W. F. Col. Ord. May, 35, Rives' Chapel. 
43-6 Tutor W. F. Col. 46-58 Asst Prof, of Lang., W. F. Col. 70-S0 Pres't 
Trustees \V. F. Col. Pres't Bap. State Conven. Pastor. Henderson. 
Mount Vernon. Forestville. Died Jan. 16, S3. 

Brooks, William Tell. Wake County. 66-y. 

Died Sept. 23, 66. 

Brooks, William Tell. Y Wake County. 81-3. 

Bookkeeper. Haw River. 

Broom, Hugh Wilson. Y Union Count}-. 86-7. 

Merchant. Waxhaw, Union Co. 

Brothers, Edward Cantwell. Y Gates County. 54-5. 

Stud. Columbian Col., D. C. Died July, 56. 

Broughton, Charles Vaton. Y Raleigh. 79-81. 

Med. Stud. Bait., Md. M. D. Louisville Med. Col., Ky. Physician. Nash 
Co. Died Nov., 86. 

Broughton, Edgar Earle. Y Raleigh. S9-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Broughton, Leonard Gaston. Y Wake County. 81-4. 

M. D. Louisville, Ky. Med. Col. Prof, of Chera. Louisville Med. Col. Phy- 
sician. S7-92 Reidsville. Ord. Feb. 28, 92, Reidsville. 92 — Pastor 2d 
Bap. Ch., Winston. 

BrowER, Henry Lilly. <P Randolph County. 87-8. 

Manufacturer and Planter. Liberty. 

Brown, Bedford. Y Person County. 48-52. 

A. B. 52, W. F. Col. Lawyer. Person and Caswell Counties. C. S. Army. 

Brown, David Bedford. Alexander County. 66-7. 

Ord. 66, Antioch Ch. Bap. Min. Mansfield, Tarrant Co., Texas. 

Brown, George Andreyv\ Y Hertford County. 69-70. 

Planter. Merchant. 91 — Registrar for Hertford Co. Winton. .. 

Brown, Henry Alfred. Y Rockingham County. 68-71. 

Orator 71. B. Ph. 71, W. F. Col. Ord. Aug., 71, Yanceyville. 71-4 Pastor 
and Missionary in Beulah Ass'n. Sept., 74, Aug., 77, Pastor, Fayette- 
ville. 77 — Winston. 

Brown, Lafayette J. Caswell County. 36-7. 
Brown, Sylvester B. ( I> Pitt County. 40-1. 

Merchant. Pitt Co. Died 44. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 55 

Brown, William Hugh. Y Darlington Dist, S. C. 50-1. 

Planter. Florence, S. C. Died ab. 88. 

Brown, William T. Y Bertie County. 54-5. 

Planter. Mnrfreesboro. C. S. Army. 

Browning, Benjamin Ray. Y Warren County. 80-7. 

A. B. 87, W. P. Col. 87-S Office N. & W. R. R., Petersburg, Va. M. D., 
91, Univ. of Md., Bait. Physician. Littleton. 

Brunt, William, Jr. Davie County. 58-61. 

A. B. 62, A. M. 70, W. F. Col. Ord. 63 Eaton's Cli. Bap. Min. 61-6 Davie 
and Alexander Counties. 66-70 Stud. S. B. Theo. Sem. 70-7 Fayette- 
ville. 77-S3 Lillington. 83 — Bladen Co. Winnie. 

Bryan, Frederick Campbell. Y Jones County. 42-7. 

A. B. 47, W. F. Col. Planter. Jones Co. Died ab. 66. 

Bryan, Herbert Gray. Halifax County. 72-4. 

Lumber Manufacturer. Georgia. 

Bryan, Levi. Cumberland County. 67-70. 
Bryan, William Henry. Y Jones County. 42-4. 

Registrar for Jones Co. Pollocksville. Died 72. 

Bryant, W. Thomas. Y Caswell County. 82-4. 89-91. 

Med. Stud. Estelle, N. C. 

Buchanan, Benjamin. <P Anson County. 39-40. 

Planter. Anson County. Dead. 

Buchanan, Luther T. <I> Granville County. 72-6. 

Teacher. 76-7 Wilton. 77-81 Durham. 82-5 Wake County. S5-S Hamil- 
ton. S8 — Durham. 

Buchanan, Thomas Clingman. Y Swain County. 83-8. 

A. B. 88, W. F. Col. Ord. Aug. iS, 89, Shoal Cr. Ch. Bap. Min. Teacher. 
Cullowhee. Pigeon River. 91 — Prin. Globe Acad. Globe, Caldwell Co. 

Buffaloe, Alonzo J. Y Wake County. 81-3. 

M. D. 86, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., N. York. Jan., 87— Raleigh. 

Buffaloe, Joseph George Monroe. Y Wake County. 35-6. 
Bullock, Benjamin King. Y Chowan County. 47-8. 

47-61 Pharmacist. Edenton. 

Bullock, James H. Warren County. 66-7. 

Stud. Commer. Col., Bait., Md. Planter. Middleburg. 

56 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Bullock, J. R. Edgecombe County. 79-S0. 
Bullock, Lex. H. Warren County. 66-9. 

Stud. Bait., Md. In R. R. Service. Galveston, Texas. 

Bullock, Walter M. Warren County. 69-73. 

Teacher. Warren County. Died Feb. 14, Si. 

Bumpass, James Carroll. T Person County. 46-8. 

Ord. 53, Olive Branch Ch. Pastor. Farmersville, Texas. 

Bunch, John A. Y Chowan County. 54-5. 

Planter. Edenton. 

Bunch, J. G. Y Edenton. 74-8. 

Debater 77. A. B. 78, \V. F. Col. Lawyer. Edenton. Died Aug. 27, 84. 

Bunch, W. R. Raleigh. 79-80. 

Bunn, Paul V. T Wilson County. 85-7. 

87-8 Teacher. Wilson. 89 in office of A. C. L. R. R., Wilmington. Dec, 
89 — Clerk for U. S. Civil Service Comniis. Washington, D. C. 

Buntyn, Geraldus Oscar. Y Shelby Co., Tenn. 47-8. 
Burch, F. E. T Anson County. 86-8. 

Moved to Texas. 

Burden, J. A. T Bertie County. 87-8. 

Merchant. Lewiston. 

Burden, William Judson. T Aulander. 91-2. 

Stud, at W. F. Col. 

Burfoot, Ambrose W. Camden County. 73-7. 

Bap. Miu. Camden. Tyrrell. Perquimans. Hertford. 

Burfoot, William Philip. Y Camden County. 51-2. 

Teacher. Planter. Died 59. 

Burgess, Charles S. Camden County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Burn, Robert Hayne. Y Cheraw, S. C. 50-5. 

Orator 55. A. B. 55, W. F. Col. 

Burnett, W. C. Spartanburg, S. C. 85-6. 
Burney, Marshall D. Pike County, Ala. 70-2. 

Debater 72. Teacher. San Antonio, Rio Grande City, Texas. 

Burney, Robert I. Y Newberne. 37-8. 

Planter. Merchant. Newberne. Moved South. Died 66. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 57 

Burns, Blisha. Y Chatham County. 34-5. 

M. D. Philadelphia, Pa. Physician. Pittsboro. Died 90. 

Burns, Robert Lee. Moore County. 87-91. 

Debater 90. Orator 91. A. B. 91, W. F. Col. Teacher. Palestine, Texas. 

Burns, William David. Pollocksville, Jones Co. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Burroughs, Cornelius Tyson. Orange County. 54-5. 

Planter. 55-8 Orange Co. 5S-61 Florida. 61-3 Army Nor. Va., C. S. Ar. 
Died 63 in service. 

Burrows, Lansing. Richmond, Va. 59-62. 

Orator 62. A. B. 62, W. F. Col. A. M. 71, Princeton Col., N. J., and Madi- 
son Col., N. Y. D. D. 82, Bethel Col., Ky. 62-5 Fayette Artil. and 
Battle's Brigade, C. S. Ar. 65 Journalist, Richmond, Va. 66-7 Teacher, 
Stanford, Ky. Ord. July 7, 67, Stanford, Ky. Pastor. 68-71 Lexington, 
Ky. 71-6 Bordentown, N. Jersey. 76-9 Newark, N. Jersey. 79-S3 Lex- 
ington, Ky. S3 — Augusta, Ga. 

Burroughs, M. W. Chatham County. 34-5. 

Planter. Gulf, Chatham County. Dead. 

Burruss, John Alexander. Y Jones County. 46-8. 

Planter. Merchant. Newberne. Died Jan. iS, 63. 

Burton, A. M. Y Richmond, Va. 89-90. 

Burton, Robert Williams. Granville County. 39-40. 

Burt, Samuel Henry. Y Wilmington. 67-8. 

Bookkeeper and Cashier S. O. Co., Wilmington. 

Burwell, Joseph Spottswood. 2' Granville County. 71-3. 

Stud. Commer. Col., Bait., Md. Tobacconist. 79-S0 Petersburg, Va. 81 
Richmond, Va. 82 — Plenderson. 

Burwell, T. G. Y Granville County. 73-4. 
Busbee, Ouentin Durward. Wake County. 38-9. 

41-2 Law Stud. Univ. of N. C. Lawyer. Dead. . 

Bush, William Thomas. Bertie County. 34-5. 

Planter. Roxobel. Died 78. 

Butler, A. A. Sampson County. 90-1. 

Pastor Blackwell Bap. Ch., Durham. 

Buxton, Joseph Thomas. Y Jackson. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

58 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Buxton, Samuel Rowland. Y Jackson County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Bynum, Frank Ihghton. Y Hertford County. 7S-9. 

Died July 26, 79. 

Byrd, Stephen M. Decatur. Y Darlington Dist., S. C. 53-4. 

M. D. Charleston Med. Col., S. C. Physician. Darlington Dist... S. C. Byrd's 
Battal., C. S. Ar. 85— Lake City, Williamsburg City, S. C. 

Caddell, John Calhoun. Y Moore County. 74-S. 

Debater 78. A. B. 7S, W. F. Col. Teacher. Forestville. W. Forest. Cor- 
respondent of News & Observer. Tray. Agt. Biblical Recorder. Wake 

Caldwell, Luther H. Robeson County. 84-5. 

Merchant. Lumberton. 

Camp, D. O. Halifax County. 79-81. 

Campbell, James Archibald. Harnett County. S4-6. 

Ord. Nov., 86, Juniper Sp'gs Ch. Bap. Min. Teacher. Sup't Pub. Instr. 
H'arnett Co. 87-9 Prin. of Buie's Creek Acad. S9-90 Dunn. 90 — Poe's. 
S6 — Pastor of four churches. Poe's. 

Cameron, John Coward. Wake County. 41-2. 

Cannady, Burwell Westbrook. Lenoir Count}'. 72-4. 

Planter. Merchant. Kinston. 

Cannady, Isaac Green. T Granville County. 55-7. 

M. D. Univ. of Pa., Phila. Physician. Granville Co. Surg. 55th N. C. Inf., 
C. S. Ar. 65-84 South Lowell, Orange Co. Died 84. 

Cannady, John Fulghum. Y Granville County. 55-7. 

Infantry service, afterward cavalry service, C. S. Ar. Planter. Wilton. 

Cannady, John Pumphret. Y Granville County. 5S-60. 

Co. B, 2d N. C. Inf., 55th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Hargrove. 

Cannady, John Williams. Granville County. 7S-S0. 

Died So. 

Cannady, Nathaniel Boardman. 2' Granville Co. 69-73. 

Ph. B. 73, W. F. Col. Lawyer. Oxford. 

Cannady, Paul Patterson. Granville County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Cannady, Samuel Hillmon. Granville County. 83-4. 

84-5 Stud. Univ. of N. C. 85-9 Med. Stud. Univ. of Va., and Bellevue Hosp. 
Med. Col., N. Y. M. D. S9, Bellev. Hosp. Med. Col., N. Y. Physician. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 59 

Cannady, William Erastus. T Granville County. 55-8. 

Stud. U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, N. Y. Asst. Adj. Gen. of Gen. Branch, 
C. S. Ar. Died July 7, 62. 

Cannady, Wyatt Macon. 2" Granville County. 45-6. 

Planter. Franklin and Granville Counties. Died 60. 

Cannon, Luther S. T Burke County. 86-90. 

A. B. 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. Hartland, Caldwell Co. 

Cannon, Theodore Josiah. Y Darlington Dist., S. C. 79-80. 

Planter. Effingham, Florence Co., S. C. 

Carelock, Edmond J. T Union County. 83-4. 
Mountain Home, Idaho. 

Carlton, Sylvester M. Duplin County. 69-70. 

Planter. Warsaw. 

Carlyle, John Bethune. Robeson County. 83-7. 

Debater 86. Orator 87. A. M. 87, W. F. Col. Teacher. S7-S Lumber Bridge, 
Robeson Co. SS-91 Asst. Prof, of Lang. W. F. Col. 91— Prof, of Latin, 
W. F. Col. 

Carlyle, John Calhoun. Robeson County. 47-50. 

A. B. 50, W. F. Col. Methodist Min. Teacher. 50-66 Robeson County. 
Whiting's Div., C. S. Ar. 66-S2 Lexington, Miss. 82-3 Mayfield, Miss. 
Died May 30, S3. 

Carmichael, William Lee. Franklin County. 84-S. 

E. S. SS, W. F. Col. Planter. Teacher. SS-9 Royall, Franklin Co. S9-91 
Cana, Davie Co. 91 — Priu. High Sch. Fair Bluff. 

Carmon, M. W. T Newberne. 71-4. 

Planter. Newberne. 

Carpenter, Marshall Orlando. F Lincoln County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Carr, A. Eustace. New Hanover County. 68-9. 

Moved to Texas. Killed by Indians. 

Carr, Henry Lawrence. T Pitt County. 87-9. 

Planter. Farmviile, Pitt Co. 

Carr, Matthew Lawrence. T Greene County. 85-9. 

A. B. S9, W. F. Col. S9-90 Stud. Univ. of Va. 90— Stud. Col. of Phys. and 
Surg., N. York. 

Carr, William Gray. T Greene County. S5-7. 

87-8 Conimis. Merch., Norfolk, Va. 88 Stud. Commer. Col., Bait., Md. 89— 
Commer. Trav., Castoria. 

60 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Carraway, Samuel Snead. Lenoir County. 44-6. 

A. M., Union Col., Schenectady, New York. Planter. Montgomery, Ala. 
Ala. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died 72. 

Carrick, Thomas. Y Davidson County. 71-5. 

Debater 74. A. B. 75, W. F. Col. 76-7 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. April 29, 77, 
Lick Creek Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor 77-S7. Greenville. S7 — Lexington. 

Carroll, Augustus. Y New Hanover County. 55-7. 

Cnmming's Batter}*, C. S. Ar. Planter. South Washington, Pender Co. 

Carroll, Benjamin. Y New Hanover County. 55-7. 

Planter. 'South Washington, Pender Co. 

Carroll, Isaiah. Y New Hanover County. S5~7- 

Co. I, iSth N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. South Washington, Pender Co. 

Carroll, John Lemuel. Y Duplin County. 58-61. 

Ord. May 12, 62, W. F. Col. A. B. 63. A. M. 66. D. D. 86 Univ. N. C. Bap. 
Min. 63-4 Hillsboro. 64 Sampson and New Hanover Counties. 65-9 
Teacher Oxford Fern. Sem. Agt. St. John's Masonic Col. 69-71 Pastor 
Wake and Franklin Counties. 71-9 Warrenton, Va. 79-S2 Lexington, 
Va. S2-5 Gordonsville, Va. S5-91 Asheville. 91 — Chapel Hill. 

Carroll, John Lemuel, Jr. Y Asheville. 85-6. 

Bookkeeper. Asheville. 

Carroll, John Robert. Columbus County. 80-2. 

Physician. Dovesville, S. C. 

Carroll, Laban Thomas. <? Columbus County. 77-81. 

Debater So. Orator Sr. B. S. Si, W. F. Col. 81-4 Teacher, Cochrane, Ga. 
Morrisville. Ord. Dec. 4, S3, Mt. Holly Ch. Pastor. S3-4 Willard. 
S4-S Dovesville, S. C. S3-g Georgetown, S. C. 90— Ninety-Six, S. C. 

Carroll, T. E. <P Wake County. 85-9. 

Teacher. Chatham Co. 

Carroll, Thomas O. Y New Hanover County. 55-7. 

Cumming's Battery, C. S. Ar. Killed Apr., 65, near Appomattox C. H., Va., 
in the last battle before the surrender. 

Carter, Buchanan. Wilson County. 80-1. 

Ph. G., 84, Phiia. Col. of Phar. Pharmacist, 1121 Broadway, N. Y. 

Carter, David Miller. Hyde County. 43-4. 

A. B. 51, Univ. of N. C. Lawyer. Planter. Mem. of N. C. Gen. Assem. Col- 
onel in C. S. Ar. Died 79. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 61 

Carter, George Burton. V Wilson County. 8 1-4. 

87 Sec. of Lithographic Co., Louisville, Ky. 88 Agt. Calvert Lith. Co., De- 
troit, Mich. 91 — Lithographer, Pittsburg, Pa., res. 174 Arch St., Alle- 
ghany City, Pa. 

Carter, G, C. Henderson County. 82-3. 

Carter, Peledge Spencer. 43-4. 

Carter, Rufus Hexry. .Wake County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Carter, William Johnson. Raleigh. 89-91. 

Stud. Univ. of W. Va. , Morgantown, W. Va. 

Carver, John McDonald. <I> Wake County. 66-7. 

Planter. Wake County. Died 84. 

Carver, Miles Edwards. Wake County. 66-7. 

Planter. .Wake Count}'. Died 77. 

Cashwell, Charles Simeon. Cumberland Co. 78-81. 

Ord. Feb., 78, Green Springs Ch., Robeson Co. Bap. Mitt. 82-7 Pollocks- 
ville. S7-9 Fort Barnwell. Dec, 89 — Mocksville. 

Cates, Henry McNabb. Orange County. 59-62. 65-6. 

A. B. 68, W. F. Col. Co. G, 44th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. [The first student to 
return to the College after surrender at Appomattox C. H., Va.] Teacher. 
71-5 Illinois. 75 — Missouri. Boston, Mass. Rock Spring. Williams 
Mills, Chatham Co. 

Cates, Nerius Asher. Orange County. 66-j. 

Planter. Orange Co. Rock Spring. 

Cauthen, John Thomas. 1' York Dist, S. C. 44-9. 
Chambers, Charles Pinckney. <I> Montgomery Co. 39-41. 
Chambers, John Samuel. Montgomery County. 47-50. 

Arkansas. Lieutenant in C. S. Ar. Killed in battle. 

Chambers, Thomas Edward. Montgomery Co. 39-42. 
Chambers, William N. Montgomery County. 47-S. 
Chamblee, M. C. Y Wake County. 72-3. 

M. D. 76, Col. Phys. and Surg., Bait., Md. Physician. Wakefield. 

Chamblee, R. P. Wake County. 85-6. 

Stud. Bus. Col., Raleigh. Stenographer. Sept., 90 — Richmond, Va. 

62 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Chamblee, W. T. Y Franklin County. 72-4. 

Merchant. SS— Texas. 

Chappell, Henry Arthur. Y Wake County. 80-6. 

A. B. 84. A. M. 86, W. F. Col. Teacher. Planter. Surveyor of Wake Co. 

Chappell, Eeroy Norcross. Y Wake County. 77-81. 

A. B. Si, W. F. Col. Stud, two years at Univ. of Va. Two years at S. B. 
Theo. Sem. Teacher. 82 — Boonville, Yadkin Co. S9 Forestville. Asst. 
Prof., Vv^. F. Col. Ord. SS, Forestville. Missionary. Chiukiaug, China. 

Charles, Andrew Blackwell. Y Darlington Dist., S. C. 46-8. 

Teacher. Darlington Co., S. C. Died ab. 90. 

Charles, Hugh Eide. Y Darlington Dist., S. C. 46-7. 

A. B. 49, Univ. S. C. 49-61 Merchant. 65— Cashier of People's Nat. Bank, 

Darlington, S. C. 

Cheatham, J. A. Y Raleigh. 68-9. 

Merchant. Raleigh. Died ab. 86. 

CheavES, J. E. Y Franklin County. 79-80. 

Died ab. So. 

Cheek, Augustus A. fJ> Warren County. 53-4. 

Planter. Creek, Warren County. 

Cheek, Clarence. $ Durham. 85-6. 

Merchant. Durham. 

Cheek, Laurin W. 34-5. 

Cheek, Thomas Edgar. Durham. 82-7. 

B. L. 87, W. F. Col. S7-8 Stud, at Johns Hop. Univ., Bait., Md. SS— More- 

head Bank, Durham. 

Cheek, William Hayes. Warren County. 46-50. 

50-61 Lawyer. Warreuton. Capt. Co. E, 1st N. C. Cav. Oct., 63, Colonel 
1st N. C. Cav. Mar. 31, 65, Brig. Gen., C. S. A. [Promoted for gallantry 
in action]. 65-7 Planter. 67-9 Commis. Mer., Norfolk, Va. 69-82 
Planter, Warren Count}'. 82 — Lawyer. Henderson. 

Cherry, Addison P. Y Camden County. 53-4. 

Planter. Merchant. Camden Co. Died SS. 

Cheshire, James Q. A. Y Chowan County. 54-5. 

Merchant. Register of Deeds for Chowan Co. Dead. 

Childers, Willis W t hitaker. ( I> Camden, S. C. 36-9. 

A. B. 39. A. M. 46, W. F. Col. Bap. Minister. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 63 

Chovix, Richard Henry. Y Beaufort Dist. , S. C. 46-S. 
Christian, C. E. $ Durham County. S5-7. 
Christian, William Jasper. Durham. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Clark, David James. <P Bladen County. 7S-9. 

Ord. 79, Mt. Zion Ch. 86-7 Missionary for Yvelsh Neck Ass'n, S. C. S7 — 
Pastor and Missionary, Bladen Co. Clarkton. 

Clark, Franklin Pierce. T Caldwell County. 71-4. 

Teacher. Ord. 74, Lower Creek Cb. Pastor. 74-87 Lenoir. S7 — Dogwood, 
Burke Co. 

Clark, Nathan. T Chatham County. 53-4. 

Teacher. Planter. Co. B, 3th N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Grove, Chatham Co. 

Clarke, Charles Calthorn. Newberne. 45-7. 

A. B. 49, A. M. 52, Princeton Col., N. J. Lawyer. 31st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 

Clay, C. L. T New Hanover County. 6S-70. 
Clay, Charles W. T Granville County. 52-3. 

Teacher. Texas. 

Clement, W. K. 1' Davie County. 81-2. 

Click, Jesse Franklin. Davie County. 69-70. 

Planter. 70-5 Jerusalem. 75-S4 Mocksville. S4 — Hickory. 

Clifton, C. H. <l> Franklin County. 67-9. 

Clifton, J. W. T Fulton, Miss. 60-1. 

Clifford, John Charles. <P Davie County. SS-92. 

Stud. w. F. Col. 
CLTJTE, J. A. Y Sampson County. 76-7. 

Merchant. Manufacturer. Peuu. Ohio. Ind. Ter. S5— Clinton. 

Cobb, Collier. T Anson County. 77-80. 

Teacher. Wilson. A. B. Sg, Harvard Univ. Instructor in Geology, Mass. 
Inst, of Technology. Instructor in Summer School of Geol., Harvard 
Univ. U. S. Geol. Survey. Cambridge, Mass. 

Cobb, JESSE. ( P Lenoir County. 35-6. 
Planter. Lenoir County. Died 63. 

Cobb, Thomas Jordan. <I> Robeson County. 84-7. 

SS-9 Stud. Rich'd Col., Va. 88-90 Stud. Theolog. Sem., Rochester, N. Y. 
Ord. June, 90, Providence Cb., Robeson Co. Pastor. Chadbourn. 

64 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Cochran, Spier. <I> Halifax County. 52-3. 

Teacher. Merchant. Crowell's. Died 55. 

Coffey, Edgar Stewart. Y Watauga County. 86-90. 

A. B. 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. Atty at Law. Boone. 

Coffey. J. G. Y Caldwell County. 69-70. 

Coffey, Thomas Finley. Y Watauga County. 87-8. 

Merchant. Boone. 

Cofield, L. L. Y Edenton. 83-4. 

Merchant. Edenton. Eden's Bridge, Tenn. 

Coggeshall, Oliver Cromweee. Y Darlington, S. C. 51-2. 

Planter. Merchant. 52-65 Darlington, S. C. 65-S Effingham, S. C. 6S-70 
Florence. Died ab. 70. 

Coggeshall, Peter Cullen. Y Darlington Dist., S. C. 51-2. 

Planter. Darlington Dist., S. C, 8th S. C. Inf. German Artillery, C. S. Ar. 
Florence, S. C. 

Cohoon, Walter Ludford. <P Elizabeth City. 91-2. 
Stud'. W. F. Col. 

Coker, Thomas Brutus. Y Northampton County. 81-3. 

Planter. Garysburg. Died Oct., S4. 

Cole, Benson Field. d> Chatham County. 51-6. 

A. B. 56, W. F. Col. Tutor at W. F. Col. till his death, Dec. 15, 56. 

Coleman, Benjamin. <I> Lenoir County. 43-5. 

Teacher. 45-9 Selma, Ala. 50-2 Aberdeen, Miss. 1VI. D. 56, Cincinnati 
Med. Col. Physician. 56-60 Knoxville, Tenn. Died Apr., 61. 

Coleman, William Augustus. <P Lenoir County. 43-5. 

Stud. Yale Col., Conn. Pharmacist. Journalist. 50-2 Aberdeen, Miss. 53-5 
St. Louis, Mo. 56 Memphis, Tenn. 57-S Knoxville, Tenn. 59 — Kinston. 

Collins, Benjamin Moseley. }' Warren County. 56-9. 

A. B. 61, Univ. of N. C. Capt. 12th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. 80-90 
Chm'n Inferior Court, Warren County. Ridgeway. 

Collins, George Washington. Y Warren County. 40-6. 

A. B. 45, W. F. Col. Teacher. 46-7 Prin. of Acad., Warren County. 47-S 
Mississippi. Died May 8, 4S. 

Collins, J. E. Oxford. 82-4. 

Collins, Joseph Michael. Y Warren County. 34-5- 

Planter. Warren Co. 54-72 Nash Co. Died Apr. 15, 72. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 65 

Collins, Michael. Y Warren County. 56-7. 

Planter. Warren Co. 12th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Ridgeway. 

Collixs, Robert Stuart. Wilmington. S2-3. S6-S. 

Insurance Agt. Wilmington. 

Collins, Thomas Cottrell. 2" Warren County. 47-51. 

A. B. 51, W. F. Col. 51-67 Teacher. Planter. Warren Co. 67— Asheville. 

Colwell, Eugene, Jr. Y Clarendon Co., S. C. 91-2. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Connell, W. H. Y Granville County. 70-4. 
Debater 74. Merchant. Richmond, Va. 

Conrad, Henry Beauregard. <I> Forsyth County. S0-5. 

B. S. S5, W. F. Col. Died a few weeks after graduating. 

Conrad, John Thomas. ( / j Yadkin County. 54-6. 

Planter. Milling. 56-72 Clemmousville, Davidson Co. 28th N. C. Inf. 5th 
N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. 72— Mana, Yadkin Co. 

Conyers, Lycurgus M. Franklin County. 52-3. 

Planter. Franklin Co. 77 — Nash Co. Supt. Pub. Inst., Nash Cc. Nashville. 

Conyers, P.. G. Franklin County. 70-1. 

Connelly, Alexander Argo. Marlboro Disk, S. C. 35-40. 

A. B. 40. A. M. 43, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Alabama. 

Cook, D. Thomas. Halifax County. 74-5. 

Planter. Aurelian Springs. 

Cook, James. Lancaster County, S. C. S9-91. 

Cook, Robert Nathaniel. Y Cabarrus County. SS-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Cooke, Charles M. Y Franklin County. 60-1. 

Atty at Law. Member N. C. Gen. Assembly. Speaker of House of Rep. 

Cooke, Percy. Y Louisburg. S9-90. 
Law student. 

Cooley, A I athenea x. Franklin County. 40-3. 

M. D., Univ. of Penn. Physician. 43-S1 Franklin Co. Si— Raleigh. 

Cooley, Roger A. Pryor. Y Franklin County. 76-81. 

A. M. 81, W. F. Col. Law stud, with Dick & Dillard, Greensboro. Licensed 
Attorney Feb., 83. Lawyer. 83 — Nashvill . 

66 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Cooper, Fleet Rose. Sampson County. 76-8. 

B. L. 78, W. F. Col. 7S-S3 Teacher, Warsaw. 83— Lawyer. Clinton. 

COOPER, M. W. Elizabeth City. SS-90. 
Died during session of S9-90. 

Cooper, R. E. Durham. 85-6. 
Cooper, W. H. }* Tyrrell County. 85-6. 
Coppedge, John Adams. Franklin County. 70-3. 

Merchant. Planter. Milling. Cedar Rock. 

Coppedge, Oliver DeWitt. Franklin County. 52-4. 

M. D., Mar., 56, Univ. of Penn. Moved to Texas in 58. Waul's Legion, C. 
S. Ar. Physician. Concrete, DeWitt Co., Texas. 

Copple, Henry Ellis. }' Davidson County. 83-7. 

A. B. 87, W. F. Col. Teacher. 87-90 Priu. Rock Rest Acad., Union Co. 
90 — Prin. Dudley Acad., Dudley, S. C. 

Corbett, W. C. T Cleveland County. 83-6. 
Merchant. Shelby. 

Cornwell, John L. 1' Cleveland County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Corpening, Julius Shakespeare. T Morgan ton. SS-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 


Ord. Feb., 87. Bap. Min. Teacher. 87 Wakefield. 8S Union Hope, Nash 
Co. 89-91 Earpsboro. 91 — Wilson's Mills. 

Cotton, John. T Chatham County. 34-5. 

Planter. Pittsboro. Died 37. 

Couch, John Henry. Durham. S2-8. 

Ord. Mar., 88, Durham. Pastor. 8S Lillington. 89 Union Co., S. C. 90-1 
Pittsylvania Co., Va. Oct., 91— Stud. S. B. Theo. Sem. 

Council, J. G. 1' Isle of Wight County, Va. 79-S0. . 
Council, William Christopher. T Chatham Co. 46-7. 

M. D., Phila.,Pa. Physician. Chatham Co. Went to Manassas in 61 to 
visit wounded relatives and was never heard from afterward. 

Covington, A. C. T Caswell County. 79-S1. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 67 

Covington, Benjamin G. Richmond County. 57-S. 

Ord. 61, Cross Roads Ch., Montgomery Co. Pastor. Richmond Co. 67-S 
Stud. S. B. Theo. Sem. 70-3 Kenansville. 73-5 Wadesboro. 76 Monroe. 
77-S3 Fort Mills, S. C. 84— Florence, S. C. 

Covington, B. G. Anson County. S6-S. 

Merchant. Planter. Wadesboro. 

Covington, David Anderson. T Monroe. 70-3. 

Debater 73. Orator 74. Stud. Pearson's Law School, Richmond Hill. Atty 
at Law. Mem. of N. C. Gen. Assem. Monroe. 

Covington, F. P. T Anson County. 7S-9. 

79-S2 Pharmacist, Wadesboro. M. D., 85, Univ. of N. Vork. Physician. 
Florence, S. C. 

Covington, Henry Harris. Wilson County. 86-S. 

Teacher. S9 Wilson. 90 Goldsboro. 91 Fayetteville. 91 — Supt. City Schools, 
Laurens, S. C. 

Covington, James Gathings. V Monroe. 74-9. 

Merchant. Planter. Monroe. 

Cowell, William Humphries. )' Currituck County. 4S-9. 

M. D. Med. Col., N. York City. Physician. Planter. Shawboro. 

Cox, Benjamin. Hyde County. 35-6. 

Cox, David Carter. Hyde County. 35-6. 

Cox, R.ICHARD. Hyde County. 35-6. 

Cox, T. C. Anson County. 8S-90. 
Planter. Morven. 

Cox, Wimberly. Lenoir County. 43-4. 

Planter. Lenoir Co. Died ab. 4S. 

Crabtree, Ad'olphus Williamson. Hillsboro. 86-S. 

Ord. Feb. 13, 89, Hopewell Ch., Mecklenburg Co. Pastor. SS-9 Davidson 
Col. 91-2 Iredell Co. 92 — Mecklenburg Co. Arlington. 

Crap;, Clingman. Bertie County. 57-9. 

nth N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Killed in battle of Gettysburg. 

Cram, P. PI. T Raleigh. 80-1. 
Real Est. Broker. Middleburgh, Ky. 

Crawford, John W. /' Raleigh. 79-82. 

68 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Crawford, William Riley, Jr. Y Raleigh. 79-S2. 

Accidentally wounded in 82. Invalid for two years. 84-9 Planter. Trader. 
89— Steward of N. C. Ins. Asy., Raleigh. 

CREECY, David Rice. Y Perquimans County. 40-1. 

Planter. Norfolk, Va. Died So. 

Creecy, William F. Y Perquimans County. 40-1. 

Planter. Perquimans Co. Died Jan., 91. 

Crenshaw, John M. Wake County. 34-6. 

The first student to register at W. F. Col. Merchant. Planter. Wake Forest. 

Crews, Rufus William. Forsyth County. 71-3. 

Ord. 74. Pastor. Forsyth Co. Germanton. 

Crocker, Eugene Livingston. Y Vance County. 86-8. 

SS-9 Stud, at R. Macon Col., Va. Teacher. 90 Ashboro. 91— Middleburg. 

Crocker, Luther Rice. Wake County. 53-6. 

Lieut. 43d N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Teacher. Supt. Pub. Ins., Vance County. 

Crocker, Thomas James. Wake County. 52-3. 

Capt. Co. G, 23d N. C. Inf.. C. S. Ar. Planter. Merchant, Franklin County. 
Wake Forest. 

Crocker, Thomas Richard. <I> Franklin County. 85-90. 

A. B. 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. 90-1 Auburn. 91-2 Granville Co. Stems. 

Crocker, William Elwyn. Y Spartanburg Co., S. C. 85-90. 

A. B. 90, W. F. Col. Ord. July i, 90, Mt. Olive. Pastor. 90-1 Mt. Olive. 
91— Stud. S. B. Theo. Sem. 

Crocker, William Lancaster. Franklin County. 41-4. 

Stud, at Med. Col., Cincinnati, O. Teacher. Planter. Cary. 

Cromartie, James William. Bladen County. 41-2. 
Croom, Henry Moore. Duplin County. 72-3. 

Ord. Mar. 29, 74, Union Chap., Onslow Co. Pastor. 74-5 Onslow Co. 75-90 
Duplin Co. 90— Caldwell Co. Globe. 

Cross, William Henry. Gates County. 36-7. 

Planter. Died Dec. 14, 65. 

Crossland, Herman Bau. Beunettsville, S. C. 88-90. 

Stud. Univ. of S. C. ■ Fertilizer sampler, Agr. Dept. of S. C. Columbia, S. C. 

Crowder, J. Wake County. 70-1. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 69 

Crowder, Johx A. Y Anson County. 5S-9. 

4th X. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Merchant. 59-67 Mobile, Ala. 67-74 
Texas. 74 — Anson Co. S4-S Sh'ff of Anson Co. Wadesboro. 

Crudup, Charles Percy. Franklin County. 84-90. 

B. S. 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. Mil. Acad., Scotland Neck. 

Crudup, Edwin Alston. Wake County. 34-5. 

M. D., Med. Col. Pbiladelphia, Penu. Physician. Wake and Franklin 
Counties. Died Apr., 76. 

Crudup, George Boddie. Granville County. 52-3. 

Died Nov., 62. 

Crudup, James Harvey. 34-5- 

Merchant. 37-41 Greensboro, Ala. Died 41. 

Crudup, Josiah. Franklin County. 84-90. 

B. S. 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. High Point Female Col. High Point. 

Crudup, Josiah. Granville County. 56-9. 

Stud. Agr. Col. of Maryland. Granville Greys, C. S. Ar. Died Oct., 61. 

Crudup, Thomas Henry. Kittrell's. S8-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Crudup, William. Granville County. 48-9. 

Planter. Merchant. 60 — Meridian, Miss. 

Crumpler, Ernest L. T Southampton Co., Va. 87-8. 

M. D., Richmond, Va. Med. Col. Physician. Handsom's, Va. 

Culler, Walter Lee. Stokes County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Cullom, Willis Richard. V Halifax County. S6-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Culpeper, James M. Y Franklin County. 85-6. 

Merchant. Spring Hope, Nash Co. Died 90. 

Cunningham, Richard Murray. T Person County. 50-1. 

Planter. Cunningham's Store. Died ab. S5. 

Currin, W. C. Granville Count)'. 76-7. 

Planter. Granville Co. Oxford. 

Curtis, Larkin J. <l> Wilkes County. 60-1. 

First Lieut. Co. B, 1st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Killed in battle at Spottsylvania 
C. H., Va. 

jo General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Cutts, Addison D. Harnett County. 57-9. 

Augusta, Ga. 

Daley, Edward. Granville County. 50-1. 
Daley, Beauregard. T Macon County. 84-5. 

Ord. Oct., 85, Oak Grove Ch., Macon Co. Pastor. Macon Co. 86-9 Newton 
County, Missouri. Died Jan. 17, S9. 

Dancy, Joseph John. Pitt County. 77-8. 

Non-Com. Officer U. S. Ar. Fortress Monroe, Va. 

Daniel, James Edward. Granville County. 67-S. 

68-71 Teacher, Granville Co. 71-3 Merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 73-9 Rome, Ga. 
Died ab. Si. 

Daniel, Raleigh Travis. T Weldon. S8-9. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Daniel, Robert L. & Union County, S. C. 8S-9. 

Merchant's Clerk, Mullens, S. C. 

Daniel, Samuel Gorman. Halifax County. 7S-9. 

Stud. Trin. Col. Lawyer. Littleton. 

^Daniel, Walter Eugene. T Halifax County. 72-8. 

Debater 77. Orator 78. A. M. 78, W. F. Col. 79-80 Law Stud, with Judge 
Strong, Raleigh. Attorney at law (Mullin & Daniel), Weldon. 

Daniel, Waverly Bayard. T Weldon. 87-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Darden, Alfred Moore. T Hertford County. 56-7. 

Teacher. Planter. C. S. Ar. Mapleton. 

Dargan, Alonzo Timothy. T Darlington Dist, S. C. 56-S. 

Lawyer. Darlington, S. C. Lieut. Col. 21st S C. Inf., C, S. Ar. Killed in 
battle, Petersburg, Va., May 9, 64. 

Dargan, Charles Alexander. T Darlington Dist., S.C. 46-7. 

Lawyer. Darlington, S. C. Died ab. 63. 

Dargan, Edwin Keith. T Darlington Dist., S. C. 56-7. 

Stud. Wofford Col., S. C. ist S. C. Inf. Adj. Pegram's Artillery. Lieut. 
Mcintosh's S. C. Battery, C. S. Ar. Lawyer. Prest. People's National 
Bank, Darlington, S. C. 

Davenport, John E. M. V Camden County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 71 

David, Evaxder. Marlborough Dist, S. C. 36-40. 

Ord. 43, Salem Ch., Marlborough Dist., S. C. 49-56 Pastor in Anson Co. Bap. 
Min. Taylorsville, Alexander Co. 

Davidson, A. D. Y Rutherford County. 75-6. 

Planter, Cliffdale, N. C. 

Davidson, Luther Rice. Y College Hill, Wake Co. 55-7. 

Merchant in Virginia. Died 5S. 

Davis, Andrew Jackson. T Wake Count}-. 85-7. 

Planter. S7-9 Pernell. 89 — Frankliuton. 

Davis. Dallas Aristides. Y Yadkin County. 84-9. 

Debater SS. Orator S9. A. f B. SS. A. M. 89, W. F. Col. Teacher. Garners. 
Mar. 1, 90, Groveton, Texas. Died June 23, 90. 

Davis, David Silvester. Hyde County. 55-7. 

Planter, Sladesville. Capt. in C. S. Ar. Died in Army Hospital, 64. 

Davis, George A. Y Beaufort. 90-2. 

Stud, at W. F. Col. 

Davis, James A. Grove Hill, Warren County. 53-4. 

Planter, Warren Co. 12th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 53-4 Warrenton. 

Davis, John E. Y Wake County. 87-91. 

Planter, Wake Forest. 

Davis, John Moore. Y Henderson County. 75-S0. 

A. B. So, W. F. Col. S0-2 Agt. for Judson Col. and teacher Morgan Hill 
Acad. 82-3 S. B. Theo. Sem. 83-4 Univ. of Minnesota. S4-7 Rochester, 
X. V. Sem, Ord. May 26, 87, Cuba, N. Vork. 87-9 Pastor, Cuba. 89— 
Agt. Electric Light Co., 527 W. 125th St., X. Vork. 

Davis, Joiix Samuel. Lenoir County. 45-8. 

Planter. Lenoir Co. C. S. Ar. Died Dec, Si. 

Davis, Joseph John. Franklin County. 46-7. 

Stud. Univ. of X. C. 50, LL.B. 87, LL.D. Member of U. S. Congress. 
Justice of .Supreme Court of X. C. Louisburg, X. C. 

Davis, Levi Emery. Moure County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. Rise. X. C. 

Davis, Matthew Botson. Hyde County. 47-S. 

Planter. .Sladesville. 

Davis, Monrovia Pierce. Y Boonville, Yadkin Co. 91-2. 

Stud. w. F. Col. 

j 2 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Davis, N. Wake County. 88-9. 

Davis, Philip SealEy Cahoon. <P Elizabeth City. S2-5. 

Ord. Aug. 31, S4, Providence Ch., Currituck Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. S5-91 
Currituck Co. 91 Norfolk Co., Va. 92 — Shiloh, Camden Co. 

Davis, Samuel L,orey. Currituck County. S9-91. 

Stud. Col. Phys. and Surg., Bait., Md. 

Davis, Thomas Jefferson. <I> Davidson County. S1-2. 

Merchant. Salisbury. Thomasville. 

Davis, William T. ( I> Alexander County. 71-3. 

Priu. of United Bap. Inst., Taylorsville. Died ab. 76. 

Dawson, Kenry Warren. <!> Wake County. 40-3. 

M. D., Univ. of Penn. Physician. 4S removed to Mississippi. Died Nov., 63. 

Day, Foard Woodruff. T Surry County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Day, Richard Rosy. Y Surry County. 9 

Stud. W. F. Col. 


Day, Thomas A. T Orange County. JZ~5- 
Deans, J. Thomas. T Murfreesboro. 57-61. 

Orator 6r. A. B. 61. A. M. 67 W. F. Col. 

Deans, Wiley Beauregard. T Wilson County. 84-5. 

Broker. Merchant. Bessemer, Ala. Nov., 91 — Winston. 

Deberry, James Henry. Northampton County. 43-4. 
Degraffenreidt, John. }* Chatham County. 39-40. 

Planter. Pittsboro. 

Degraffenreidt, Thomas Elliott. }* Chatham Co. 39-40. 
Delke, James Almerius. 2* Hertford County. 34-5. 

A. B. 41. A. M. 59, Univ. of N. C. LL.D., Rochester Univ., N. Y. 66 S. W. 
Bap. Univ.. Tenn. Teacher 35 years in N. C, 3 in Va., 12 in Tenn. In 
50 years has taught 2,000 girls and 600 boys. Prof. P'emale Col. High 

Dellingham, J. V. T Wilmington. 73-4. 
Denmark, James William. T Wilmington. 71-7. 

A. B. 77, W. F. Col. Book Merchant, Bait, Md. Wilmington. P.aleigh. 
Business Manager Progressive Fanner. Raleigh. 

Denmark, Robert Lee. T Goldsboro. S2-5. 

S5-S Bookseller, Florence, S. C. SS-9 R. R. Conductor. Wilmington. Died 
Oct. 22d, 89. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 73 

Denny, Alfred Thomas. Y Person County. 89-93. 

Stud. W. F. Col. Bushy Fork, N. C. 

Denton, Jefferson N. Y Raleigh. 77-S0. 

Office of Register of Deeds, Wake Co. 

Desmond, Joshua Carmox. Lenoir County. 45-6. 

Planter. Lenoir Co. Died Feb. 22, 49. 

Desmond, Leoxidas. Lenoir County. 45-52. 
Planter. Lenoir Co. Co. E, 3d N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Died 63. 

DeVane, James Stewart. <!> New Hanover County. 52-3. 

M. D. 57. Med. Col. of S. Car. Physician. 57 Bladen Co. Asst. Surg. 2d 
N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Surg, in Hosp., Raleigh. Asst. Surg. 38th N. C. 
Inf., C. S. Ar. Brinkland, Bladen Co. 

DeVaxe, Milton Kellyburx. Y New Hanover Co. 36-7. 

M. D. ab. 45, Jeff. Med. Col., Phila. Physician. 45— Magnolia, Duplin Co. 
Died 88. 

DeVane, R. F. Cumberland County. 71-3.' 

Hillsboro Mil. Acad. Planter. Cumberland Co. So — Manufr. of lumber. 
Red Springs, Robeson Co. 

DeVane, Thomas. New Hanover County. 54-5. 

5S Wilmington. Artisan. 2d Regt. N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 63 Detailed for coast 
defence. 65 killed. 

DeVane, Thomas Stewart. Duplin County. 53-5. 

Med. Stud. Charleston, S. C. Med. Col. Physician. Duplin Co. 72-92 Bladen 
Co. Died Jan. 26, 92. 

Devenny, James Vance. Y Shelby. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Devtn, John Clayton. Henry County, Va. 54-7. 

A. B., 57, W. F. Col. Teacher. Virginia. 61 Garuett's Brigade, C. S. Ar. 
Brooklyn, Halifax Co., Va. 

DEVIN, W. A. Oxford. 86-90. 

Univ. of Ky. May i, 91 — .Stenographer. Winston. 

DEY, Apollos Oscar. Y Currituck County. 55-6. 

Planter. Merchant. 41st Va. Inf., C. S. Ar. Currituck Co. 

Dickens, Thomas Howard. Halifax Count}-. 74-6. 

Planter. Merchant. Weldon. 

Dickson, Robert Pettigrew. Wake Forest. 81-2. 

Merchant's Clerk. Planter. Wake Forest. 


74 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Dickson, William McDowell. Wake Forest. 81-3. 

Merchant. Planter. Wake Forest. 

Dillard, B. B. T Caswell County. 75-6. 

Bap. Min. Virginia. 
DillworTH, James. T Orange County. 36-7. 
Dixon, Amzi Clarence. T Shelby. 69-74. 

Debater 73. A. B. 74, W. F. Col. Orel. 75, Bear Marsh Ch. 75-6 S. B. Theo. 
Sem. Pastor. Mt. Olive, Chapel Hill, Asheville, Emanuel Ch., Bait., 
Md. Hanson Place, Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Dixon, Frank. }* Cleveland County. 81-4. 

Debater 84. Orator 85. A. B. 86, Chapel Hill. Bap. Min. Oakland, Cal. 

Dixon, J. W. Chatham Co. S6-7. 

Dixon, Thomas, Jr. 2* Cleveland County. 79-83. 

Debater 82. Orator 83. A. M. S3 W. F. Col. 83-4 Johns Hop. Univ. 84 
New York. 85-6 Lawyer. Mem. Gen. Assem. Shelby. Ord. Oct. 6, 86, 
W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor. Oct., 86— May, 87, Goldsboro. May- 
Dec, 87, Tabernacle Ch., Raleigh. Dec, 87— May, 89, Boston, Mass. 
May, 89— 23d vSt. Bap. Ch., New York, 61 W. 94th St., New York. 

Dobson, James Henry. <P Duplin County. 88-9. 

Minister and Colporter. Duplin and Onslow Counties. Catharine Lake. 

DOCKERY, Alfred SETTLE. <P Richmond County. 91-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Dockery, Henry C. Richmond County. 66-7. 

Merchant. Planter. Rockingham. 

Dockery, James C. <P Richmond County. 34-7. 

Stud, in Paris, France. 40-52 Prof, of Mod. Lang, and Belles Lettres, Univ. 
of Ala. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 52-63 Hernando, Miss. Planter. Capt. in 
Miss. Regt, C. S. Ar. Died Jan., 63. 

Dockery, John M. <P Richmond County. 44-8. 

Merchant. Planter. 52 Hernando, Miss. Forest's Cavalry, C. S. Ar. Died 
in army 65. 

Dockery, Oliver Hart. @ Richmond County. 41-6. 

Mem. Gen. Assem. Lieut. Col., C. S. Ar. Mem. N. C. Convention 65. Mem. 
U. S. Cong. Planter. Consul General to Brazil. Rio Janeiro. 

Dockery, Oliver Hart, Jr. <I> Richmond County. 88-92. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

General Catalogue, of J J alee Forest College. 75 

Dockery, Thomas Covington. Richmond County, 41-6. 

Planter. Hernando, Miss. Maj 22cl Miss. Inf., C. S. Ar. State Senator. 
Love Station, Miss. 

Dockery, William Stanback. Richmond Count}-. 70-1. 

Planter. Richmond Co. Mangnm. 

Dodson, J. M< V Johnston County. 79-80. 

DoSTER, J. T. Lancaster County, S. C. S3-4. 

Stud. Univ. of S. C. Ph. G. So, Med. Col. of Pharm. S5-91 Pharmacist. Jack- 
sonville, Ala. Aug., 91 — Wholesale Druggist (D. W. Curry & Co.), Rome, 

Dougherty, Blanford Bernard. T Boone, Watauga Co. 91-2. 

Stud. \V. F. Col. 

Dougherty, Dauphin Disco. Y Watauga County. 8S-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Dowd, James Edward. Chatham County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Dowd, William Carey. Charlotte. 84-9. 

Debater 89. A. B. S9, W. F. Col. Teacher. Bookkeeper. Business Mangr. 
of Charlotte Chronicle. Charlotte. 

Dowell, William B. Martin County. 87-8. 

SS-90 Merchant's Clerk. Hamilton. 90 — Counersville Mines, Ala. 

Dozier, John L. Camden County. 42-3. 

Died ab. 50. 

Dozier, Patrick. Camden County. 36-42. 

Dental Surg. Camden Co. Pasquotank Co. Norfolk, Va. Died 57. 

Dozier, William Etheridge. T Currituck Co. 55-6. 

Planter. Currituck Co. Norfolk, Va. Died SS. 

Dozier, W t illoughby. Camden County. 35-6. 

Planter. Camden Co. Died 40. 

Drakei'ord, William James. T Kershaw Co., S. C. 70-1. 

Planter. Kershaw Co., S. C. Cantey, S. C. 

Dudley, George J. >' Craven County. 69-70. 

Planter. Vanceboro. Craven Co. 

Dudley, William Archer. Petersburg, Va. 46-7. 

Stud. William and Mary Col., Va., and Univ. of Pa., 1'hila. M. D. 50, Univ. 
of Pa. 50-70 Colorado. Teacher among Indians. Med. Dept. Freed- 
inau's Bureau. 70— Physician, Petersburg, Va. 

j6 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Duffy, Charles Cavan. ( P Newberne. 70-1. 

Physician. Newberne. Died 87. 

Duffy, Walter. <P Newberne. 69-71. 

Pharmacist. Merchant. Richmond, Va. 

Dunford, John C. Calhoun. Marlboro Co., S. C. 80-4. 

Orator 84. A. M. 84, W. F. Col. 84-9 Prof, in Judson Col., Hendersonville, 
N. C. S9-90 Prin. St. David's Acad., Society Hill, S. C. 90— Assistant 
Prin. of Roanoke Fern. Col., Danville, Va. 

Dunlap, Samuel. $ Kershaw Dist, S. C. 35-6. 

Planter. 36-46 Kershaw Dist., S. C. Ab. 46 moved to Ala. Died ab. 61. 

Dunlap, Sam' lJno. Calhoun. Y Kershaw Dist., S. C. 53-4. 

Planter. Georgia. South Carolina. Col. 46th Ga. Inf., C. S. Ar. P»arton, 

Dunlap, William Henry. Y Kershaw Dist., S. C. 53-4- 

Planter. Shubuta, Miss. Capt. in C. S. Ar. 

Dunn, Alonzo Harris. Y Wake County. 58-61. 

A. B. 62, W. F. Col. C. S. Ar. Died 61. 

Dunn, Edward Stanhope. 67-8. 

Planter. Merchant. Neuse. 

Dunn, Franklin Pierce. Y 68-70. 

Merchant. Forestville. 

Dunn, James Leonidas, Jr. Y Halifax County. 83-6. 

Law Student. Scotland Neck. Died Aug., 87. 

Dunn, John Gill. Y Wake County. 74—5. 

Planter. Wake Forest. 

Dunn, John Jacob Astel. Y Wake County. 66-7. 

67-S9 Planter. Neuse. S9 Asst. Sec. and Treas. Farmer's Alliance. Raleigh, 

Dunn, J. S. Y Wake County. 66-7. 
Dunn, Junius H. Y Wake County. 58-61. 

A. B. 62, W. F. Col. Co. A, 10th N. C. Inf., Manly's Battery, C. S. Ar. 
Teacher. Planter. 65-9 Forestville. 69 — Henderson. 

Dunn, Nathaniel Alonzo. Y Wake County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. Neuse. 

Dunn, Rufus Gray. Wake County. 46-7. 

Planter. Raleigh. 

Dunn, . Wake County. 44-5. 

Dunn, Theodore Lafayette. Y Wake County. 68-70. 

Planter. Wake Forest. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 77 

Dunn, Thomas Hixchy. Y Wake County, ;s-6 

Merchant. 36-8 Wake Co. 3S-45 Pickens Co., Ala. 45-53 Noxubee Co., 
Miss. Died ab. 54. 

Dunn, Walter. Y Lenoir County. 39-40. 

Planter. Merchant. Editor American Advocate. Lieut. Co. F, 40th N. C. 
Reg't, C. S. Ar. Died July 15, 85. 

Dunning, James Andrew. Y Bertie County. 83-4. 

Merchant. Conductor N. and C. R. R. Aulander. 

Dunstan, Henry Vaughan. )' Murfreesboro. 57— S. 

Stud. Univ. Va. M. D., 62, Med. Col., Va., Richmond. Asst. Surg., C. S. 
Ar. Physician. Windsor, Bertie Co. 

Dupree, Benjamin Franklin. Caswell County. 48-9. 

Planter. Caswell Co. Dead. 

Dupree, Daniel, Jr. Y Wake County. 40-3. 

Physician. Tennessee. 

Dupree, Lewis. Y Wake County. 35-8. 

Bap. Min. Georgia. Tenu. 

Durham, Charles Henry. Y Shelby. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Durham, Columbus. Y Cleveland County. 67-71. 

B. Ph., 71, D.D., 90, W. F. Col. Ord. 71, Goldsboro. Bap. Min. Pastor. 
71-6 Goldsboro. 76-S8 Durham. 88— Cor. Secretary Board of Missions. 

Durham, John Baxter. Y Cleveland County. 69-71. 

Lawyer. Rocky Comfort, Ark. Member of Ark. Leg. two sessions. Died 
Feb. 82. 

Durham, Walters. Y Raleigh. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Durham, William Crawford. Y Cleveland Co. 69-71. 

72-5 Lawyer. Cleveland Co. Morristown, Tenn. Ord. 86, Potecasi. Pastor. 
86-9 Potecasi. 89— Walla-Walla, Washington. 

Duskin, George Michael. ( 1> Grange Count)-. 53-5. 

A. B. 57, Univ. of N. C. Lawyer. Orange Co. 27th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 
63 removed to Alabama. Mobile. Sheffield. Greensboro. Mem. Gen. 
Assem., Ala. U. S. List. Attorney. Died, Duke, Ala., Aug., 90. 

Eagles, Joseph Collin. (P Old Sparta, Edgecombe Co. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

78 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Early, Edward Francis. T Bertie County. S7-90. 

A. B. 90, W. F. Col. 90 Journalist. 91 — Teacher. Fork, Marion Co., S. C., Herbert Weaver. T Bertie County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Early, William Wallace. Bertie County. 85-9. 

A. M. S9, W. F. Col. 89-90 Teacher. Wadesboro. 90-1 Univ. of Va. 91— 
Univ. of Pa. Med. Stud. Aulander, 

Eason, Augustus. T Camden County. 70-1. 

Planter. Camden Co. Died 85. 
Eason, A. T. T Northampton County. 68-9. 
Eaton, Ezra Fillmore. Davie County. 74-5. 

Planter. 75-7 Davie Co. 7S — Cleaveland, Rowan Co. 

Eaton, Samuel Washington. Davie County. 

57th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. M. D., 68. Univ. Pa., Phila. Physician. 73— 
Cleaveland, Rowan Co. 

Eaton, Thomas Furches. Davie County. 69-70. 

Planter. Farmington. Died Jan. 26, 92. 

Eborn, John Robert. PitL County. 40-3. 

A. B. 43, W. F. Col. Physician. Dead. 

Eddins, Edgar F. T Wake County. S0-5. 

A. B. 85, W. F. Col. Teacher. S5-6 Franklinton. S6-7 Berea, Granville 
Co. Feb., 87— Palmersville, Stanly Co. 

Eddins, William Henry. T Forestville. 57-61. 

62-3 Teacher. Raleigh. 63-5 ist Lieut. U. S. Ar. Stationed Morehead City. 
Raleigh. Concord. U. S. Postal Service. Law stud, with Judge French, 
Wilmington. Died Washington, D. C, Jan. 3d, 68. J£t. 26. 

Edwards, Arthur J. Tarboro. 8S-9. 

Stud. Univ. Ky. Teacher. Military Acad. Scotland Neck. 

Edwards, Cornelius Baxter. T Raleigh. 86-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Edwards, Edgar Deanes. }' Northampton County. 68-70. 

70-2 Planter. Northampton Co. 73-5 Clerk, Norfolk, Va. Died November 

22, 75- 

Edwards, Frank Hall. Wilmington. 82-8. 

Orange grower. Riverside, California. 

Edwards, James Romulus. <P Chatham Count)-. 8S-90. 

Licensed Bap. Min. Colgate Univ. Hamilton, New York. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 79 

Edwards, James Zwtnguus. Wilmington. S2-4. 

84-9 Bookkeeper, Wilmington. S9-90 Orange grower. Riverside, California. 
Died 90. 

Edwards, Orron Teel. T Chatham County. 75-6. 

77-S0 S. B. Tlieo. Sern. Ord. May, So, Moore's Creek Chap. Ch., Chatham Co. 
Pastor in Sandy Creek Assoc. Prim Academy, Mt. Vernon Springs, 
Chatham Co. 

Edwards, William A. — 34 _ 5- 

Edwards, William Henry. . Morrisville. 85-8. 

Dental Surgeon. Ord. S3, Morrisville. Pastor. Wake Co. W. Forest. 

Egerton, Charles Wilmot. Franklin County. 53-6. 

Orator 55. A. B. 56, W. F. Col. 

Egerton, Thomas Henry. Y Warren County. 80-3. 

Merchant S3. Kyle, Texas. 

Egerton, William Richmond. Franklin County. 72-5. 

Merchant. Planter. Louisburg. Died 85. 

Ellerbee, John Crawford. Richmond County. 51-2. 

Planter. Rockingham. 

Ellerbee, Napoleon Graves. Kershaw Dist., S. C. 51-2. 

Planter. 53 moved to Louisiana. 56-60 Kansas. 60 South America. 

Ellerbee, Thomas F. Cheraw, S. C. 35-6. 
Ellerbee, Thomas Prince. Anson County. 36-7. 
Ellington, Eli Puryear. Chatham County. 80-S6. 

B. L. 86, W. F. Col. Ord. April, 86, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. and teacher. 
86-7 Liberty, Randolph Co. S7-9 Greensboro. 89 — Madison, Rocking- 
ham Co. Also Co. Supt. Pub. Instr. 

Ellington, Jesse T. Johnston County. 59-61. 

First Lieut. 50th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Sheriff of Johnston County. 

Ellington, John T. Johnston County. 59-60. 
Teacher. Clayton. Mississippi. Died 60 in Miss. 

Ellington, Joseph C. Johnston Count)'. 59-61. 

Lieut. 50th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Clayton. Ins. .Ag^nt. Raleigh. 

Elliott, MlLES W. Chowan County. 56-7. 

Planter. Chowan Co. 13th Va. Cav., C. S. Ar. Amboy. 

80 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Elliott, Thomas William. T Edenton, N. C. 90-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Ellis, Chas. Stephen. T New Hanover Co. 49-50. 53-7. 

Orator 57. A. B. 57, W. F. Col. 58-60 Merchant, Charleston, S. C. 25th 
S. C. Inf. First N. C. Heavy Artillery. Staff O. M. Dept. C. S. Ar. 
Merchant. 65-77 Wilmington. 77 — Savannah, Ga. 

Elmore, W. A. Randolph County. 88-9. 

Emanuel, Robert Cochran. <I> Marlborough Dist., S. C. 41-2. 

Planter. Merchant. Brownsville, S. C. 23d S. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died 
June 16, 66. 

Emerson, Andrew Jackson. }* Chatham County. 50-55. 

A. B. 55. D.D. 82, W. F. Col. Judge Pearson's Law School. Ord. 66, Piney 
Grove Ch., Sampson Co. Bap. Min. College Prof, and Pres't. 60-62 
Clinton. 62-71 Mt. Vernon Springs. 71-3 Wake Forest. Missouri. 73-90 
Prof. Eng. Lit. and Hist, William Jewel Col., Mo. 90 — Pres't Howard 
Payne Col., Brownwood, Texas. 

Ernul, Burton A. ( V Craven County. 34-5. 
Etheridge, Augustus Cosa. T Camden County. 54-5. 

Planter. Camden Co. Died 60. 

Etheridge, James Taylor. 1' Gates County. 90-1. 

Student. Sunbury, Gates Co. 

Etheridge, John O. }* Elizabeth City. 59-61. 

17th N. C. Inf. Signal Service, C. S. Ar. Pharmacist, Elizabeth City. 

Etheridge, Joshua W. Chowan County. 54-7. 
Etheridge, Thomas W. Chowan County. 57-8. 
Eure, Stephen Edward. 2* Nash County. 79-80. 

81-2 Stud. Univ. of N. C. 

Evans, Addison E. <P Fayetteville. 69-70. 

Planter. 70-91 Cumberland Co. 91 — Savannah, Ga. 

Evans, La Coste. 2* Cheraw, S. C. 85-S. 

Merchant. 88-91 Cheraw, S. C. Sept., 91— Hartsville, S. C. 

Evans, E. M. r Cheraw, S. C. 87-8. 

Merchant. Cheraw, S. C. 

Evans, Robert Edgar. d> Chesterfield Co., S. C. 89-90. 

Merchant. Hartsville, S. C. 

Genera! Catalogue of Jl^ake Forest College. 81 

Evans, William Richard. <!> Pitt County. 39-40. 


EvERTON, W. Y. Currituck County. S6-S. 

Ord. S9, Knott's Island Ch. S9-90 Crozer Theol. Sem. Became Meth. Preacher. 
Pantego, N. C. 

Exum, Wyatt Patrick, Jr. <P Goldsboro. 90-2. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Faircloth, William Turner. $ Edgecombe Co. 49-54. 

Law Stud. School of Judge Pearson, Richmond Hill. May 56, Licensed 
Lawyer, Goldsboro. 61-5 Co. C, 2d N. C. Inf. Capt. of Cav., C. S. Ar. 
Justice of Supreme Court of N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. 

Faison, Frank Leonidas. Y Duplin County. 81-3. 

Lumber merchant. Ivanhoe, Ga. 

Faribault, George. T Eden ton. 45-9. 

Planter. Wake Co. C. S. Ar. Dead. 

Farish, James Robert. Caroline County, Va. 57-9. 

Teacher. Bainbridge, Ga. Virginia. Ord. 67, Long Creek Ch., Miss. Pastor. 
Coffeeville. Miss. 

Farish, Ltnn Banks. Y Chatham County. 35-6. 
Farmer, Henry F. Y Wilson County. 85-7. 

87-90 Teacher. Bookkeeper. Wilson. June ist, 90 — 6th Auditor's office. 
Washington. D. C. 

Farmer, James Arthur. Y Wilson County. 85-6. 

Lawyer. Nashville. Rocky Mount. 

Farmer, Joshua Barnes. Y Wilson County. S3-4. 

S4-5 Chapel Kill. S5 — Planter. Wilson, N. C. 

Farrior, Stephen Decatur. Duplin County. 56-7. 

61 2d N. C. Inf. 62-5 43d N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Merchant. Trav. Agt. 66-7 
Hallsville. 67-75 Kenansville. 75-6 Bah., Md. 78— Magnolia. 

Farrish, J. Caroline County, Ya. 58-9. 
Farriss, Charles S. Y Raleigh. 75-80. 

Debater 80. A. B. So, W. F. Col. S4-5 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. 85, 1st Bap- 
Ch., Raleigh. Sept., 81 — July, 87, Assoc. Ed. Bib. Recorder. Pastor. 
88-90 High Point. 90-2 ist Bap. Ch., Orlando, Fla. Editor of Florida 
Bap. Witness. 92 — Prof, of Creek, Stetson Univ., Deland, Florida. 

Farriss, Edwin. Y Raleigh. 85-7. 

88 — Kansas City, Mo. 

82 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Farriss, J. J. Y Raleigh. 85-S. 

88 — Editor of Enterprise, High Point. 

Faulkes, Edward. (P Caswell County. 36-7. 

Died in early life in Caswell Co. 

Faulkner, Calvin Myers. Anson County. 52-3. 
Feet, Care Lee. Y Emporium, Pa. 85-90. 

A. B. 90, W. F. Col. 90 —Med. Stud. Univ. of Peun., Phila. Emporium, Pa. 

Felt, Jay P. Y Emporium, Pa. S5-9. 

Stud. Stetson Univ., DeLand, Fla. Emporia, Fla. 

Felton, John H. Y Perquimans County. 56-8. 

Planter. Beaufort. In C. S. Ar. Dead. 

Feeton, Thomas H. Y Chowan County. 57- 


Feeton, William. Y Perquimans County. 46-8. 

Planter. Perquimans and Beaufort Counties. Died 83. 

Fennell, John Gaston. Y New Hanover County. 59-61. 

61-5 Co. A, 3d N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. 65-71 Teacher. Planter. Sampson and 
New Hanover Counties. 71 — Bryan, Brazos Co., Texas. 

Fennell, John Milton. Y New Hanover County. 36-7. 

Farmer. New Hanover Co. Died 74. 

Fennell, Nicholas Dixon. New Hanover Count)'-. 47-53. 

54-5 Editor of New Era, Goldsboro. 56-7 Teacher. New Hanover County. 
5S-61 Planter. Alabama. In Ala. Reg't, C. S. Ar. Died Sept. 20, 62. 

Fennell, Robert James. <P New Hanover County. 47-8. 

50-S1 Planter. Cumberland Co. 81-2 Sampson Co. S2 — Kenansville, Duplin 

Fennell, William Wells. New Hanover County. 52-3. 

Merchant. Harrell's Store. 59-61 Planter in Alabama. 61-2 In Ala. Reg't. 
Killed in battle, Malvern Hill, Va., June, 62. 

Ferebee, Dennis Duke. Y Camden County. 67-70. 

Planter. Sheriff Camden Co. S9— Com. Tra v., Norfolk, Va. 

Ferebee, Edwin Boushall. Y Camden County. 78-80. 

So-81 Stud Univ. of N. C. M. D., S7, Col. Phys. and Surg., N. York. Phy- 
sician. Belcross, Camden Co. 

FEREBEE, Wiley Grandy. Y Camden County. 75-80. 

A. B. 80, W. F. Col. Merchant. Milling. Belcross. Camden County. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 8 


Ferebee, William Etheridge. 1' Currituck County. 41-3. 

53 Removed to Craven Co. Dead. 

Ferguson, Joseph Graham. Wake County. 74-7. 

Teacher. Planter. Flint, Wake Co. 

Ferguson, William R. W T ilkes County. 66-7. 

Meth. Miu. Joined N. C. Conference Dec, 69. Southport. 

Ferrell, Leslie M. T Danville, Va. 87-8. 

Deputy Sergeant of City of Danville, Va. 

Ferrell, Matthew Saunders. <P Chatham County. 5S-60. 

Ord. Sept. 1, 70, Mt. Pisgali Ch. Chatham Co. Bap. Min. Planter. Died 
Jan. 30, 91. 

Ferrell, William Jasper. T Wake County. 77-82. 

Debater 82. A. B. 82, W. F. Col. Teacher. S2-4 Wilton, Granville Co. 
84— Wakefield. 

Finch, Gilbert Motier de Lafayette. T Franklin Co. 45-50. 

Bap. Min. Wilmington. Pastor and Teacher. Franklin Co. Pastor. Louis- 
burg, Maple Spring, &c. Died 63. 

Finch, Gilbert Lafayette. T Halifax County. 86-8. 

Ord. Aug., SS, Bear Swamp Ch., Halifax Co. Teacher and Bap. Miu. SS-9 
Crowell's. 89 Greenville. 90 — LaGrange, Lenoir Co. 

Finch, Josiah J. Newbern. 36-7. 

Bap. Min. Pastor. 37-S Edenton. 38-45 Newberne. 45-50 Pastor 1st Bap. 
Ch. and Priu. Sedgewick Fem. Sem. Raleigh. Died Jan. 21, 50. 

Finch, William Caswell. Franklin County. 49-53. 

A. B. 53, W. F. Col. Licensed lawyer Dec. 30, 54. Law} r er. Warren, Frank- 
lin and Halifax Counties. C. S. Navy. Ringwood, Halifax Co. 

Fisher, Badger Franklin. T Cumberland County. 70-1. 

M. D., Col. of Phys. and Snrgs., Bait., Md. Cedar Creek. 

Flake, Samuel T. Y Anson County. 71-2. 

Teacher. Planter. Bus. Man'r Farmers' Alliance. Wadesboro. 

Flake, William T. V Anson County. 83-5. 

Planter. Beverly, Anson Co. 

Fleetwood, J. W. T Northampton County. 76-82. 

A. B. 82, W. F. Col. Teacher. Register of Deeds of Northampton County. 

Fleming, Alexander. T Granville County. 43-4. 

Physician. Dead. 

84 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Fleming, James L. <P Pitt County. 86-7. 

B. S. 89, W. F. Col. Teacher. Law student. Licensed by Supreme Court 
Jan., 92 — Greenville. 

Fleming, John E. B. Pitt County. 86-9. 

Planter. Pitt Co. Greenville. 

Fleming, J. William. (P Greene County, Ala. 56-9. 

Planter. Portland, Ala. On Staff of Gen. Gunning, C. S. Ar. Killed in 
battle of Baker's Creek, 63. 

Fleming, Nicholas Haywood. New Hanover County. 50-1. 

Fleming, P. H. Vance County. 86-7. 

Fleming, Walter Burwell. Warrenton. 90-1. 

Planter. Warrenton. 

Fleming, William Richmond. Greene County, Ala. 42-3. 

Tutor in Univ. of Ala. Died ab 51. 

Fleming, W. T. <P Greenville, N. C. 88-9. 

Merchant. Greenville. 

Flora, Andrew William. Y Currituck County. 81-3. 

Planter. Moyock. Currituck Co. 

Flowers, Samuel Brice. T Wayne County. 50-1. 

M. D., 59, Univ. of Penn., Phila. Physician. 59-62 Camden, Ark. 62-86 
Wayne Co. Surg. C. S. Ar. Mem. Board of Health. Pres't N. C. Med. 
Soc. Contributor to Med. journals. Died June 6, S6. 

Folk, Edgar Estes. Brownsville, Tenn. 73-7. 

Debater 76, Orator 77. A. M. 77, W. F. Col. Full grad. S. B. Theo. Sem. 
Ord. 82, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Pastor. S2-5 Murfreesboro, Tenn. 86-9 
Albany, Ga. 89— Editor Baptist Reflector, Nashville, Tenn. 

Folk, Henry Bate. ( P Bertie County. 46-9. 

A. B. 49, W. F. Col. Teacher. Lawyer. Memphis and Brownsville, Tenn. 
Ord. Aug. 87, Brownsville, Tenn. Bap. Min. Manager Baptist Reflector. 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Folk, Henry Bate, Jr. Brownsville, Tenn. 80-3. 

Debater 83. A. M. 83, W. F. Col. Teacher. Journalist. 83-5 Asst. Editor 
of Times-Democrat, New Orleans, La. 85 Asst. Editor of Si. Louis Re- 
publican, St. Louis, Mo. Died Sept. 16, 85. 

Folk, Rean Estes. <P Brownsville, Tenn. 81-3. 

Journalist. S4-5 New Orleans, La. 85-7 City Editor Scimeter, Nashville, 
Tenn. 87-91 Editor of Sunday Times, Memphis, Tenn. 92 — On staff of 
Daily American, Nashville, Tenn. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 85 

Fonville, James H. Onslow County. 68-9, 

Planter. 69-72 Onslow Co. 72 — Kenansville. 

Fonville, Zoll. T Falls, Wake County. 91-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

FooTE, Henry Alexander. Warren County. 61-2. 66-8. 

A. B. 6S, W. F. Col. C. S. Ar. 69 Licensed Attorney. Lawyer. 72— Editor 
Warrenton Gazette. 7S-90 Solicitor, Warren Co. Warreuton. 

FooTE, James H. Iredell County. 49-52. 

A. B. 52, A. M. 56. W. F. Col. Teacher. 52-6 Farmington. 56-9 JTaylors- 
ville. 59-61 W. F. Col. 61-5 Capt. Co. I, 1st N. C. Inf. A. A. Gen. with 
Gov. Vance. 66-8 Warreuton. 68-72 Raleigh. 72 — Wilkes Co. 74-5 
Mem. Gen. Assem. Asst. U. S. Marshal. Roaring River, Willies Co. 

Foote, James Sterling. Warren County. 57-59. 

Teacher. Planter. Warren Co. Adjutant Green's Battalion. Lieut, com- 
manding Co. B, 30th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died Oct., 74. 

Foote, Thomas Jackson. Warren County. 53-6. 

A. B. 56, W. F. Col. 56-7 Teacher. 57-8 judge Pearson's Law School. 58 
Lawyer. Attorney of Warren Co. Co. F, 12th N. C. Inf, Act'g Adj. 
12th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Mortally wounded Frazier's Farm, Va., June 
27th, 62. Died June 30th, 62. 

Forbes, Abner Sanderlin. Y Camden County. 69-70. 

Died soon after leaving College. 

Ford, Alexander L. Y Mullins, S. C. 86-8. 

Pharmacist. 8S-9 Mullins, S. C. Nov. 89— No. 67 Bull St., Savannah, Ga. 

Ford, Cornelius T. Marion County, S. C. 56-8. 

Stud. Jefferson Med. Col. M. D., 61, New Orleans Med. Col. Surg. Army 
Tenn., C. S. Ar. Physician. Planter. 5S-74 Nichols, S. C. Dec, 74— 
Mullins, S. C. 

Ford, Rufus. Marion County, S. C. 73-S. 

Debater 78. A. B. 78, W. F. Col. Ord. Aug. 13, 78. Bap. Min. 7S-9 Stud. 
S. B. Theo. Sem. Pastor. 79-91 Marlborough Co., S. C. 91 — Newberne. 

Fore, W. C. Marion County, S. C. 84-5. 

Planter. Berry's X Roads, S. C. 

Forester, Manly. Y Chatham County. 72-4. 
Fort, David William. Y Wake County. 35-6. 

Planter. Wake Co. Ar. Nor. Va. Died 64. 

Fort, Fenner H. Y Wake County. 80-1. 

Merchant. 83-91 Texas. Died 91. 

86 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Fort, Isaac. T Wake County. 77-83. 

Teacher. Planter. W. Forest. 

Fort, John C. Wake County. 82-3. 

Merchant. R. R. Agent. Wyatt, N. C. 

Fort, John Foster. <P Wake County. 46-8. 

Planter. Milling. Wake Co. Died Oct., 82. 

Fort, Junius Washington. Y Wake County. 35-41. 

Planter. Merchant. Milling. Forestville. Died Dec. 24, 75. 

Fort, Moses. Y Wake County. 83-7. 

87-9 Planter. 89-90 Commer. Trav., Norfolk, Va. 91 — Merchant. Forest- 
ville, N. C. 

Fort, Wiley B. d> Lenoir. 58-9. 

Planter. C. S. Ar. Pikeville, Wayne Co. 

Fort, Z. J. Y Wake County. 82-4. 

Merchant. Dallas, Texas. 

Fortescue, Edward Andrew. ® Sladesville, Hyde Co. 55-6. 

Planter. Sladesville. Died ab. 63. 

Fortescue, W. R. $ Hyde County. 55-6. 

Fortescue, Zachariah Thomas. Y Hyde County. 87-9. 

Planter. Merchant. Sladesville, 

Foscue, Frederick Forney. <P Marengo Co., Ala. 40-42. 

Foscue, Lewis Sanderson. Marengo Co., Ala. 40-41. 
Foss, C. M. <P Porto Rico, West Indies. 69-70. 

Foster, Mitchell Lafayette. Davie County. 85-7. 

Teacher. 87-91 Davie Co. 91 — Law stud., Chapel Hill. 

Foushee, Howard Alexander. Y Roxboro. 85-9. 

A. M. 89, W. F. Col. Teacher. 89 Prin. Selma Acad. 90 Charlotte Graded 
School. 90-1 Durham Graded Sch. 91 — Prof. Chowan Bap. Fern. Inst, 

Foushee, William Linwood. Y Roxboro. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Fowler, Edward Crudup. Wake County. 66-69. 

Planter. Rolesville. 

Fowler, Hardiman Dunn. Wake County. 53-7. 

Orator 56. A. B. 57, W. F. Col. Teacher. Planter. Wake Co. Jackson's 
Corps, C. S. Ar. 5S-70 Arkansas. 70 — Duarte, California. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 87 

Fowler, John E. ® Sampson County. 89-91. 

Teacher. Cumberland Co., N. C. 

Fowler, Martin Luther. <P Wake County. 66-70. 

A. B. 70, W. F. Col. M. D. ab. 78, Col. Phys. and Surg., Bait., Md. Physi- 
cian. Planter. Rolesville. 

Fowler, Pettigrew Edward. Franklin County. 84-8. 

88-9 Merchant's Clerk. Louisburg. S9-90 Planter. Franklin Co. 91 — 
W. Forest. 

Fox, Jopin H. Y Mississippi. 36-7. 
Foy, Franklin. Y Jones County. 47-S. 

Planter. Pollocksville. 

Foy, William. Y Jones County. 39-42. 

Planter. Jones Co. Died 91. 

Franks, E. D. Y Macon, Georgia. 77-8. 
Frederick, Charles Lee. Y Anson Count)-. 80-2. 

Merchant. L'ilesville. 

Freeman, E. H. Wilmington. 80-2. 

Freeman, Frank. Franklin County. 36-7. 

Freeman, Franklin Bayard. <P Franklin Co. 6S-70. 

Planter. Louisburg. 

Freeman, Franklin Richard. <P Orange County. 40-3. 

44-5 Med. Stud. Univ. of N. York. Physician. 45 to ab. 57, Clover Orchard, 
Orange Co. 57-75 Saxapahaw, Alamance Co. C. S. Ar. Died July 27. 75. 

Freeman, Gideon M. Y Franklin County. 69-71. 

M. D., Col. of Phys. and Surg., Bait., Md. Physician. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Freeman, Howard F. }* Franklin County. 69-71. 

M. D., Col. of Phys. and Surg., Bait., Md. Physician. Mem. N. C. Gen. 
Assem. Taylor, Wilson Co. 

Freeman, James Claude. Forestville. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Freeman, Joseph John. Y Bertie County. 50-2. 

A. B. 52, W. F. Col. Law Stud, with W. N. H. Smith. Lawyer. 56-61 
Planter, Bertie Co. Teacher. North Carolina. Virginia. Gen. Gary's 
Cav. Brigade, C. S. Ar. 66-75 Teacher. Kentucky. Missouri. 75-81 
Windsor. 81-91 Virginia. 91— Merchant, New York, 271 W. End Av. 

Freeman, R. Judson. Y Bertie County. 60-1. 

nth N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died 61 in army. 

88 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Freeman, Robert Lawrence. Marlboro Co. , S. C. 90-1. 

Teacher. Marlborough Co., S. C. Oct., 91— Marion, S. C. 

Freeman, R. M. Y Franklin County. 71-4. 

Merchant. 74-9 Louisburg. 79 — Goldsboro. 

Freeman, William George. T Norfolk, Va. 56-9. 

59-60 Univ. of Va. 61 M. D., Univ. of Pa. 13th Va. Cav. Asst. Surgeon 
Gen. Hospitals, Petersburg and Danville, C. S. Ar. 66 — Physician. Hert- 
ford Co. Murfreesboro. 

Freeman, William James. @ Franklin County. 50-3. 

Planter. Louisburg. Dead. 

Freeman, William Rufus. Y Robeson County. .52-3. 

51st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Merchant. Lumberton. 

French, George Reed, Jr. Y Wilmington. 59-61. 

Scotland Neck Cav. In Adj. Gen's office, Wilmington, C. S. Ar. Merchant. 

French, James McDaniel. Y Wilmington. 61-2. 

62-3 Stud. Univ. of N. C. Merchant. Lumberton. Wilmington. Timmons- 
ville, S. C. 

French, John Timmons. Y Wilmington. 75-6. 

Planter. Effingham, Florence Co., S. C. 

Feench, William Augustus. Y Wilmington. 52-4. 

Merchant. Pres't Wilmington Cotton Mills. Wilmington. 

French, William Foster. Y Robeson County. 56-7. 

Col. C. S. Ar. Lawyer. Lumberton. 

Fry, Rufus Omery. <P Moore County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Fry, William F. Moore County. 91-2. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Fryar, W. J. ( P Sampson County. 82-3. 

Planter. Taylor's Bridge. 

Funderbunk, J. S. Y Morganton. 83-5. 
Furches, S. V. Davie County. S1-2. 

Futrell, James Henry. Halifax County. 82- 

Merchant and Planter. Scotland Neck. 


Futrell, John Pope. Y Halifax County. 75-8. 

Merchant and Planter. Scotland Neck. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 89 

Gaddy, David Milton. Y Anson County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Gaines, Henry Beverly. Petersburg, Va. 45-6. 

46-52 Purser of Ocean S. S. Pennsylvania. U. S. Mail Service. New York, 
Phila., Bait. 1st Reg't Va. Inf. 12th Reg'tVa. Inf., C. S. Ar. Cotnmer. 
Trav. S6— In offices of C. & O. R. R., Newport News, Va. 

Gaines, Lucius Junius. Petersburg, Va. 45-7. 

Merchant. 4S-53 Dinwiddie C. H., Va. 53-61 Arrow Rock, Mo. Capt. of 
Inf., C. S. Ar. A. A. Gen. of Gen. McCulloch. Killed in battle of Moscow, 
Term., Dec. 4, 63. 

Gaines, Richard. Petersburg, Va. 45-7. 

Teacher. Civil Engineer. 48-54 Dinwiddie C. H., Va. 54-61 Arrow Rock, 
Mo. 61 Aid to Gov. Jackson. Aide-de-Camp of Gen. Price. Maj. of 
Inf. Col. of Inf. 65 Brigadier General, C. S. Ar. Died Paris, Texas, 79. 

Gaines, William Henry. Petersburg, Va. 45-6. 

47-52 Teacher. Dinwiddie C. H., Va. 52-60 Arrow Rock, Saline Co., Mo. 
Died 60. 

Gardner, C. C. Wilson County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Garland, William Alfred. Y Macon County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Garland, Wilson. Y Caswell County. 51-2. 
Garrison, Daniel. Y Salem County, New Jersey. 40-1. 
Garrett, Charles Bray. Shiloh, Camden County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Garrett, Samuel B. }' Warren County. 39-40. 
Garriss, Andrew Jackson. }* Hertford County. 81-3. 

Died July 23, 83. 

Garvey, James Henry. Ashe County. 68-72. 

B. Ph. 72, W. F. Col. Teacher. 72-4 Forestville. 75-S Jefferson, Ashe Co. 
Miner. Stock farmer. Merchant. 79-88 Rockford, Dak. 89 — Rapid 
City, South Dakota. 

Gathings, James. Y Anson County. 35-6. 

Planter. 36-50 Anson Co. 50 Texas. Died ab. Si. 

Gathings, Philip. Anson County. 34-6. 

Planter. 36-54 Anson Co. 54 — Hill Co., Texas. 

Gathings, Sampson. Y Anson County. 35-6. 

90 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Gatling, David. Y Hertford County. 54-5. 

Planter. Hertford and Northampton Counties. Rich Square. 

Gatling, William John. Y Perquimans County. 36-40. 

A. B. 44, Brown Univ. M. D., 48, Med. Col. of S. C. Physician. Clerk Sup. 
Court, Hertford Co. Winton. 

Gavin, John Ancram. <I> Duplin County. 69-70. 

Teacher. Planter. 70-83 Warsaw. 83-5 White Springs, Florida. 90 — Clerk 
Sup. Court, Duplin Co. Kenansville. 

Gavin, Samuel Henry. <P Duplin County. 69-70. 

40th N. C. State Troops. Heavy Artil., C. S. Ar. Planter. Warsaw. 

Gay, John Washington. Pitt County. 49-50. 

Died ab. 51. 

Gayland, William T. Pantego, Beaufort County. 55-6. 
George, Fleming M. Y Ansonville. 58-60. 

Planter. Anson Co. Died 78. 

Gibes, Seth. Hyde County. 35-6. 

Gibes, Smith Burrus. $ Hyde County. 36-7. 

Gill, Charles W. Franklin County. 86-7. 

Merchant's Clerk. Louisburg. 

Gill, Cleophas Elvius. Y Wake Forest. 83-7. 

Planter. Wake Forest. 

Gill, David Dowd. Y Wake County. 58-60. 

A. B. 62, W. F. Col. Planter. Wyatt, N. C. 

Gill, David Ernest. Y Wake County. 79-S4. 

Planter. Wake Forest. 

Gill, Joseph Armstrong. Y Wake County. 83-6. 

Pharmacist. Raleigh. 

Gilliam, Francis, Y Bertie County. 56-9. 

Physician. Bertie Co. Surg. C. S. A. Dead. 

Gilliam, Thomas. <P Bertie County. 46-9. 

Planter. Wmdsor. 

Gilmore, Stephen. <P Chatham County. 55-6. 

Ord. Nov., 57, May's Chap. Ch. Bap. Min. Teacher. Pastor. 56-61 Chat- 
ham Co. 61-75 Moore Co. 75 — Richmond, Chatham Co. 

Gilmore, Walter. Murchison. <P Moore County. 87-91. 

A. B. 91, W. F. Col. Teacher in Pocket High School. Tempting, N. C. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 91 

Glasgow, M. J. Y Littleton, Warren Co. S1-2. 

Merchant. S2-4 Littleton. 84 — Cedar Rock, Franklin Co. 

Glenn, D. A. T Watauga County. 73-9. 

Ord. Forestville. Bap. Min. Pastor. Littleton. Petersburg, Va. Marion, 
Va. Hendersonville. 

Godbold, David. ( P Marion District, S. C. 5S-60. 

Planter. Marion, S. C. iotk S. C. Inf. Died Nov. 24th, 61, at Richmond, 

Goddard, PETER C. T Georgetown, S. C. 43-4. 

Stud, at Charleston, S. C, Med Col. Physician. Georgetown, S. C. Dead. 

Goddin, Wellington Lee. T Wake County. 80-2. 

Salesman. Enfield. Died June io, S3. 

Goldthwaite, Charles Belshaw. (P Troy, Ala. 70-1. 

Pharmacist. Troy, Ala. 

Gooch, John Williams. T Dallas, Texas. 74-7. 

Planter. Nevada, Texas. 

Goode, John. % Northampton County. 81-2. 

Planter. Margarettsville. 

Goodman, B. J. T Franklin, Va. 8S-9. 

Gordon, Francis M. Montgomery County. 50-1. 

Gordon, J. A. d> Clarkesville, Va. 81-3. 

Bap. Min. Averett's, Mecklenburg Co., Va. 

Gordon, William Raleigh. Camden County. 36-7. 

Lawyer. Planter. Camden Co. Pasquotank Co. Currituck C. H. 

Gore., John Horner. Wilmington. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Gorham, George F. Pitt County. 37-8. 
Gorham, James Edward. Pitt County. 37-40. 

Physician. Dead. 

Gorham, Thomas Ashley. Pitt County. 40-1. 

Planter. Merchant. Dead. 

Gorman, Thomas Marmaduke. Raleigh. 75-6. 

76-S4 Raleigh. Merchant. S4-8 Durham. 89-90 State of Washington. Cal- 
ifornia. 90 Wilmington. 91 — Durham. 

92 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

GoRRELL, ALBERT Burron. Forsyth County. 5S-9. 

A. B. 62. A. M. 67, Univ. of N. C. Adj. 57th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Teacher. 
Merchant. Warehouseman. Winston. 

Gose, Ira Fuller. <I> Bickley's Mills, Russell Co., Va. 91-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Gough, John Oliver. Lumberton. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Gower, Claude E. Wake County. 78-81. 

81-2 Stud. vS. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. 83, Cane Cr. Ch. Bap. Min. 83-4 Graham. 
85-S Mocksville. 89 Mt. Olive. Magnolia. 91 — Lincolntou. 

Graham, Chauncey Williams. Y Duplin County. 36-7. 

A. B. 41. A. M. 44, Univ. of N. C. M. D., 44, Univ. of Penn. Died Sept. 
14, 66. 

Graham, Cornelius. Richmond County. 40-1. 

Merchant 41-52 Darlington Co., S. C. 52-87 Marion Co., S. C. Died 87. 

Graham, Stephen. Y Duplin County. 36-7. 

A. B. 41, Univ. of N. C. Planter. Kenansville. Men|t Gen. Assem., N. C. 
Lawyer. Kenansville. •* 

Grandy, Charles Taylor. Y Camden County. S2-3. 

Journalist. Elizabeth City. Baltimore. Asheville. Washington, D. C. 
Roanoke, Va. 

Grandy, Greenville St. George. Camden Co. 41-2. 

Planter. Camden Co. 53-5 Des Arc, Arkansas. 55-76 Monticello, Drew 
Co., Ark. Died Oct. 27, 76. 

Grandy, Titus Templeman. Camden County. 40-3. 

Merchant. 43-9 Camden Co. 49-88 Oxford. Died Oct. iStli, 89. 

Grandy, Willis Sawyer. Camden County. 40-3. 

Merchant. 43-59 Camden Co. 59-83 Oxford. 68th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 
83 — Raleigh. 

Grant, John Hiram. <I> Goldsboro. 87-8. 

Student, Amherst Col., Mass. 

Graves, B. Yancey. Y Surry County. 57-8. 
Graves, Calvin L. Caswell County. 36-9. 
Graves, Clarence David. Y Selma. 88-92. 

Debater 92. Stud. W. F. Col. 

Graves, George A. Y Yanceyville. 56-9. 

A. B. 59, W. F. Col. Planter. Caswell Co. Yanceyville Grays, 13th N. C. 
Inf., C. S. Ar. Morganton. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 93 

Graves, William G. X Yancey viile. 56-9. 

A. B. 59, W. F. Col. Capt. Co. H, 56th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Merchant. 

Planter. 59-SS Caswell Co. 88 — Tobacconist. Danville, Va. 

Graves, William G., Jr. V Caswell County. 86-8. 

88 — Tobacconist. Danville, Va. 

Graves, William L,ea. X Caswell County. 80-3. 

Planter. Caswell Co. Yancejwille. 

Graves, William M. ( l> Caswell County. 68-70. 

Merchant. Yanceyville. Danville, Va. Dead. 

Gray, Job Carver. $ Pasquotank County. 47-8. 

Bap. Min. Pasquotank Co. Moved to Tennessee. Died ab. 55. 

Green, A. Charles. X Davidson County. 77— S. 
Teacher. Jubilee, Davidson Co. 

Green, Eugene Spencer. $ Wake County. 70-2. 

Merchant. 72-88 Cedar Rock. S3— Louisburg. 

Green, James F^dmond. X Cleveland County. 87-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Green, Joseph A. X Rutherford County. 82-3. 

Meth. Min. N. C. Conference. 
Green, J. L. X Cleveland County. 85-8. 
Green, Joseph Orlando. Franklin Count}-. 66-7. 

Planter. Katesville, Franklin Co. 

Green, Marcus Marcellus. ( P Wake County. 45-9. 
Green, Robert Smith. <P Davie County. S0-4. 

B. S. 84, W. F. Col. 84-8 Teacher, Aullville, Mo. 88— Planter. Times, 

Davidson Co. 

Green, Seaton. X Cleveland County. 87-90. 

Teacher. Planter. Boiling Springs, Cleveland Co. 

Green, Solomon. X Mecklenburg County, Va. 47-S. 

Physician. Surg, in C. S. Ar. Memphis, Tenn. 

Green, W. C. Alexander County. 60-1. 
Green, William C. Franklin County. 66-7. 

Planter. Youngsville. 
GREEN, William Furnifold. Franklin County. 47-8. 

Jefferson Col., Penn. Planter. Lawyer. Mem. Gen. Asseui. 56-7, 58-9, 
60-1. 83 Mem. State Con. of 75. 61-2 Major 5th N. C. Reg't. 62-5 Col. 
in C. S. Ar. Chairman State Board of Agriculture. Franklirton. 

94 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Green, William Columbus. ( P Alexander. 60-1. 

Eieut. Co. K, 7th N. C. Inf. Dental Surg. Wilkesboro. 

Green, William Joseph. (P Wake County. 47-50. 
Greene, George Washington. Y Caldwell County. 66-70. 

A. B. 70, W. E. Col. 75 Full grad. S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. Dec, 71, W. F. 
Col. 75 S. S. Sec. Bap. State Con. 75-6 Pastor, Hickory. 77-90 Prin. 
Moravian Falls Acad. June 90-91 Prof. Eatin, W. F. Col. Sept. 91 Sailed 
Missionary to China. Canton, China. 

Gregory, Caleb Etheridge. T Currituck County. 48-9. 

Planter. Currituck Co. Died ab. 72. 

Gregory, Celus Lamb. T Camden Count)/. 68-71. 

Died 78. 

Gregory, Josiah. <P South Mills, Camden County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. Died Dec. 6th, 91. 

Gregory, J. F. Lancaster County, S. C. 87-8. 
Gregory, James G. @ South Mills. 87-90. 

A. B. 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. Gliden, N. C. 
Gregory, L. T. Lancaster County, S. C. 89-90. 
Gregory, Mark Robinson. Y Camden County. 83-5. 

Planter. Belcross, Camden Co. 

Gregory, Noah Dozier. $ Camden County. 35-6. 

Died in early life. 

Gregory, Samuel Wilson. Y Camden County. 83-6. 

D.D. S., Col. Dental Surgery, Bait., Md. Dental Surgeon. Gregory's, Cam- 
den Co. 

Gregory, Silas Seymour. ( P Camden County. 42-3. 

Planter. Milling. Indiautown, Camden Co. 

Gregory, Thomas J. <P Lancaster County, S. C. 87-8. 

Commer. Col., Ky. Univ. Oct., 88 — Salesman. Kershaw, S. C. 

Griffin, C. F. Y Northampton County. 88-91. 

Griffin, J. A. Y Franklin County. 72-3. 

Griffin, William Davis. <P Franklin County. 76-7. 

A. B. 80, Trin. Col. R. R. Agt. S0-4 Marion. 85-6 Black Mountain. 87-8 
Marshall. 8S— Norcross, Ga. 

Grimes, William Thomas. Y Martin County. 82-4. 

84-5 Univ. of N. C. Farmer. Milling. Hamilton. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 95 

Gulledge, William David. Y Anson County. 70-4. 

Ph. B. 74, W. F. Col. Co. E, 40th N. C. Inf. Lost right arm in battle of 
Bentonsville, Mar. 19, 65. Planter. Died June 10th, 85. 

Gully, Needham Y. Johnston County. 74-9. 

Debater 7S. A. M. 79, W. F. Col. Teacher. 79-S1 State Normal School, 
Raleigh. 81-2 Smithfield. 82 Franklinton. S3 — Law3 T er. Frankliuton. 
S3-7 Editor of Franklinton Weekly. 

Gully, Robert C. Johnston Comity. 77— S. 

Lawyer. Clayton. 

Guy, John M. Y Johnston County. 58-61. 

Lieut. 5th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Lawyer. Smithfield. Died 74., 

GwalTney, L. Parks. Alexander County. 72-3. 

Ord. 73, Bethel Ch. Alexander Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Vashti, Alexander 

Gwaltney, William Estey. Wake County. 90-2. 

Stud. \V. F. Col. 

Gwaltney, William Robert. Alexander County. 60-1. 65-7. 

Ord. Feb., 63, Taylorsviile. Bap. Min. Chaplain 1st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 
Pastor. 67-72 Hillsboro. 72-6 Mocksville. 76-7 Winston. 77-S5 2d 
Bap. Ch., Raleigh. S5-90 Greensboro. 90 — W. Forest. 

Hackney, Brantley Jones. Y Chatham County. 50-3. 

Bap. Min. 60 Removed to Florida. Died in C. S. Army 61. 

Hackney, E. C. Chatham County. 72-3. 

A. B. Trin. Col. Lawyer and editor. 78-9 Asheboro. 79 — Durham. 

Hackney, Joseph Daniel. Chatham County. 79-80. 

Ord. Jan., 82, Mt. Vernon Springs, Chatham Co. Bap. Min. Ore Hill, Chat- 
ham Co. 

Hackney, John J. Chatham County. 59-60. 

Planter. Hackney's, Chatham Co. 

Hackney, Joshua Williams. Chatham County. 34-5. 

Planter. Hackney's, Chatham Co. Died Apr. 13, 92. 

Hackney, Leonidas Layard. Chatham County. S5-7. 

80-8 Teacher, Cheraw, S. C. SS— Liddell Iron Works. Box 560 Charlotte. 

Hackney, L. M. Chatham County. 71-3. 

Merchant. Bellevoir, Chatham Co. Died 81. 

Hackney, Robert. Chatham County. 34-5. 

Planter. Pittsboro. Chatham Co. Died 45. 

96 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Hall, Carey Judson. Y Lancaster County, Va. 52-3. 

Teacher. 54-7S Faruham Ch., Richmond Co., Va. 78-90 Maysville, Ky. 
90 — Covington, Ky. 9th Va. Cav., C. S. Ar. 

Hall, J. N. Durham. 84-5. 

Hall, James Samuel. Raleigh. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Hall, Samuel Bruce. Y Columbus County. 78-84. 

84-5 Stud. Richmond Col. Merchant. Hallsboro, N. C. 

Hall, Samuel Walter. Yadkin County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Hallman, J. Henderson. Y Atlanta, Ga. 89-90. 

Stud. Emory Col., Ga. 

HALSEY, Joseph. Tyrrell County. 37-8. 

Planter. Tyrrell Co. Died 48. 

Halsey, William Wynne. Y Tyrrell County. 39-40. 
Hammond, Alfred Franklin. }* Jonesboro. 47-50. 

Physician. Planter. Jones Co. Died 86. 

Hampton, William Henry. Currituck County. 86-7. 

Planter. Merchant. Coinjock. Currituck Co. 

Hamrick, George Pinckney. Y Cleveland County. 74-9. 

A. B. 79, W. F. Col. S. B. Theo. Sem. Pastor. 80-4 Grover. 84-9 Boiling 
Springs. 90 Shelby. 92 — Boiling Springs. 

Hamrick, J. Y. Y Cleveland County. 75-8. 

Contractor. Planter. Boiling Springs. Cleveland Co. 

Hanby, Joseph D. Wilmington. 86-7. 

Med Stud. 89-90 Univ. of Va. 90-2 Univ. of Md., Bait. Physician. Wil- 

Hankins, George Foster. Y Danville, Va. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Hankins, James Robert. Y Salisbury. S6-90. 

Debater 89. A. B, 90, W. F. Col. 90-1 Johns Plopkins Univ. Ord. Fall of 
90, Carthage. Bap. Miu. Pastor. Teacher. Dawson, Ga. 

Hannah, William Johnson. Y Haywood County. 90-1. 

Teacher. Cattaloochee, Haywood Co. 

H annum, William R. W x ake County. 85-91. 

Medical Stud., W. Forest. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 97 

Hanrahan, James Allen. Pitt County. 49-50. 

Planter. Lieut. Co. E, 55th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died 91. 

Hardesty, Irving. T Wake County. S8-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Hardy, Joseph Holly. Y Bertie County. 44-6. 

Merchant. Rosobel. 

Hardy, Jesse H. <P Greene County. 54-5. 

Hardy, Thomas Benjamin. <P Bertie County. 36-7. 

Planter. Merchant. Woodville. Died Apr. 19, 59. 

Harp, Benjamin Franklin. <I> Wake County. 79-86. 

So— Planter. Millbrook. 

Harp, James Solomon. d> Raleigh. 78-S0. 

So-6 Teacher and Planter. Millbrook. 86-8 Merchant, Raleigh. SS— 
Planter. Millbrook. 

Harp, Malachi Hutson. <I> Wake County. 81-4. 

Planter. Millbrook. 

Harp, Samuel Daniel. ( P W T ake County. 79-83. 

Planter. Milbrook. 

Harper, Jacob Parrott. <I> Eenoir County. 5S-9. 

Planter. Lenoir County. S3 — Pollocksville, Jones County. 

Harper, Robert D. T Nash County. 79-S0. 

Ord. 79, Free Chap. Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. Duke, Nash Co. 

Harrell, David. Bertie County. 34-9. 

Ord. June, 39, Chowan Assoc. 39-43 Missionary in Chowan Assoc. 43-S5 
Pastor in Chowan Assoc. Died July 4th, 85. 

Harrell, Edward John. V Eure, Gates County. 91-2. 

Stud. w. F. Col. 

Harrell, James Blount. )' Gates County. 80-5. 

A. B. S5, W. F. Col. Ord. Apr., S3, W. F. Col. Pastor. S6-8 Mt. Olive. 

88-9 S. B. Theo. Sem. S9-90 Kinstou. 91 — Camden Co. Elizabeth City. 

Harrell, George Pinckney. T Rutherford County. 84-9. 

B. S. 89, W. F. Col. Teacher. S9-91— Rutherford Co. 91— Trap Hill, 

Wilkes Co. 

Harrison, Benjamin Franklin. <I> Jones County. 42-5. 

Planter. Jones Co. Died since the war. 

Harrison, James Allen. ( 1> Nash County. 71-2. 

Lumber Manufacturer. Newport. 


98 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Harrison, Lemuel Franklin. <P Jones County. 72-3. 

Planter. Arkansas. 

Harrison, Rufus A. Wake County. 34-5. 

Planter. Wake Co. Died 46. 

Harrison, Thomas Roy/ell. Statesville. 81-3. 

83-6 Teacher, Hendersonville. S6-S Merchant, Asheville. S3— C, N. O. & 
T. P. R. R. Somerset, Ky. 

Harrison, Walter Sawyer. Y Currituck County. 55-7. 

Planter. Powell's Point, Currituck Co. 

Harris, Alexander M. # Franklin County. 69-73. 

73-4 Business Col., Bait. Planter. Youngsville. 

Harris, Arthur Parker. Y Montgomery County. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Harris, Franklin Pierce. <P Wake County. 71-2. 

Med. Stud. Richmond, Va., Med. Col. Machinist. Raleigh. 

Harriss, Frank Russell. Y Northampton County, 86-8. 

Law Stud. Chap. Hill. Lawyer. Jackson. 

Harris, Henry. Y Franklin County. 34-5. 
Harris, Henry. Wake County. 48-9. 
PIarris, Henry. ( I> Pitt County. 50-51. 

Whitford's Command, C. S. Ar. Planter. Falkland, Pitt Co. 

Harris, Henry Hamilton. Wake County. 51-6. 

A. B. 56, W. F. Col. M. D., Univ. of Penn., Phila. Physician. Wake Co. 
Wake Forest. 

Harris, John Henry. Wake County. 78-81. 

M. D., 86, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., N. Y. 86— Plrysiciau. Franklintou. 

Harris, James Robert. Wake County. 83-6. 

Stud. Univ. of N. C. Aug. 88— Sept. 91, Asst. Chem. N. C. Exper. Station. 
91 — Analyt. and Consulting Chemist. Raleigh. 

Harris, Ransom Southerland. Wake County. 39-42. 

Planter. Wake Co. Removed to Mississippi ab. 56. Dead. 

Harris, Walter Capers. Y Henderson. 88-9. 

Preparing for Ministry. Drowned summer of 89, near Suffolk, Va. 

Harris, W. H. Blue Wing. Person County. 56-7. 
rvey, Henry Lanier. Beaufort County. 40-1. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 99 

Harvey, Thomas Andrew. Y Lenoir County. 58-9. 

Merchant. Lenoir Co. Co. E, 3d N. C. Cav. C. S. Ar. Died May 14, So. 

Hassell, Benjamin Franklin. }* Tyrrell County. 82-8. 

B. S. 88, W. F. Col. Teacher. Plymouth. Westfield. Real Estate Broker. 
Merchant. Roanoke, Va. 

Hassell, Starke. T Tyrrell County. 8 1-3. 

M. D., Jefferson Med. Col., Phila., Pa. Physician. Chesterfield C. H., S. C. 
Yatesville. Roper City. 

Hatch, Joseph Rhodes. Y Wayne County. 44-5. 

Planter. Wayne Co. Dead. 

Hatch, Richard Blackledge. Y Wayne County. 50-1. 

Planter. Wayne Co. Dead. 

Hatch, Richard, J. Y Jones County. 40-1. 

Planter. Jones Co. Dead. 

Hatch, Richard W. Newberne. 35-40. 

Planter. Jones Co. Died ab. 89. 

Hatton, John A. Pitt County. 84-5. 
Hayes, Thomas. Franklin County. 34-5. 
Haymore, Christopher Columbus. Surry County. 72-3. 

Ord. 73, Yvhite Plains Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. Surry Co. Mount Airy. 

Haynie, Thomas, Jr. Y Halifax County, Va. 81-4. 

Died Aug., S4. 

Haywood, Charles Lewis. Jones County. 87-91. 

A. B. 91, W. F. Col. 91— Teacher. Bryson City. Swain Co. 

Haywood, Jesse Baldwin. Y Montgomery County. 82-3. 

Planter. Merchant. S3-91 Mt. Gilead. 91— Red Banks, Robeson Co. 

Haywood, Oscar. )* Montgomery County. 82-5. 

Journalist. 87 Editor Troy Gazette. 88 Editor Yadkin Valley A r ezcs, Mt. 
Airy. Ord. Albemarle, Stanly Co. Bap. Min. 90 Bristol, Tenn. Green- 
ville, Teun. 91 — Morristown, Tenn. 

Haywood, Robert Whitty. <I> Jones County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Haywood, William Henry. Lenoir County. 34-5. 

Merchant. Lenoir Co. 51-4 Florida. Died 54. 

Hearring, G. L. Y Norfolk, Va. 66-7. 

ioo General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Heathman, William F. <P Memphis, Tenn. 66-7. 

Lawyer. Planter. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Heck, George Callendine. Y Raleigh. 82-4. 

84-6 Student. New York. 86-7 Law Stud. Univ. of N. C. Sec. of Interstate 
Trust Co. Raleigh. 

Heden, Aaron G. Chatham County. 34-5. 

Merchant. Pittsboro. 

Hedgpeth, I. P. Robeson County. 87-91. 

Ord. Jan. 11, 90, Big Branch Ch., Robeson Co. Bap. Min. Orum. 

Hedgpeth, Rowland A. Robeson County. 89-91. 

91 — Stud, at S. B. Theo. Sem., Louisville, Ky. 

Hendren, Franklin Bynum. Y Wilkes County. 84-S. 

B. L. S3, W. F. Col. Teacher. Mt. Gilead, Montgomery Co. Dillsboro, 
Jackson Co. Sept. 91 — Prin. of Cedar Run Acad. Alexander Co. Vashti. 

Hendren, James William. Y Alexander County. 83-5. 

B. L. S5, W. F. Col. Teacher. S5-90 Cedar Run Acad., Alexander Co. 90-1 
Prin. of Moravian Falls Acad., Wilkes Co. June 90 — Tarrant Co., Texas. 
Fort Worth. 

Hendren, John Jabez. Y Alexander County. 83-5. 

B. L. 85, W. F. Col. Teacher. 85-91 Cedar Run Acad., Alexander Co. Sept., 
91 — Bellevoir Acad., Sampson Co. Clinton. 

Hendren, William Rufus. Y Wilkes County. 86-8. 

Teacher. 8S-9 Brushy Mountain. S9-90 Horton, Watauga Co. 90-1 Mul- 
berry, Wilkes Co. 91 — Docker}-, Wilkes Co. 

Henlon, Samuel Warren. Camden County. 52-3. 

56 — Mississippi. 

Henry, Byron Vanassor. Y Anson County. 73-4. 

Planter. Lilesville. 

Henry, George Jasper. Y Anson County. 77-9. 

Clerk in Dept. of Interior, Washington, D. C. Planter. Lilesville. 

Henry, George. Lenoir County, si-2. 

Henry, George Washington. New Hanover County. 40-1. 

Henry, Joseph Patrick. Y Bertie County. 44-7. 

M. D., 49, Univ. of N. York. 49 Moved to Mississippi. Physician. Planter. 
Mem. of Gen. Assem. of Miss. Greenwood, Miss. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 101 

Henry, Peyton Tunstall. y Bertie County. 41-5. 

M. D., 48, Univ. of N. York. Physician. 4S-72 Coleraine, Bertie Co. 59, 
61, 63 and 66 Mem. of N. C. Gen. Assem. 72 — Kittrells. 

Hepburn, William James. ( I> Darlington Dist, S. C. 39-41. 

M. D., Charleston Med. Col. Physician. Darlington, S. C. Died ab. 61. 

Herren, H. E. T Haywood County. S6-7. 
Herren, S. E. y Haywood County. 76-S. 
Herring, David Livingston. Sampson County. 79-82. 

Planter. Merchant. Clear Run, Sampson Co. 

Herring, David Wells. Pender County. 78-82. 

Debater Si. Orator 82. A. B. 82, W. P. Col. S2-5 Stud, at S. B. Theo. Sem. 
Full graduate. Ord. June, 84, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor. 83-5 
Washington, Ky. 84-5 Plum Creek, Ky. Sept. 85 — Missionary. Shanghai, 

Herring, Edward Ivey. Kinston. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Herring, E. S. Cumberland County. 75-6. 
Herring, George Whitfield. Lenoir County. 52-3. 

Merchant. 53-67 Lenoir Co. 67-77 Florida. 77 — Thomasville, Ga. 

Herring, Hardy Cass. Sampson County. 71-2. 

D.D. S., 79, Phila. Dental Col. 79-82 Clinton. 82— Concord. 

Herring, James Pritchard. Pender County. 86-8. 

Teacher. Oxford. Pender Co. Wake Co. Ins. Agt. Durham. 

Herring, Lewis Whitfield. 0> Lenoir County. 35-6. 

Moved to Mississippi ab. 40. 

Hester, Benjamin Franklin. Granville County. 54-8. 

A. B. 58, W. F. Col. Teacher. 58-9 Warsaw. 59-61 Oxford. 61-5 Private 
Sec. to Sec. of State. 65 — Planter. Oxford. 

Hester, John Giles. T Granville County. 41-4. 
Hester, William Joseph. 2* Granville County. 42-6. 
Hester, William Whitehead. Y Lincoln Co., Tenn. 41-3. 
Hicks, William Gaston. Wake County. 46-7. 

Wholesale Merchant. Baltimore. Died 53. 

Hicks, Albert Hines. Nashville, Tenn. 66-9. 

Orator 69. A. E. 69, W. F. Col. Wholesale Merchant. Nashville, Tenn. 
Died 78. 

102 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Hicks, Charles Oliver. ® Wake County. 66-72. 

Naval Stores. Mfr. Surveyor. 72-S3 W. Forest. Raleigh. S3-S Eastman, 
Ga. SS-91 Mt. Vernon, Ga. Died 91. 

Hicks, Joseph R. Y Wake County. 78-83. 

Teacher. 83-4 Stanhope, Nash Co. 85 Eagle Rock. 86-91 Prin. Oak Hill 
Acad., Va. 91 — Berea, Granville Co. 

Hicks, Tracy. Y Spartanburg County, S. C. 89-90. 

Waco. Cleveland Co. 

High, Isaiah S. Green County, Ala. 56-7. 

Planter. Forkland, Ala. 

Highsmith, Jacob Franklin. <P Sampson County. 86-7. 

M. D., 89, Jefferson Med. Col., Phila. Physician. Oct. 89 — Fayetteville. 

Highsmith, Luther Rice. <P New Hanover County. 67-9. 

Planter. Harrell's Store. Sampson Co. 

Higson, William F. Hyde County. 35-6. 
Hilderbrand, Israel M. Y Catawba County. 69-71. 

Ord. July, 72, Warlick's Chap. Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. 72-8S Gaston Co. 
88-90 Burke Co. 90— Penelope. 

Hildreth, John Henry. Y Wadesboro. 87-90. 

Ord. Oct., 90, Brooklyn Ch., Wilmington. Bap. Min. Wadesboro. Wil- 

Hill, C. P. Wake County. 66-7. 

Teleg. Op'r. Raleigh. Waynesville. Asheville. Fayetteville. 

Hill, Charles Urquhart. Y Halifax County. 80-81. 

B. S. 83, Univ. of N. C. Lawyer. Dead. 

Hill, George Washington. Y Columbus County. 72-3. 

Planter. Merchant. Vineland. 

Hill, Thomas. Duplin County. 49-50. 

Hill, Thomas Benton. <P Granville County. 91-2. 

Stud. w. F. Col. 

Hill, William Edward. Y Northampton County. 81-2. 

Merchant's Clerk. Seaboard. 

Hill, William Joel. Y Columbus County. 72-3. 

Planter. Turpentine Mfr. Eoka. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 103 

Hilliard, Eli. E. Harnett County. 79-82. 

Debater 82. A. B. 82, W. F. Col. 82-3 Tutor in W. F. Col. S3-S Prin. Vine 
Hill Acad. S7 — Editor Scotland Neck Democrat. S7 Licensed Lawyer. 
Scotland Neck. 

Hilliard, Joseph Marcellus. Wake County. 71-75. 

75-9 Teacher. Ord. Oct. 24, 79, Mt. Pisgah Ch., Chatham Co. Bap. Min. 
Pastor. 79-S2 Wake Co. 82-9 Buncombe Co. 89-90 Macon Co. 90 
Buncombe Co. Sept. 91 — Pastor. Treas. Bap. Orphanage. Thomasville. 

Hines, Calvin. Y Sampson County. 55-9. 

Planter. Sampson Co. Bladen Co. In C. S. Army. Died 91. 

Hines, Harvey Lafayette. Y Raleigh. 53-4. 

54-5 Stud. Chap. Hill. C. S. Army. Dead. 

Hines, Lovit. <P Lenoir County. 70-1. 

Planter. Merchant. Lenoir Co. 87 — Dover, Craven Co. 

Hines, Waitman Thompson. Lenoir County. 80-2. 

Planter. Institute, Lenoir Co. 88 — Dover, Craven Co. 

Hines, William. Sampson County. 56-7. 

Planter. Warsaw. 20th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died 91. 

Hines, William Edgar. Lenoir County. 69-71. 

71-S9 Lenoir Co. 89 — Santo Palo, Pinto Co., Texas. 

Hinton, Albert. Y Raleigh. 45-6. 

Planter. Wake Co. Dead. 

Hinton, Edwin. Y W T ake County. 35-6. 

Planter. Merchant. Chatham Co. Little Rock, Ark. 

Hinton, E. D. Camden County. 79-81. 

Planter. Rosedale. Pasquotank Co. 

Hinton, E. V. Camden County. 79-81. 

Planter. Rosedale. Pasquotank Co. 

Hinton, Gerard James. Y W T ake County. 46-52. 

A. B. 52, W. F. Col. M. D. 55, Univ. of Pa., Phila. Physician. 56-S Chester, 
S. C. Died 58. 

Hinton, Henry. Y W T ake County. 35-6. 

Merchant. Erie, Ala. Died 37. 

Hinton, James. 37-8. 

Student. Greensboro. Died 40. 

Hinton, John Kennedy. Y Chester, S. C. 77—9. 

Tlanter. Chester, S. C. 

104 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Hinton, Langdon Cheaves. T Wake County. 38-43. 

Stud. Furman Theol. Inst., S. C. Ord. 47, W. F. Col. Bap. Mia. 51— 
Chester, S. C. 

Hinton, William R. Johnston County. 84-7. 

S7-9 Merchant's Clerk. Raleigh. 89 Moved to Texas. 

Hobes, Ernest Middleton. Sampson County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Hobbs, Hosea James. T Sampson County. 39-40. 

Planter. Clinton. Died Sept., SS. 

Hobbs, Isaac Middleton. Sampson County. 52-3. 

Physician. Clinton. Died Mar. 9, 83. 

Hobbs, Thomas A. Sampson County. 76-7. 

Poughkeepsie Bus. Col. Planter. Hobton. Sampson Co. 

Hobbs, William Ashford. Sampson County. 83-4. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Hobgood, Franklin P. Granville County. 66-8. 

A. B. 68. A. M. 71, W. F. Col. Teacher. 68-70 Prin. Male Acad., Reids- 
ville. 70-S0 Pres. Raleigh Fern. Sein. So — Pres. Oxford Fern. Sem. 

Hobgood, Franklin P., Jr. Oxford. 91-2. 

Stud. \V. F. Col. 

Hobgood, J. F. Granville County. 80-1. 

Planter. Atkins. Mecklenburg Co., Va. 

Hobgood, William Sherwood. Granville County. 48-9. 

Teacher. Minister. Wake Co. 

Hockaday, Edward Everett Burke. Granville Co. 81-4. 

Planter. Grissom. Granville Co. 

Hockaday, Walter Raleigh. Granville County. 81-4. 

Planter. Grissom. Granville Co. 

HocuTT, John Caswell. New Hanover County. 72-6. 

Ord. July, 76, Forestville. Bap. Min. 76-S1 Prin. Dayton Acad. Pastor. 
76-87 Wake and Durham Counties. S7 — Orange Co. Chapel Hill. 

Hodge, William R. Wake County. 59-60. 

C. S. Army. Killed in battle near Richmond, 62. 

Hodges, Isaac Franklin. Y Duplin County. 54-5. 

Planter. Warsaw. 51st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died July 10, 74. 

Hoffman, Beverly J. Charlotte. 86-7. 

Real Estate Broker. Charlotte. N. Y. City. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 105 

Hoffman, Charles Henry. Y Washington Count}-. 35-6. 

Planter. Washington Co. Dead. 

Hoffman, Milks P. ( P Charlotte. 87-90. 

Bank Clerk. Birmingham, Ala. 

Hoffman, Oliver Levi. Y Morganton. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Hoggard, Charles C. Y Hertford County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Hoggard, John W. Y Hertford County. 78-80. 
Hoggard, Robert J. Y Hertford County. 82-3. 

Teacher. Planter. Lumber Mfr. Bethlehem. 

Holden, Richard L. Wake County. 67-S. 

Planter. Wake Co. Died ab. 85. 

Holding, Benjamin I. $ Wake County. 67-9. 

Planter. Forestville. 

Holding, Calvin Y. Wake County. 86-8. 

Planter. Forestville. 

Holding, Henry Graham. Y Wake County. 76-82. 

Orator 82. A. M. 82, W. F. Col. Planter. W. Forest. Ins. Agt. Raleigh. 
Sec. and Treas. Royal Coal Co. Coal Creek, Tenn. 

Holding, James Malcolm. Wake County. 87-9. 

Planter. Wake Forest. 

Holding, Jesse Newton. Y Wake County. 74-80. 

Debater 79. Orator So. A. M. So, W. F. Col. Si Law Stud, with Dick & 
Dillard, Greensboro. Lawyer. 82 — Raleigh. 

Holding, Otho Kemp. Y Wake County. 85-9. 

Merchant. Planter. Wake Forest. 

Holding, Solomon Pace. Y Wake County. 8S-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Holding, Thomas Elford. }' Wake County. 82-8. 

A: B. 88, W. F. Col. Pharmacia. W. Forest. 

Holding, William W t illis. Y Wake County. 78-85. 

A. M. S5, W. F. Col. Teacher. Sarnpsou Co. Ius. Agt. Raleigh. Merchant. 
Planter. Vv'ake Forest. 

Holland, Ezekiel. <1> Wake County. 34-7- 

Bap. Min. Planter. Johnston Co. Moved ab. 53 to Monroe Co. Ark. Died 
ab. 65. 

io6 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Holland, James Leonidas. Wake Count}'. 68-70. 

Planter. 70-3 Wake Co. 73-S4 Johnston Co. 84 — Merchant and Lumber- 
man. Keyser. Moore Co. 

Holland, S. C. Wake County. 71-2. 

Holleman, Almon Thomas. <1> Chatham County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Hollomon, James Arthur. Y Hertford County. 86-90. 

B. S. 90, W. F. Col. Journalist. 90-1 Raleigh. 91-92 Winston. 92 — Ker- 


Hollomon, James D. T Hertford County. 55-7. 

Died June 15, 57. 

Holloway, C. P. Y Raleigh. 86-7. 

Manufacturer. Raleigh. 

Holloway, William S. <P Granville County. 56-9. 

C. S. Army. Merchant. Oxford. 

Holley, Thomas Joseph. Y Bertie County. 45-6. 

Planter. Bertie and Chowan Counties. Dead. 

Holley, William Joseph Augustus. Y Bertie County. 40-2. 

Planter. Bertie and Chowan Counties. Dead. 

Holt, James. Chatham County. 34-5. 

Holt, John. Chatham County. 34-5. 

Holton, Spencer. Y Montgomery County. 34-5. 

Planter. Troy, Montgomery Co. 

Honeycutt, John Henderson. d> Wake County. 40-1. 

Planter. Wake Co. Died ab. 66. 

Hood, John Calvin. Wake County. 81-2. 

Deputy Sheriff Wake Co. Planter. Shotwell. 

Hood, William Henry. Y Wayne County. 71-2. 

Planter. Wayne Co. Died Sept., 89. 

Hooker, William Franklin. <I> Greene County. 52-3. 

Planter. 53-60 Hookerton, Greene Co. 60-4 Brooks Co., Ga. 64-71 Madi- 
son Co., Ga. 71-S2 Hall Co., Ga. 82— Stock Farmer, Real Est. Dealer, 
Rena, Clallam Co. Washington (State). 

Hooker, Walter Montague. Beaufort County. 79-80. 

Farmer. Merchant. Aurora. Beaufort Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 107 

Hooks, John James. Y Johnston County. 40-1. 

Hooper, Dupansean. Wake County. 46-7. 

Hooper, D. J. T Columbia, S. C. 45-6. 

Hopper, Charles Franklin. Y Cleveland County. S5-90. 

B. L. 90, W. F. Col. 90-j. Stud. So. Bap. Theol. Sem. 91— Pastor. Bap. Ch. 
Mt. Olive. 

Hopper, Posie Guion. Y York County, S. C. S6-9. 

Ord. SS, Samaria Ch., Wake Co. Pastor. Grover, Cleveland Co., N. C. 

Hopson, William H. Orange County. 55-6. 

Planter. 56-61 Orange Co. Jan. 61 — Wake. Nelson's. 

Hord, Albert Thomas. }" Cleveland County. 81-5. 

A. B. 85, W. F. Col. Ord. Apr. i, 85, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. S5 Como, 
Hertford Co. S6-7 Cleveland, Rowan Co. SS-91 Burlington. 91 — Glen- 
ville, Jackson Co. 

Horne, Samuel R\ Johnston County. 59-61. 

Lieut. 53d N, C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 66 Teacher. Clayton. 67-S Planter. Clay- 
ton. 6S — Merchant. Planter. Morrisville. 

Horne, Thomas Alexander. Anson County. 69-70. 

Student. Merchant. Lilesville. 

Horner, Kenneth Cassidy. Moore County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Horton, Charles T. Wake Countv. 80-1. 

Merchant. Planter. Eagle Rock. 

Horton, Edgar Herman. Y Hertford County. 81-2. 

Med. Stud. Univ. of N. York and Bait. Med. Col. M. D., 84, Col. Phys. and 
Surgeons, Bait. Physician. Potecasi. Lewiston. 

Horton, R. L. Wake County. 68-70. 
Hoskins, James W. Edenton. 34-5. 

Episcopal Clergyman. New Jersey. 

Hough, James M. V Anson County. 73-4. 

Planter. Anson Co. Wadesboro. 
Hough, W. C. Y Lancaster County, S. C. 84-5. 
Houston, Robert B. Duplin County. 53-4. 

54-61 Teacher. Kenausville. Lieut. 3d N. C. Inf. C. S. Ar. 65-7 Long 
Creek, New Hanover Co. Died 67. 

io8 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Houston, William James. <P Duplin County. 47-9. 

A. M. Columbia Col., Washington, D. C. Lawyer. Kenansville. Capt. 
Co. I, 1st N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Killed in battle 63. 

Howard, Alexander Frankux. ( P Sampson County. 81-3. 

83-4 Bus. Col., Baltimore. 84 Plainer. Huntley, Sampson Co. 

Howard, Jack Coleman. Granville County. 91-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Howard, William McAden. Y Caswell County. 56-8. 

Teacher. Locust Hill, Caswell Co. Co. A, 13th N. C. Inf., 1st N. C. Inf., 
C. S. Ar. Killed battle of the Wilderness, May 5, 64. 

Howard, William Oscar. <P Tarboro, N. C. 88-91. 

A. B., 91 W. F. Col. Prof, of Latin and Math., Jefferson Davis Col., Min- 
den, La. 

Howell, A. T. }* Gates County. 84-8. 

A. B. 88, W. F. Col. Ord. 88 W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor and Teacher! 
88-9 Bladenboro. 90-1 Jacksonville. 91 Boonville, Yadkin Co. 

Howell, Edward Vernon. Y Selma. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Howell, James King. Y Granville County. 54-62. 

Orator 62. A. B. 62. A. M. 67, W. F. Col. Ord. June, 62, W. For. 61-2. 
Chaplain 1st N. C. Inf. 62 Teacher. Welborn, Fla. 62-5 Sec. S. S. 
Board, Raleigh. 65-70 Pastor Cross Roads, New Hope, Shiloh, New 
Bethel. 70 Iredell County. 71 Catawba Sta., Hickory. 76 S. S. Miss'y 
for N. C. 77 Pastor Kinston, LaGrange. 80 Raleigh City Miss'y. 
Si-90 Pastor Johnston Co. 90 Pastor Caswell Co. Lenox Castle. 

Howell, William Jasper. Y Lenoir. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Hudson, Thomas Jackson. }' Person County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Huff, Jesse Burnett. Bridgeport, Tenn. 91-2. 

Stud. w. F. Col. 

Hufham, James Dunn. Y Duplin County. 53-6. 

A. B. 36. A. M. 60. D. D. 78 W. F. Col. Ord. Nov. 57. Beulah, Sampson 
Co. Bap. Min. 61-7 Ed. of Biblical Recorder. 68-70 Pastor Camden 
County. 70-4 Cor. Sec. N. C. State Bap. Con. 74-6 Raleigh. 77-91 
Scotland Neck. 91 Tarboro. 

Hufham, James M. Duplin County. 34-5. 

Planter. Duplin Co. Died ab. 40. 

Hufham, John. Y Duplin County. 36-7. 

Planter. Duplin Co. In C. S. Ar. Died ab. SS. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 109 

Hufham, Robert R. <I> Duplin County. 67-9. 

Planter. Duplin Co. Died, Americus, Ga., 91. 

Hufham, Thomas McDowell. T Halifax County. 86-9. 

B. L. 89 W. F. Col. Teacher. Sept. S9 — May 90 Lumber Bridge. Sept. 90 — 
Mars Hill, Madison County. 

Hufham, W. C. Duplin County. 67-9. 

Teacher. Lawyer. 71-4 Texas. Died 74. 


Huggins, William F. Y Jones County. 47-8. 

Merchant. Died ab. 66. 

Hughes, James Franklin. Y Kershaw Dist, S. C. 43-4. 
Humphrey, Elias. Robeson County. 90-1. 

Teacher in Mississippi. 

Humphrey, Stephen Blount. Robeson County. 90-1. 

Med. Stud. Baltimore. 

Humphries, C. F. Person County. 77-80. 

Ord. Si Olive Br. Ch., Person Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Granville and Person 
Cos. Died 90. 

Hunt, Leander Greene. <P Yadkin County. 56-7. 

Med. Stud. 5S-9 Univ. of Pa. 59-60. Univ. of La. M. D. 60 Univ. of La. 
27th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Physician. Huntsville. 

Hunt, Pleasant Leonidas. <I> Yadkin County. 66-7. 

Student. Panther Creek. Died Nov., 78. 

Hunt, Richard Bullock. Y Granville County. 47-8. 

Moved to the West. 
Hunt, T. T. Franklin County. 70-1. 

Merchant. Louisburg. 

Hunter, Adolphus Buchanan. Wake County. 77-8. 

Merchant. Apex. 

Hunter, Alsey D. Wake County. 77-81. 

81-3 Stud. So. Bap. Theol. Sem. Ord. June II, 82. Holly Sp. Ch. Bap. Min. 
83-89 Pastor in Raleigh and Central Assns. 89 — Greenville. 

Hunter, Carey Johnson. Wake County. 77-81. 

B. S. Si, W. F. Col. Gen. Agt. for N. C. of Union Centr. L. Ins. Co. Raleigh. 

Hunter, Edwin Smith. Y Newberne. 41-4. 

M. D. 49, Univ. of Pa., Phila. Physician. 49-59 Portsmouth, Va. 59-70 
Ruckersville, Va. 70-9 Stanardsville, Greene Co., Va. Died June 23, 79. 

no General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Hunter, George E. Y Wake County. 73-81. 

R. R. Agt. Neuse. Auditor's office. Mar. 92 Treasurer's office, R. & G. R. R. 

Hunter, James Turner, Jr. Y Wake County. 85-6. 

Planter. R. R. Agt. and Tel. Opr. Neuse. 

Hunter, Joseph Rufus. Wake County. 81--4. 88-90. 

A. B. 85. A. M. 89 W. F. Col. 90-1 Stud. Johns Hopkins Univ., Bait. 91 — 
Prof, of Chem., Oskkosh Univ., Wisconsin. 

Hunter, Walter B. Y Wake County. 90-2. 

Stud, at W. F. Col. 

Hunter, William Reddick. Y Newberne. 40-4. 

47-59. Lawyer. Newberne and Edenton. 59 Episcopal Clergyman. Ord. 
Deacon 59, Chapel Hill; Priest, 61, Morganton. 61-S Goldsboro. 68-71 
Augusta, Ga. 71 Columbus, Ga. 

Hunter, William Reddish. Y Wake County. 79-85. 

Merchant. R. R. Agt. and Tel. Opr. 85-6 Neuse. 86 Pittsboro. 

Huntley, Augustus Wilson. Y Wadesboro. 89-91. 

Merchant's Clerk. Wadesboro. 

Huntley, Luster John. Y Anson County. 78-9. 

Merchant. Wadesboro. 

Huntley, Walter John. Y Anson County. 77—9. 

Merchant. Wadesboro. 

Hursey, William White. Y Chesterfield County, S. C. 81-3. 

Lawyer. 83-9 Chesterfield C. H., S. C. 89 Florence, S. C. . 

Hutchins, S. F. Stokes County. 82-4. 
Iles, David Edgar. Y Halifax County. 81-3. 

Merchant. South Gaston. 

ILES, J. A. Y Halifax County. S1-3. 

Ingram, Sanders Meredith. Richmond Co. 34-5. 

3S-42 Planter. Mem. Gen. Assem. N. C. Soldier in Mexican War. Co. E, 
3Sth N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Powelton, Richmond Co. 

Isler, John Williams. Lenoir County. 79-82. 

Planter. Eureka, Wayne Co. 

Ivey, Benjamin B. Robeson County. 90-1. 

Merchant's Clerk. Robeson Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 1 1 1 

Ivey, Fitz Henry. Y Fayetteville. 54-60. 

Orator 60. A. B. 60. A. M. 66. D. D. 82, W. F. Col. 60 Stud. S. B. Theo. 
Sem. Teacher. 61 Riddlesville, Ga. 62-3 Gen. Kirby Smith's Div., 
C. S. Ar. Ord. Aug., 63, Fayetteville. Bap. Min. Pastor. 63-73 Athens, 
Ga. 73-4 Agt. of W. F. Col. 75 Lexington, Ga. 76-82 Goldsboro. S3-4 
Lexington, Ga. 85-6 Elberton, Ga. SS-9 Greensboro, Ga. 90 Lex- 
ington, Ga. 

Ivey, Thaddeus. <P Robeson County. 79-80. 89-91. 

Farmers' Alliance Supply Depot. Raleigh. 

Jackson, James Eradley. <P Granville County. 45-50. 

Bap. Min. Minnesota. 

Jackson, Jesse. <P Lenoir County. 35-6. 

Planter. Lenoir Co. Mem. N. C. Gen. Assem. Died Dec. 9, 82. 

Jackson, Jesse, Jr. Lenoir County. 72-3. 

Planter. Treasurer of Lenoir Co. Kinston. 

Jackson, Marshall Ransom. <1> Sampson County. 89-90. 

90-1 Stud. Louisville, Ky. 91 — Teacher. Hawley's Store. 

Jackson, Noah. T Northampton County. 85-6. 
Jacobs, Jacob Madison. Y Northampton County. 85-6. 

Planter. Rich Square. 

Jacobs, John Whitfield. Camden County. 87-9. 

Teacher. Planter. South Mills, Camden Co. 

Jacobs, Samuel. Y Person County. 52-3. 

M. D. Univ. of Penn., Phila. Physician. Leasburg. Died 55. 

Jacocks, Jesse Copeland. Y Perquimans County. 49-50. 

Planter. Perquimans Co. Capt. in C. S. Ar. Dead. 

James, C. E. Y Pender County. 89-90. 
James, David Langley. Y Pitt County. 79-81. 

D. D. S. 83 Univ. of Penn., Phila. Dentist. Greenville. 

James, John. Y Pitt County. 83-4. 

Merchant. Greenville. Died Dec, 83. 

James, Joshua John. <I> Halifax County, Va. 36-7. 

38-9 Teacher, Yancey ville. A. B. 41, Columbian Col., Washington, D. C. 
Ord. 42 Country Line Ch. 43-5 Editor of Biblical Recorder. Raleigh. 
51-92. Pastor of Churches. Yanceyville. Died April, 92. 

Jarman, W. H. Onslow County. 71-2. 

Planter. Jacksonville. 

ii2 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Jefferson, Samuel F. Y Mecklenburg County, Va. 54-5. 

Planter. Palmer's Springs, Va. C. S. Army. Died SS. 

Jeffords, William C. Ocala, Fla. 61-2. 

7th Florida Inf., Army of Tenn., C. S. Ar. Real Est. Broker. Ocala, Fla. 

JEFFRESS, E. W. Mecklenburg County. 74-6. 
JEFFRIES, J. O. Y Franklin County. 72-4. 
Jenkins, David H. ..Charlotte. 75-7. 
Jenkins, Henry J. Y Hertford County. 54-5. 

Planter. Hertford and Gates Cos. 15th Battal. N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Gates 

Jenkins, James Caldwell. Gaston County. 71-4. 

A. B. 76, A. M. 79, Princeton Col., N. J. L.L. B. Si, Columbia Col. N. York. 
Lawyer. Nov. I, Si — Atlanta, Ga. 

Jenkins, J. W. Southampton County, Va. 67-8. 
Jenkins, Laban Lineberger. Gaston County. 78-83. 

Debater S3. B. S. 83, W. F. Col. S3-5 U. S. Postoffice. Charlotte. S5-7 
Teacher. Cotton Broker. Aug. 87 — Banker. Gastonia. 

Jenkins, Thomas D. Hertford County. 35-6. 
Jenkins, William W. Gaston County. 71-5. 

Debater 75. B. S. 75, W. F. Col. 75-85 U. S. Postmaster. Charlotte. S5-9 
Planter. Wake Forest. 89 — Banker. Knoxville, Tenn. 

Jennings, Joseph. Y Elizabeth City. S0-2. 

82-3 Stud. 84 Lumber Manufacturer. Key West, Fla. 

Jennings, Lemuel. T Norfolk, Va. 56-7. 
Johns, Henry Edward. Auburn. 91-2. 

Stud, at W. F. Col. 

Johnson, Andrew Hill. Harnett County. 79-80. 

S6-7 Merchant. Raleigh. SS-90 Ins. Agt. , Jackson, Tenn. 90 Agt. Chicago 
B. and L. Soc. Sumter, S. C. 

Johnson, Archibald Alexander. Y Kershaw Dist. , S. C. 54-9. 

M. D. 61, Jefferson Med. Col., Phila., Pa. 2d S. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Physician 
Kershaw, S. C. Died 68. 

Johnson, Edward Fitz Henry. London, Eng. 35-40. 
Johnson, Eldridge B. Harnett County. 89-90. 

Teacher. 90 Bunn's Level Acad. 91 Riverdale Acad. Bunn's Level, Har- 
nett Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 113 

Johnson, Emmett. Wilkes County. 79-81. 

Teacher. Planter. Si-6 Wilkes Co. 86— Boxbutte, Nebraska. 

Johnson, John F. <P Alamance County. 91-2. 

Stud, at W. F. Col. 

Johnson, John Sidney. T Chatham County. 49-50. 

Merchant. Planter. Green Level, Wake Co. Died July, 62. 

Johnson, John Vines. Pitt County. 40-1. 

Planter. Pitt Co, Died ab. So. 

Johnson, Livingston. Richmond County. 77-S. 

7S-SS Planter. SS-9 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. Apr., 89. Spring Hill Ch., 
Richmond Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Rockingham. 

Johnson, Neilx Dockery. Robeson County. 72-8. 

B. S. 78, W. F. Col. Teacher. Fair Bluff. Apex. Spring Hill. Pine Grove, 
S. C. Little Rock, S. C. Montpelier, Richmond Co. 

Johnson, Philip Washington. Surry County. 53-5. 

A..B. 55. A. M. 58, W. F. Col. Teacher. 56-77. Alabama. 77-S2 Georgia. 
S2 — Merchant. Planter. Wake Forest. 

Johnson, Robert Perleyman. T Chatham County. 76-9. 

A. M. 79, W. F. Col. Teacher. 79-S0. Rocky River Acad., Chatham Co. 

So-i Sylvan Acad., "Alamance Co. 81-8 Mt. Vernon Springs Acad. SS-90 
Dudley, S. C. 90 — Thompson High School, Siler City. 

Jones, Alexander Clay. Orange County. 48-52. 
Jones, Allen Rogers. Raleigh. 66-73. 

Debater 72. Orator 73. B. Ph. 73, W. F. Col. Died Aug. 14, 73. 

Jones, Arthur O. W x ake County. 87-8. 

M. D. 90, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., N. York. Physician. Rogers' Store. 

Jones, Calvin Graves, Jr. T L-eaksville. 78-S3. 

B. L. S3, W. F. Col. S3-4 S. B., Theo. Sem. Ord. July, 84, Reidsville. Bap. 

Min. Pastor. S4-5 Lea's Chap., Trinity. Providence. Chs. Caswell 
Co. S5-7 Martinsville, Va. Nov., S7-92, Lynchburg, Va. May, 92 — 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Jones, Claude Melxotte. Edgecombe County. 8S-90. 

90 Teacher. Mildred, Edgecombe Co. 91-2 Med. Stud. Vanderbilt Univ., 
Nashville, Tenn., and Univ. of Md., Balto. 

Jones, Erastus Beverly. Forsyth County. 74-7. 

Debater 77. B. S. 77, W. F. Col. 78-80 Law Stud, with Judges Wilson, Dick 
and Dillard. Licensed Attorney June, So. Lawyer. Sept. 21, So-90, 
Taylorsville. Apr. 15, 90 — (Jones & Kerner), Winston. 

ii4 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Jones, Griffin Stevens. T Pasquotank County. 55-60. 

A. B. 60. A. M. 62, W. F. Col. Ord. Sept., 61, Hendersonville. 61— Pastor. 
Teacher. Missionary of Am. S. S. Union. Hendersonville. 

Jones, G. Y. <P Person County. 55-6. 

Planter. Merchant. Person Co. 35th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died ab. 65. 

Jones, H. S. Wake County. 66-7. 

Jones, H. T. Wake County. 68-72. 

Jones, Howard Lee. T Atlanta, Ga. 89-90. 

90-1 Stud. Wash, and Lee Univ., Lexington, Va. 91 S. B. Theo. Sem. 

Jones, James Redden. <I> Franklin County. 72-7. 

E. S. 77, W. F. Col. Ord. 76, Flat Rock Ch. Bap. Miu. Pastor in Wake 
and Franklin Cos. Hickory. Smithfield. Milton. 

Jones, J. S. T Wake County. 66-70. 
Jones, John G. Y Person County. 58-61. 

A. B. 62, W. F. Col. Col. of 35th N. C. Iaf. Brig. Gen., C. S. Ar. Killed in 
battle June 17, 64, Petersburg, Va. 

Jones, John H. C. Pickens County, Ala. 57-9. 

A. B. 59, W. F. Col. 

Jones, Lewis Kimbrough. Wake County. 34-5. 

Planter. Wake Co. Died 45. 

Jones, Louis Henry D. Fayetteville. 69-70. 

76 Duffey St., Savannah, Ga. 

Jones, Manassas Arnon. <I> Wake County. 76-80. 

Orator So. A. B. So, W. F. Col. S0-5 Priu. Apex Acad. Died Sept. 28, 85. 

Jones, M. J. Cumberland County. 70-1. 

Jones, Nathaniel Sidney. @ Wake County. 80-3. 

S4-5 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. June 28, 85, Apes. Bap. Min. Pastor. S5-7 
Roger's Store, Wake Co. 87-90 Raleigh. 90 — Salisbury. 

Jones, Paul. Tarboro. 82-3. 

A. B. 85 Trin. Col. S6-S Law Stud. Chapel Hill. Lawyer. 

Jones, Robert Brewer. T Person County. 49-50. 57-61. 

A. B., 61, W. F. Col. 61-7 Pastor of Hertford Bap. Ch. 67— S Agent for 
W. F. Col. Died at W. F. Col. 68. 

Jones, Robert Moss. Wake County. 34-5. 

Planter. Merchant. Wake Co. Died June 15, 65. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 115 

Jones, Rufus Pinckney. <P Orange County. 49-54. 
a. B., 54, W. F. Col. 

Jones, Seth B. Wake County. 34-5. 

Stud, of Univ. of N. C. Planter. Wake Co. Died Aug. 62. 

Jones, Wesley N. Y Raleigh. 75-9. 

Debater 78. Orator 79. A. B., 79, W. F. Col. Lawyer. S7-9 Commissr. of 
Labor Statistics. Raleigh. 

Jones, William. <I> Wake County. '34-9. 

A. B., 39, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Agt. of Bap. State Convention. Died at 

W. F. Col. 

Jones, William Ap. Y Hillsboro. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Jones, William Borden. ( I> Johnston County. 53-4. 

Stud. Brown Univ., R. I. Bap. Min. Clayton. 66-9 S. B. Theo. Sem. 
Paris, Term. 

Jones, William Green. Y Watauga County. 85-8. 

Ord. Apr. 28, 88, LaConner, Wash. Ter. Bap. Min. 8S-90 Pastor. What- 
com, Wash. Ter. 90 — Brown Univ., R. I. and Theo. Sem., Newton, 

Jones, William Henry. Franklin County. 34-5. 

Banker. Raleigh. Died 82. 

Jones, William Houston. Y Pittsylvania Co., Va. 90-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Jones, William RUSSELL. Y Burke County. 74-6. 

Planter. Catawba Co. Hickory. 

Jones, William Thomas. Y Wilmington. 75-81. 

B. S., Si, W. F. Col. 81-2 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. June 82, Wilmington. 

Bap. Min. Pastor. S2-3 Wilson. 84-6 Morehead City. 86-S Charles 
City Co., Va. 88-9 Hereford, Md. 89-91 Cumberland, Md. 91— Chat- 
ham Co. 

Jones, William White. <P Raleigh. 66-9. 

M. D., 71, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., N. Y. Physician. Raleigh. Died 
vSept. 1, So. 

Jones, W. C. <P High Point. 87-8. 
Jones, W. D. Y Wake County. 79-81. 
Jordan, Alford. Y Bertie County. 35-6. 

Merchant. Williamston. 

n6 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Jordan, Charles Sumerton. Asheville. 85-7. 

S7-S Pharmacist. M. D. Apr. 90 Physician. Asheville. 

Jordan, Francis Marion. 0> Montgomery County. 50-2. 

Orel., 54, Little River Ch., Montgomery Co. Bap. Min. 52-7 Pastor and 
teacher. 57-74 Pastor. 74 Evangelist. Has preached in 76 counties of 
N. C. and in Va., S. C, Ga., and Tenn. East Fork. 

Jordan, James Brewer. Wake County. 47-8. 

Stud. Brown Univ., R. I. Lawyer. Bertie Co. Died 6r. 

Jordan, James Francis. Henderson County. 78-S0. 

Tobacconist. 80-5 Asheville. 85 — Greensboro. 

Jordan, Joseph Filmore. Montgomery County. 74-5. 

Stud. Conservatory of Music, Phila. , Pa. Teacher of Music. Normal 
School, Chapel Hill. Winston. Bethania, Forsyth Co. 

Jordan, Joseph P. Henderson County. 44-7. 

Lawyer. Henderson Co. Mem. Gen. Assem. of N. C. Dead. 

Jordan, Samuel H. Orange County. 72-4. 

Stud. Dick & Dillard's Law Sch., Greensboro. 79 — Lawyer. Black Mountain. 

Jordan, William. Henderson County. 44-7. 

Jordan, William Hill, Jr. Bertie County. 47-8. 56-7. 

A. B., 57, W. F. Col. Tutor, W. F. Col. Ord., Oxford. Bap. Min. Chap- 
lain in C. S. Ar. Died, 70, in Thomasville, Ga. 

Jordan, William Thomas. Orange County. 73-8. 

Orator 78. B. S., 78, W. F. Col. Ord., Feb. 79, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. 
Pastor. 78-S6 Lumberton. 87-8 McMinnville, Oregon. 89 — Dixon, Cal- 

JOSEY, James L. Y Halifax County. 85-7. 

Merchant. Scotland Neck. 

Josey, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jr. T Halifax Co. 76-7. 

Merchant. Scotland Neck. 

Josey, William H. T Halifax County. 79-82. 

Merchant. Scotland Neck. 

Joyner, Albep.t Sidney. T Franklin County. 90-2. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Joyner, Council Wooten. LaGrange. 69-71. 

Planter. Manufacturer. LaGrange. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 117 

Joyner, George. ( I> Pitt County. 42-3. 

Minister. Planter. 43-S2 Marlboro, Pitt Co. 82-4 Washington. S4-5 Kins- 
ton. Died 85. 

Joyner, Hiram Washington. Y New Hanover Co. 40-1. 

Planter. Pender Co. 

Joyner, James. Pitt County. 39-43. 

Lawyer. Planter. Washington. Marlboro, Pitt Co. Died ab. Si. 

Joyner, John. Pitt County. 39-40. 

Planter. 40-51 Farrnville, Pitt County. 51-63 Moseley Hall, Lenoir Co. 
Died 63. 

Joyner, J. L. Y Pitt County. 68-9. 

Joyner, h. H., Jr. 1* Franklin County. S6-9. 

S9-90 Teacher. Stanhope, Nash Co. Ord., Dee. 90, Poplar Spring Ch. 
Bap. Min. Finch, Nash Co. 

Joyner, Moses. Pitt County. 46-7. 

Planter. 47-7S Marlboro, Pitt Co. 7S-S6 LaGrange. Died ab. 86. 

Joyner, Noah. Pitt County. 36-8. 

Physician. Planter. Marlboro, Pitt Co. Louisburg. Died ab. 75. 

Joyner, Thomas Joseph. Y New Hanover County. 40-1. 

Planter. Pender Co. Died ab. 82. 

Justice, Benjamin Wesley. Wake County. 41-50. 

A. B., 50. A. M., 58, W. F. Col. Tutor in W. F. Col. Prin. of Female 

Acad., Forestville. 52-9 Prin. of Male Acad., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 59-62 
Planter. Wake Co. 62-5 Lieut, and Capt. 47th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 
65— Sec. S. S. Board. Merchant. Raleigh. Died Sept. 22, 71. 

Justice, Butler Alexander. Y Rutherfordton. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Justice, Edwin J. Y Rutherfordton. 83-7. 

B. S., 87, W. F. Col. 87-8 Law Stud, with Col. G. N. Folk. 88— Lawyer. 


Justice, James Mortimer. Wake County. 58-9. 

Died (Oct. 17) 59. 

Justice, John William. <i> Wake County. 41-2. 

Physician. Wake Co. Oxford, Miss. Memphis, Tenn. 

Justice, Thomas Butler. Y Rutherford County. 70-1. 

Law Stud. Judge Pearson's School. Lawyer. Journalist. Rutherfordton. 

n8 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Kallam, James Robert. T Rockingham County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Kearney, J. H. 2' Franklin County. 86- 

Planter. Franklinton. 

Kelley, Wiley Dorsey Fort. T Kershaw Dist., S. C. 51-3. 
Kelly, Adoniram Judson. <P Macon County. 55-7. 

Orel., 58, Coneta Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. 58-61 Gwinnett Co., Ga. 61— 
Jefferson, Ga. Editor of Baptist Leader. Curnming, Ga. 

Kelly, James Alexander. T Granville County. 71-3. 

Planter. Manufacturer. Plenderson. 

Kelly, James Lennon. Bladen County. 85-6. 

Teacher. S7 — Cedar Springs, Ga. 

Kelly, Jesse IvEE. Y Granville County. 71-3. 

Planter. Henderson. 

Kelly, John Ronald. T Columbus County. 55-60. 

A. B., 60, W. F. Col. Ord. June 61, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Capt. Co. H., 
51st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died Mar. 2S, 64, at Ocala, Fla. Under 
appointment as Missionary to China. 

Kenan, James Graham. <P Duplin County. 56-7. 

A. B., 61, Univ. of N. C. Major in C. S. Ar. Mem. of N. C. Gen. Assem. 

Kenan, Thomas Stephen. Duplin County. 53-4. 

A. B., 57, Univ. of N. C. Colonel in C. S. Ar. Mem. N. C. Gen. Assem. 
74-84 Atty. Gen. of N. C. 85— Clerk Supreme Court. Raleigh. 

Kendrick, James Isaac <P Mecklenburg County. 86-91. 

A. B., 91, W. F. Col. 91— Stud. S. B. Theo. Sem. 

Kendrick, Richard Green, Jr. Mecklenburg Co. 86-91. 

A. M., 91, W. F. Col. Teacher. 91-2 Simpsonville, S. C. 92 — Prof, of Anc. 
Langs. Elon College. 

Kenny, J. Walter. Randolph County. 87-90. 

Ord., Feb. 9, 90, W. F. Col. 90-1 Stud. S. B. Theo. Sem. 91— Pastor. 
Smithville, S. C. 

Kerr, John Hosea. Y Yancey ville. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Kerr, John Marshall. ( P Caswell County. 50-1. 
Kerr, Junius Royall. Y Nottoway Co., Va. 80-2. 

Civil Engineer. Virginia. Texas. Florida. 300 W. 7th St., Charlotte. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 119 

Kesler, John L,ouis. Y Statesville. 87-91. 

Debater 91. A. B., 91, W. F. Col. Teacher. Beaver Creek, Ashe Co. 

Kesler, Martin Luther. Y Iredell County. 85-8. 

Debater 8S. A. B., 88, W. F. Col. SS-91 S. B. Theo. Sem. Full Graduate. 
Ord. July 16, S9. Bap. Min. 91 Sun. Sch. Sec. of Board of Missions. 
91 — Pastor. Lauriuburg. 

Kimball, Durelle Boyd, Jr. }* Vance County. 85-8. 

Agent of Oil and Fertilizer Co. Charlotte. 

King, James Edmond. Nash County. 45-7. 

Planter. Texas. Dead. 

King, W. S. <P Raleigh. 89-90. 

Iron Manufacturer. Raleigh. 

Kingour, John Henry. Davie County. 49-50. 
Kirkland, Daniel P. Y Kershaw Dist, S. C. 52-3. 

Planter. Kershaw Co., S. C. 7th S. C. Cav., C. S- Ar. Flat Rock, S. C. 

Kitchen, Alvin Paul. Y Scotland Neck. . 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Kitchen, Claude. Y Halifax County. 83-8. 

B. L., 88, W. F. Col. Lawyer. Scotland Neck. 

Kitchen, John Arrington. Scotland Neck. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Kitchen, Samuel Boaz. Y Halifax County. 79-84. 

Lumber Manufacturer. Scotland Neck. 

Kitchen, William Walton, Y Halifax County. 79-84. 

A. B., 84, W. F. Col. S4-5 Teacher in Vine Hill Acad. 85 Editor of Demo- 
crat. S6 Licensed to practice law. Lawyer. 86 Texas. 87 — Roxboro. 

KiTTRELL, JOsiah Crudup. Vance County. 88-92. 
Debater 92. Stud. \V. F. Col. 

Kivett, Walter Raleigh. Harnett County. 71-3. 

73-S0 Merchant. Lillington. 80-7 Contractor. Durham. S7-90 Hender- 
son. 90 — Prest. Waco Med. Col. Waco, Texas. 

Kivett, Z. T. Cumberland County. 70-1. 

Knight, Josiah Burke Haywood. Wake County. 81-3. 

M. D., 85, Col. of Phys. and Surg., Balto., Md. Physician. S5-92 Eagle 
Rock. Jan. 92 — Williamston. 

120 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Knight, Noel Trawick. Little Rock, Ark. 77-S. 

78-90 Genl. Manager United R. R. Dep., Little Rock, Ark. 90— Genl. Man- 
ager of Compress Co. San Antonio, Texas. 

Knott, B. F. Granville County. 68-9. 

Planter. Tobacconist. Glen Alpine. Townsville, Granville Co. 

Knott, Crudup C. Y Burke County. S9-90. 

Planter. Glen Alpine. 

Knott, James D. Y Granville County. 67-S. 

Planter. Burke Co. Glen Alpine. 

Koonce, Emanuel Fred. Bryan. Jones County. 41-2. 


Kornegay, Wade Hampton Sidney. Y Duplin Co. 79-84. 

A. M., 84, W. P. Col. S4-6 Teacher. Richlancls. S6-7 Law Stud. Univ. of 
Va. S7-S Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn. 88— Lawyer and Teacher 
of Law. Vinita, Indian Ter. 

Kornegay, William Francis. Y Wayne County. 50-1. 

Planter. Merchant. Prest. of N. Car. R. R. Goldsboro. 

Laird, Edmond Coty. Y Atlanta, Ga. 89-90. 

Stud. Richmond Col., Y*a. 

Lamb, Alexaneer Thomas. Marlborough Dist, S. C. 35-6. 
Lamb, Isaac Newton. Y Leon, Florida. 39-42. 

42-5 Teacher. Law Stud, with Gov. Call. 45 Admitted to bar. Lawyer. 
Plamilton and Madison Cos., Fla. 5th Florida Battal., C. S. Ar. 70 — 
Bap. Min. (licens.) Greenville, Fla. 

Lamb, John Josiah. Marlborough Dist., S. C. 35-6. 
Lamb, Spence Hall. Y Memphis, Tenn. 37-41. 
Lamb, William Buchanan. Sampson County. 80-2. 

Teacher. Planter. Garland, Sampson Co. 

Lamberth, Joseph Henry. Y Rockingham County. 79-83. 

83-5 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., June 84, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. 85— Pastor. 

Lambeth, Thomas Bell. <P Chatham County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Lambeth, William Benjamin. Chatham County. 86-8. 

88 — Bookkeeper and cashier. Sanford. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 121 

Lamotte, Richard Hatch. Y Newberne. 41-2. 

Died soon after leaving College. 

Lane, James Henning. Clarion Dist., S. C. 38-41. 

41-2 Teacher. M. D., 45, So. Car. Med. Col. Charleston. Physician. 45-8 
Marion Dist., S. C. 4S— Clio, Marlborough Co., S. C. 

Lane, James Julius. <P Marlborough Co., S. C. 84-7. 

B. S., 87, W. F. Col. Stud. Univ. of S. C. Teacher. Planter. Clio, S. C. 

Lane, J. W. Y Sampson County. 57—9. 

Planter. Sampson Co. 20th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died ab. 87. 

Lane, Leonidas Theodore. '-P Chatham County. 88-90. 

Merchant. Lumber Manufacturer. Brush Creek. 

Lane, Thomas Michael. Y Marion Dist., S. C. 47-8. 

Planter. 47-58 Marion Dist., S. C. 58-61 Putnam Co., Fla. 7th Florida 
Regt., C. S. Ar. Captured in Battle of Missionary Ridge. It is supposed 
that he died in Federal hospital soon after. 

Lankford, Menalcus. Franklin County. 41-5. 

A. B., 47, Univ. of N. C. Lawyer. Franklin Co. Mem. of N. C. Gen. 
Assem. Independ. Caw, C. S. Ar. 73 — Bowers, Southampton Co., Va. 

Lankford, William Eley. Franklin County. T 2 ~Z- 

Sadler's Bus. Col., Balto., Md. Merchant. 73-SS Southampton Co., Va. 
88-91 Norfolk, Va. 91 — Bowers, Va. 

Larkins, William R. Y New Hanover County. 55-60. 

A. B., 60, W. F. Col. Ord., 59, Riley's Creek Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. 
Jones Co. 27th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died 64. 

Lasater, Joseph Bell. Y Chatham County. 49-50. 

Planter. Chatham Co. 6th Regt. N. C. Inf. Died in 6r, soon after Battle 
of Manassas. 

Lasater, Thomas Lambeth. Y Chatham County. 49-50. 

Co. D., 35th N. C. Inf. Co. H., 47th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Merchant. 52-5 
Green Level. 55-65 New Hope. 65-73 Raleigh. 73-S New Hope. 78 — 
Merry Oaks. 

Lassiter, Charles Aman. Greene County. 81-2. 

Teacher. Civil Engineer. Planter. Register of Deeds. Snow Hill. 

Lassiter, Everett B. }' Northampton County. 70-3. 

Lumber Manufacturer. Potecasi. 

Lassiter, James Kelba. Sampson County. 53-8. 

Orator 57. A. B., 58, W. F. Col. Planter. Harnett Co. Dead. 

122 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

L/ASSiTER, R. I. Y Johnston County. 69-72. 
Merchant. Four Oaks, N. C. 

Lassiter, S. M. Y Northampton County. 71-2. 

Merchant. Rich Square. 

Lassiter, William Henry. Y Camden County. 73-6. 

Bap. Miu. Died 76. 

Lattimore, Everett Beam. }* Shelby. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Laughinghotjse, James Edward. Q> Pitt County. 40-2. 

Died Nov. 7, 42. 

Lawrence, D. F. Y Wake County. 90-2. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Lawrence, John Dawson. Y Halifax County. 71-2. 

Planter. Dawson's Cross Roads. 

Lawrence, W. J. Tarboro. S8-9. 

Lawson, Thomas Tinsley. Y Halifax County, Va. 59-61. 

Dealer in leaf tobacco. South Boston, Va. 

Lawson, Thomas Tinsley. }* Rockingham County. 56-60. 

A. B., 62, W. F. Col. Capt. Co. D., 13th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died Feb. 24, 
64 in arm}' hospital, Orange C. H., Va. 

Lea, Benjamin James. Caswell County. 49-52. 

A. B., 52, W. F. Col. Teacher. Lawyer. Tenn. Mem. Tenn. Gen. Assem. 
Colonel 52d Tenn. Inf., C. S. Ar. 7S-S7 Attorney Genl. of Tenn. 
July 90 — Justice of Supreme Court of Tenn. Brownsville, Tenn. 

Lea, John G. Y Caswell County. 57-8. 
Lea, Thomas C. Caswell County; 67-9. 
Leary, Joseph S. Y Chowan County. 45-6. 
Leary, LEMUEL John. Y Chowan County. 36-7. 

Planter. Chowan Co. Dead. 

Leary, Thomas Charles. Y Chowan County. 36-7. 

Lawyer. Richmond, Va. Dead. 

Leary, Thomas Micajah. Carteret County. 87-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Leary, William James. Y Chowan County. 37-40. • 

Physician. Planter. Died 90. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 12 


LEE, Isaac Pipkin. Y Gates County. 45-7 . 

47-66 Planter. Hertford Co. Ord., 66, Meherren Ch. Bap. Min. 66-85 
Pastor in Chowan Asso. Died Jan. 17th, S5. 

LEE, L. V. Cleveland County. 90-1. 

Med. Stud. Atlanta (Ga.) Med. Col. Boiling Springs. 

LEGGETT, Nazareth. T Bertie County. 34-5. 

M. D., ab. 38, Univ. of Penn., Phila. Physician. Holly Springs, Miss. 

Lenkon, Andrew Haynes. T Columbus County. 6S-9. 

Dental Surg. Orton, Columbus Co. Citra, Florida. 

Lennon, John I. T Columbus County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Leonard, K. P. Nash County. 77-8. 

Planter. Dukes, Nash Co. 

Lewellyn, William T. Surry County. 77-82. 

Debater 81. A. B., 82, W. F. Col. S2-3 Stud. S. B. Theo. Sern. 

Lewis, Benjamin B. Wake County. 72-3. 

Lawyer. 83-6 Raleigh. 86-7 Statesvilie. Died Jan., 87. 

Lewis, Elisha Battle. T Lenoir County. 85-7. 

Teacher. 87 Davie Co. S7-8 Marysville, Montana. S9 — Asheville. 

Lewis, J. F. T Batesville, Miss. 74-6. 

Lewis, Robert Guilford. Franklin County. 47-8. 

Stud. Columbian Col., Washington, D. C. Lawyer. 4S-55 Louisburg. 55-90 
Raleigh. Major in C. S. Ar. Died Dec, 90. 

Lewis, Walter Eugene. Edgecombe County. S9-90. 

Merchant. Old Sparta. 

Lewter, James Madison. Northampton County. 42-3 


Lide, Robert. Elloree, S. C. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Ligon, Henry Clay. T Wake County. 46-52. 

Planter. Arkansas. Dead. 

LiLES, Walter Avera. T Wake County. 78-81. 

Planter. Eagle Rock. 

Lindsay, William Raleigh. Rockingham County. 57-61. 

A. B., 61, W. F. Col. Bailey's Heavy Art, C. S. Ar. Planter. Journalist. 

124 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Eineberry, Gustayus Ernest. Chatham County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Eineberry, RuFUS Baxter. Chatham County. 85-8. 

Debater 88. A. B., 88, W. F. Col. Teacher. SS Rocky Mount. 89-91 Sau- 
ford. Editor of Sanford Express. 91 — Dunn. 

Little, William Frankein. Union County. 81-2. 

Ord., June 17, S3, Polk's Ch., Union Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. 
Zoar, Union Co. 

EiTTEE, W. J. Pitt County. 87-S. 

Livermon, Adoniram Judson. Bertie County. 82-3. 
Planter. Roxobel. Died 86. 

Eivermon, Andrew Craig. 1' Bertie County. 82-6. 

D. D. S., SS, Univ., of Med. Balto. Dental Surgeon. S8-90 Roxobel. 90— 
Scotland Neck. 

Eivermon, George Washington. Y Bertie Co. 75-7. 

Merchant. 77-90 Roxobel. 90 — Pocahontas, Ya. 

Eockhart, Addison Emmett. Johnston County. 46-7. 

Planter. 47-59 Johnston Co. 59 — Mississippi. Dead. 

Eoftin, Benjamin F. Eenoir County. 52-3. 

Merchant. Kinston. Texas. Died Mar. 14, 55. 

Eoftin, John Eewis. Eenoir County. 34-5. 
Eoftin, Joseph James Oliver. Eenoir County. 44-5. 

Died ab. 49. 

Eoftin, Shady Hardy. Y Kinston. 58-9. 

Banker. Merchant. Planter. Co. E., 3d N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Kinston. 

Eong, Hugh. Y Union County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Eong, James. Y Union County. 8S-92. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Eong, Samuel. Y Perquimans County. 48-50. 

Planter. Tennessee. Dead. 

Eong, Stephen B. Perquimans County. 35-6. 

Planter. Perquimans Co. Died ab. 42. 

Eong, William. Perquimans County. 36-7. 

Planter. Perquimans Co. Died ab. 43. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 125 

Love, James Franklin. Elizabeth City. S4-6. 

Ord., Sept., 87, Eliz. City. Bap. Min. Pastor. S7-90 Bayboro. 90-2 Rocky 
Mount. 92 — Baltimore. 

Love, John Dickson. New Hanover County. 36-7. 

Merchant. Capt. 7th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died June 5, 77. 

Lovelace, Alfred Monroe. 2* Cleveland County. 76-S. 

Teacher. 7S-S0 Whiteville. So Boiling Springs. Si — Surveyor. Planter. 

LowERV, J. J. r Johnston County. 79-S0. 

Lovv t erv, Lorenzo Lafayette. T Anson County. 91-2. 

Died April, 92. 

Lowrv, D. O. T Wake County. 79-S0. 

Lucas, James M. d> Marlborough County, S. C. 81-5. 

B. S., 85, W. F. Col. S5-91 Planter. Paruassas, S. C. 91— Teacher. Bethel 

Lucas, James Samuel. Bertie County. 34-5. 

Pharmacist. Raleigb. Goldsboro. Newbern. Died ab. 71. 

Lucas, James Wilson. Harnett County. 71-4. 

Debater 74. Orator 75. Teacher. Minister. A. B., 78, A. M., Si, Trin. 
Col. Ord., Oct. 13, 72. Pleasant Grove Ch. Pastor. 75-6 Elevation. 
76-S Devanes. 7S-S0 Fremont. So Princeton. Si Woolsey Col., Tenn. 
S2-91 Parrottsville, Tenn. 91 — Newport, Tenn. 

Luster, Isaac. T Halifax County, Va. 55-6. 

Luther, James R. Montgomery County. 7S-S3. 
Planter. Montgomery Co. Dial. 

Luther, John George Michael. Montgomery Co. 54-5. 

45 Moved to Ala. M. D., New Orleans (La.) Med Col. Physician. Surg, in 
C. S. Ar. Luther's Store, Marengo Co., Ala. 

Lynch, James William. T Rockingham County. 83-7. 

Debater 87. Orator SS. A. M., SS, W. F. Col. Ord., 86, W. F. Col. Bap. 
Min. 88-9 S. B. Theo. Sem. Pastor. New Castle, Ky. Danville, Ky. 

Lynn, J. II. Wake County. 75-6. 

Maddrey, Henry Jarvis. i' Northampton County. 86-8. 

Comrniss. Merchant. Broker. SS-Dec. 91 Seaboard. 91 — Newport News, 

Maddrey, J. A. 1' Southampton County, Va. 80-2. 

Bookkeeper. 83-8 Murfreesboro. SS — Hendersonville. 

126 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Maddrey, Willard Clayton. T Northampton Co. 81-3. 

Merchaut. Seaboard. 

Madre, Joseph. Y Perquimans County. 54-5. 

Planter. Hertford. Died ab. 65. 

Maget, Lucius. Y Northampton County. 69-71. 

Planter. Tarboro. 

Maget, Rufus. Y Northampton County. 69-71. 

Merchant. Potecasi. Died Sept., 87. 

Maget, William L. Y Hertford County. 60-1. 

Bap. Min. 

Mahoney, G. Elliott. Durham. So-i. 

Bookkeeper. 81-2 Durham. S2 — Rockwell, Marion Co., Fla. 

Major, Reese Emmett. Y Bedford County, Va. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Malloy, W. B. Sampson County. 83-4. 

S4-6 Teacher. Mingo Acad. 86-91 Merchant's Clerk. Fayetteville. 91 — 
Merchant. Wade. 

Mangum, Elvis Barnette. Y Wilton. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Mangum, Joseph Young. Y Wilton. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Mangum, Leonard Henderson. Wake County. 51-5. 
Mangum, Needham P. Wake County. 85-90. 
Mangum, Priestly Hinton. $ Hillsboro. 44-9. 

A. B. 51, W. F. Col. Planter. Wake Forest. 

Mangum, T. B. 4> Chesterfield County, S. C. 8 8-9. 
Mangum, W t illie Person. <I> Hillsboro. 44-6. 

A. B. 48, Univ. of N. C. Tutor in W. F. Col. Lawyer. 61-81 Consul and 
Consul General to China and Japan. Memb. Royal Asiatic Soc. Died 
Tientsin, China, Feb. 11, Si. 

Manly, Clarence J. Y Louisville, Ky. 89-90. 

90-1 Stud, at Univ. of Va. Louisville, Ky. 

Mann, Ephraim. <P Washington County. 53-5. 

Planter. Tyrrell Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 127 

Manning, Eli. }* Marlborough Dist, S. C. 52-3. 

Planter. Marion Co., S. C. Co. I, 8th S. C. Inf. Sparks' Cav., C. S. Ar. 
Died July 1, 91. 

Manning, Frederick Haughton. T Gates County. 81-7. 

A. M. 87, W. F. Col. Teacher. S7-S Scotland Neck. 88 Daw Stud. Chapel 
Hill. Dec. SS— Colorado Springs, Col. 

Marable, Benjamin Frankein. 1' Halifax Co., Va. 53-5. 

Orator 54. A. B. 55. A. M. 60, W. F. Col. Ord. Clinton. Presbyter. Min. 
55-70 Clinton. 70-80 Goldsboro. 80-90 Mt. Olive. 90-2 Clinton. D. D., 
SS, Davidson Col. Died May, 92. 

Markham, Hugh Paris. (P Durham. 80-3. 

A. M. S3, W. F. Col. Stud. Eastman Bus. Col. Bookkeeper. Durham. 

Marshall, William Furney. T Franklin County. 79-83. 

Debater S3. B. L. S3. A. B. 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. S3-4 Tutor W. F. 
Col. S4-6 Fair Bluff. 86-9 Prin. Globe Acad. 89-90 Lenoir. 90 — Gas- 

Marshburn, Henry H. ( P Wake County. 71-3. 

M. D., Col. Phys. and Surg., Balto., Md. Physician. Wake Co. Raleigh. 

Martin, Benjamin George. Franklin County. 66-7. 

Planter. Y'oungsville. Died 70. 
Martin, C. A. Franklin County. 66-7. 
Martin, Charles Henry. (P Franklin County. 68-72. 

Orator 72. B. Ph., 72, \V. F. Col. 72-3 Stud. Univ. of Va. Teacher. 

Tutor W. F. Col. Murfreesboro. Rolesville. Lawyer. Ord., Aug. 86, 

Rolesville. Bap. Min. Pastor. Stanly and Anson Cos. 92 — S. B. 
Theo. Sem. 

Martin, F. R. V Pulaski County, Ga. S6-7. 
Lawyer. Macon, Ga. 

Martin, James Hugh. Anson County. 39-40. 

Martin, John K. <1> Davie County. 49-50. 

Martin, John Kerr. Mocksville. 59-61. 
Martin, Rufus F. <I> Augusta, Ark. 70-2. 

Planter. Augusta, Arkansas. 

Martin, Rufus U. ( P Wilkes County. 45-7. 

51-75 Augusta, Ark. 75 — Banker. Railroad Pres't. Little Rock, Ark. 

Martin, Thomas A. <P Wake County. 66-7. 

Forestville. Dead. 

128 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Martin, Walter Gilmore. Franklin County. 73-4. 

Planter. Youngsville. 

Maske, James Constantine. Y Richmond County. 82-90. 

A. B., 90, W. F. Col. 90-1 Johns Hop. Univ., Balto., Md. June 91— Asst. 
Prof, of Langs, W. F. Col. 

Mason, Braxton Kelly. ( I } Davie County. 87-91. 

A. B., 91, W. F. Col. 91— Prin. of Acad., Chalk Level, Harnett Co. 

Mason, John Archibald. & Richmond County. 87-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Mason, Louis Fountain. Y Caswell County. 67-8. 

Ins. Agt. Richmond, Va. 

Mathis, Thomas Beaty. Y Sampson County. 39-40. 

Planter. Sampson Co. Co. C, 5th N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Died Dec. 6, 63. 

Matthews, Blakeley Happolde. Y Asheville, S7-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Matthews, John Williams. ( I> Fayetteville. 41-2. 

Planter. Cumberland Co. Dead. 

Matthews, Oliver Morris. <fi Sampson County. 51-3. 

Planter. Sampson Co. Died Dec. 91. 

Matthews, Walter Jesse. Y Gates County. 82-7. 

A. M., 87, W. F. Col. Teacher. S7-S Sbawboro. 8S-90 Jerusalem. 90-1 
Greenville. 91 — Wadesboro. 

Matthewson, Nathan. Edgecombe County. 34-5. 

Merchant. Tarboro. C. S. Ar. Died ab. S2. 

Mattocks, Edward Ward. Y Onslow County. 52-4. 
May, George. ( I } Chatham County. 35-6. 

Planter. Pittsboro. U. S. Rev. Service. Sanford, Moore Co. 

May, T. Troy. Y Franklin County. 90-1. 

Planter. Youngsville. 

McAden, John Henry. ( I> Caswell County. 51-3. 

53-4 Stud. Univ. of N. C. M. D., 57, Univ. of Pa., Phila. 57-65 Y 7 aucey- 
ville. Surg, in Chief, Scales' Brig., C. S. Ar. 66-75 Wholesale Drug 
Merchant. Charlotte. 75— Prest. Mer. and Far. Nat. Bank, Charlotte. 

McAden, Rufus Yancey. Caswell County. 49-53. 

A. B., 53, W. F. Col. 53-6 Y T anceyville. 56-66 Lawyer. Graham. 62-4 
Mem. Gen. Assem. 66 Speaker of Ho. of Rep. 67-S9 Pres't First Nat. 
Bank. Cotton Mfr. Charlotte. Died Jan. 29, S9. 

General Catalogue of Wake forest College, 129 

McCLEES, Joseph. T Tyrrell County. 36-41. 

A. B., 41, W. F. Col. Mem. Gen. Assein. N. C. Lawyer. Planter. Died 
Jan. 5, 56. 

McCraw, William Solomon. <P Warren County. 80-2. 

Merchant. Texas. 

McCuLLERS, Doxus G' Conner. Clayton. S2-7. 
DebaterSj. A. E., S7, W. F. Col. Merchant. Clayton. 

McCullers, Edward B. Clayton. S0-2. 

Merchant. Clayton. 

McCullers, E. H. d> Clayton. 80-6. 

A. M., 36, W. F. Col. Physician. Clayton. 

McCullers, Romulus. T Johnston County. 39-41. 

Planter. Smithfield. Died 73. 

McDaxiel, James. Payetteville. 37— S. 

A. M., 51, D. D., 68, W. F. Col. 

McDaxiel, James Alexander. Kinston. 84-9. 

Stud. Easttnan Bus. Col. Merchant. Kinston. 

McDaxiel, Lewis H. Y Jones County. 40-1. 

Planter. Jones Co. Died 65. 

McDaxiel, Nathan. T Jones County. 47-S. 
McDaxiel, Nathaniel. T Jon^e County. 40-1. 

Planter. Jones Co. Died 78. 

McDaxiel, Sidxey Furmax. <P Fayetteville. 70-3. 

Planter. Fayetteville. 

McDaxiel, Thomas. Wilkes County. 36-7. 
McDowell, Archibald. T Kershaw Dist, S. C. 42-50. 

A. B., 47, D. D., 67, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. and Teacher. 44 Prin. of Chowan 
Bap. Fern. Inst. 4.5-53 Prin. Fein. Acad. Milton. Ord., 50. Milton. 
53-5 Pastor. Raleigh. 55-62 Prof. Math, and Science Chowan Bap. 
Fern. Inst. 62-81 Pres. Chowan Inst. Murfreesboro. Died May 27, Sr. 

McDowell, Archibald, Jr. T Hertford County. 77-81. 

Pres't .Scotland Neck Bank. Sec. and Treas. of Cotton Mills. .Scotland 

McDowell, Hugh. T Kershaw Dist., S. C. 45-9. 

M. D., 52, Univ. Med. Col. of New York. Physician. 49-60 Kershaw and 
Chesterfield Cos., S. C. 60-4 Mississippi. Died 64. 

130 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

McDowell, William Owen. Y Murfreesboro. 69-73. 

A. B., 73, W. F. Col. Stud. Univ. of Va. M. D., 76, Univ. of Penn., Phila. 

Physician. Scotland Neck, N. C. 

McDuffie, D. A. Y Fayetteville. 88-91. 

Med. Stud. 

McDuffie, Julius Ford. Marion County, S. C. 76-86. 

Ord. Nov., S7, Robeson Grove Ch., Durham Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. 87-9 
Wake Co. S9 — East Durham. 

McDuffie, Marshall V. Y Fayetteville. 75-81. 

B. L., Si, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor. Si-6 Henderson. 86— New Bruns- 

wick, New Jersey. 

McGougan, Charles P. Y Robeson County. 80-2. 

Bap. Min. Pastor. Lumber Bridge. 

McGougan, D. C. ( P Robeson County. 59-60. 

60-1 Teacher. Robeson Co. 61-2 C. S. Ar. Died Jan. 12, 62, while at home 
on furlough. 

McGougan, Edgar Lee. Y Columbus County. 82-3. 

Manager for Express Co. Brunswick, Ga. 

McGougan, J. Vance. ( P Robeson County. 88-9. 

90-1 Med. Stud. Chapel Hill. 91— Med. Stud. Baltimore. 

McIlhenny, Thomas Cowan. Y Wilmington. 40-1. 

A. B., 45, Univ. of N. C. « 

McIntyre, Murdoch. Duplin Coimty. 36-7. 

Teacher. 39-54 Tuscaloosa, Ala. Died ab. 54. 

McIntyre, Stephen. Y Stanly County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

McIver, John Hanford. Y South Carolina. 36-7. 

McKaughan, Jesse Alfred. Y Surry County. 91-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

McLendon, William B. Y Anson County. 73-4. 

Planter. Ansouvilie. 

McManaway, John E. Y Bedford County, Va. S5-7. 

Clerk. Bap. Min. Editor. Fort Mills, S. C. 

McManus, G. C. Lancaster County, S. C. 90-1. 

McMillan, Archibald Alexander. Robeson Co. 58-60. 

Teacher. Planter. Montpelier, Richmond Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 131 

McMillan, Dougald C. Robeson County. 58-61. 

A. B., 61, W. F. Col. Bap. Miu. Planter. Ashpole, Robeson Co. 

McMillan, John Fairley. Robeson County. 74-9. 

Debater 79. A. B., 79, W. F. Col. Orel., Dec. 89, Lurnberton. Bap. Mill. 
79-81 Fair Bluff. S1-5 Marion, S. C. 85-90 Edgefield, S. C. 90— Savage, 
Florence Co., S. C. 

McMURRAY, S. A. Y Shelby. 88-9. 

Merchant's Clerk. Shelby. 

McMurray, Avery Winslow. Y Shelby. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
McNabb, Robert. Y Granville County. 40-1. 
McNeill, Daniel Hector. Cumberland County. 80-1. 
McNeill, Malcolm Daniel. Moore County. 35-6. 

Planter. Moore Co. Co. H., 26th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died ab. 70. 

McNeill, Malcolm Lynch. Y Christian Co., Ky. 51-2. 
McNeill, W. H. Bertie County. 79-80. 
McNeill, W. Ii. Cumberland County. 80-1. 
McNeill, Wayne Leland. Richmond County. S9-90. 

Teacher. Law Stud. Montpelier. 

McPherson, Timothy Wheeler. Y Pasquotank Co. 53-4. 

Planter. Lumber Mfr. Elizabeth City, Died ab. 88. 

McRacken, Donald McMillan. Y Columbus County. 84-5. 

Law Stud. Planter. Whiteville. 

McRacken, W t illiam Wallace. Y Whiteville. 55-7. 

36th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Whiteville. Southport. 

McRae, Duncan Garrett. Montgomery County. 58-9. 

C. S. Ar. Killed in battle in 63. 

Meachum, Rufus Charles. Y Anson County. 45-9. 



Meadows, John Henry. Granville County. 67-9. 

Planter. Granville Co. Tobacco Manufacturer. Durham. 

Mebane, DeBerxier-E Yancey. Caswell County. 68-70. 

Planter. Alamance and Caswell Cos. Milton. 

Memory, Jasper Lutterloh. Y Columbus County. S2-4. 

Merchant. Whiteville. 

132 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Memory, William Alexander. T Columbus Co. 68-9. 71-2. 

72-4 Commer. Col., Balto., Md. Teacher. Maxton. Merchant. White- 

Merrell, George Lindsay. Davie County. 85-9. 

E. L., 89, W. F. Col. Ord., June 30, 89, Salisbury. Bap. Min. Pastor. 
Teacher. S9-90 Franklinville. 91 — Cedar Falls. Frauklinville. 

Merriam, Charles R. Wake County. 35-6. 
Merriam, Jonathan W. Fremont, 111. 42-7. 

A. B., 47, w. F. Col. 

Merritt, Frederick Lee. Morrisville. 84-9. 

Debater SS. Orator 89. A. M., 89, W. F. Col. Teacher. S9-90 Warsaw. 
90-1 Bayboro. 91 Journalist. Raleigh. 91 — Harvard Univ., Mass. 

Merritt, John Malais. Wake County. 87-90. 

Delivery Clerk, R. & D. R. R. Raleigh. 

Merritt, William Henry. T Orange County. 34-6. 

Planter. Chapel Hill. Died 79. 

Metts, Frederick Chacy. Lenoir County. 44-5. 

Merchant. Newberne. Wilmington. Dead. 

Mhoon, Joseph John. T Bertie County. 36-7. 

Planter. Tuscumbia, Ala. C. S. Ar. Dead. 

Mhoon, William Medicus. Bertie County. 36-7. 

Planter. Northern Alabama. Dead. , 

Middleton, Edwin Lee. Duplin Co. 85-9. 

A. B., 89, W. F. Col. 89-90 Prof, of Math., Wilson Col. Inst. 90-1 Prin. 
of Wilson Male Acad. July 91 — Prin. of Female Inst., Durham. 

Millard, David Rockwell. Goldsboro. 86-7. 

S7-9 Pharmacist. Greensboro. 89-91 Maryland Col. of Phar. Ph. G., May 
91. Pharmacist. 14th St., Vermont Av., Washington, D. C. 

Millard, Junius William. Goldsboro. 87-92. 

Debater 91. Orator 92. Ord., Nov. 15, 91, Goldsboro. Bap. Min. Stud. 
W. F. Col. 

Miller, Jasper. Charlotte. 75-6. 

Cotton Broker. Columbia, S. C. 

Mills, John Garland. T Wake County. 84-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 133 

Mills, John Haymes. Y Halifax County, Va. 51-4. 

A. B., 54. A. M., 57, W. F. Col. Pres't of Oxford Female College. Ed. of 
Biblical Recorder. Supt. Oxford Orphan Asylum. Supt. Bapt. Orphan- 
age, Thotnasville. 

Mills, Luther Rice. Y Halifax County, Va. 56-61. 

A. B., 61, W. F. Col. 61-5 Lieut. Co. K., 26th Va. Inf., C. S. Ar. 67-9 Asst. 

Prof, of Math. W. F. Col. 70— Prof, of Math. W. F. Col. 

Mills, Luther Rice, Jr. Wake County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Minor, John. ( P Davie County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Mintz, Augustus G. Y York County, S. C. 8S-9. 

Planter. Blacksburg, S. C. 

Mitchell, Benjamin Franklin. Y Greene Co. S9-90. 

Planter. Snow Hill. 

Mitchell, Benjamin Sidney. Y Franklin County. S6-90. 

B. S., 90, W. F. Col. 90-1 Asst. in Chem. Lab. W. F. Col. 91— Stud, at 

J. Hop. Univ., Balto. 

Mitchell, Clingman Webster. Y Bertie County. 77-81. 

Planter. Merchant. Aulander. 

Mitchell, George Hooper. Hillsboro. 38-9. 

39-41 At sea for improvement of health. 41-3 Med. Stud., Phila. Physician. 
Hillsboro. Died Apr. 26, 46. 

Mitchell, Henry Sanders. Y Bertie County. 46-7. 

M. D., Jeff. Med. Col., Phila. Physician. Planter. Hertford Co. Died 91. 

Mitchell, Isham Wiley. Wake County. 87-8. 

Stud, at Eastman Business Col. Youngsville. 

Mitchell, James Arthur. Y Hertford County. 89-90. 

Postmaster. Wiuton. 

Mitchell, John Foster. Y Wake County. 81-3. 

Planter. Youngsville. Franklin Co. 

Mitchell, John Franklin. Y Franklin County. S6-90. 

A. B., 90, W. F. Col. Dec. 90 — In offices of Durham and Northern R. R. Co. 

Mitchell, James H. Bertie County. 53—4. 

Merchant. Lawyer. Died 75. 

134 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Mitchell, James Lawrence. Y Bertie Count}-. 56-9. 

Army Northern Va., C S. Ar. Lawyer. Winton. 

Mitchell, John Pipkin. Y Hertford County. 71-3. 

Merchant. Winton. 

Mitchell, James S. Y Hertford County. 69-74. 

B. Ph., 74, W. F. Col. Oct., 74— Jan., 84, Merchant. Winton. 84— Sheriff of 

Hertford Co. Winton. 

Mitchell, James Washington. Y Bertie County. 54-8. 

A. B., 58, W. F. Col. Array of Tenn., C S. Ar. Planter. Hexlena, Bertie 

Mitchell, John. Y Bertie County. 47-52. 

A. B., 52, A. M., 56, D. D., 76, W. F. Col. 53-5 Theol. Stud. Furman Univ., 
S. C. Full Grad. Ord., 55, Greenville, S. C. 56-8 Ag't for W. F. Col. 
59-61 Pastor. Hillsboro. 62-70 Pastor. Bertie County. 70-4 Murfrees- 
boro. 74-81 Asheville. 81-7 Bertie Co. 88-9 Sec. Edn. Board. 90 Hen- 
dersonville. 91 — Wake Forest. 

Mitchell, Joseph Scott. Y Wilmington, N. C. 74-5. 

75-90 Bookkeeper and Cashier. 90— Commer. Trav. Wilmington. 

Mitchell, J. W. Hertford County. 79-80. 
Mitchell, Thomas Jenkins. <P Newbern. 51-2. 

Merchant. Newbern. Dead. 

Mitchell, Thomas T. Bertie County. 68-70. 

Lawyer. Franklinton. 

Mitchell, Wayland. Y Bertie County. 87-91. 

A. B., 91, W. F. Col. Prin. of Acad. Aulander, Bertie Co. 

Mitchell, William Henry. )" Bertie County. 50-2. 

Planter. Merchant. 54-S Forestville. 5S-66 Near Louisburg. 66 — Frank- 

Mitchell, William Judson. Y Hertford County. 78-9. 

Planter. Ahoskie. 

Montague, Alexander. Wake County. 61-2. 

C. S. Army. A. B., 66, Univ. of N. C. M. D., 69, Univ. of New York. 

Physician. 69-77 Wake Co. 77 — Gait, California. 

Montague, Alpheus Jones. Wake County. 66-7. 

Business Col. Baltimore. Merchant and Planter. Wake Co. Jan. 86 — Cali- 
fornia. Grower of oranges and grapes. Gait, Sacramento Co., Cal. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 135 

Montague, Benjamin Franklin. Wake County. 71-6. 

B. Ph., 76, W. F. Col. Pearson's Law School. Yadkin Co. Lawyer. 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Montague, George B. Person Co. 71-3. 

Pharmacist. Garners. 

Montague, George Boston. <P Granville Co. 45-6. 

Bap. Min. Pastor. Person Co. 

Montague, Hieronymus. & Wake County. 74-80. 

Debater 79. A. M., So, W. F. Col. 81-2 Dick & Dillard's Law School, 
Greensboro. Licensed Attorney Oct., 82. S2-5 Lawyer. Wadesboro. 
85 — Real Estate and Banking Broker. Winston. 

Montague, Henry Walter. Wake County. 58-61. 

A. B., 62, Univ. of N. C. 1st N. C. Caw, C. S. Ar. Killed at White's Store, 
Aug. 16, 64. 

Montague, James P. Granville County. 44-6. 

Ord. ab. 50, Flat River Union Ch. Granville Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. 
Died ab. 88. 

Montague, James Yareorougi-i. Granville County. 43-4. 

Teacher. Died 44. 

Montague, John Elizabeth. Granville County. 43-5. 

Ord., Feb. 23, 50, Grassy Cr. Church. Pastor. 51 Halifax and Mecklenburg 
Cos., Va. Person Co. Dead. 

Montague, Latney Y. Wake County. 76-81. 

81-8 Planter. Wake Co. Jan., 88— Real Est. and Banker's Broker. Winston. 

Montague, P. J. Granville County. 43-4. 
Montague, Seth Jones. Wake County. 67-9. 

Stud. Univ. of Va. Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col. M. D. 72 Bellevue Hosp. 
Med. Col. 72-3 Europe. Physician. 73-9 Wake Co. June 79 — Winston. 

Montgomery, Walter A., Jr. Y Warrenton. 88-90. 

Stud. Johns Hop. Univ., Balto. 

Moore, 52-3. 

Moore, Brutus Cesar. Y Anson County. 76-9. 

Stud. Charleston Med. Col., S. C. M. D. Jefferson Med. Col., Phila. Phy- 
sician. Hornsboro, S. C. 

Moore, Clayton Bulwer. Y Anson County. 76-9. 

Merchant. White's Store. Peachland. 

136 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Moore, David Thompson. T Johnston Count)'. 51-4. 

Planter. Smithfield. Goldsboro. 5U1 N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Severely wounded 
in 61 at Williamsburg, Va. Winston. 

Moore, Edwin Smith. T Johnston County. 58-61. 

A. B., 62, W. F. Col. Adj. 20th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Lawyer. Planter. 

Moore, Edwin Smith, Jr. Y Selma. S8-91. 

Ins. Agt. Selma. Raleigh. 

Moore, Henry Beeler. Y Gastonia. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Moore, G. R. Marcellus. Pitt County. 47-8. 
Moore, Hight C. Y Caldwell County. 87-90. 

A. B., 90, W. F. Col. 90 Teacher. Watauga Co. Ord., Nov. 90, Morehead 
City. Bap. Min. Pastor. Oct. 26, 90— Morehead City. 

Moore, James. Bertie County. 34-5. 

Planter. Bertie Co. 37-50 Haywood Co., Tenu. Died 50. 

Moore, James E. Orange County. 48-9. 
Moore, James M. Y New Hanover County. 59-61. 
Moore, James Wright. Y Hertford County. 51-2. 

Planter. Hertford Co. Dead. 

Moore, Jesse Daniel, Jr. Y Caldwell County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Moore, John Dickinson. Y Anson County. 36-8. 

4th N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Planter. White's Store, Anson Co. 

Moore, John Robert. Robeson County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Moore, Joseph F. Moore County. 80-3. 

Ord., Spring of 83, Haywood Ch. 84-5 S. B. T. Sem. 85-6 Missy. Sandy 
Cr. Assoc. Died Jan. 9, 87. 

Moore, Joseph Jefferson. Y Granville County. 53-4. 
Moore, Joshua. Y Bertie County. 34-6. 

Teacher. Moved ah. 37 to Haywood Co., Tenn. Died 49. 

Moore, J. T. Y Johnston County. 70-1. 

Merchant. Raleigh. Plickory. 

Moore, J. T. Y Southampton County, Va. 87-8. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 137 

MOORE, Marion. New Hanover County. 69-70. 
Moore, Matthew. Duplin County. 47-8. 

Physician. Planter. Warsaw. 

Moore, Pritchard. Y Hertford County. 38-9. 
Moore, Richard R. Chatham County. 55-9. 

Ord., Apr. 14, 61. Missionary of Bap. State Couv. Pastor Mt. Vernon Spgs. 
Chatham Co. SJ2 yrs. in Florida. Pastor. Guilford and Randolph 
Cos. Greensboro. 

Moore, Robert Alexander. Y Caswell County. 57-8. 

Co. I, 53d N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Ord., Feb. 21, 64, Thomasville. Bap. Min. 
Colporter. Agt. Am. Tr. Soc. 63-75 Iredell Co. 75-9 Thomasville. 
75-81 Chatham Co. 81-9 Alamance Co. S9 — Red Spgs., Robeson Co. 

Moore, Robert Lee. Y Caldwell County. 8S-9. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Moore, William Bradshaw. Y Caldwell Comity. 88-9. 

U. S. Army. Died Fort Riley, Kansas, Apr. 91. 

Moore, William Henry. Y Johnston County. 52-4. 

Planter. Smithfield. Died 66. 

Moore, William L. Franklin County. 34—5. 

Planter. Louisburg. Died 37. 

Moore, William M. 1' ^Bertie County. 36-7. 

Planter. Bertie Co. Buzzard's Roost, Ala. Dead. 

Moore, William Van Buren. Y Halifax County, Va. 59-61. 

61 Co. K., 20th Va. Inf. 62-5 Penick's Battery, C. S. Army. Planter. South 
Boston, Va. 

Morgan, Charles Gaither. Elizabeth City. 76-7. 

Merchant. 77-81 Eliz. City. 81— Norfolk, Va. 

Morgan, E. J. Buncombe County. 75-6. 
Morgan, Frederick R.obert. Y Shelby. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Morgan, George Thomas. Gates County. 50-1. 

Teacher. C. S. Army. Killed in battle. 

Morgan, Joseph Williams. Y Camden County. 79-S0. 

Commer. Trav. Norfolk, Va. 

Morisey, Alfred Dockery. Richmond County. 80-1. 

Planter. 90 — Seattle, Wash. 

138 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Morison, William Robert. Wilmington. 80-2. 

Merchant. 126 Water St., Wilmington. 

Morphis, James McKenzie. Orange County. 42-3. 

Lawyer. Author. Austin, Texas. Dead. 

Morris, Allen Poindexter. Duplin County. 43-4. 

Teacher. Georgia. N. Carolina. Ohio. Dead. 

Morton, William Bunyan. T Anson County. 78-84. 

Debater 84. B. L.,^4, W. F. Col. 84-5 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., June 84, 
W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor. July 85— 92 Weldou. 92 — Louisburg. 

Moseley, Algernon Sidney. T Lenoir County. 45-7. 
MosELEY, Gabriel H. T Sampson County. 57-8. 

Merchant's Clerk. Clinton. 

MosELEY, John Lindsay. T Currituck County. 35-6. 
Moseley, William Alexander. Lenoir County. 35-6. 

Moved to Florida. 

Moseley, William Green. Lenoir County. 35-6. 

Moved to Florida. 

Moses, Aaron F. 40-1. 

Moses, George C. 37-8. 

Moss, Doctor Schuyler. T Halifax County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Moss, Willard Monmouth. Wilson County. 87-8. 

Merchant. Wilson. 
Motsinger, J. M. Salem. 90-1. 
Moye, Abram James. Pitt County. 70-1. 

A. B., 74, Bethany Col., W. Va. Teacher. Bowling Green, Ky. Planter. 
Farmville, Pitt Co. 

Moye, Alfred William. Pitt County. 70-3. 

73-83 Planter. Dep. Clk. of Sup. Court. Pitt Co. 83— Merchant. Dep. 
Clk. Sup. Court Wake Co. Cary. 

Moye, Moses Tyson. Pitt County. 49-51. 

A. B., 58, Bethany Col., W. Va. Planter. Pitt Co. Lieut, in 7th N. C. Inf., 
C. S. Ar. Ord., 70, Oak Grove Ch. Disciple Minister. 66— Wilson. 

Moye, William James Dupree. Pitt County. 46-7. 

Planter. Farmville. Died Feb. 56. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 139 

Moyr, William Joel. Pitt County. 46-7. 

Planter. Pitt Co. Died S3. 

Munnerlyx, Frank Lide. Y Marlborough County, S. C. 81-4. 

84-7 Bennettsville, S. C. Sept. 87— 91 Orrville, Ala. Selma, Ala. Feb. 91— 
Merchant. Rio Grande. Mosquito Reserve, Nicaragua, Cent. America. 

Murchison, Claudius Murratt. Chatham County. 80-4. 

Ord., Oct., 84, Bethlehem Ch., Moore Co. Bap. Min. 84 Hickory. 85 Old 
Fort. S6— Penelope, Burke Co. 

Murden, Thomas J., Jr. Elizabeth City. 85-6. 

Planter. Texas. 

Murray, D. G. Jonesboro, Tenn. 89-90. 
Murray, James. Clarksville, Va. 37-40. 

Teacher. Greenville. Louisburg. Supt. Pub. Ins. Wilson Co. Died Sept. 
10. 89. 

Musgrave, Needham Whitley. 2* Wayne County. 72-4. 

Capt. Co. A., 27th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Wayne Co. Fremont. 

Myers, W. S. Y Perquimans County. 58-9. 

1st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Hertford. 

Neal, John L,ouis. Y Rockingham County. 79-85. 

85-9 Merchant. Reidsville. 89 — Planter. South Boston, Va. 

Neal, Philip Houston. T W 7 ake County. 86-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Neal, Winston H. Q> Ashe County. 6S-70. 

Teacher. 73 — Texas. Telephone Supt. Galveston, Texas. 

Neil, Zachariah Hawkins. Y Wake County. S6-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Nelson, James Romulus, Y Goldsboro. 72-4. 

74-9, Pharmacist. Goldsboro. 79-87 Gen. R. R. Claim Agent, St. Louis, 
Mo. 87 — Merchant. Meridian, Miss. 

Nelson, Richard Marshall. Y Goldsboro. 56-7. 

U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, N. Y. Capt. of Ordnance, C. S. Ar. 65 
Licensed attorney. 65-77 Lawyer. Goldsboro. 77 — Prest. of Commer. 
Bank, Selma, Ala. Prest. of Bankers' Asso. of Selma, Ala. 

Nelson, T. F. Y- Caldwell County. 69-70. 
Nelson, William A., Jr. Y Asheville. 86-9. 

Clerk. Macon, Ga. Died Oct. 19, 91. 

140 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Newbold, W. M. Y Perquimans County. 69-73. 

Law Stud. Columbian Univ. , Washington, D. C. Lawyer. Creswell. Wash- 
ington Co. 

Newell, George Morgan. Y Vance County. 81-3. 

83-4 Editor of The Commonwealth, Scotland Neck. 84-8 Henderson. 88-9 
Baltimore. July 89 — Photographer. Henderson. 

Newsom, John Frederick. Y Hertford County. 71-3. 

Planter. Surveyor. Civil Eng. Wintoti. 

Newsome, David Franklin. Petersburg, Va. 47-9. 

50-53 New York City. 53-7 Supt. Pub. Edn. and Clk. of Court, San Luis, 
Cal. 57-60 U. S. Mag., San Juan Island. Merchant. British Columbia. 
Jan. 61 — Dairy and Stock Farmer. Prop, of Newsome's Springs, Arroyo 
Grande, San Luis Obisco, Cal. 

Newsome, David Randolph. Y Wake County 45-50. 

50-63 Merchant. Milton. Salisbury. 63-74 R. R. Agt. High Point. Com- 
pany Shops. Raleigh. Goldsboro. Died Mar. 74. 

Newsome, Thomas D. Northampton County. 35-6. 

Planter. Northampton Co. Wake Co. Died before 6r. 

Newsome, Willis Randall. Northampton County. 36-7. 

Planter. Wake and Northampton Cos. Jackson. 

Newton, Christopher Columbus. New Hanover Co. 67-70. 

Ord., 66, Lisbon Ch., Sampson Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. 7S-9 
S. B. Theo. Sem. Sampson Co. Chapel Hill. Durham. June 89 — 
Missionary. Lagos, West Africa. 

Newton, Daniel W t hite. { l> New Hanover County. 46-7. 


Newton, Herbert DeBernier. ( P Durham. 87-90. 

90 Teacher. Birmingham, Ala. 91 Stud. Eastman Bus. Col. July 91 — with 
Hammerslough Bros., N. York. No. 80 Washington Place, N. York. 

Newton, Isaac James. Duplin County. 46-7. 


Newton, Isaac Thomas. Cumberland County. 88-92. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Newton, James Buchanan. Sampson County. 79-84. 

Teacher. S4 91 Aulander, Bertie Co. Aug. 91— Fork Church. Ord., Feb. 
14, 92, Fork Ch., Davie Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 141 

Newton, Jefferson David. <I> Sampson County. S2-6. 

Orel., Aug. 30, 85, Lisbon Ch., Sampson Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Orange 
Co. Durham Co. 87-S S. B. Theo. Sem. SS-91 Concord. 91 Bap. 
Orphanage. Editor of Charity and Children. 92 — Mt. Olive. 

NEWTON, Reueen. $ Duplin County. 46-7. 

Newton, William Carey. <P Lagos, West Africa. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Nicholls, Joshua Robertson. T Halifax County. So-i. 

Banker. Birmingham, Ala. 

Nicholson, Robert Palmer. <# Richmond County. 54-5. 

Presbyter. Min. Richmond Co. 

Nixon, Charles T. T Cumberland County. 74-5. 

Planter. Little River Acad. Cumberland Co. 

Nixon, Erastus D. 2" Chowan County. 54-60. 

Merchant. [Allunt, Nixon & Co.] Baltimore, Md. 

Nixon, James B. 1* Perquimans County. 35-6. 

Lawyer. Bethel, Perquimans Co. Died ab. 40. 

Nixon, Thomas M. T Edenton. 54-5. 

Physician. Ham's Prairie, Missouri., J. D. T Beaufort County. 76-7. 
Norfleet, Eustace. T Halifax County. 90-2. 

Stud. w. F. Col, 
Norfleet, John M. Person County. 34-5- 

Planter. 35-43 Person Co. 43-7 Mississippi. Died 47. 

Norman, James Loire. T Washington County. 82-4. 

Teacher. Scuppernong, Washington Co. 
Norment, William Stokes. Y Robeson County. 52-3. 

A. B., 57, Univ. of N. C. Capt. 51st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Lawyer. Solicitor 
3d District of N. C. Lumberton. 

Norris, Samuel. ( l> Wake County. 35-6. 

Teacher. Planter. Holly Springs. Ballentine's Mills. 

Norwood, George Alexander. T Darlington Dist, S. C. 50-1. 

51-61 Planter. Darlington Dist., S. C. 61-5 18th S. C. Inf. Co. B., German 
Artill., C. S. Ar. 65-73 Effingham, S. C. Factor and Banker. 73-84 
Charleston, S. C. 84-90 Marion, S. C. 90 — Greenville, S. C. 

142 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Norwood, George Alexander, Jr. Charleston, S. C. 80-2. 

Merchant. Charleston, S. C. 

Norwood, George Washington, Jr. Y Wake County. 7S-81. 

Planter. Millbrook. 

Norwood, James Hart. Darlington Dist., S. C. 40-1. 

Lawyer. Planter. 41-61 Darlington, S. C. 61-5 Hampton Legion, C. S. Ar. 
65 — Lowndes Co., Ala. Montgomer}^ Ala. 

Norwood, John Elias. T Darlington Dist., S. C. 49-51. 

Med. Stud. Univ. of Penn. M. D., 55, Charleston (S. C.) Med. Col. Phy- 
sician. 55-71 Darlington, S. C. 8th S. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 71-S7 Ker- 
shaw Co., S. C. Died 87. 

Norwood, John Wilkins. Charleston, S. C. 81-4. 

Stud. Rich'd College, Va. Clerk. Bank Cashier. BankPrest. 84-7 Charles- 
ton, S. C. S7-92 Greenville, S. C. 92 — Wilmington. 

NowELL, Joseph Henry. T Bertie County. 82-4. 88-90. 

A. B. , 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. Law Stud. Colerain., Roanoke, Va. 

NowELL, Luther Alpheus. Bertie County. S9-91. 

Med. Stud. Univ. of Md. Balto. Colerain. 

NowELL, William Cullen. Wake County. 59-61. 

Ord., 63, Hepzibah Ch., Wake Co. Bap. Miu. Teacher. 65-80 Clayton. 
85— Smithfield. 

Noxon, Robert M. T Chowan County. 34-7. 

Lawyer. Chowan Co. Dead. 

NuTT, John Benjamin. Surry County. 84-6. 

Bookkeeper. Mount Airy, N. C. 

Nutt, Robert Lee. T Mount Airy. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Oates, David Thomas. Clinton. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Oates, John Alexander, Jr. Clinton. 88-91. 

91 — Prill. South River Inst. Autreyville. 92— Business Manager of N. C. 
Baptist. Fayetteville. 

Oates, William Thomas. V Duplin County. 54-5. 

Teacher. Planter. 56-9 Missouri. 60-5 Raleigh. 65-87 Missouri. S7 — 
Mt. Olive. 

O' Bryan, Solomon Green. Warren County. 44-9. 

Phvsician. Warren and Franklin Cos. Dead. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 143 

Ogburn, J. M. Johnston County. 69-70. 

Teacher. Clayton. Died Sr. 

Oldham, George Alvis. Orange County. 47-S. 

Planter. Hempstead Co., Arkansas. Army of Teun., C. S. Ar. 

Oldham, Sidney Wilson. Chatham County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 
Oldham, William P. Orange County. 55-S. 

5S-61 Teacher, Rock Spring, Orange Co. Lieut. 2Sth N. C. Inf. Capt. 44th 
N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 65— Merchant and Milling. Wilmington. 

Olds, Frederick Augustus. Raleigh, N. C. 68-9. 

Insurance Agt. City Editor News and Observer. Press Correspondent. 

Olive, Henry Calvin. Wake County. 6S-9. 

Merchant. Planter. Co. C, 58th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Apex. 

Olive, John Wesley. Wake County. 71-2. 

Planter. Wake Co. Raleigh. 

Olive, William Sydney. Wake County. 81-7. 

B. L., 87, W. F. Col. Ord., Apr. 19, 85, Olive's Ch. 89-90 Stud. S. E. Theo. 
Sem. 90 — Pastor. Wake Co. 

Olive, C. M. <P Clayton. Ala. 68-71. 

Cotton Manufacturer. Wesson, Miss. 

Oliver, D. B. ' Johnston County. 86-90. 

B. S., 90, W. F. Col. Merchant. Pine Level. 

Oliver, D. U. Johnston County. 88-9. 

Merchant. Pine Level. 

Oliver, H. C. Wake County. 67-8. 

Oliver, James Albert. Duplin County. 39-40. 

Architect and builder. Died ab, 50. 

Oliver, James Francis. T Duplin County. 50-2. 

53-7 Merchant, Mount Olive. 57-72 Planter and Mfr. of Naval Stores, 
Newfields, Bladen Co. Capt. C. S. Ar. 72— Mt. Olive. 

Oliver, John Robert. Y Duplin County. 56-S. 

Ord., ab. 59, Bear Marsh Ch., Duplin Co. Missionary and Colporter in 
Eastern Assn. Died, Mount Olive, S3. 

Oliver, Joseph J. T Jones County. 5S-60. 

CHngman's Brigade, C. S, Ar. Died during the war. 

144 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Oliver, Joseph Whitfield. <P Stokes County. 85-8. 

88-9, Treasurer of Bap. Orphanage, Thornasville. 90 Stokes Co. and Albu- 
querque, New Mexico. Died Dec. 26, 90. 

Oliver, William Benjamin. Y Wayne County. S0-2. 

82-4, Teacher. Sampson Co, Ord. June 84, Mt. Olive Ch. 84-7 S. B. T. 

Sem. Bap. Min. Pastor. 85-6 Mt. Washington, Ky. Plum Creek, 

Ky. S7-8, Marion, S. C. 88-9, Blackwell Ch., Durham. 90— Fayette- 
ville, 91— Ed. of N. C. Baptist. 

O'Neill, George Gustavus. Y W r ake County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Osborne, John M. Y Asheville. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Osborne, Thomas Samuel. Y Asheville. 80-1. 

A. B., 84, Univ. of N. C. 84-5, Law Stud. Lawyer. 86— Fort Smith, Ark. 

Osborne, William Augustus. 4> Halifax County, Va. 87-91. 

A. B., 91, W. F. Col. Tobacconist. South Boston, Va. 

Osborne, William Henry. Y Asheville. 78-83. 

A. M., S3, W. F. Col. Stud. Johns Hop. Univ., Bait., Md. S6-7 S. B. Theo. 
Sem. Ord., Feb. 5, S3, Forest City, Arkansas. Bap. Min. Pastor. 
8S-91 Jonesboro, Tenn. 91 — Tampa, Fla. 

Outlaw, David G. Bertie County. 34-8. 

Physician. Raleigh. Died 49. 

Outlaw, Joseph Stone. <P Franklin County. 53-4. 

Med. Stud. Univ. of N. York. Physician. 53-6 Franklin Co. 56-9 Beaufort 
Co. 59-61 Craven Co. 10th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 

Outlaw, William. Memphis, Tenn. 44-6. 

Physician. Tennessee. 

Outlaw, William Dosey. Bertie County. 47-S. 

M. D., 51, LTniv. of N. Y. Physician. Windsor. Choctaw Agency, Oktibbeha 
Co., Miss. Lieut, in Miss. Regt. C. S. Ar. Died 69. 

Outlaw, William T. M. Y Bertie County. 34-5. 37—8. 

Physician. Jonesboro, Tenn. Died 54. 

Overby, Warren. Y Granville County. 72-4. 

Teacher. Huntington, W. Va. 

Overby, Samuel Emmett. }* Camden County. 66-y. 

A. B., 6S, W. F. Col. Lawyer. Planter. Elizabeth City. Belcross, Cam- 
den Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 145 

Owen, Edward Edwards. Halifax County, Va. 50-1. 

Bap. Min. 52 — Kentucky. 

Owen, John Henry. 2" Granville County. 41-2. 
Owen, John Ransom. Y Davidson County. 35-6. 

Teacher. 39-43 Tipton Co., Tenn. 43-53 Green Co., Mo. 53-63 Texas. 
Died 63. 

Owen, William Herndon. Y Summerville, Tenn. 47-51. 

A. B., 51, W. F. Col. Merchant. Memphis, Tenn. 

Pace, F. LB. Y Wake County. 79-81. 

Planter. Wakefield. 

Pace, Jesse Richard. Y Wake County. S3-8. 

Ord., Oct., 85, Rolesville. Bap. Min. Pastor. SS-91 Central Asso. 91— 
Bethel, Pitt Co. 

Pace, Thomas T. Y Wake County. SS-91. 

Agent Royal Coal Co. Coal Creek, Tenn. 

Pace, William Hartwell. Y Wake County. 66-9. 

A. B., 69, W. F. Col. Attorney at Law. Raleigh. 

Pace, William Oscar. }* Raleigh. 80-1. 

Planter. Rolesville. 

Pace, W. Rufus. <P Wake County. 7S-S0. 

Merchant. Durham. 

Palmer, Becum Dye. Warren County. 35-6. 

Planter. Greensboro, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Died 57. 

Palmer, Charles M. Y Stanly County. 87-8. 

Teacher. Ins. Agt. Palmersville. 

Palmer, Wiley Jones. Y Caswell County. 51-2. 

Supt. N. C. Institution for Blind and Deaf, Raleigh. Supt. Instil, for Blind 
and Deaf, Canada. Dead. 

Parham, Alonzo Whitfield. <!> Granville County. 77— S. 

Standard Music House. Winston. 

Parham, Cornelius Hill. Granville County. 7S-S0. 

Planter. Oxford. 

Parham, Edwin Thomas. Granville County. 76-9. 

Prin. of Acad. Ashpole, Robeson Co. 


146 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Parham, Frank E. ( I> Oxford. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Parham, Percy Carroll. Granville County. 85-6. 

Planter. Oxford. 

Parker, Benjamin F. Y Hertford County. 57-60. 

Planter. Hertford Co. Bertie Co. Lewiston. 

Parker, Charles Jackson. 1' Wake County. 84-5. 

i: Licentiate of Instruction," Univ. of Nashville, Tenu. 90-1 Prin. of Graded 
Schools, Tarboro. 91 — Teacher in Grad. Sch., Raleigh. 

Parker, Edward Larkins. Sampson County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Parker, Jesse H. Y Hertford County. 73-4. 

Merchant. Planter. Mapleton, Hertford Co. 

Parker, Peter P. Y Hertford County. 54-9. 

A. B., 59, W. F. Col. 17th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Accountant. Southampton 
Co., Va. Matthews Co., Va. New York City. Norfolk, Va. 

Parker, T. M. Y Hertford County. 60-1. 

Planter. Hertford Co. C. S. Army. Dead. 

Parker, Virgil Otis. V Wake County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Parker, W. A. Raleigh. 85-7. 

Parker, William Carey. Y Hertford County. 54-9. 

A. B., 59, W. F. Col. Co. C, 17th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Teacher. 65-89 
Hertford Co. 81-4 Supt. Pub. Ins. Hertford Co. Jan., 89— Seaboard, 
Northampton Co. 

Parrott, James M. Kinston. 88-91. 

Med. Stud. 

Paschal, George Washington. Chatham County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Paschal, Robert L. Chatham County. 88-91. 

A. B., 91, W, F. Col. Teacher. Free State, S. C. 

Patterson, David Atlas. Orange County. 48-9. 

Planter. Orange Co. Cavalry, Hampton's Legion, C. S. Ar. Died, 65, in 
army hospital. 

Patterson, Irwin Alexander. <I> Orange County. 49-51. 

Died, 56, in N. York City while a Med. Stud. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 147 

Patterson, John Cave. Orange County. 49-54. 

A. B., 54, W. F. Col. Med. Stud. Phila., Pa. New Orleans, La. Physician. 
Chapel Hill. 

Patterson, Robert Donald. 0> Orange County. 48-9. 

Planter. Lieut. Co. G., 27th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Orange Co. Durham. 

Patterson, Samuel Frederick. Orange County. 49-52. 

Planter. Merchant. Milling. 52-86 Orange Co. S6-90 Winston. istN. C. 
Inf., C. S. Ar. Died Oct., 90. 

Patterson, William Norwood. Orange County. 43-4. 

Planter. 44-76 Orange Co. 76 — Clinton. Mem. N. C. Gen. Assern. Mem. 
of N. C. State Conven. of 75. 

Patterson, William Robert. T Asheville. 87-8. 

Merchant. Asheville. 

Payseur, John Jerome. T Lincoln County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Peacock, F. L. Wilson County. 91-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Peacock, J. L. Columbus County. 55-6. 
Peacock, Peter L,. T Columbus County. 56-8. 

Operator in Naval Stores. 5S-61 Peacock's Store. 61-5 1st N. C. Battal., 
C. S. Ar. 66 Bladenboro. 67 Back Swamp. 6S-70 Abbottsburg. 71-4 
Cerro Gordo." 74-91 Cochrane, Ga. 91 — Commiss. Merchant, Savannah, 

Peacock, W. G. Y Pulaski County, Ga. 86-7. 

87-8 Donalson, Ga. 88 — Merchant. Savannah, Ga. 

Peacock, Wilmer Oberry. Y Pulaski County, Ga. 86-7. 

Operator in Naval Stores. 87-S Tatnall Co., Ga. 86 — Donalson, Ga. 

Pearce, Thomas James. Society Hill, S. C. 36-7. 

Bap. Min. Dead. 

Pearson, Columbus Theodore. Chatham County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Pearson, John P. Wake County. 80-1. 

Planter. Apex. 

Pence, Thomas Joxes. Y Raleigh. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

148 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Pendergrass, Jesse Romulus. T McDowell County. 83-9. 

B. L-, 88, W. F. Col. Ord., Oct. 6, 88, Carthage. Bap. Min. Pastor. 88-9 
Carthage. S9-90 S. B. Theo. Sem. 90-1 Franklin, Macon Co. 91 — 
Old Fort, McDowell Co. 

Pendleton, Arthur Syleert. T Warrenton. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Pendleton, William Skinner. Y Eden ton. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Pennington, Francis Marion. <!■> Pike County, Ala. 66-8. 

Orator 6S. Fire and Life Ins. Troy, Ala. 

Penny, William Dowd. Johnston County. 90-2. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Perkins, Willis Marion, Jr. <I> Halifax County. 7 8-9. 

Merchant. Aurelian Springs. Died Jul}', 89. 

Perkinson, Levi Cassius. Warren County. 51-2. 

Ord., Aug. 29, 53, Peach Tree Ch., Nash Co. Bap. Min. 53-4 Agt. of N. C. 
Bap. Bible and Pub. Soc. 55-6 Agt. for Oxford Fern. Col. 57 — Pastor. 
Warren Co. Teacher. Sharon Acad. Oakdale. 

Perkinson, Meander Judson. Warren County. 74-6. 

Planter. Oakville, Warren Co. 

Perkinson, William Page. Brunswick County, Va. 52-3. 
Pernell, Eugene Jordan Percival. Wake County. 88-90. 

Telegraph Op. S. Carolina. 

Pernell, Jokn Washington. ( I> Wake County. 66-9. 

Planter. Pernell. 

PERNELL, P. H. T Granville County. 6S-71. 

Bap. Min. Pastor. Franklin Co. Winston. Virginia. 

Perry, Caleb Goodwin. T Perquimans County. 36-7. 

Planter. Chowan Co. Died 65. 

PERRY, Corydon. <P Franklin County. 50-1. 

Planter. 51-60 Franklin Co. 60 Moved to Arkansas. 47th N. C. Inf., C. S. 
Ar. Died June 2, 62. 

Perry, Edward Forest. Wake County. 8 2-3. 

Cotton Broker. Raleigh. 91 — Norwood, Stanly Co. 
PERRY, E. Y. Franklin County. 79-81. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 149 

Perry, Jesse A. Hertford County. 54-5. 

Planter. 55-61 Hertford Co. 61-5 Officer in 17th and 31st Regts. N. C. Inf., 
C. S. Ar. 65-70 Hertford Co. 70-6 Beaufort Co. 76— Scotland Neck. 
Mayor of S. Neck. 

Perry, Leonidas. ( I> Franklin County. 46-S. 

Merchant. Planter. 4S-S1 Franklin Co. 4th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 81 — 

Perry, Wiley Jones. <!> Harrison County, Texas. 51-2. 
Person, Addison Garland. Y Wayne County. 35-6. 

M. D., Harvard Col., Mass. Physician. Fremont. Died July 26, 56. 

Person, A. G. Y Wilmington. 73-5. 

Person, Hiram Kennedy. Y Moore County. 34-6. 

Lawyer. Moore Co. Texas. Died ab. 43. 

Person, Matthew Pressley. <P Franklin County. 52-3. 

Planter. Kittrells. 

Person, Priestley Carter. $ Franklin County. 40-1. 

Planter. Franklinton. 

Peterson, Claude Denson. <P Sampson County. S9-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Peterson, Oscar James. Y Clinton. SS-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. • 

Peterson, Walter. (1 J Goldsboro. 90-1. 

Clerk. Goldsboro. 

Phillips, Barney Hamilton. Y Johnston County. 75-80. 

A. B., So, W. F. Col. So Law Stud. Johnston Co. S1-2 Teacher. ForkCh., 
Davie Co. Ord., Apr. 4,83, Reidsville. Bap. Min. Pastor. S3-6 Reids- 
ville. S3-6 Reidsville. 86-S Alderson, W. Va. 88-9 Richmond Co. 89 
Whiteville. 90-1 Reidsville. Died Jan. 29,91. 

Phillips, George S. Y Fayetteville. 80-1. 

Cornmer. Agt. R. R. Coud. Sr-6 Fayetteville. 86— Wilmington. 

Phillips, John Yerval. Stokes County. 71-5. 

A. B., 75, W. F. Col. 76-7 Law Stud. Judge Pearson's Sch. Richmond Hill. 
Licensed 77. 77-88 Dalton, 88-90 Danbury. 90— Dalton. Mem. Gen. 
Assem. of S3 and 85. 

Phillips, Matthew Dalton. Stokes County. 71-5. 

.Med. Stud. Jeff. Med. Col., Phila., Pa. M. D. Univ. of City of New York. 
Post Grad. Med. Sch. N. Y. Polyclinic. Physician. Dalton. 

150 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Phillips, William Nathan. Franklin County. 72-81. 

Farmer. Merchant. Riley's X Roads. 

Pickett, Henry Sanders. Durham. 82-7. 

A. B., S7, W. F. Col. Teacher. Farmer. Clerk in P. 0. 87-8 Neusei 88-9 
Silver. 89 — Durham. 

Pickett, William Martin. T Anson County. 48-9. 

Lieut. Col. C. S. Ar. Planter. Lilesville. 

PiERCE, J. Burwell. T Wake County. 79-80. 

Salesman. Raleigh. 

Pinnix, Jackson Graves. Caswell County. 51-2. 

Physician. Planter. Stony Creek, Caswell Co. 

Pippin, Alfred A. Franklin County. 87-9. 

Ord., Nov. 89, Poplar Spring Ch., Franklin Co. Pastor and Teacher. Stan- 
hope. Nash Co. 

Pitchford, James A. Warren County. 52-5. 

A. B., 55, W. F. Col. Teacher. Planter. 56-7 Warren Co. 57-9 Lenoir 
Co. 59-61 Littleton. 61-5 12th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 65-S Teacher, 
Warren Co. Ord., 68, Reedy Creek Ch. Minister. Littleton. 

Pitchford, John Calhoun. Warren County. 52-5. 

A. B., 55, A. M., 59, W. F. Col. Teacher. Planter. Merchant. 56-8 
LaGrange. 59-61 Sharon, Miss. 61-5 Pogue's Miss. Battal. of Flying 
Artillery, C. S. Ar. 65— Shocco, Miss, 

Pitchford, Robert T. Warren County. 52-5. 

A. B., 55, W. F. Col. Teacher. 56-S Kinston. 5S-61 McKinley, Ala. 
Pogue's Miss. Battal. of Flying Artil., C. S. Ar. Mortally wounded, 65, 
before Petersburg in last assault. 

Pitchford, Thomas J. Warren County. 56-8. 

A. B., 5S, W. F. Col. Richmond, Va., Med. Col. Teacher. Planter. Kin- 

ston. 12th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Pris. of War, Fort Delaware. Planter. 

Pittard, Drewry Allen. Granville County. 83-7. 91-2. 

B. S., S7, W. F. Col. S7-9— Teacher. Alleusville. 92— Stud. W. F. Col. 

Pittard, George N. Granville County. 78-82. 

Ord. Grassy Cr. Ch., Granville Co. Bap. Min. Adoniram. Roanoke City, 


Pittman, Alexander McArthur. T Robeson Count}'. 74-7. 

79-80 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., May, 78, Ashpole Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor and 
Teacher. Hillsboro and Hamilton High Schools. Blackstock, Marion 
Co., S. C. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 151 

Pittman, Alfred Edwin Carrington. Robeson Co. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Pittman, Isham W. Robeson County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Pittman, Nathan Roland. Robeson County. 76-81. 

Debater So. Orator Si. B. L-, Si, W. F. Col. Si S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., Si, 
Flat Rock Ch., Franklin Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Oct., Si— Aug. 82, 
Wadesboro. S2-4 Macon City, Mo. Apr., 84— Patee Park Ch., St. Josephs, 
Mo. S6 — Asso. Editor of Central Baptist. 

Poe, Edmond A. Chatham Comity. 55-9. 

Ord., 60, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. Burke, Gaston and 
McDowell Cos. Morganton. 

Poe, John Cooper. Chatham County. 34-5. 

Fayetteville. Dead. 

Poindexter, Abram Wimbish. Richmond, Va. 57-60. 

A. B., 60, W. F. Col. 60-1 Teacher. Alabama. 61-4 Capt. Co. K., 26th Va. 
Inf., C. S. Ar. Killed Battle of the Crater, July 30, 64. 

Poindexter, William Jordan. Halifax County, Va. 60-1. 

3d Va. Cav. Killed on "Peninsula Campaign," Nov., 61. 

Polk, T. E. Anson County. 79-81. 

Merchant. Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Pollock, Andrew Jackson. 1' Kinston. 5S-9. 

M. D., Univ. of N. York. Capt. Co. H., 55th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Physician. 
Milton, Florida. Pensacola, Fla. 

Pollock, William Durward. Lenoir County. 80-81. 

Lawyer. Kinston. 

Poole, James T. Johnston County. 59-60. 

Teacher. Planter. Archer Lodge. 

Poole, Moscow. Wake County. 81-2. 

Merchant. Planter. Auburn. 

Poole, William Alexander. Alexander County. 66-8. 

Ord., Mar., 68, Three Forks Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. 6S-72 Alexander Co. 
73 Missionary, Davie Co. 74-83 Taylorsville. Clerk of Superior Court. 
Probate Judge for Alexander Co. Preaching on Sundays. 83-91 Lenoir. 
89— Pastor. Statesville. 

Poole, William Edward. )* Murfreesboro. 43-8. 

A. B., 48, A. M., 55, W. F. Col. Teacher. Physician. Hertford and Cam- 
den Cos. Surgeon in C. S. Ar. Dead. 

152 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Pope, H. ( P Cumberland County. 73-4- 

Pope, J. E. Halifax County. 79-80. 

Pope, J. H. Cumberland County. 73-4. 

Pope, William Boardman. <P Lumberton. 79-S4. 

Debater S4. B. L., 84, W. F. Col. Ord., June, 84, Lumberton. Bap. Min. 
Pastor. 84-5 Southport. S5-S Warsaw. SS-90 Olyuipia, Wash. Per. 
90-1 Great Falls, Montana. 91 Dixon, Cal. 92 — Reno, Nevada. 

Porter, Samuel Judson. Y Columbus County. 

Stud. W. F. Col. S9-92. 

POSTON, F. H. Y Cleveland County. 84-8. 

Ord., Sep. 19, 79, Sandy Plains Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. SS-92 Florence Co., 
S. C. Supt. Pub. Instr. 92— Smithfield. 

Poteat, Edwin McNeill. Y Caswell County. 76-81. 

Debater Si. A. B., 81, W. F. Col. S1-5 S. B. Theo. Sem. "Full Graduate." 
Ord., June, 84, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor. Aug.— Dec, 85, Chapel 
Hill. Jan.— June, 86, Asst. Prof. An. Laugs., W. F. Col. S7-S Lee St. 
Ch., Balto., Md. Stud, of J. Hopkins Univ. Oct. 5, 88— Calvary Ch., 
New Haven, Conn. 

Poteat, James Preston. Y Caswell County. 66-9. 

Planter. Journalist. Editor of Caswell News. Yauceyville. 

Poteat, William Louis. Y Caswell County. 72-7. 

Debater 76. Orator 77. A. B., 77, A. M., 89, W. F. Col. 76-S Yauceyville. 
7S-S0 Tutor, W. F. Col. S0-3 Asst. Prof. W. F. Col. S3— Prof, of Nat. 
Hist., W. F. Col. 

Pouncey, Peter A. H. Marlborough Dist. , S. C. 35-6. 

Powell, A. B. Y Caswell County. 55-6. 

Powell, Alpheus Harrell. Y Halifax County. 35-7. 

Merchant. 37-47 Halifax Co. 47-56 Bertie Co. 56-ab. 60 Halifax Co. 
Died ab. 60. 

Powell, B. F. Y Columbus County. 71-2. 

Manufacturer of Naval Stores. Glenwood, Ga. 

Powell, Carson Lennon. }* Columbus County. 67-72. 

Ord., Porter Swamp Ch., Columbus Co. Pastor and Missionary. Columbus 
and Martin Cos. Independent Missionary. Algeria, Africa. Drowned 
in Mediterranean Sea, Dec. 19, 89. 

Powell, Daniel Augustus. Y Johnston County. 36-7. 

Planter. Smithfield. Goldsboro. Died 79. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 153 

POWELL, D. W. Y Columbus County. 70-2. 
Planter. Whiteville. 

Powell, Eaton Phillips. Halifax County. 47-8. 

Planter. P.oseneath. Died 82. 

Powell, Edwin Oliver. T Columbus County. 88-9. 

Merchant. Dublin, Ga. 

POWELL, George A. Y Columbus County. 82-3. 

Merchant. Fair Bluff. 

Powell, Henry Stevens. Y Columbus County. 59-60. 

Moved to Texas. Dead. 

Powell, James Joseph. Y Wake County. 55-6. 

Planter. Wake Co. Manly's Battery, C. S. Ar. Severely wounded. Moved 
to Va. Died ab. 85. 

Powell, Jesse Cotton. $ Halifax County. 35-6. 

M. D., ab. 43, Univ. of Peun., Phila. Physician. Planter. 43-60 St. Johns, 
Hertford Co. 60 — ab. 67 Halifax Co. Died ab. 67. 

Powell, John C. Y Columbus County. 73-5. 

With Eureka Lye Co., Macon, Ga. 

Powell, John Henry. Y Johnston County. 36-7. 

Merchant. Smithfield. Goldsboro. 

POWELL, J. L. '0 Sampson County. 73-7. 

Manufacturer. Tucson, Arizona. 

Powell, L. Halifax County. 67-8. 

POWELL, N. V. B. 2" Caswell Count}'. 55—9. 

A. B., 59, W. F. Col. 59-61 S. B. Theo. Sem. Bap. Min. Dead. 

Powell, R. O. Y Columbus County. 69-70. 

Merchant's Clerk. Fair Bluff. 

POWELL, T. Halifax County. 67-S. 

Powell, Thomas E. Y Wake Count}-. 35—7. 

Powell, T. F. )' Richmond County. 59-61. 

On Staff of Gen. Jubal Early, C. S. Ar. Planter. Chatham Co. Memb. of 
Gen. Assem. of N. C. Raleigh. 

Powell, Wiley Vernon. Warrenton. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

154 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Powell, William Columbus. Y Columbus County. 68-70. 

Pres't of Savannah Naval Stores Co., Savannah, Ga. 

Powell, William Lafayette. Y Hertford County. 49-50. 
Powell, William R. Y Edgecombe County. 34-5. 
Powell, William Royall. Y Wake County. S5-6. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Powers, Frank P. 0> Pender County. 87-9. 

Merchant. Willard, Pender Co. 

Powers, John Benjamin. New Hanover County. 71-6. 

Debater, 76, A. B., 76, W. F. Col. Stud. Jeff. Med. Col., Phila., Pa. M. D., 
78, Long Island Med. Col. Hosp., Brooklyn, N. York. Physician. W. 

Powers, Luther Milton. New Hanover County. 71-4. 

M. D., 77, Washington Med. Col., Balto., Md. Post grad. Med. Stud. Belle- 
vue FIosp. Med. Col. and Col. of Phys. and Surgs. and Poh'clinic, New 
York. Physician. 77-S6 Washington Co. S6-7 Norfolk, Nebraska. 
87 — Los Angeios, Cal. 

Prather, Thomas W. Y Columbus County. 57-S. 
Price, Aeram Wilfred. Marion County, S. C. 80-1. 

S1-2 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., July 24, 82, Reedy Creek Ch., Marion Co., S. C. 
Bap. Min. Pastor. 82-4 Antioch. Terral's Bay, S. C. 84-6 Mullins, 
S. C. Whiteville. Spring Branch. 86-7 Fair Bluff. 87-91 Laurinburg. 
Alma. Spring Hill. 92 Wadesboro. Died May 27, 92. 

Price, James Pleasant. Y Rockingham County. 85-9. 

Teacher. Bap. Min. Sterling, Robeson Co. 

Prichard, George Dana Broadman. Camden County. 69-71. 

Planter. Camden Co. 90 — Merchant. Elizabeth City. 

Prichard, George Taylor. Y Richmond, Va. 76-9. 

A. M., 79, W. F. Col. Merchant. Planter. 88— Prof, in Oral School for 
Deaf and Dumb, Scranton, Pa. 

Prichard, John Lamb. }* Camden County. 35-40. 

A. B., 40, A. M., 44, W. F. Col. 40-1 Teacher. Murfreesboro. Ord., Mar., 
42, Danville, Va. Bap. Min. Pastor. 42-52 Danville, Va. 52-5 Lynch- 
burg, Va. 56-62 1st Bap. Ch., Wilmington, N. C. Died Nov. 13, 62. 

Prichard, John L. Y Camden County. 73-7. 

Orator 76. Died while student at W. F. Col., Sept. 30, 77. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 155 

Prichard, Robert Samuel. T Richmond, Va. 66-9. 

Orator, 69, A. B., 69, W. F. Col. 69-71 Stud. Univ. of Va. Appointed 
Miss'y to Shanghai, China. Died Richmond, Va., Jan. 19, 72. 

Pridgen, Carl Waldo. $ Kinston. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Pridgen, Etheldred R. Y Columbus County. 56-7. 

Merchant's Clerk. Whiteville. Died ab. 63. 

Pridgen, James H. <I> 87-91. 

A. M., 91, W. F. Col. Stud. J. H. Univ., Balto., Md. 

Prince, David Maybury. Goldsboro. 8S-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Prince, Lawrence William. T Wake County. 79-S0. 

Merchant's Clerk. Weldon. Died Oct. 20, 82. 

Prince, Nicholas William. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 34-5. 

Fruit Grower, 35-67, Marengo Co., Ala. 67-80 Apopka, Fla. Died Apr., So. 

Prince, Oliver Hazard Perry. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 34-5. 

Lawyer. Demopolis, Ala. Capt. 41st Ala. Inf., C. S. Ar. Killed by cannon- 
ball in battle of Chickamauga, 63. 

Pritchard, Lauritson Levering. $ Raleigh. 80-4. 

S4-5 Stud. Richd. Col., Va. Teacher. Willard. Ashpole. Merchandise 
Broker. Inspector and Agent of Carolina Creosote Co. Tax Collector. 
Wilmington. • 

Pritchard, Thomas Henderson. ( P Davie County. 49-54. 

Orator, 54, A. B., 54, W. F. Col. 54-5 Agt. for W. F. Col. Ord. Hertford. 
Bap. Min. Pastor. 55-S Hertford. Sep., 58— Jan., 59, Theol. Stud. 
Charlottesville, Va. 59 Fredericksburg, Va. 60-5 Franklin Sq. Ch., 
Balto., and Raleigh. 65-S Petersburg, Va. 68-79 Ist Ch., Raleigh. 
79-82 Prest. W. F. Col. 82 Broadway Ch., Louisville, Ky. S3— ist Ch., 
Wilmington. D. D. 68, Univ. of N. C. 

Pritchard, William Broaddus. Raleigh. 78-S2. 

Med. Stud. Louisville (Ky.) Med. Col. M. D., 84, Col. Phys. and Surg., 
Balto. Physician. S4-7 Faison. 87 — 353 W. 58th St., New York. 
Lecturer on Mental and Nervous Diseases, New York Polyclinic Col. 

Pruett, D. M. T Cleveland County. 89-90. 

Med. Stud. Med. Col. 90-1, Univ. of Md., Balto. M. D. March 3, 92. Louis- 
ville, Ky., Med. Col. Physician. Boiling Springs. 

156 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Pruett, John Bunyan. Franklin County. 80-85. 

Debater, 85, B. L., 85, W. F. Col. Orel., Oct. 24, 85, Wadesboro. Bap. Min. 
Pastor. S5-8 Deep Creek. Gum Springs. Ansonville, Anson Co. 88-9 
S. B. T. Sem. B. St. Ch., Louisville, Ky. Nov. SS— Dec. 89 Asst. Past, 
Walnut St. Ch., Louisville, Ky. Jan. 90 — Onancock, Va. 

Pruett, Eemoia Rowland. Y Cleveland County. 82-7. 

Debater, 87, A. B., 87, W. F. Col. Orel., Mar. 14, 87, Boiling Springs Ch. 
Cleveland Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. S7-90 Hertford Co. 90— Mt. Airy. 

Pugh, Francis R. ( P Bertie County. 51-3. 

Planter. Removed to Haywood Co., Tenn. Forest's Cav., C. S. Ar. Browns- 

Purefoy, Addison Foster. T Wake County. 45-57. 

A. B., 55, W. F. Col. Ord., 58, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. W. Forest. 

Purefoy, Edgar Justin. }' Wake County. 61-2. 

Cumming's Battery. Killed June iS, 64, at Petersburg, Va. 

Purefoy, Edgar Mark. Charlotte. 87-8. 

Machinist. Charlotte. 

Purefoy, Frederick MApaoN. T Wake County. 4S-56. 

A. B., 56, W. F. Col. Planter. Merchant. Wake Forest. 

Purefoy, George Washington. Y Orange County. 70-4. 

B. Ph., 74, W. F. Col. M. D., 76, Jeff. Med. Col., Phila. Physician. 76-85 

Chapel Hill. S5— Asheville. 

Purefoy, John Knox. Y W T ake County. 51-9- 

Merchant. Mechanic. Planter. 60-4 Frankliutou. Co. I., 1st N. C. Inf., 
C. S. Ar. 64-6 Nassau, N. P., Bahama Isles. 66-7 Franklinton. 71 — 

Purefoy, John Watson. Y Warrentou. 74-7. 

Merchant. 77-S1 E.aleigh. Si-S Wake Forest. S8-92 Hendersou. 92 — 
Denver, Colorado. 

Purefoy, Marion. Wake County. 73-7. 

Merchant. Planter. Wake Forest. 

Purefoy, Nicholas Addison. ( P Wake County. 36-7. 

A. B., 46, Columbian Col., Wash., D. C. 46, Pastor. Tarboro. Greenville. 
47-52 Fayetteville. 52-79 Warren Co. 80, Raleigh. 81-6 W. Forest. 
Died July 6, 86. 

Quarles, W. H. Petersburg, Va. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Quillen, Stephen Bonner. Russell County, Va. 91-2. 

Stud. w. F. Col. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 157 

Ragan, William Kimball. Wake County. 8 1-3. 

Hopes' Mills. 

Ragsdale, William H. <P Granville County. 75-S0. 

Debater, So, A. E., So, W. F. Col. Teacher. Scotland Neck. Planter. 
Adoniram, Granville Co. 

Ramseur, C. P. Y Cleveland County. 69-70. 
Planter. Cleveland Co. Dead. 

Ramselr, D. S. Y Cleveland County. 71-4. 

M. D. Townsend Med. Col., Ky. Physician. Blacksburg, S. C. 

Ramsey, John Thomas. 1' Northampton County. 81-3. 

Stud. Ran. -Macon Col., Va. Real Est. Broker. S3-90 Seaboard. 90 — 
Richmond, Va. 

Ramsey, Willis Allan. d> Sumter Dist., S. C. 47-50. 

Med. Stud. S. C. Col. M. D., June, 54, Univ. of Va. Physician. Planter. 
54-77 Sumter Co., S. C. 77 — Grange, Jefferson Co., Ga. 

Rand, TvIarcellus. Y W T ake County. 53-4. 

Planter. 54-7 Wake Co. 57-65 Johnston Co. Lieut. 24th N. C. Inf., C. S. 
Ar. 65-S Cumberland Co. 68— Rand's Mills, Wake Co. 

Randle, Sidney. Y Montgomery County. 37-S. 
Ranes, Lorenzo Newton. Y Wake County. 76-S2. 

Teacher. S2-5 Smithfield. Selma. S5 — Rolesville. 

Rangely, Frederick. Y Patrick County, Va. 86-7. 
Rascoe, John Thomas. Y Bertie County. 36-9. 

Physician. Windsor. Dead. 

Ratliff, L. R. Y Anson County. 8S-9. 
Plauter. Deep Creek, Anscn Connty. 

Ray, B. W. Y Wake County. 78-81. 

Teacher. 81-2 Wake Co. S2-3 Eastman Col. S3, Kinston. 84-5!Louisburg. 
Jan., 86 — Leaksville. 

Ray, C. B. <P Wake County. 84-5. 

Ray, Charles D. <I> Franklin County. 81-3. 

Tobacconist. Oxford. 

Ray, E. H. Franklin County. 87-8. 
Ray, John Edwin. Y Wake County. 69-75. 

Debater, 75, A. M., 75, Vv r . F. Col. 75-S5 Teacher in N. C. Instn. for Deaf 
and Blind, Raleigh. 77-87 Cor. Sec. N. C. Bap. State Con. S7— Supt. 
of Colorado School for Deaf and Blind, Colorado Springs, Col. 

158 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Ray, Monroe Thomas. T Wake County. 79-S1. 

Pharmacist. Raleigh. 

Ray, William Leonidas. Wake County. 83-4. 

R. R. Agt. Telegrapher. 84-7 Neuse. 87 — Greystone. 

Rayner, Julius. Wayne County. 71-2. 

Planter. Wayne Co. Grantham's Store. 

Rayner, J. Thomas. T Bertie County. 34-5. 

Planter. Memb. of N. C. Gen. Assem. Hermitage, Bertie Co. Died ab. 4S. 

Reaves, Edward Solomon. Marion County, S. C. 88-92. 

Stud. w. F. Col. 
Reddick, Robert R. Y Bertie County. 77-81. 

Planter. Bertie Co. Dead. 

Reddish, William Henry. T Wake County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Redfearn, Alexander May. T Anson County. 81-4. 

B. S., 84, W. F. Col. M. D., Brooklyn Med. Col. Physician. Dudley, S. C. 
Chesterfield C. H...S. C. 

Redfearn, Randolph. Y Union County. 83-6. 

Planter. Merchant. Monroe. 

Redfearn, Robert James Wilson. T Anson County. 81-3. 

Merchant. Planter, 83-4 White's Store. S4 — Wadesboro. 

REECE, Winson Llewellyn. <1> Yadkin County. S3-4. 

Lawyer. Y T adkin Co. 

REESE, Robert LEE. Y Northampton County. 75-6. 

Planter. Merchant. Garysburg. 

Reid, Jesse Lewis. Y Kittrells. 88-9. 

R. R. Agt. Kittrells. 

Reid, T. S. Rockingham County. 72-3. 
Reinhardt, M. F. Y Pettis County, Mo. 66-7. 
Reinhart, Dabney Belvin. Thomas\-ille. 79-81. 

A. M., 81, W. F. Col. Stud. Univ. of Va. M. D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col. 
N. York. Asst. Physician N. York City Insane Asyl. 87-8 Supt. of 
Milwaukee Insane Asyl. SS — Physician and Surgeon. Merrill, Wis- 

Rencher, Umstead. Chatham County. 36-7. 

Lawyer. California. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 159 

Repiton, A. Paul. T Wilmington. 56-7. 

Bap. Min. Dead. 

REVIS, John J. T Granville Count)?. 37— S. 

Rhodes, Anthony Edmund. T Jones Count) 7 . 54-9. 

Orator, 59, A. B., 59, W. F. Col. Co. I., 27th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Teacher. 
65-7S N. Carolina. 78 — Florida. Keysville, Fla. 

Rhodes, R. B. Wayne County. 74-5. 

Rice, Elijah Forbes. T Beaufort. SS-92. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Richardson, A. Dexter. Chatham County. 68-9. 

Planter. New Hill. 

Richardson, Charles. $ Chesterfield County, S. C. 89-91. 

Stud. Bus Col. N. York. Planter. Hornsboro, S. C. 

Richardson, Edward L. @ Johnston County. 57-60. 

Murchison's Cavalry, C. S. Ar. Died in Military service, 64. 

Richardson, Henry J. ( P Chesterfield County, S. C. S7-90. 

Stud, at Bus. Col. Teacher. Shiloh, S. C. 

Richardson, James B. Moore County. 57-61. 

Orator, 61., A. B., 61, W. F. Col. Ord. 62. Bap. Min. Teacher. 62-7 
Lilesville. 68-71 Abbotts Creek. 71 — High Point. Cor. Sec. of Bap. 
State Conven. 

Richardson, Joseph C. <!> Johnston County. 57-61. 

Capt. 53d N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Warrenton. Goldsboro. 

Richardson, Milton C. <I> Johnston County. 57-61. 

Murchison's Cavalry, C. S. Ar. Lawyer. Smithfield. Clinton. 

Richardson, Oscar N. <I> Guilford County. S4-5. 

85-8 Clerk. Lilesville. S9— Gen'l Manager Machine Works. High Point. 

Richardson, James Rainey. T Caswell County. 51-2. 

Rickman, Miles LEE. ( I> Macon County. 83-9. 

Debater, 89, B. L., 89, W. F. Col. Ord., Apr. 25, 86, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. 
Teacher. 89 Bryson City. 90 — -Pastor at Stevensville, Missoula Co., 

Riddick, Charles Oscar. T Gates County. 71—3. 

Stud, at Bus. Col., Balto., Md. 73-82 Planter. Gates Co. 82— Commis. 
Merch. Norfolk, Va. 

160 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Riddick, David Elbert. Y Gates County. 54-7. 

Co. C, 19th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 65-S2 Planter. S2-8 Sheriff Gates Co. 
SS— Hotel Prop. Gatesville. 

Riddick, Elbert T. }* Pasquotank County. 54-5. 
Riddick, Ivy Goodman. Y Wake County. 77-84. 

A. B., 84, W. F. Col. M. D., S6, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., N. York. Phy- 
sician. 86-9 W. Forest. 89 — Youngsville. 

Riddick, Nathan Elbert. Wake County. 81-3. 

Planter. Wake Co. Raleigh. 

Riddick, Wallace Carl. Y 77-84. 

Stud, at Univ. of N. C. and Lehigh Univ., Pa. Civil Engineer. Weldon. 
92 — Petersburg, Va. (Riddick & Syme). 

Riddick, Walter Harrell. Y Wake County. 77-82. 

Bookkeeper. W. Forest. Raleigh. Durham. 

Riddick, Wiley Goodman. Y Gates County. 54-5. 

Lieut, in 3d N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Hotel Prop. Planter. Raleigh. 

Riddick, William Henry. Y Gates County. 54-5. 

Cohoon's Battal., C. S. Ar. Planter. Gates Co. Wiggins' X Roads. 

Riddick, William Oscar. Y Gates County. 86-90. 

A. B., 90, W. F. Col. 90-1 Teacher. Dockery. Feb. — Sept., 91, Commer. 
Trav. Sept., 91 — Merchant. Falls. 

Ridley, William. Wake County. 34-5. 

Planter. Wake Co. Died ab. 50. 

Riggs, Francis T. Y Craven County. 34-5. 

Planter. Newbern. Parnlieo Co. Dead. 

Riggsbee, Frederick Lee. ( P Chatham County. 91-2, 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Riggsbee, John Marshall. ( P Chatham County. 55-6. 

Co. B., 49th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Chatham Co. Rialto. 

Riggsbee, Robert Henry. Durham. 85-6. 

Bookkeeper. U. S. Postal Service. Durham, 

Riggsbee, William Henry. Orange County. 74-5. 

Photographer. Raleigh. 

Ritley, John C. Wake County. 34-5. 

Planter. Forestville. Dead. 


General Catalog ne of Wake Forest College. 161 

Ritter, Clement. Moore County. 85-7. 

M. D., 90, Jefferson Med. Col., Phila., Pa. Physician. Montgomery, Ala. 

Rivers, Robert Edward. Y Chesterfield County, S. C. 81-6. 

Teacher. Chesterfield Co., S. C. 

Rivers, Thomas Ebin. T Chesterfield County, S. C. 89-90. 

Stock Farmer. Oklahoma City, O. Ter. 141 Liberty Road, Houston, Tex. 

Robersox, M. A. T Martin County. 69-71. 
Merchant. Planter. R.obersonville. 

Robertson, Archibald Thomas. T Statesville. 79-85. 

A. M., 85, W. F. Col. S5-S S. B. Theo. Sem. "Full graduate." Ord., July, 
SS, Newcastle, Ky. Bap. Min. 88, Pastor, Newcastle, Ky. SS-90 Asst. 
Instructor in S. B. Theo. Sem. 90-2 Asst. Prof, in S. B. T. Sem. 92 — 
Prof, in S. B. Theo. Sem. Louisville, Ky. 

Robertson, Eugene Cook. }* DeLand, Fla. 85-S. 

SS-9 Teacher. Charleston, Ark. 89-90 Ins. Agt, Covington, Ky. 90 — Book 
Publisher. Room 16, Johnston Building, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Robertson, John Davie. Y Iredell County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Robertson, William Walker. Y Pittsylvania Co., Va. 86-8. 

Med. Stud., Univ. of Va. Col. of Phys. and Surg., Balto., Md. M. D., 91 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., N. York. Physician, Fall Creek, Va. 

Robinson, Benjamin Franklin. }' Warren County. 36-7. 

Stud. Ran. -Macon Col., Va. Died 49. 

Robinson, George Washington. Y Warren County. 36-7. 

Planter. Warren Co. Died 60. 

Robinson, James Clack. }" Warren County. 36-7. 

Stud. Ran.-Macon Col., Va. C. S. Ar. Planter. Warren Co. Metalia. 

Rodwell, James Robert. Warren County. 74-6. 

Stud. at. Univ. of N. C. Planter. Teacher. 77-S4 Churchill. S4-6 Macon. 
86 — Sheriff of Warren Co. W'arreuton. 

Rogers, Andrew Jackson. ( i> Granville County. 49-53. 

A. B., 53, W. P. Col. Lawyer. Planter. Dead. 

Rogers, Clinton Marion. )' Granville County. 52-3. 

Sheriff of Granville Co. Oxford. 

Rogers, Daniel Webster. ( P Wake County. 46-8. 


1 62 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Rogers, David Carey. T Sampson County. 87-9. 

Ord., Oct., 89, Wells Chapel Ch. Bap. Min. 91— Sumter, S. C. 

Rogers, G. P. Wake County. 58-9. 
Rogers, J. A. (P Wake County. 69-71. 

Dep. Sheriff. Raleigh. Died Jan., S7. 

Rogers, James R. Wake County. 83-4. 

Physician. Apex. 

Rogers, Jefferson W. Wake County. 55-6. 
Rogers, John Archibald. 0> Harnett County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Rogers, John Cave. Wake County. 35-40. 

A. B., 40, A. M., 44, W. F. Col. Physician. 

Rogers, John P. Wake County. 77-80. 

Physician. Tennessee. Dead. 

Rogers, Josepfi Johnson. Wake County. 77-80. 

S0-9 Merchant. Planter. Apex. 89 — Gen'l Manager of Alliance Exchange, 
97 Granby St., Norfolk, Va. 

Rogers, J. E. W T ake County. 77-80. 

Died Sept. 3, 80. 

Rogers, Peleg Jubilee. (P Wake County. 42-4. 

Planter. Wake Co. Died ab. 62. 

Rogers, Robert Irving Alonzo. Orange County. 71-2. 

72-9 Planter. Chapel Hill. 79— Real Est. Broker. Marble Manufacturer. 

Rogers, Stephen H. Wake County. 46-7. 

Planter. Holly Springs. Died 51. 

Rogers, Wiley Major. T Raleigh. 79-81. 

Merchant. LaGrange. Raleigh. S5-9 Durham. 89— W. Forest. Agt. for 
News and Observer. 

Rogers, William A. Granville County. 43-4. 
Rogers, William J. <P Wake County. 76-S. 

Manufacturer of Lumber and Naval Stores. 7S-80 Apex. 80-3 Winder, 
Moore Co. 83-90 Keyser. 90 — Sparks, Ga. 

Roles, Robert R. 34-5. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 163 

Rominger, Cornelius Augustus. T Forsyth Count)-. 76-9. 

A. B., 79, W. F. Col. 79-82 Prin. of Acad., Fork Ch., Davie Co. D. D. S., 

Feb. S3, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Term. Dental Surg. S3-5 Hills- 
boro. Feb. 85 — Reidsville. 

Ross, George High. Durham County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Rounce, Edmund F. B. ( I> Jones County. 42-3. 
Roundtree, Robert Hart. <1> Pitt County. 48-9. 

Wholesale Merchant. N. York City. 

Rounsaville, George Forest. T Davidson County. 35-6. 

Missouri. Railroad President. Dead. 

Rouse, John Willis. Y Columbus County. 71-2. 

Co. D., 3d N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Artisan. Whiteville. 

Rowland, B. W. Y Granville County. 66-7. 

Rowland, E. S. T Granville County. 66-7. 

Rowland, H. H. Y Granville County. 66-7. 

Rowland, I. C. Y Granville Count}-. 66-7. 

Rowland, P. W. Y Granville County. 66-7. 

Rowland, W. H. Granville County. 68-9. 

Roy all, Francis Marion. Sampson County. 87-91. 

B. L., 91, W. F. Col. Ord., Aug. 31, 90, Oliver's Grove Ch., Johnston Co. 

91 — Stud, at S. B. Theo. Seni. 

Royall, Hardy E. Sampson County. 68-70. 

Planter. Sampson Co. Died ab. 88. 

Royall, Josiah Blackman. Y Sampson County. 35-6. 

Planter. Merchant. Clinton. Moved to California. Died ab. 65. 

Royall, Eee. Y Berkley County, S. C. 85-9. 

B. L-, 89, W. F. Col. S9-90 Law Stud., Charleston, S. C. 91 — Lawyer. 
Mount Pleasant, S. C. 

Royall, Robert Edward. Y Wake County. 66-70. 

Orator, 70, A. B., 70, W. F. Col. 70-7 Teacher. Raleigh. Louisburg. Cal- 
vert, Texas. Independence, Texas. 77-85 Manufacturer of Naval Stores, 
McRae, Ga., Eastman, Ga., Savannah, Ga. 85 — Merchant. Wake For- 

164 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Royall, Robert Venning. T Charleston, S. C. 68-72. 

Teacher. Planter. Mount Pleasant, S. C. 

Royall, William, Jr. Y Wake County. 8S-92. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Royall, William Bailey. }' Wake County. 59-61. 

A. B., 61, A. M., 66, W. F. Col. D. D., 87, Judson Col. 61, Sautee Artil. 
62-5 55th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Ord., 69, \V. F. Col. Bap. Min. 66-S 
Tutor. 6S-71 Asst. Prof, of Languages. 71 — Prof, of Greek. 82-4 Chair- 
man of Facultj-, Wake Forest College. Pastor. Forestville, Youngsville, 
Rolesville Churches. 

Royall, William Samuel. T Berkley County, S. C. 82-4. 

A. B., 84, W, F. Col. 84-6 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., Aug. 1, 86, Charleston, 
S. C. Bap. Min. Pastor. 86-8 Appomattox Co., Va. S8-9 Duffy St. 
Ch., Savannah, Ga. 90 — Nebraska, Va. 

Royall, Young VanRensselaer. Y Sampson County. 35-7. 

Planter. Clinton. Dead. 

Royster, Frank. Granville County. 66-7. 

Planter. Alchie, Va. 

Royster, Frank Wills. Y Raleigh. 89-90. 

Merchant's Clerk. Raleigh. 

Royster, Hubert Ashley. Y Raleigh. SS-91. 

A. B., 91, W. F. Col. Med. Stud., Univ. of Pa. Raleigh. 

Russell, Daniel Lindsay. Y Currituck County. 35-6. 

Died Mar. 3, 36. 

RUSSELL, Joseph Morehead. Caswell County. 49-50. 

Planter. 50-60 Caswell Co. 60 — Texas. 

Russell, Lewis Henry. Y Warren County. 42-3. 

Planter. 43-57 Granville Co. 57— ab. 61 Charlotte. Died ab. 61. 

Russell, Richard Augustus. Newbern. 46-8. 

Planter. Fort Barnwell. 

Russell, William Henry. Y Caswell County. 41-2. 
Ryan, Frederick Beasley. Y Wake County. 41-8. 

A. B., 4S, W. F. Col. Physician. Tennessee. Dead. 

Sale, H. M. Gordon Springs, Ga. 8S-9. 
Salmons, Elbert B. Wilkesboro. 59-61. 

Licensed Bap. Min. C. S. Army. Died in Raleigh during the war. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 165 

Sanderlin, George Washington. Y Elizabeth City. 58-61. 

A. B., 62, A. M., 67, LL.D., 91, W. F. Col. Capt. Co. E., 33d N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 
65-7 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., Mar. 68, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor. 68-71 
Goldsboro. 71-6 Franklin Sq. Ch., Balto., Md. 76-S9 Planter, Wayne 
Co. 89— State Auditor. Raleigh. 

Sanderlin, J. C. Y Princess Ann County, Va. 78-80. 
Sanderlin, Leonid AS. Y Elizabeth City. 86-7. 

Merchant's Clerk. Ins. Agt. S7-92 E. City. 92— Raleigh. 

Sanderlin, W. C. Y Princess Ann County, Va. 77—9. 
Sanderlin, William W. Y Chowan County, Va. 55-6. 
Sanders, Alexander Frazier. Y Hertford County. 48-9. 
Sanders, John. Sumter Dist. , S. C. 53-4. 

Planter. Rafton Creek, Sumter Dist., S. C. 1st S. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 
Killed in action, Jan., 62. 

Sanders, M. R. Y De Soto County, Miss. 57-9. 
Sanders, O. M. Y Lancaster County, S. C. 82-4. 
Sanders, Reuben Daniel. Y De Soto County, Miss. 50-1. 
Sanders, Simon Warren. <P Wilmington. 46-S. 

Rice Planter. Brunswick Co. Died. Nov. 19, 53. 

Sanders, Simon Warren. Wake County. 66-70. 

72-4 Lumber Merchant, Brunswick Co. 74 — Merchant. Wilmington. 

Sanders, Zebulon B. Moore County. S9-91. 

Teacher. 91, Cumberland Co. 92 — Johnson Station, Ga. 

Sanderson, Thomas W. Currituck County. 34—5. 

Planter. Merchant. Currituck Co. Died ab. 41. 

Sandling, Richard Caswell. Y Granville County. 69-75. 

Ph. B., 75, W. F. Col. Ord., 7,5, Mt. Olivet Ch., Franklin Co. Bap. Min. 
Pastor. Beaufort. Mt. Olive. Willard. Harrell's Store. 

Sanford, James Lewis. Y Person County. 47-8. 

M. D., Med. Col., Phila., Pa. Physician. Planter. Person Co. Died 90. 

Sanford, John Peshan. Fall River, Mass. 41-2. 
Sapp, Charles Patrick. )' Cabarrus County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Satchwell, Solomon Sampson. Beaufort County. 39-41. 

Physician. Pres't of N. C. Medical Soc. Pres't of N. C. Board of Health. 
Rocky Point, Pender Co. 

1 66 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Satterthwaite, J. J. Pitt County. 88-90. 

Planter. Pactolas, Pitt Co. 

Satterwhite, Solomon Thomas. T Granville County. 60-1. 

Real Est. Broker. Nashville, Term. 

Satterwhite, William Henry Butler. Granville Co. 60-1. 

C. S. Ar. Presented by his regiment with a medal for braver}' in action. 
Stock Farmer. Castalian Springs, Tenn. 

Saunders, Joseph Tillman. Anson County. 86-8. 

Teacher. Planter. Lilesville. 

Savage, Robert Hall. <fi Suffolk, Va. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Savage, Robert Risop. T Nausemond County, Va. 57-60. 

A. B., 60, A. M., 66, W. F. Col. Ord., 60, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor 
61-4 Halifax Co., Va. 64— Hertford Co. Como. 

Savage, William Vann. F Murfreesboro. 81-4. 

A. B., 84, W. F. Col. 85-7 Westfield. 87-9 Raleigh. 89-90 Henderson. 
Ord., Aug. 91, Buckhorn Ch., Hertford Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. 91 — 

Sawyer, Edmund Dozier. 1' Camden County. 79-S1. 

Died 85. 

Scarborough, Benjamin Franklin. T Lenoir County. 72-4. 

Planter. Kinston. 

Scarborough, Charles Wesley. Y Wake County. 72-7 

Debater, 76, A. B., 77, W. F. Col. Ord., 76, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. 77-8 
Teacher. Forestville. 78-9 S. B. Theo. Sem. 79-82 Tutor, W. F. Col. 
79-S3 Pastor. Wake, Franklin, Granville Cos. 84 — Prof, in Chowan 
Bap. Fern. Col. Pastor. Murfreesboro. 

Scarborough, Ira. Greene County. 50-1. 

Physician. Snow Hill. Died 59. 

Scarborough, John Catre. T Wake County. 66-9. 

A. B., 69, W. F. Col. 69-70 Teacher. Forestville. 70-1 Tutor, W. F. Col. 
71-6 Prin. of Acad., Selma. Law Stud. Jan. 77 — Jan. 85 State Supt. of 
Public Instruction. 85-8 Planter. Agt. for Lippincotts and Univ. Pub. 
Co. SS-9 Prof, in Thomasville Fern. Col. Feb., 90 — Labor Commissioner 
for N. C. Raleigh. 

Schenck, John Frank. Y Cleveland County. 82-4. 

Ph. B., 86, Univ. of N. C. Law Stud. Lawyer. 90, Durham. 91 — Cotton 
Manufacturer. Cleveland Mills. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 167 

Scott, Hugh Reid. Rockingham County. 71-5. 

Debater, 73, Orator, 74, A. M., 75, W. F. Col. 75-7 Pearson's Law Sch. 

June, 77, Licensed Attorney. Lawyer. 77-S4 Wentworth. 84 — Reids- 

ville. 81-2 and S3-4 Memb. of N. C. Senate. 85 — Pres't of Citizens 
Nat. Bank. Reidsville. 

Scott, James Monroe. ¥ Burke County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Scurlock, Lycurgus Walton. Jackson County, Fla. 40-3. 

Surveyor. Planter. Jackson Co., Fla. Capt. 5th Florida Cav., C. S. Ar. 
Died 76. 

Seago, Malachi Gould. Anson County. 52-3. 

Seals, Henry B. Clayton, Ala. 69-71. 

Seawell, Charles Meridith. Moore County. 66-70. 

Orator, 70, A. B., 70, \V. F. Col. Prof, elect in W. F. Col. Died 71. 

Seawell, Herbert Floyd. Moore County. S9-91. 

Teacher. Law Stud. Clarksville, Va. 

Seawell, Richard Bullock. T Wake County. 34-6. 

Planter. Raleigh. 

Seawell, Robert Hall. Moore County. 74-5. 

Teacher. Planter. 75-86 Mooshanner. 85 — Cheeks, Randolph Co. 

Seklers, Hardy Hunter. ¥ Chesterfield Dist., S. C. 45-6. 
Sessoms, Joseph William. 2' Bertie County. 46-8. 

M. D., Univ. of Pa., Phila. Physician. Bertie Co. Surg. 4th N. C. Cav., 
C. S. Ar. Powellsville. 

Settlemeyer, Sidney Link. ¥ Cleveland County. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Settlemeyer, William Lander. ¥ Cleveland County. 87-9, 

Med. Stud. 91, Clifton, S. C. 91-2 Univ. of Md., Balto. 

Settle, David A. T Rockingham County. 56-7. 

Lawyer. Colonel in C. S. Army. Memb. of N. C. Gen. Assem. 

Shannon, Jesse C. ¥ Pasquotank County. 54-5. 

Bap. Min. Died 91. 

Sharpe, Abner Franklin. ¥ York County, S. C. 85-8. 

Planter. Pharmacist. Blacksburg, S. C. 

Shaw, Calvin H. Wake County. 34-6. 

Planter. Wake Co. Dead. 

1 68 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Shaw, Henry Marchand. Y Edenton. 83-g. 

A. M., 89, W. F. Col. Teacher. S9-90 Edenton. 913-1 Hertford. 91, Law 
Stud. Univ. of Va. Lawyer. Henderson. 

Shaw, Robert J. Y Littleton. 78-9. S3-4. 

S. and R. R. R. Office. Portsmouth, Va. 

Shaw, William Pleasant, Jr. Y Hertford Couu:y. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Shearin, Zachariah E. ( 1> Warren County. 58-9. 

Surveyor. Planter. Littleton. 

SHEMWELL, J. A. Y Rowan County. 72-5. 
Licensed Bap. Min. Died 75. 

Sherard, John Vicar. 1' W T ayne County. 40-1. 

Lawyer. Solicitor. Goldsboro. 

Shields, Frank Percival. Y Scotland Neck. 81-3. 

Teacher. Vine Hill Acad. Bank Cashier. Scotland Neck. 

Sholar, William Jessup. <P Raleigh. 84-7. 

87-92 Stud, at Hamilton, N. Y. A. B., 89, Madison Univ. A. M., 92, Colgate 
Univ. Ord., Apr. 19, 92, Chattanooga, Tenn. Bap. Min. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Shuck, Lewis H. Y China. 51-6. 

Orator, 56, A. B., 56, A. M., 59, D. D., 75, W. F. Col. 56-7 Prof, in Oxford 
Fern. Sem. 57-62 Prin. of Beulah Inst., Madison. Bap. Min. Pastor. 
63-9 Barnwell Co., S. C. 69-82 1st Bap. Ch., Charleston, S. C. 83-9 
Paducah, Ky. 89— Fayette, Mo. Author of "Joan d'Arc," a Poem. 

Sikes, Enoch Walter. Y Monroe. 86-92. 

Debater, 90, Orator, 91, A. M., 91, W. F. Col. 91— Director of Phys. Culture, 
W. F. Col. 

Sikes, MiCHiEL Napoleon. Norfolk Co., Va. 68-71. 

Orator, 71, Ph. B. : 71, W. F. Col. Teacher. South Mills, Norfolk Co., Va. 

Silcox, Joseph B. <P Charleston, S. C. 77—9. 

Died in summer of 79. 

Simmons, Benjamin Franklin. d> Montgomery County. 53-6. 

A. B., 56. W. F. Col. Lawyer. 56-61 Arkansas. 5th N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. 
61— Troy. 

Simmons, Calvin Jones. Y Montgomery County. 49-50. 

Teacher. Planter. Asbury, Montgomery Co. 

Simmons, Furnipole Green. Y Jones County. 41-2. 

Commiss. Merchant and Cotton Broker. Newberne. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 169 

Simmons, FurnipolE McLendon. Jones County. 68-70. 

Law}-er. Craven Co. Memh. of U. S. Cong. Winston. 

Simmons, James C. $ Jones County. 69-70. 

Died 74. 

Simmons, James Henry. ( P Wake County. 83-9. 

A. B., 88, A. M., 89, W. F. Col. 89-91 Prof, in Carson & Newman Col., 
Tenn. 91— Prof, of English, William Jewell Col., Mo. Sec. of Histor. 
Soc. of Missouri. Liberty, Mo. 

Simmons, Thomas Jackson. <I> Wake County. 76-S3. 

A. M., 83, W. F. Col. Teacher. S3-4 Fayetteville. S4-90 Durham. 90-1 
Athens, Ga. 91 — ■Dawson, Ga. 

Simmons, W 7 illiam Gaston. <!> Montgomery County. 49-52. 

A. B., 52, A. M., 55, LL. D., 84, W. F. Col. Law Stud., Chapel Hill. June, 
55-S9, Prof, in W. F. Col. Died Mar. 3, 89. 

Simons, John Charlton. Y Perquimans County. 38-40. 

Planter. Died 60. 

Simpson, John R. Y Chowan County. 53—4. 

Planter. Dead. 

Simpson, Oltnton Trotman. Y Pasquotank County. 67-70. 

Ord., 70, Fliz. City. .Bap. Min. Pastor. 70-1 E. City. 72-3 Greenville 
and Washington. 74 5 4th St. Ch., Portsmouth, Va. 76-7 Berkeley, 
Va. 77— Chap. Hill, Tex. 1st Bap. Ch., Weimar, Tex. 

Simpson, Richard Dobbs. Y Chowan County. 35-6. 

Planter. Died ab. 76. 

Simpson, Robert F. Y Pasquotank County. 55-6. 

8th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Merchant. E. City. 

Simpson, W. J. Perquimans County. 83-4. 

Planter. Wake Co. 

Skiles, John Peter. Washington County. 35-6. 

Planter. Washington Co. Dead. 

Skiles, Starkly. Y Washington County. 35-6. 

Planter. Washington Co. Dead. 

Skinner, Charles Worth Blount. Y Perquimans Co. 35-40. 

Planter. Harvey's Neck. Louisburg. Edenton. Whiting's Brigade, Fort 
Fisher, C. S. Ar. Died Mar. 84. 

Skinner, Josiah H. <I> Chowan Count)'. 34-5- 

Died 36. 

170 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Skinner, S. J. Y Chowan County. 68-9. 

Skinner, Thomas Edward. Y Perquimans County. 37-40. 

Caldwell Inst., Greensboro. A. B., 47, Univ. of N. C. D. D., 66, Furman 
Univ., S. C. 47-51 Planter. Perquimans Co. 51-4 Theolog. Stud., 
New York City. Ord., May 54, Hertford. Bap. Min. Pastor. 54-5 
Petersburg, Va. 55-67 Raleigh. 67-70 Nashville, Tenu. 70-1 Colum- 
bus, Ga. 71-5 Athens, Ga. 75-9. Macon, Ga. 79 — Raleigh. 

Skinner, Thomas Halsey. Y Nashville, Tenn. 67-9. 

M. D., 72, Univ. of Md. Physician. N. York City. Died 84. 

Skinner, William Clecy. Y Perquimans County. 34-5. 

Planter. Perquimans Co. Died 45. 

Slade, Asa Philander. Hyde County. 54-5. 

Merchant. Sladesville. Hoke's Div., C. S. Ar. Killed in front of Rich- 
mond, Va. , 64. 

Slade, JESSE Franklin. Rockingham County. 37-8. 

Planter. Lenox Castle. 13th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Killed July 1, 63, Gettys- 

Slade, Thomas. <I> Rockingham County. 4S-53. 

A. B., 53, W. F. Col. Teacher. 54-5 Trinity Acad., Caswell Co. 56-9 Marion 
and Macon Cos., Ala. 59 — Planter. Lenox Castle. 

Slade, William Bernard. Rockingham County. 50-1. 

Planter. Rockingham Co. Died 89. 

Sledge, C. Lendon A. W T arren County. 66-7. 
Merchant. 67-83 Littleton. 83 — Kyle, Texas. 

Sledge, William Henry. Y Caswell County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Sloan, Robert W. Duplin County. 80-1. 

Merchant. Chinquepin. Conductor A. C. Line. Wilmington. 

Small, John Anderson. Y Pasquotank County. 70-1. 

M. D., Jefferson Med. Col., Phila., Pa. Physician. 74-5 Hertford. Died 

Aug. 6, 75. 

Smith, Abram. Y Bertie County. 52-3. 

Planter, 53-7 Bertie Co. 57 — Mississippi. C. S. Ar. 

Smith, Andrew Jones. Y Wilmington. 75-7. 
Smith, Beyan. Y Johnston County. 36-7. 

Planter. Smithfield. Died 62. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 171 

Smith, B. L. Charlotte. 7S-9. 

Smith, Charles Aurelius. Y Gates County. 79-S2. 

A. B., 82, W. F. Col. S2-9 Teacher. 89— Merchant. Timmonsville, S. C. 

Smith, Charles Lee. Durham. 81-4. 

B. S., 84, W. F. Col. Teacher. 84, Raleigh Male Acad. 85, Asso. Editor of 

Biblical Recorder 86-9 Stud, at J. Hopkins Univ., Balto., Md. Ph. D., 
89, J. H. Univ. SS-91 Instructor in Hist, and lecturer on Sociology in 
J. H. Univ. 91— Prof, of Hist, and Pol. Eco., William Jewell Col., Lib- 
erty, Mo. 

Smith, David. }' Johnston County. 36-7. 

Planter. Smithfield. Died 82. 

Smith, Edward. }* Mecklenburg County. 60-1. 

Smith, Edwin. 34-5. 

Smith, John Quincey. T Columbus County. 55-6. 

Planter. Fair Bluff. Florida. Dead. 

Smith, John William, Jr. ? Wake County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Smith, Joseph Edwin. T Raleigh. 85-7. 

Normal Col., Nashville, Tenn. Teacher. 89-91 Reidsville. 91 — Mt. Olive. 

Smith, Marcus M. Y Raleigh. 86-7. 

Clerk of Sec. of State. Raleigh. 

Smith, Oscar Thomas. Y Durham. 85-8. 

Commer. Trav. for Lyon Tobacco Co. Sec. of Y. M. C. A., Durham. Nov. 
91 — Pharmacist. Bueua Vista, Va. 

Smith, Peter Hamilton. Y Chatham County. 38-9. 
Smith, Thomas McGehee. Y Milton. 50-1. 

Major in C. S. Army. Killed in battle. 

Smith, William Alonzo. ( 1> Chatham County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Smith, William Cue.tis. Y Cumberland County. 50-2. 
Smithwick, Daniel Turner. Vance County. 83-7. 

D. D. S., 90, Col. of Den. Surg., Balto., Ml. Dentist. Apr., co-Sinithfield. 

Snider, Philip N. Union County. 57-8. 

Ord., 58, Folk's Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. Beaver Dam Cr. Providence. 
Died May, 71. 

172 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Solomon, Jeremiah Henry. Franklin County. 56-8. 

Med. Stud. Died at Univ. of Va., Jan. 29, 59. 

Solomon, Josiah Bridges. Franklin County. 45-S. 

Ord., Sept., 4S, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. 50-1 State Missionary. Pastor. 
53-60 Warreuton. 60-4 Leigh St. Ch., Richmond, Va. 67-8 Pres't War- 
renton Fern. Col. 70-3 Prof, of English, Univ. of W. Va. 73-5 Pres't 
of Monongahela Col., Pa. Pastor. 75-S0 Sharon, Pa. 80-5 Owens- 
boro, Ky. S5-8 Zion, Ky. 88, Baton Rouge, La. 88-91 Huntington, 
Ind. 91 — Owensboro, Ky. 

Solomon, William Purefoy. & Franklin County. 48-9. 

A. B., 50, Columbian Col., Washington, D. C. Lawyer. Warrenton. Died 
Feb. 21, 73. 

Solomon, William T. 0> Warren County. 66-7. 

Wheeling, W. Va. 

Sorrell, Lewis P. Wake County. 6S-9. 

M. D., Richmond Va., Med. Col. Physician. Flint, Wake Co. 

Sowell, George Abram. Lancaster County, S. C. 87-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Sowell, Robert Lee. Lancaster County, S. C. 88-90. 

Merchant. (Blackwell & Sowell ), Kershaw, S. C. 

Sowell, William Henry. Lancaster County, S. C. 86-9. 

Ord., 88. Bap. Min. 

Spainhour, James Edgar. Y Wilkes County. 91-2. 

Stud. w. F. Col. 

Spainhour, Joseph Felix. Y Wilkes County. 83-5. 

85-6 Prin. of Globe Acad., Caldwell Co. 86-7 Student at Col. Folk's Law 
Sch. Oct., S7 — Lawyer. Boone, Watauga Co. 

Speas, Julius Levi. Yadkin County. 69-71. 

74-5 Teacher. Germantou, Stokes Co. M. D., 77, Jefferson Med. Col., Phila., 
Pa. Physician. 76-80 Red Plains. So — Boonville. 

Speas, Louis Augustus. Yadkin County. 71-2. 

76-7 Teacher. East Bend. 77 — Planter. Huntsville. 

Spence, James Edmund. Chatham County. 83-4. 8 7-9. 

Teacher. 89-91 Haywood. 91 — Glenwood, Johnston Co. 

Spence, John Paul. Perquimans County. 86-92. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Spence, Thomas Lee. Pasquotank County. 84-7. 

Planter. Rosedale, Pasquotank Co. 

General Catalogue of IVake Forest College. 173 

Spencer, Charles Henry. T Camden Count) 7 . 6S-71. 

Lawyer. Teacher. Duplin Co. South Mills, Camden Co. 

Spencer, James Albert. T Camden County. 66-7. 

Teacher. Camden Co. Commer. Trav. Norfolk, Va. Died ab. 77. 

Spencer, Sorrowful. Hyde County. 35-6. 
Spier, Montgomery T. Pitt County. 89-90. 

Planter. Pactolas. 

Spillman, Bernard Washington. T Weldon. 87-91. 

B. S., 91, W. F. Col. Ord., Oct. 15, 91, Beaufort. Bap. Min. Pastor. Sept. 
26, 91 — Smyrna, Carteret Co. 

Spillman, John Barham. T Weldon. 85-90. 

Orator, 90, B. S., 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. 90-1 Morson & Denson's Acad., 
Raleigh. Glen Alpine. 91 — Starrville, Smith Co., Texas. 

Splawn, Walter Scott. 1' Polk County. 79-84. 

B. L., 84, W. F. Col. S4-6 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., 84, W. F. Col. Bap. 
Min. Pastor. 84 — LaGrange, Ky. 

Spratt, Charles Edgar. Charlotte. 76-7. 

Cotton Broker. Corsicana, Tenn. Died Fort Smith, Ark., SS. 

Sprinkle, Thomas Sanford. Forsyth County. 85-9. 

B. L., 89, W. F. Col. Stud, at Harvard Col. Sch. of Phys. Cult. S9-91 Director 
of Phys. Culture, W. F. Col. 91— Ins. Agt. Winston. 

Spruill, A. G. T Franklin County. 87-90. 
Staley, J. C. Y Chatham County. 75-6. 
Staley, Simpson H. Randolph County. 43-4. 
Stallings, E. O. Thomasville. 87-8. 
Stallings, J. X. Thomasville. 87-8. 
Stallings, Nicholas Pizini. Wake Count}-. 82-5. 

Ord., Jan., S5, New Bethel Ch., Wake Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. 
85-7 Falls of Neuse. 87-8 Granville Co. SS-90 Rogers' Store. Feb., 94 — 
Coinjock, Currituck Co. 

Staineack, David Chandler. Richmond County. 70-1. 

Planter. Richmond Co. Little's Mills. 

Staineack, William Pressley. Richmond County. 39-40. 

Planter. Little's Mills. Richmond Co. 

174 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Stancell, Samuel Turner. Northampton County. 41-2. 

Merchant. Planter. Margarettsville. Capt. Co. A., 5th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 
Wounded, 62, at Dam No. 1, Va. 62 and 64 Memb. of N. C. Gen. Assem. 
Died Jan. 12, 73. 

Staton, Uriah Bee. T Anson County. 77-8. 

Planter. Milling. Ansonville. 

Steele, Robert Johnson. Richmond County. 34-5. 37-8.. 

Med. Stud. Columbus, Ohio. M. D., 42, Univ. of Pa. Physician. Grassy- 
Islands, Richmond Co. Rockingham. Co. G, 8th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. 
Died July 24, 87. 

Steele, Thomas W. Richmond County. 34-8. 

Planter. 38-44 Richmond Co. 44-59 Cheraw, S. C. 59-66 Thomas Co., Ga. 
Died May 6, 66. 

Steele, Walter Leake. Richmond County. 39-40. 

A. M., 47, Univ. of N. C. Lawyer. Memb. of N. C. Gen. Assem. Memb. 
of U. S. Cong. Cotton Manufacturer. Died Oct. 16, 91. 

Stell, Robert Calvin. T Wake County. 78-81. 

M. D., Louisville, Ky., Med. Col. Physician. Dunn, Ark. 

Stevens, Thomas. Duplin County. 49-50. 

Planter. Faisons. Died ab. So. 

Stephenson, George Sears. T Newberne. 36-40. 

A. B., Brown Univ., R. I. Lawyer. Newberne. Died 61. 

Stephenson, M. L. Wake County. 79-80. 
Stephens, P. F. Sampson County. 87-8. 

Planter. Clinton. 

Stewart, Jacob. ' 0> Davie County. 82-6. 

Debater, S6, B. L., 86, W. F. Col. Dick & Dillard's Law Sch., Greensboro. 
Feb. 20, 88 — Lawyer. Mocksville. 

Stewart, Joseph Armsted. Granville County. 71-2. 

Teacher of Stenography, Bookkeeping, etc., in Monroe High School, Monroe. 

Stewart, J. B. Sampson County. 88-9. 

Died S9. 

Stewart, Neill McNeill. Harnett County. 73-4. 

Merchant. Planter. Averasboro. Lilliugton. Died Apr. , 24, 89. 

Stewart, William Belfield. Sampson County. 76-j. 

A. B., 81, Univ. of N. C. Lumber Manufacturer. Clinton. 

Stimentz, William E. T 37 _ 8. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 175 

Stinson, J. M. Chatham County. 70-2. 

Stokeley, William Burnett. Q> Jefferson Co., Tenu. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Stokes, James Gray. Duplin County. S3-6. 

Teacher. Law Stud. Lawyer. 90-1 Duplin Co. 91 — Wilmington. (Cor. 
Front and Princess Streets). 

Stokes, Thomas W. T Franklin County. 77-9. 
Stokes, William Franklin. Duplin County. 83-5. 

M. D., 88, Kentucky Sch. of Med. Physician. S8-91 Duplin Co. 91— 

Stone, Adolphus Evander. Wake County. 86-9. 

Agt. N. State Music Co. 89-91 Raleigh. 91 — Atlanta, Ga. 

Stone, Cecil Gerald. T Raleigh. 85-8. 

Manager N. State Music Co., Raleigh. 

Stone, Hewitt Vance. Franklin County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Stone, James Albert. Granville County. 44-5. 

Planter. Onslow Co. 

Stone, Ruffin J. 2* Granville County. 57-8. 

Planter. Granville Co. C. S. Army. Averitt, Mecklenburg Co., Va. 

Stone, Walton Edgar. V Wake County. 84-7. 90-1. 

Agt. of N. State Music Co. Jan. 92— Atlanta, Ga. 

Stout, Jesse F. Yadkin County. 70-1. 

Teacher. Wilkes Co. 75 — Lawyer. Texas. 

Stowe, Frederick S. V Greensboro. 84-5. 

Professor of Music. 86 — Florida. 

Stradley, Josliua A. Buncombe County. 55-60. 

Ord., 55, Eerea Ch., Buncombe Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Granville Co. 

Stradley, Walter Preston. )' Oxford. 83-7. 

Debater, 86, Orator, 87, A. M., 87, W. F. Col. S7-90 Johns Hopkins Univ., 
Balto., Md. 90-1 Vanderbilt L T niv., Nashville, Tenn. LL B., 91, Van- 
derbilt Univ. Lawyer. Waco, Tex. 92 — San Francisco, Cal. 

Strauss, James D. Wilmington. 81-2. 

Manufacturer of Lumber and Naval Stores. Merchant. Ebeuczer. Wil- 
mington. 89 — Bolton. 

176 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Strayhorn, Calvin Green. Orange County. 48-9. 

Teacher. Planter. Milling. 49-65 Orange Co. 65-74 Granville Co. 74-5 
Greensboro. 75-91 Winston. 91 — Thomasville. 

Strayhorn, Edward Canady. Winston. 82-4. 

Bookkeeper. 84-91 Winston. 91 — Thomasville. 

Strayhorn, Leroy. Wake County. 34-5. 

Planter. Alabama. Dead. 

Street, Nathan Heath. Y Newberne. 72-6. 

M. D., Univ. of Va. and Univ. of N. Y 7 ork. Physician. Pollocksville. 

Strickland, C. H. T Granville County. 80-2. 
Strickland, Charles Rufus. Wake County. 74-81. 

Died Si. 

Strickland, Nathan Perry. Wake County. 50-2. 

Drowned during vacation of 52. 

Strickland, William Gray, Jr. $ Wake County. 53-4. 

Planter. Wake Co. Hotel Prop., W. Forest, ist N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. 
Died 64. 

Strickling, Malachi Nicholas. S. Carolina. 34-5. 
Stringfield, Oliver Larkin. <I> New Hanover Co. 74-6. 77-82. 

B. S., 82, W. F. Col. Ord., Si, W. F. Col. Bap. Miu. Pastor. Teacher. 
Prin. of Wakefield Acad., Wakefield. 

Stroud, Alpfieus Gales. Orange County. 69-70. 

70-S5 Planter. Orange and Chatham Cos. 85 — Pharmacist, Ore Hill. Tobacco- 
nist. Winston. 

Sturdivant, Fabius D. Wake County. 58-61. 

61-2 Univ. of N. C. 3d N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. Died ab. 6S. 

Sumner, John Lewis. Y Granville County. 46-8. 
Suttle, John B. }* Asheville. 90-1. 

Merchant's Clerk. Asheville. 

Sutton, William G. Y Bertie County. 34-7. 

Lawyer. Williamstou. Tarboro. Died 55. 

Sutton, Wilson R. Tyrrell County. 35-6. 

Cadet U. S. Mil. Acad. West Point, N. Y. Roanoke Is. Dead. 

Swaim, Solomon Davis. Y Yadkin County. 84-9. 

A. E., S9, W. F. Col. Ord., Dec, S9, Boonville. Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. 
89-91 Y'adkin Co. 91 — Wilmington. 

. General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 177 

Swain, Whitred Rhodes. Y Bertie County. 40-1. 

Planter. Merchant. Bertie Co. Dead. 

Swann, Joseph Fuller. Y Iredell County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Sweaney, John Thomas. ( l> Person County. 79-80. 

80-2 Teacher. M. D., S6, Col. of Phys. and Surgs., Ealto., Md. Physician. 
Berea, Granville Co. 

Swepson, Robert Redd. ( I> Caswell County. 44-5. 

Knoxville. Tenn. 
Tallev, D. B. Haywood County. 74-5. 

Tapp, S. C. y Orange County. S9-90. 
Furman Univ., Greenville, S. C. Licensed Min. 

Tapscott, James W. Rockingham County. 51-2. 
Med. Stud. Physician. 55 — Tennessee. 

Tatum, Ezra Francis. <P Davie County. 80-7. 

B. L-, 87, W. F. Col. 87-S S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord. Aug. 31, SS, Forestville. 
Bap. Min. Foreign Miss'y. Sailed Nov. 28, 88. Shanghai, 'China. 

Tatum, Joseph Leonidas. ( I> Davie County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Tatum, Pleasant Owen. ( l> Davie County. 74-6. 

Planter. Merchant. Sept., S9 — Comrner. Trav. Jerusalem, Davie Co. 

Tatum, Samuel Jesse. <P Davie County. 69-70. 

Planter. Merchant. 70-5 South River, Rowan Co. 75 — Jerusalem, Davie Co. 

Tatum, Samuel Owen. Davie County. 49-53. 

A. B., 53, W. F. Col. Teacher. Planter. Farmington. Died Nov. 12, 69. 

Tayloe, David Edward. Y Bertie County. 47-8. 

Law Stud. Licensed Attorney, Teacher. Planter. Merchant. Supt. of 
Pub. Ins., Bertie Co. 66, Memb. of N. C. Senate. Died Jan. 23, 92. 

Tayloe, Frank Gillam. }* Hertford County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Tayloe, John W. Y Hertford County. 82-6. 

A. B., 86, W. F. Col. 86-7 Teacher. Windsor. M. D., 88, Univ. of Va. 
SS-9 Post grad. Med. Stud., New York. Physician. S9 — Union, Hert- 
ford Co. 

Tayloe, W. H. Y Hertford County. 85-6. 

Planter. Aulander, Bertie Co. 

J 3 

178 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. ■ 

Taylor, Abram Poindexter. Wilmington. 81-3. 

84-6 Stud. W. and L. Univ., Lexington, Va. Teacher. S6-7 Monroe. S7-92 
Prin. Graded Sch., Chatham, Va. 92 — Pres't of Jeter Fern. Inst., Bed- 
ford City, Va. 

Taylor, Andrew Jackson. Wilson. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Taylor, Arthur Wilson. 1' Hertford County. 84-5. 

Lumber Manufacturer. S5-9 Hertford Co. 89-91 Su'ffolk, Va. 91 — Berk- 
ley, Va. 

Taylor, Charles Elisha, Jr. T Wake County. 86-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Taylor, E. B. T Raleigh. 79-S0. 

Taylor, Frost. Edgecombe County. 87-90. 

Taylor, Henry Andrew. <P Nash County. 52-3. 

52-71 Planter. Merchant. Nash Co. Justice of the Peace. Capt. C. S. Ar. 
71 — Real Est. Broker, Petersburg, Va. 

Taylor, James Matchel. T Gates County. 54-9. 

A. B., 59, W. F. Col. Teacher in Reynoldsou Inst. Major of 5th N. C. Inf., 
C. S. Ar. Died Oct. 3, 67. 

Taylor, John Lewis. ( P Lenoir County. 36-8. 

Physician. 40-53 Kinston. 53-6 Pitt Co. Died 56. 

Taylor, J. T. Edgecombe County. 73-4. 

Taylor, Nathaniel Alexander. T Wake County. 4S-52. 

Journalist. Austin, Texas. 

Taylor, Robert Richardson. }* Wilmington. 74-6. 

Lumber Inspector. 76-S7 Wilmington. S7-90 Norfolk, Va. Jan. 1, 91 — 
Brunswick, Ga. 

Taylor, Samuel Alston. T Wake County. 52-7. 

Physician. Georgia. 

Taylor, Samuel Wallace, y Yorktown, Va. 44-5. 
Taylor, W. F. T Wake County. 74-6. 
Telfair, Edward. Pitt County. 40-1. 
Telfair, John Spears. Beaufort County. 36-7. 
Telfair, Octavius Warwick. <P Beaufort County. 36-7. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 179 

Temple, Rufus Henry. Wake County. 80-1. 

M. D., Univ. of Md., Balto., Md. Physician. Blenheim, S. C. Clio, S. C. 

Terrell, George Sumpter. Wake County. 79-S0. 

Inspector in Agr. Dept., Raleigh. 

Terrell, James Madison. Wake County. 39-40. 

Merchant. Rolesville. Died ab. 73. 

Terrell, Logan Douglass. Wake County. 79-80. 

Fish Commissioner. Washington, D. C. Denver, Col. 

Terry, William H. T Stokes County. 38-9. 
Thaggard, Eyander P. Moore County. So-i. 

Merchant. S1-2 Manly. 82— Riddick, Florida. 

Tharpe, W. H. Choctaw County, Ala. 79-80. 

Thomas, 61-2. 

Thomas, Abner Williams. Richmond County. 34-5. 

Planter. 35-61 Richmond Co. 61-S7 White Co., Ark. Died 87. 

Thomas, Benjamin Franklin. Richmond County. 50-2. 

53 — Jackson Co., Louisiana. C, S. Army. Planter. 

Thomas, Dayid Evans. Marlborough Dist. , S. C. 51-2. 

Teacher. Planter. Civil Engineer. 51-3 Marlborough Dist., S. C. 53-6 
Orrville, Ala. Pine Hill, Ala. 56-62 Grove Hill, Ala. Capt. Ala. Inf., 
C. S. Ar. Died Aug. 7, 62. 

Thomas, Ira Wilborne. Alexander County. 72-3. 

Ord., 73, Sulphur Sp. Ch., Alexander Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. 82-91 Boone. 
91 — Caldwell Co. Prin. of Acad., Hibritten. Lenoir. 

Thomas, John Alex. Wm. Marlborough Dist., S. C. 40-1. 

Teacher. Planter. Ord., Apr. 15,49, Salem Ch., Marlborough Dist., S. C. 
Bap. Min. 21st S. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Twice wounded. Pastor. Bennetts- 
ville, S. C. 

Thomas, J. A. Anson County. 82-3. 

Planter. Anson Co. 

Thomas, J. B. Halifax County, Va. S0-2. 
Thomas, Roscius Pope. )' Bertie County. 66-9. 

A. B., 69, W. F. Col. M. D., 70, Univ. of Va. M. D., ,1, Univ. of N. York. 
Physician. Planter. Bethlehem, Hertford Co. 

Thomas, William. 34~5- 

180 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Thomasson, James Thomas. T Ashe County. 87-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Thompson, Adoniram Judson. Wake County. 49-50. 

Med. Stud. Univ. of Penn., Univ. of N. York, Univ. of Nashville, Tenn. 
M. D., 58, New Orleans, La., Med. Col. Physician. 58-9 Wake Co. 
60-6 Arkansas. Gen. Kirby Smith's Command, C. S. Ar. 70-8S Apex. 
S8— Sanford, Moore Co. 

Thompson, Charles A. Y Robeson County. 56-8. 

Physician. Lumberton. Died 72. 

Thompson, Charles Judson. <I> Wake County. 84-9. 

B. L., 89, W. F. Col. Ord., Nov. 4, 87, Morrisville. Bap. Min. Pastor. 
89-90 Lumberton. 90 — S. B. Theo. Sem. 

Thompson, George Clarence. <P Wake County. 83-8. 

Orator, 88, A. M., 88, W. F. Col. 88-91 Priu. of Louisburg Acad. Sept., 
91 — Prof, of Lang., Keachie College. Keachie, La. 

Thompson, George Washington. / Chatham County. 41-2. 

Planter. Chatham Co. 80 — Raleigh. 

Thompson, Henry Austin. <P Wake County. 58-61. 

Merchant. Wake Co. C. S. Army. Died Mar. 4, 72. 

Thompson, James Randolph. Y Pender County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Thompson, John Aaron. Y Chatham County. 54-5. 

Clerk Super. Court, Chatham Co. Pittsboro. Merchant. Fayetteville. Cary. 
Baltimore, Md. Lieut, in N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Wounded at Bristow 
Station, Va. Died Sept. 13, 83. 

Thompson, J. T. <P Orange County. 73-5. 

Merchant. 76 Chapel Hill. 77-85 Durham. Died Apr., 85. 

Thompson, John William. Wake County. 67-9. 

Merchant. Lumber Manufacturer. Eight years Steward of N. C. Ins. Asy., 
Raleigh. Clerk of Sup. Court of Wake Co. Raleigh. 

Thompson, Kimbrough. <I> Surry County. 48-9. 

53-61 Carroll Co., Va. M. D., 55, Jefferson Med. Col., Phila., Pa. Physician. 
61-4 Kentucky. Ord., 63, Lawrenceburgh, Ky. Bap. Min. Pastor and 
Missionary. 64-6 Missouri. 66 — Low Gap, Surry Co. 

Thompson, Michel. <P Wake County. 34-5- 

Planter. Wake Co. Died July 21, 77. 

Thompson, N. J. Y Robeson County. 56-7. 

C. S. Army. Planter. Morven, Anson Co. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 181 

Thompson, O. F. T Lincoln County. 82-6. 

A. B., S6, W. F. Col. Teacher. Buncombe Co. 

Thompson, Samuel P. T Lincoln County., 83-5. 

M. D., 90, Col. Phys. and Surg. , St. Louis, Mo. Physician. Lincoln Co. 
Mar., 92— Shelby. 

Thompson, Sanford Webb. ( I> Wake County. 68-71. 

Med. Stud. Univ. of Va. M. D., 75, Richmond (Va.) Med. Col. Physician. 
W. Forest. 

Thompson, Walter Judson. Moore County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Thomson, William Marcellus. </> Wake County. 46-9. 

Manufacturer. Wake Co. Lieut, in Oak City Guard, C. S. Ar. Killed Juue 
27, 62, Battle of Gaines' Mill, Va. 

Thomson, William S. Sampson County. 84-5. 

86-7 Law Stud. Chap. Hill. Lawyer. 87-91 Clinton. Jan., 91 — (Littlejohn 
& Thomson) Cordele, Ga. 

Thorp, Henry Roan. (P Nash County. 53-4. 

Physician. Surg, in C. S. Army. Dead. 

Tilley, Fletcher M. Durham County. 85-6. 

Planter. 86-9 South Lowell. 89 — Bowling. 
Timberlake, Charles E. $ Franklin County. 81-2. 

Merchant. Planter. Louisburg. 

Timberlake, Edwin Walter. ( !> Franklin County. 69-74. 

Ph. B., 73, W. F. Col. Lawyer. Louisburg. 

Timberlake, Frank J. Franklin County. 82-5. 

Merchant's Clerk. 85-7 Youngsville. 87 — Rosinburg, Wake Co. 

Timberlake, Julian Burton. <1> Raleigh. 79-S2. 

Commer. Col., Newark, N. J. Bookkeeper. Raleigh. 

Timberlake, Nereus Goodwin. Franklin County. 87-8. 


Timmons, James Maxey. T Darlington Dist. , S. C. 49-50. 

Planter. 50-7 Darlington Dist., S. C. 57-61 Louisiana. Capt. in C. S. Ar. 
Died in service, near Little Rock, Ark., 62. 

Timmons, John Morgan. Y Darlington Dist., S. C. 50-1. 

Planter. Effingham, S. C. ist Lieut. S. C. Artil. Died 63. 

Todd, Moses Green. ( 1> Wake County. 56-9. 

• 59-70 Bap. Min. Pastor. Wake Co. 70— Planter. Eagle Rock. 

1 82 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Tolar, James Needham. Robeson County. 90-2. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

Tomlinson, B. B. Johnston County. 59-60. . 
Moved to Mississippi 'in 60. nth Miss. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died 69. 

Toon, Francis Marion. Y Columbus County. 68-70. 

Died in Baltimore ab. 74, while Med. Stud, in Col. of Phys. and Surg. 

Toon, James Iver. Y Columbus County. 58-61. 

Co. K., 20th N. C. Inf. Died Sept. 4th, 62. 

Toon, James P. Columbus County. 57-8. 

Planter. Whiteville. Died in C. S. Army. 

Toon, Luther Rice. Y Columbus County. 61-2. 

Co. H., 51st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Drowned Aug. 4th, 62, in C. Fear River. 

Toon, Thomas Fentress. Y Columbus County. 57-61. 

A. B., 61, W. F. Col. Colonel of 20th N. C. Inf. Brig. General. C. S. Army. 
Merchant. Teacher. R. R. Official. Whiteville. Fair Bluff. Dumber- 

Townsend, Josiah. Y Perquimans County. 46-7. 

Planter. Hertford. Dead. 

Trafton, Horatio Williams. Y Camden County. 54-5. 

Teacher. Camden Co. Died 62. 

Trantham, Henry Truesdaee. Y Kershaw Co., S. C. 69-73. 

Ph. B., 73, W. F. Col. M. D., 75, Univ. Med. Col., N. York. Physician. 75-6 
Flat Rock, S. C. 76— Salisbury. 

Trantham, John Isaac. Y Kershaw Dist, S. C. 35-6. 42-4. 

Med. Stud. Univ. Med. Col., N. Y. M. D., 46, Med. Col. of Castleton, Ver- 
mont. Physician. Flat Rock, S. C. Died April 9, Si. 

Trantham, John Sidney. Y Kershaw Co., S. C. S2-4. 

Planter. Flat Rock, S. C. 

Trantham, Wileiam Dunlap. Y Kershaw Co., S. C. . 67-71. 

Ph. B., 71, W. F. Col. Eawyer. Camden, S. C. 

Trawick, William Robert. Wake County. 50-5. 

A. B., 55, W. F. Col. Teacher. 56-61 Prin. of High Sch., Monticello, Ark. 
Agt. for Ark. Bap. Col. 61-3 C. S. Army. Colporter. Wilmington. 
Died Oct., 63. 

Tray, William E. Y Randolph County. 3 8-9. 
Traynham, J. B. Y Halifax County, Va. 59-61. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 183 

Trice, John Tapley. Orange County. 35-6. 

Planter. 37-46 Mississippi. 46-5S Orange Co. 58-63 Miss. C. S. Army. 
Died 63. 

Trotman, Joseph Wickliffe. T Gates County. 53-4. 

Teacher. Planter, nth N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Ord., Oct., S3, Farmville, 
Pitt Co. Gates, Camden, and Martin Cos. Hertford, Perquimans Co. 

Tucker, C. J. Pitt County. 88-9. 

Tucker, John Edward. <I> Granville County. 85-9. 

B. S., S9, W. F. Col. Teacher. S9, Hamilton. 90, Selma. 90— Hope Hull, 
Ala. Died Mar. 21, 92. 

Tucker, J. W. Prince George County, Va. 72-3. 
Tull, Edward Rountree. Kinston. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Turner, William. Orange County. 48-9. 
Tuttle, John Franklin. T Camden County. 68-71. 

Orator, 72, Ord., Jan., 72, Norfolk, Va. Bap. Miu. Pastor. 71-2 Princess 
Anne Co., Va. 73-6 E. City. 76-S1 Pr. Anne Co., Va. S1-4 Berkley, 
Va. 84-90 Salisbury. 90 — Plymouth. 

Underwood, David Darius. Sampson County. 47-8. 

Planter. Clinton. 

Underwood, Franklin Royal. T Johnston County. 71-4. 

Debater, 72, A. B., 74, W. F. Col. Ord., 70, Siloam Ch., Abbeville, S. C. 
Bap. Min. Pastor. 74-S1 Oxford. 81-4 Hamilton. S4-6 Cambridge, 
Md. 86-8 Powhatan Co., Va. SS-91 Gleuwood. Autreyville. 92— 
Richmond, Va. 

Underwood, Joseph Boykin. }* Sampson County. 57-8. 

Clingman's Brig., C, S. Ar. Inventor. Fayetteville. 

Underwood, T. Sampson County. 47-8. 

Underwood, Thomas Whitney. }' Sampson County. 73-4. 

Planter. Sampson Co. Newton Grove. 

Upchurch, Delmer Demond. Raleigh. 89-90. 

Collector. Raleigh Nat. Bank. 

Upchurch, Harvey Clinton. Raleigh. S6-9. 

A. B., 89, W. F. Col. 89— Med. Stud. Col. Phys. and Surg., N. York City. 

Upchurch, Walter Draughan. Callahan, Fla. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

184 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Ussery, William Dorsey. Richmond County. 34-5. 

Manufacturer. Rockingham. 

VanAmringe, Stacey. Y Wilmington. 56-7. 

Clerk of Court. Auctioneer. Wilmington, 

Va,nn, Alexander Russia. Y Darlington Dist, S. C. 44-7. 

47-50 Med. Stud. Jefferson Med. Col., Phila., Pa. M. D., 50, Charleston 
(S. C.) Med. Col. Physician. Planter. Granville Co. Forestville. 
W. Forest. 

Vann, Charles Spurgeon. Y Hertford County. 74-9. 

A. M., 79, W. F. Col. 79-S0 Law student with Judges Dick and Dillard, 
Greensboro. Lawyer. Aug. , 80-S4 Winton. Sept., 84 — (Pruden & Vann) 

Vann, John Alexander. Wake County. 79-80. 

Merchant. Franklintou. 

Vann, John Eley. Y Hertford County. 81-6. 

A. B., 86, W. F. Col. Law Stud, with Judges Dick and Dillard, Greensboro. 
Lawyer. Solicitor for Hertford Co. Winton. 

Vann, Jesse John. Y Hertford County. 70-3. 

Orator, 73, A. B., 73, W. F. Col. July, 73— Jan., 77, Teacher. Scotland 
Neck. Lawyer. Jan. — July, 77, Winton. July, 77 — Monroe. 

Vann, J. S. New Hanover County. 52-3. 
Vann, Josiah Thomas. Y Wake County. 74-5. 

Planter. 75-S0 Wake Co. S0-9 S. Carolina. 89— Athens, Ga. 

Vann, Luther Lee. Y Wake County. 80-7. 

A. B., 87, W. F. Col. M. D., 90, Jefferson Med. Col., Phila., Pa. Physician. 
North Danville, Va. 

Vann, Macon Edward. Y Wake County. S0-3. 

Planter. Forestville. R. & G. R. R. Raleigh. 

Vann, Richard Tilman. 2" Hertford County. 70-3. 

Debater, 72, A. B., 73, W. F. Col. Ord., Oct., 74, Mt. Tabor Ch., Hertford 
Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. 73, Scotland Neck. 73-6 S. B. Theo. 
Setn. 77-9 Scotland Neck. 79-81 Enfield. 81-3 Murfreesboro. S3-9 
W. Forest. S9-92 Edenton. 92 — Scotland Neck. 

Vann, Samuel Cannady. Y Wake County. 68-71. 

Merchant. Frauklinton. 

Vann, Walter Brooks. Wake Count}-. 74-5. 

Planter. Wakefield. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 1S5 

Vann, William A. T Hertford Count}'. 60-1. 

Orel., 63, Buckhom Ch., Hertford Co. Chaplain in C. S. Army. Died in 
army hospital, Lynchburg, Va. , 64. 

Vass, William Worrill, Jr, T Raleigh. 88-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Vaughan, Walter H. Y Raleigh. S8-9. 
Vernon, C. R. Rockingham County. So-i. 

Teacher. Planter. Bushy Fork, Person Co. 

Vernon, J. H. 1$ Rockingham County. 70-4. 

Orel., 74, Durham. Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. 74-6 Chap. Hill. 76-S 
Cedar Grove. 7S Semora. 7S-8S Roxboro. S9 — Pollocksville, Jones Co. 

ViCK, WILLIAM R. Wayne County. 35-6. 

Vogler, E. L. Salem. 87-9. 

Waddill, Matthew Turner. Montgomery County. 37-40. 

A. B., 40, A. M., 44, W. F. Col. M. D., Med. Col., N. York City. Physician. 
Planter. Memb. N. C. Gen. Assem. Norwood, Stanly Co. Surg, of 
14th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died June 29, S3. 

Wade, William Lemuel. Lenoir County. 35-6. 

Moved to Florida. 

W t aff, Thomas Edward. Y Chowan County. 69-72. 

72-S7 Teacher. Nash Co. Prin. of Reynoldson Inst., Gates Co, S7 — Book- 
keeper. Brunswick, Ga. 

Waff, William Benbury. Y Gates County. 77-S0. 

A. B., 80, W. F. Col. Teacher. S0-2 Abbott's Creek. 82-3 Waughtown. 
83-6 Reynoldson. Ord., Jan. 25, 85, Reynoldson. Bap. Min. Pastor. 
Gates and Chowan Cos. Reynoldson. 

Walker, CALVIN A. Mecklenburg County. 87-8. 

Merchant's Clerk. Pluntersville. 

Walker, G. B. C. Y Norfolk, Va. 39-40. 

Walker, George Swepson. Mecklenburg Co., Va. 72-7. 

Merchant. Swepsonville. Kuoxville, Tciin. 

Walker, Hufiiam W. Y New Hanover County. 56-S. 

1st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Killed in battle, Sept. 17, 62. 

Walker, Levi Empson. Y Caswell County. 84-7. 

Planter. Anderson's .Store, Caswell Co. 

1 86 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Walker, McHarge Hepburn. Mecklenburg Co., Va. 79-81. 

Merchant. Knoxville, Tenn. 

Walker, Thomas Ralph. Y Warren County. 75-8. 

Teacher. Merchant. 78-S9 Warren Co. 89 — Smith's Cross Roads, Meck- 
lenburg Co., Va. 

Walker, Thomas T. Person County. 55-S. 

Teacher. Tobacco Manufacturer. Roxboro. 24th N. C. Inf. , C. S. Ar. Died 
ab. 64. 

Wall, Jasper Crittenden. Y Wake County. 66-9. 

Merchant. Planter. 69-89 Wake Co. 89— Delark, D#las Co., Ark. 

Wallace, David Richard. Pitt County. 47-50. 

A. B., 50, A. M., 52, W. F. Col. LL. D., 75, Baylor Univ., Texas. M. D., 
Univ. of N. York. Physician. 55-61 Independence, Texas. 61-5 Surg, 
in C. S. Ar. 65— Supt. of Texas Asylums for Insane. Austin, Texas. 
Terrell, Texas. Waco, Texas. 

Wallace, William Clark. Moore County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Walters, Archer Davidson. Wake County. 90-1. 

Student. Raleigh. 

Walters Arthur Edwin. Y Wake County. 71-8. 

A. B., 78, W. F. Col. Med. Student. Died Sept. 29, Sr. 

Walters, A. S. Y Caswell County. 71-3. 
Walters, Benjamin F. Ashe County. 68-9. 

Planter. 69-79 Beaver Creek, Ashe Co. 79 — Thomasville, Ga. 

Walters, Charles M. Y Wake County. 66-70. 

70-90 Planter. Wake Co. July — Dec, 90, Agt. for N. C. of Interstate Ins. Co. 
Dec, 90— Dep. Sheriff for Wake Co. Raleigh. 

Walters, C. S. Y Caswell County. 79-80. 
Walters, Frederick Manly. Wake County. 90-1. 

Student. Raleigh. 

Walters, Harry Norment. Wake County. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Walters, Henry A. Y Caswell County. 58-60. 
Walters, Robert Prichard. Wake County. 86-91. 

Merchant. Campville, Florida. 

Walters, William Felix. Y Pittsylvania County, Va. 53-4. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 187 

Walters, William Thomas. T Pittsylvania Co., Va. 45-8. 

A. B., 48, D. D., 71, W. F. Col. Ord., 48. Bap. Min. Teacher.- 49-52 Tutor 
in W. F. Col. 52-6S Prof, of Math., W. F. Col. 66-9 Cor. Sec. of Bap. 
State Con. 72-6 Treas. of W. F. Col. Pastor. Weldon. Littleton. 
Died Dec. 31, 76. 

Walters, William Thomas, jr. Wake County. S1-2. 

Planter. Campville, Florida. 

WALTERS, Wyatt RuFUS. Granville County. 78-S3. 

A. B., S3, W. F. Col. Planter. Granville Co. Wilton. 

Walthal, William Henry. 1' Virginia. 34-5. 
Ward, David L. T Wilson County. 76-81. 

Debater, Si, A. B., Si, W. F. Col. Feb., S3—- Lawyer. Marshall, Madison 
Co. Wilson. San Francisco, Cal. 

Ward, Everett. Robeson County. 81-5. 

Debater, 84, Orator, 85, B. L., S5, W. F. Col. Ord., Aug. 23, S5, Mt. Elias 
Ch., Robeson Co. Bap. Min. Teacher. 85-6 Ashpole. Newton, Miss. 
Pastor S6-90 Morgan, Texas. Nov., 90 — Apr., 91, Meridian, Texas. 
91 — Brenham, Texas. 

Ward, George Washington. T Perquimans County. 86-90. 

A. M., 90, W. F. Col. 90-1 Teacher. Eliz. City. 91 Law Stud. Eliz. City 

and Chap. Hill. Lawyer. Elizabeth City. 

Ward, James Henry. Bertie County. 48-51. 

Planter. Bertie Co. Dead. 

Ward, Walter Lee. 2* Wilson County. 85-7. 

Planter. Moyton. 

Ward, William Elizabeth. T Lenoir County. 59-60. 

Co. I., 27th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Trenton, Jones Co. Died June 
20, 88. 

Ward, William J. T W T ilson County. 85-S. 

Dental Surg. Moyton. 

Ward, William Joseph. Bladen County. 84-S. 

B. L., 88, W. F. Col. 8S-9 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., Aug. 16, S9, McKinney, 

Ky. Bap. Min. Pastor. 89-91 McKinney, Ky. 91 — Somerset, Ky. 

Ward, W t yatt Macon. T Wilson County. 76-81. 

Planter. Moyton. 

Washington, George. Craven County. 34-6. 

Lawyer. Alabama. Dead. 

1 88 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Washington, George. Y Wayne County. 40-1. 
Washington, George. ( I } Wayne County. 41-4. 

A. B., 4S, Univ. of N. C. Planter. 51— Alabama. 

( Washington, James A. Y Goldsboro. 44-7. 

A. B., 51, Univ. of N. C. Planter. Merchant. Capt. 2d N. C. Inf. Colonel 
of 50th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Goldsboro. 

Washington, John Nicholson. Wayne County. 36-7. 

A. B.. ab. 42, Yale Col., Conn. Lawyer. Newbern. Died ab. 63. 

Watford, William B. Y Bertie County. 54-8. 

A. B., 58, W. F. Col. Med. Stud., N. York. Physician. Colerain, Ber- 
tie Co. 

Watkins, George Thomas. <I> Granville County. 84-9. 

A. B., S9, W. F. Col. Ord., S9, Eunou Ch., Granville Co. 8S-9 S. B. T Sem. 
Bap. Min. Roxboro, N. C. 

Watson, James E. Y Chatham County. 54-5. 

Planter. Rives Chapel. Co. G., 48th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died July 9, 62. 

Watson, James William. <P Chatham County. 80-6. 

A. M., 86, W. F. Col. Teacher. Mt. Vernon Springs. Liberty. Dabney. 

Ord., Nov. 24, 89, Lystra Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor. Chatham Co. Riggs- 
bee's Store. 

Watson, John. Y Warren County. 34-5. 

Merchant and Planter. Warren Co. Died June 24, 89. 

Watson, John G. Y Marion County, S. C. 73-4. 

Planter. Seller's, S. C. 

Watson, Roger Wright. Y W T arren County. 84-9. 

B. L., 89, W. F. Col. Teacher. Clover Depot, Va. 

Watson, Romney Purefoy. Y Warren County. 83-4. 

84-90 Planter. Warren Co. 90— Tobacconist. Henderson. 

Watson, Stonewall CulpepER. $ Marion County, S. C. S4-5. 

Planter. Seller's, S. C. 

Watson, Theodore Martine. <P Chatham County. 83-8. 

Planter. Rives Chapel. 

Watson, Thomas Edward. Bertie County. 47-9. 

Teacher. Planter. 55 Moved to Ark. C. S. Ar. Killed in Battle of Corinth, 
Miss., 62. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 1S9 

Watson, William Franklin. Moore County. S1-7. 

Debater, Sj, A. B., 87, W. F. Col. Ord., Apr., 86, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. 
Teacher. Pastor. SS-9 Thomasville. S9-92 Carthage. 92 — Dunn, Har- 
nett Co. 

Watson, William Henry. Nash County. 53-5. 

Physician. Castalia. C. S. Ar. Colerain, Bertie Co. 

Watts, James Timmons. Mecklenburg County. 91-2. 
Stud. W. F. Col. 

Watts, William C. T Orange County. 34-6. 
Weaver, Rufus Washington. Greensboro. S9-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Webb, Edwin Yates. Y Shelby. 89-92. 

Debater, 92. Student at W. F. Col. 

Webb, George W. Y Franklin County. 72-4. 
Webb, James L. Y Cleveland County. 73-4. 

Student in Pearson's Law School. Lawyer. Mayor of Shelby. Memb. Gen. 
Assem. of N. C. Editor of Shelby Banner, Shelby, N. C. 

Webster, William F. T Stokes County. 54-5. • 
Welch, Samuel Clingman. Y Waynesville. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Wells, Albert Sidney. Y Wilson County. 8S-9. 

Dental Surgeon. Washington. 

Wells, Chauncey Graham. Duplin County. 83-9. 

A. M., 89, W. F. Col. S9 Law Stud. Lumberton. S9-90, S. B. T. Seru. 
Ord., Sept. 7, 90, High Point. Bap. Min. Pastor. 90 1 High Point. 
July, 91 — Teacher. Warsaw. 

Wells, Ellis Dulaney. Duplin County. 82-6. 

Ord., 87, Warsaw. Bap. Min. Pastor. 87-8 Warsaw. 8S-9 S. B. T. Sem. 
89-90 Alcolu, S. C. 90-1 Pastor in Santee Assoc, S. C. 91 — Packsville, 
S. C. 

WESCOTT, J. T. Y Southport. 60-1. 67-S. 

Orator, 68. 61-5, 20th N. C. Inf., C. 8. Ar. 65-7 Teacher. Ord., 67, Wil- 
mington. Bap. Min. 67-8 Stud. W. F. Col. 68-70 S. B. T. Sem. 
Died Oct. 20, 70. 

WESCOTT, S. W. Y Southport. 67-71. 

Ord., ab. 67, Wilmington. Bap. Min. Crozer Theol. Sem., Pa. Pastor. 
Newberne. Chap. Hill. Died Apr. ir, 75. 

190 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

WESCOTT, T. J. Brunswick County. 85-6. 

Planter. Merchant. Souihport. 

West, George W. L. Wake County. 35-6. 
WESTON, J. D. Hyde County. 72-3. 
Weston, Richard E. Bertie County. 34-6. 

Planter. Merry Hill, Bertie Co. Died ab. 55. 

Wheeler, Jesse. Y Johnston County. 67-9. 

Bap. Miu. 

Wheeler, Junius. Murfreesboro. 43-4. 

Stud., then Prof., in U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, N. Y. Col. in U. S. Ar. 
Served in Mexican War. Dead. 

White, Henry Kirke. Concord, New Hampshire. 46-7. 

Farmer. Concord, N. H. 

White, Jacob Lee. T Cleveland County. 81-6. 

Debater, 85, Orator, 86, A. M., 86, W. F. Col. Ord., Feb., S3, Shelby. Bap. 
Min. Pastor. 86-7 1st Bap. Ch., Raleigh. July, SS— March, 89 Eliz. 
City. 89-92 Durham. Feb., 92 — Asheville. 

White, James McDaniel. Chatham County. 55-9. 

A. B.,59, W. F. Col. Teacher. 59-72 Clayton. 72-6 Raleigh. 76-83 Clayton. 
Ord., 79, Clayton. Bap. Min. Pastor. 83-S Holly Springs. 88— Apex. 
3d N. C. Cav., C. S. Ar. 

White, James Ross. T Hertford County. 69-70. 

3d N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Teacher. Merchant. Aulander. 

White, John Ellington. Wake County. 86-9. 

Debater, 89, Orator, 90, A. B., 90, W. F. Col. Teacher. 90-1 Glendale. 91 
Mars Hill Col. Ord., June, 92, Apex. Bap. Min. Pastor. 92— Wilson. 

White, Joseph Abram. Y Forsyth County. 71-4. 

Orator, 75. Ord., ab. 73, W. F. Col. Pastor. Teacher. 74-7 Cedar Run. 
77-82 Alexander Co. Shelby. 82— Blacksburg, S. C. 

White, Joshua Warren. Y Perquimans County. 53-4. 

Lawyer. Perquimans Co. Virginia, ist N. C. Regt., C. S. Ar. Died 83, in 



White, Robert Bruce. Wake County. 87-91. 

A. M., 91, W. F. Col. Asst. Manr. Alliance Exch., Norfolk, Va. 

White, William Preston. Y Halifax County. 83-4. 

Farmer. Lumberman. Scotland Neck, N. C. 

White, 46-7- 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 191 

Whitehead, Richard Henry. Y Salisbury. 81-6. 

A. B., 86, W. F. Col. S6-7, Med. Stud. Univ. of Va. M. D. 87, Univ. of Va. 

Post. Grad. Med. Col. N. York. 87-9 Demonstrator of Anatomy, Univ. 
of Va. 89— Prof, of Medical Dept. Univ. of N. C. Chapel Hill. 

Whitehead, Wiley Whiteport. (P Duplin County. 53-4. 

Lawyer. Planter. Kenansville. Died 70. 

Whitfield, Cicero. Lenoir County. 51-2. 

Surgeon in C. S. Ar. Physician. 

Whitfield, Hazard Oliver. $ Lenoir County. 51-2. 

Planter. Mfr. Naval Stores. Moved to S. C. in 55. S. C. Cav. Regt, C. S. 
Ar. Salters Sta., S. C. 

Whitfield, William Haywood. <P Lenoir County. 67-9. 

Planter. Merchant. Kinstou. 

Whitfield, William Howard. Y Granville County. 44-5. 

Died Nov. 7, 45. 

Whitley, Addison R. Y Wake County. 52-3. 
Whitley, Charles D. Y Wake County. 80-1. 

Planter. Si-S Wakefield. S8-92 Franklin Co. 92— Taylor's, Wilson Co. 

Whitted, W. A. Orange County. 55-60. 
Whitted, Joseph Calhoun. Y Jones County. 41-2. 

Planter. Capt. 31st N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Moved to California after War. 

WiGGS, Josiah S. Y Wake County. 81-2. 
Planter. Wake Co. Machinist. Raleigh. 

Wilcox, L. O. Y Halifax County. 59-60. 

12th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Died May, 62. 

Wilcox, Onesimus. Y Halifax County. 57-9. 

Moved to Mississippi. C. S. Ar. Prisoner at Fort Donelson. Died, Mobile, 
Ala., 78. 

Wilder, Thomas Bonner. ( P Louisburg. 79-82. 

B. L- 82, W. F. Col. 84-5 Law Stud. Univ. of N. C. 86— Lawyer. Louis- 


Wilkerson, Benjamin C. ( I> Blue Wing, Person Co. 55-6. 

Physician. Person Co. Granville Co. In C. S. Ar. Died 70. 

Wilkerson, Washington. Y New Hanover County. 54-5. 

192 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Wilkins, John Eli. Y Darlington Dist., S. C. 59-61. 

6th Regt. S. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Mortally wounded in 64, before Petersburg, 
Va. Died in Richmond, Va., 64. 

Williams, Abner F., Jr. T Pasquotank County. 34-7. 

Elizabeth City. Dead. 

Williams, Amlet Buchanan. & Currituck County. 74-5. 

Merchant. 75-S7 Poplar Branch. 87— Norfolk, Va. 

Williams, Benjamin Albert. Y Anson County. 79-80. 

Commer. Trav. Lilesville. 

Williams, Benjamin Franklin. Greene County. 39-40. 

Physician. 40-53 Greene Co. 53 — Waycross, Ga. 

Williams, Bruce. New Hanover County. 71-4. 

Debater, 73. Law Stud, with Judge Pearson, Richmond Hill. Lawyer. 
76-90 Long Creek, 90 — Burgaw. 

Williams, Carson Lunsford. <I> Chatham County. 55-6. 

Planter. Chatham Co. 6th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Williams's Mills. 

Williams, Charles Bray. Camden County. 8 7 -91. 

Debater, 91, A. B., 91, W. F. Col. Ord., Mar., 90, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. 
Pastor. Winton. 

Williams, C. S. Franklin County. 69-70. 

Planter. Franklinton. 

Williams, David Smith. Y Cumberland County. 49-52. 

Med. Stud. Fayetteville. Phila., Pa. Nashville, Tenn. Physician. Surg. 
in Tappan's Brigade, C. S. Ar. Texarkana, Texas. 

Williams, George Whitfield. Currituck County. 69-71. 

Planter. Currituck C. H. 

Williams, Herbert Taylor. Y Gates County. 78-81. 85-6. 

Sept., 86 — June, 87 Teacher. Gatesville. Ord,, Oct., 87, Galesville Ch. Bap. 
Min. Pastor. S7-S Suubury. S9 L T niou. 90 — Seaboard. 

Williams, Isaac Smith. Y Cumberland County. 34-5. 39-40. 

Planter. Harnett Co. Little River Acad. 

Williams, James Alphonso. Y Darlington Dist, S. C. 46-7. 

Planter. Darlington, S. C. Artill. of Hampton's Legion, C. S. Ar. Died 
ab. 89. 

Williams, James L. Pasquotank County. 91-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 193 

Williams, James Madison. Y Rockingham County. 77-80. 

Ord., Reidsville. Bap. Min. Died 80. 

Williams, John Andrew. Y Caswell County. 87-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Williams, John David. Franklin County. 40-1. 
Williams, Joseph John. d> Pitt County. 49-54. 

A. B., 54, W. F. Col. Probate Judge, Pitt Co. Moved to neighborhood of 
Charleston, S. C. 

Williams, J. F. Y Lancaster County, S. C. 88-90. 
Williams, Matthew. Warren County. 37-8. 

M. D., Phila., Pa. Physician. Warren Co. Surg in C. S. Ar. Died 90. 

Williams, Peyton P. Franklin County. 39-40. 
Williams, Robert Kenan. Y Wake County. 81-2. 

Bookkeeper. 82-4 Franklinton. 84-9 Raleigh. S9-91 Office of R. & D. 
Railroad. Durham. 91 — Raleigh. 

Williams, Samuel Thomas. Nash County. 53-4. 

Stud. Emory and Hen. Col., Va. Lawyer. Rocky Mount. 32d N. C. Inf., 
C. S. Ar. Died 74. 

Williams, Stephen Edwin. Y Caswell County. 78-80. 

81-3 Teacher. Yauceyville. Lexington. S3 — Lawyer. Lexington. 

Williams, Thomas Henry. New Hanover County. 36-43. 

A. B., 43, W. F. Col. Planter. Long Creek, Pender Co. Died June 18, 58. 

Williams, Thomas Mann. Oxford. 57-8. 

Stud. Em. and Hen. Col., Va. 32d N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Killed battle of 
Spottsylvania C. H., Va. 

Williams, William Oliver. Chatham County. 89-90. 

Planter. Williams' Mills. 

Williams, William T. Oxford. 57-8. 
Williams, Willis Redmond. Pitt County. 46-7. 

Planter. Memb. of N. C. Senate. Falkland. 

Williamson, Bailey Finley. Raleigh. 90-2. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Williamson, Benjamin Robert. Raleigh. 81-2. 

184 5th A v., N. York. 


194 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Williamson, Francis T. Y 55-6. 

Williamson, Frank Potts. Raleigh. S6-90. 

Stud. Amer. Vet. Col., N. York City. 

Willingham, Edward G. Beaufort Dist., S. C. 54-5. 
Willis, Thomas Henry. Y Caswell Count}-. 36-9. 
Willoughby, Marion J. Robeson County. 80-2. 

Ord., Nov. 12, 82, W. F. Col. Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. 82-4 Wilson 
Co. S5 S. B. Theo. Sem. 85-9 Nashville. 89— Marion, S. C. 

Wilson, Charles Littell. Y Augusta County, Va. 71-6. 

Prof, of Instr. and Voc. Music. Licensed Bap. Min., Sept., SS, Tabernacle 
Bap. Ch., Raleigh. S2-4 Asheville. 84-6 Winston. S6-8 Raleigh. SS-90 
S. B. Theo. Sem. 90 — Staunton, Va. 

Wilson, Claude Wayland. <P Chatham County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Wilson, Francis Oliver. Y Sampson County. 36-7. 

Planter. Sampson Co. Wayne Co. Dead. 

Wilson, Henry H. <P Pitt County. 85-8. 

U. S. Postal Service. Greenville. 

Wilson, J. A. Johnston County. 70-1. 

Lumber Manufacturer. Wilson's Mills. 

Wilson, J. A. Y Shelby. S8-91. 

Planter. Shelby. 

Wilson, James Redding. Pitt County. 41-2. 


Wilson, John Calvin. Chatham County. 42-3. 

Ord., Nov. 4, 49, Shady Grove Ch., Wake Co. Bap. Min. Pastor. Merry 

Wilson, John Wesley. Chatham County. 43-4. 

Stud, at Univ. of N. C. Methodist Min. Died Apr. 30, 52. 

Wilson, Julius Seaton. Chatham County. 68-71. 

Planter. Merry Oaks, Chatham Co. 

Wilson, J. W. Chatham County. 42-3. 
Wilson, Robert L. Y Shelby. 88-9. 

Stud. Univ. of Ky. Planter. Shelby. 

Wilson, Samuel Burney. Pitt County. 53-4. 

67th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Greenville. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 195 

Wilson, Stephen Perkins. T Currituck County. 55-6. 

Planter. Currituck Co. Cavalry of C. S. Ar. Pasquotank Co. E. City. 

Wilson, T. Man, 2* Shelby. 88-9. 

Stud, at Univ. of Ky. Planter. Cleveland Co. Shelby. 

Wilson, William Henry. T Guilford County. 79-80. 

Ord., Si, EphesusCh., Person Co. Bap. Min. S1-2 S. B. Theo. Sem. Pastor. 
Teacher. S2-4 Summerfield. S4 — Madison. 

Wilson, William J. 1' Bertie County. 50-1. 


Wilson, William S. T Rutherford County. 84-5. 

Merchant. S5-9 Rutherfordton. S9-91 Marion. 91 — Rutherfordton. 

Winborne, Benjamin Brooks. X Hertford County. 71-2. 

B. L., 74, Columbian Univ., Wash., D. C. Lawyer. May, 75 — Jan., 80 Win- 
ton. So — Murfreesboro. 

Wingate, Joseph Edward. Y Darlington Dist., S. C. 46-7. 

Med. Stud., Charleston, S. C. Planter. Florence, S. C. Died Feb. 29, SS. 

Wingate, W'alterBlackwell. <P Wake County. 71-7. 83-4. 

77-S3 Merchant. W. Forest. S4-5 S. B. Theo. Sem. Ord., June, 85, Yan- 
ceyville. Bap. Min. Pastor. S5-7 Yauceyville. S8-90 Roxabel, Bertie 
Co. 90-2 Greensboro. 92 — Commer. Trav. 

Wingate, Washington Manly. T Darlington Dist., S. C. 46-9. 

A. B., 49, A. M., 54, W. F. Col. D. D. 49-52 Theo. Stud., Furman Inst, 
Greenville, S. C. 52-4 Agt. for W. F. Col. 54-79 Pres't W. F. Col. 
Died Feb. 27, 79. 

Wingate, William Jonathan. ( P Wake County. 73-9. 

A. B., 79, W. F. Col. Teacher. 79-S0 Granville Co. So-i Sampson Co. 

S1-3 Pantego. Merchant. July, 83 — Wake Forest. 

Winston, Bridges Turner. Franklin County. 46-7. 

Teacher. Farmer. 48-57, Tennessee. 57 — Granville Co. Adoniram. 

Winston, Dayid Turner. Granville County. 84-8. 

B. S., 88, W. F. Col. Teacher. Waco Univ., Texas. Clarksville, Va. 

Insurance Agt. New Orleans, La. 

Winston, Isaac Ernest. Q> Granville County. 76-8. 

Teacher. Merchant. Adoniram. Morgan, Texas. 

Winston, John Bartholomew. Franklin Co. 49-51. 

Practicing Physician. Franklinton. Dead. 

196 General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Winston, Marcellus Luther. $ Franklin County. 56-7. 

Teacher. 57-8 Louisiana. 5S — Texas. Gen'l Sibley's Cav., C. S. Ar. New- 
Mexico. Moscow, Polk Co., Texas. 

Winston, Patrick Henry. <P Franklin County. 41-4. 

A. B., 46, Columbian Col., Wash., D. C. Lawyer. Planter. Bertie Co. 
50-4 Mem. N. C. Gen. Assem. 61 Commissr. State Board of Claims. 63 
Financial Agt. bet. N. C. and C. S. A. 64 Pres't of Council of State. 65 
Mem. State Convention. Died 86. 

Winston, -Thomas L. ( 1> Granville County. 88-9. 

Teacher. Mecklenburg Co., Va. Texas. 

Wise, John Tyler. Marlborough Dist, S. C. 84-5. 

Stud. Furman Univ., S. C. "P. B." Furman Univ. Ord.. Mar. 30, 90, 
Brownsville Ch., Marlboro Co., S. C. Bap. Min. Stud, at S. B. Theo. 

Wise, Marshall Melyin. Y Hertford County. 34-5. 

Planter. Kentucky. Virginia. Dead. 

Womack, Bartlett Yancey. (P Caswell County. 72-4. 

74-90, Tobacconist. Danville, Va. 90 — Planter. Yanceyville. 

Womack, Thomas Pancoast. ® Caswell County. 76-80. 

So-90, Planter. 90 — Sheriff of Caswell Co. Yanceyville. 

Womble, J. F. Raleigh. 80-1. 

83-8 R. R. Agt. Moncure. S8-9 Merchant. Grissom. 89-90 Train Dis- 
patcher, G., C. & N. 90-1 Camden, S. C. 91 — Kingsville, S. C. 

Wood, Dallas. Y Wake County. 34-5. 
Wood, Jonathan. T Raleigh. 90-1. 

Bap. Min. Raleigh. 92 — Raton, New Mexico. 

Wood, Jonathan D. <P Greene County. 54-6. 

Merchant. Snow Hill. Died Jan. 2, 66. 

Wood, Thomas Newton. Y Wake County. 35-7. 

Surgeon U. S. Navy. Died bef. 61. 

Woodard, C. A. }* Chowan County. 68-9. 

Merchandise Broker. Norfolk, Va. 

Woodard, Ernest L. Y Edenton. 85-7. 

Business Col., Balto. Merchant. Edenton, N. C. 

Woodley, Julius Plummer. Y Washington County. 85-7. 

Commiss. Mer. 87-9 Creswell. 89 — Norfolk, Va. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 197 

Woodson, Thomas Jefferson. <P Warren County. 54-6. 

Lawyer. 56-9 Warrenton. Removed to Miss. Miss. Regt, C. S. Ar. Mad- 
ison, Miss. 

Woodward, Hezekiah. Robeson County. 39-40. 
Woodward, Thomas W. S. Carolina. 47-8. 
Woody, Samuel Sidney. Wilmington, N. C. 84-8. 

B. S., 88, W. F. Col. Bookkeeper. SS-9, Wilmington. Aug., 89— May, 91, 
New York City. May, 91 — Dayton, Ohio. ' 

Wooten, Council Bryan. Lenoir County. 52-3. 

Planter. Lenoir Co. Ab. 55 — McKinley, Marengo Co., Ala. 

Wooten, Council Simmons. Lenoir County. 58-61. 

A. B., 61, W. F. Col. Law Stud. Judge Pearson's Law School, Richmond 

Hill. 60-89 Planter. Lawyer. LaGrange. 89 — Fort Worth, Texas. 
Comanche, Texas. 

Wooten, Edward Goelet. Lenoir County. 58-61. 

Capt. Co. C, 27th N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar. Planter. Lenoir Co. Alabama. 
Died ab. 71. 

Wooten, Frank T. T Columbus County. 84-8. 

B. S., S8, W. F. Col. Ord., 88, Wells Chap. Ch., Sampson Co. Bap. Min. 

Pastor. 88-9 Sampson Co. 89-90 Stud. Crozer Theo. Sem., Peun. 90 — 
Pastor Pender and Sampson Cos. Keith. 

Wooten, John David. Lenoir County. 79-82. 

Planter and Mfr. of Naval Stores. 82-6 Strabane, Lenoir Co. 86-9 Albany, 
Ga. 89 — Outlaw's Bridge, Duplin Co. 

Wooten, Shade. Lenoir County. 59-60. 
Wooten, Simeon. W T ayne County. 70-2. 

Merchant. Planter. LaGrange. 

Wooten, William A. • Greene County. 79-80. 

Planter. Merchant. S2-5 LaGrange. S5— McKinley, Ala. 

Wooten, William Edward. Lenoir County. 79-S4. 

B. S., 84, W. F. Col. Teacher. 84-5 Snow Hill. S5-S Pollocksville. Planter. 
88-92 Outlaw's Bridge, Duplin Co. Feb., 92 — Riverdale, Craven Co. 

Wray, John Alexander. T Shelby. 88-92. 

Debater, 91, Orator, 92. Stud, at W. F. Col. 
Wrenn, J. S. Chatham County. S5-7. 
Wright, Cadius Peabody. Henderson. 89-91. 

Planter. Watkins, Vance Co. 

19S General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 

Wright, David. T Montgomery County. 34-5. 

Orel, Oct, 13, 56, Spring Hill Ch. Bap. Min. Pastor in Stanly, Montgomery 
and Richmond Cos. 35-52 Pounding Branch, Montgomery Co. 52-86 
Troy. Died Apr. 8, 86. 

Wright, J. A. Montgomery County. 75-6. 

Planter. 76-7 Troy. 77-9 Sanford. 79 — Rockingham. 

Wright, Luther. New Hanover County. 37-40. 

Lawyer. Wilmington. Died ab. 77. 

Wright, Thomas Gilliam. T Fayetteville. 45-6. 

Died during vacation, 46. 

Wright, William Coleman. Louisburg. 45-6. 

Physician. Louisburg. Died 1S50. 

Wright, William Lineberry. Montgomery Co. 74-9. 

Debater, 77, Orator, 79, A. B., 79, W. F. Col. Ord., Jan. 1, 76, W. F. Col. 
79-80 S. B. Theo. Sem. Pastor. 76-9 Wake Co. So— Oct., 85 Hillsboro. 
Oct., 85— Oct., 91 Reidsville. 91— Leigh St. Ch., Richmond, Va. 

Wyatt, Walter James. T Wake County. 68-70. 

R. R. Agt. and Tel. op. 70-2 Ridgeway. 73 Henderson. 74-7 Raleigh. 
77-81 Hamlet. Merchant. 81-3 Raleigh. S3 — Durham. 

Wyche, Ira T. 34~5- 

Wynne, Solomon Lucius. Wake County. 39-40. 

42 Moved to Tenn. 

Wynne, Stith Lucanius. Wake County. 39-40. 

42 Moved to Tenn. 

Wynne, William Leonidas. Wake County. 39-40. 

42 Moved to Tenn. 

Yancey, Alexander L. Warren County. 35-6. 
Yarborough, Archibald. Y Franklin County. 39-40. . 
Yarborough, James H. Cleveland County. 60-1. 

63-4 Chaplain C. S. Ar. Wilmington. Ord., 64, Rock Spring Ch., Polk Co. 
Bap. Min. Pastor. Teacher. 70-90 Forest City. 90 — Trap Hill, Wilkes 

Yarborough, J. W. T Caswell County. 86-S. 

Yarborough, R. C. Caswell County. 74-5. 

Yates, Alvis Macon. Chatham County. 89-92. 
Stud. w. F. Col. 

General Catalogue of Wake Forest College. 199 

Yates, A. Pender. Wake County. 82-3. 

Died Sept. 29, 82. 

Yates, Julian Emmett. <P Chatham County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Yates, Matthew Tyson. Wake County. 40-6. 

A. B., 45, D. D., 69, W. F. Col. Ord., Oct. iS, 46, Raleigh. Bap. Min. Mar. 
15, 47 Sailed for China. Missionary. Shanghai, China. Died Mar. 17, 8S. 

Yates, Robert Edward Lee. Raleigh. 83-4. 87-9. 

A. M., 89, W. F. Col. S9-91 Planter. Wake Co. 91— Prof, of Math. Agr. 
and Mech. Col., Raleigh. 

Yelverton, Hardy Forest. Y Wayne County. 74-5. 

Planter. Wayne Co. Goldsboro. 

Yelverton, John Calhoun. Y Wayne County. 74-5. 

Planter. Wilson Co. Black Creek. 

Yelverton, Thomas Etheldred. Y Wayne County. 74-7. 

Planter. Wayne Co. Fremont. 

Yelverton, T. L. Y Wilson County. 87-9. 

Planter. Wayne Co. Fremont. 

Young, Alexander. 34 _ 5- 

Young, John William. Christian County, Ky. 47-8. 
Young, Joseph Judson, Jr. Y Johnston County. 89-92. 

Stud. W. F. Col. 

Young, Richard. Franklin County. 42-3. 

Louisburg. Dead. 

Young, William Jefferson. Y Wake County. 46-53. 
Zollicoffer, Addison Caulaincourt. )* Welclon. 75-8. 

Lawyer. 78-82 Weldon. S2 — Henderson. 

Zollicoffer, Marion Ephraim. Y Welclon. 76-7. 

Pharmacist. 77-90 Weldon. 90 — Portsmouth, Va.